or should i say andrew


100 Days of Jewnicorn - 85/100

Q: Do you have any suggestion as a superhero to Jesse Eisenberg

Andrew: Oh, he’s playing Lex Luther. So you should talk to this guy (*Jamie Foxx) ah… no, I don’t… I got nothing taught to him. he knows what he’s doing. He’s a very talented, brilliant actor.he has stuff to teach me.

(Beijing Premiere - 25.March.2014)

i was watching amazing spiderman 1&2 yesterday and i gotta say something

i dont get the people that are saying that marvel should get a new spiderman i LOVED andrew as peter parker. i really loved the movie and his peformance :)

marvel won’t get an actor that matches that much with spiderman like andrew does

ye ofc there are people who hate them but that’s just my opinion and i would love it to see him joining civiliwar :)