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Roll for Safety Blanket

It’s the first combat of the campaign. The party took the first round to get into position and this is the start of the second round.

Dragonkin Bard: (standing behind the paladin tank, who is standing in front of the skeleton) I’d like to use my breath weapon.

Paladin: What? No!

DM (me): I… yeah, okay, you’ll hit the tank, but go ahead. Roll.


DM: Okay. You do 7 damage to the tank and do nothing to the skeleton as that was toxic gas. [Wizard], your turn.

Wizard: I want to use Shocking Grasp on the paladin.

Paladin: You what?!

Wizard: Well, I know [the bard] and we’ve done stuff like this before, I guess, so I think he wants me to kill you. The skeletons are a little weird but that’s okay.

DM: I… y-yeah, okay, roll.


DM: Okay. You do 5 damage to the paladin. Good job. It is now [the paladin]’s turn.

Paladin: I want to move over here and hide under my safety blanket because my team is being mean to me.

DM: (already sure this can’t get any stupider) Okay. Fine. Roll for safety blanket.


DM: You feel really goddamn safe. Does anyone else want to do team damage or hide in the corner or can we get through this first fight?

Ok but tbh if s3 doesn’t deliver on at least 1 Keith and Pidge bonding moment imma throw hands

By rights they should be the most deeply affected by losing Shiro. I mean obviously it’s gonna hit everyone hard no doubt about that. But Keith just lost his Most Important Person–again–and Pidge lost a dear friend (her shared history with Shiro isn’t as extensive as Keith’s but it’s clear there’s something there) and her last tangible link to her dad and brother. If there isn’t some bonding to be had over this I will be pissed

Just give me a scene where Keith finds Pidge collapsed and halfway delirious at her workstation in the middle of the night, cause she’s been up for 72 hours straight trying to figure out what happened to Shiro. Give me a scene where Pidge finds Keith throwing himself at the Gladiator over and over despite the fact he’s shaking with exhaustion, in an attempt to silence his roiling thoughts. Give me a scene where they sit down and actually talk things out

👏 Just 👏 let 👏 Keith 👏 and 👏 Pidge 👏 lean 👏 on 👏 each 👏 other 👏 and 👏 comfort 👏 each 👏 other 👏


“blurb night” She says as she writes a 2,000 word imagine. anyways, this is trash but very much Jealous!Shawn

You’re a free spirit. You go where the wind takes you, not worrying about what anyone else thinks. You’ll talk to whoever will listen and you never eat alone in the dining halls, even if you show up alone.

On the first day of University, you decide to go get breakfast before your class, and you see a tall boy with brown curly hair sitting alone with his headphones in at a table in the middle of the room, so you grab your bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and plop down right across from him. He looks up at you slightly taken aback, and doesn’t say anything

“So, you’re a Cheerios kinda guy, huh.” You say, forcing him to take his headphones out.

He looks at you, but doesn’t reply to what you said, still trying to figure out if he knows you or what your deal is.

“I’m more of an Apple Jacks kind of girl, but they never have those here.” You continue, not even phased that he hasn’t said anything. You could carry a conversation with a brick wall and enjoy it. He nods at you, and you think he’s about to put his earbud back in, but instead he takes out the other one and wraps the strands around his phone.

“People think it’s weird, but I like putting the milk first before the cereal. It just makes more sense to me. You know?” You say, finally earning a response from the boy.

“That’s so wrong!” The boy finally speaks up. Your eyes light up at the sound of his voice, feeling good that you’ve broken through his silence.

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