or ship the mom and the zombie!


The zombie au is getting alive! Damn it, Voltron and his interesting aus! One day you’re just shipping it all, another day you think about all the possibilities you have in an au with intelligent zombie-galras, like, Shiro’s arm having some zombie-galra powers because they experimented on him. And what about Keith carriyng a katana? being bitten and all the Galra!Keith theory?? Hunk doing cooking and mechanics for his kids to survive? Pidge being a badass and making friends with Rover, the zombie-galra hand? Coran and his flower shirt can’t believe this shitty au. Allura of course, is buff mom and she ROCKS. And what about Lance? I mean I love to imagine him carrying a basketball bat, AND two pistlos like, woah aren’t you sexy killer? 
AAAAAND what if they have an impressive car named Voltron? 
I need to go find some references, I suck at drawing cars…

Alicia Clark/Elyza Lex fanfics

Alicia Clark is just trying to get back to her parents, but her brothers never have very good plans.
She is saved by a mysterious blonde with black paint on her face, and she can’t help but trust the girl already, but is she more than she lets on?

“Because, dumbass, the apocalypse just started a few days ago,” Nick sneers. Clarke has half a mind to comment about how his hair looks like it hasn’t been washed since before the nuclear bombs fell, but then she catches sight of herself in a car window and realizes that her hair is just as dank, and needs as much of a wash as his does.

Note to self: please shower.

Alicia Clark spots new people and new threats. Walkers aren’t the only threats here. When she risks her life for a blonde (why? She doesn’t know) and the blonde oddly seems familiar, like, in another universe. Alicia learns how to kill walkers from her and also survive. Will they find out why they are so familiar to each other? Will they survive?

“Come on get up, the camp is being overrun and I will not hesitate to leave you as bait.”
“Let’s go, we don’t have time to play the ‘who am I’ game.” 
“Where are we going?”
“Somewhere where there aren’t any AIs to snap our backs like twigs and eat us.”

Alicia goes out by herself and is attacked by a group of walkers. Things are looking grim until a certain blonde comes around.

Basically clexa but with more zombies

Alicia’s smile grew. She hold out her hand for the girl to take it.
“My name’s Alicia Clark, stranger. What’s yours?”
The girl smiled, secretly loving the way Alicia had pronounced the k in her last name.
She reached for Alicia’s arm, grabbing it to pull herself on her feet.
“Elyza. Elyza Lex.”

or the one where Lexa’s alive in another universe and Clarke’s soul followed her

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Headcanon.001: The Epilouge

I have many headcanons, but this is one that I hold closest to my heart.

Years after the Strawhat Crew has gotten old and passed on, one remains.  And that crew member, is Brook the Skeleton.

Brook will don his old, tattered black suit that Luffy first found him in, and set out on the back of his oldest friend, Laboon.  On his back he will ride around the oceans on, singing EPIC songs of the Strawhat’s adventures. spreading the tales of the pirate king for eons to come!

But not on large stages.  Not as the soul King.  He will sing to sleeping sailors on ships at sea the story of the Mugiwaras riding to the sky island.  He will play for disheartened pirates after a hard defeat, the story of Luffy battling against Sir Crocodile three times before he overcame!  He’ll play his musical stories to the children of the blue seas while they play, telling them of the enormous Zombie King Oars who was toppled by a simple little rubber man from a little village just like theirs.

The parents will ask the kids, "How did you learn that song about the pirate king luffy?“ and they’ll chuckle telling mom a skeleton on a whale sang it to them

How I Stay Young At Heart

-Ate an entire box of mac-and-cheese and added extra slices of American Cheese

-Watched tv till 5am and didn’t even learn anything from it

-Wore the same underwear twice

-I’ve worn some very demonic-looking lipstick cuz I still want to look like a witch

-One of my rotating hairstyles is “throwing my hair up in the highest messy bun possible”

-I continue to get some mileage out of pj pants I’ve had since high school

-All-consuming crushes on celebrities

-Sparkle nailpolish

-Mismatching socks

-Horribly awkward whenever I make a phone call or meet an ‘adult’

-Still gossip with friends over pints of Ben and Jerry’s

-Still discuss how summer might be “the best ever”

-“Stayin’ up late, readin’ some YA fiction” is a rap song I think should exist

-The cheap, gaudy jewelry I wear knows no limits

-I might TRY not to shop at Forever21 as much, but I still find myself zombie-walking towards studs on pretty much anything

-Feel pretty invested in the life of certain high schoolers on television

-Bitin’ my nails, though only in the most utmost necessary moments

-Every time I see my mom I make one exasperated “maaaa I don’t wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt to”

-Head still buried in my phone

-If I hear any song by Britney or old school boy bands I WILL SCREAM SING THEM

-Same goes for Disney

-Man, poop jokes still makes me laugh (EXCEPT when they are on TV duh)

-Yeah, I ship it.

-Dress-up even when nobody know that’s what you are doing (today, I am a 1920’s assassin)

-I still fantasize very heavily about being in other worlds, preferably with a bow and arrow

-I like covering my hands in cake batter and other viscous gooey things

-HERE I AM AGAIN, chugging juice straight out of the bottle

-Still learning to braid my hair

-Rum still makes me yak