or ship the mom and the zombie!


The zombie au is getting alive! Damn it, Voltron and his interesting aus! One day you’re just shipping it all, another day you think about all the possibilities you have in an au with intelligent zombie-galras, like, Shiro’s arm having some zombie-galra powers because they experimented on him. And what about Keith carriyng a katana? being bitten and all the Galra!Keith theory?? Hunk doing cooking and mechanics for his kids to survive? Pidge being a badass and making friends with Rover, the zombie-galra hand? Coran and his flower shirt can’t believe this shitty au. Allura of course, is buff mom and she ROCKS. And what about Lance? I mean I love to imagine him carrying a basketball bat, AND two pistlos like, woah aren’t you sexy killer? 
AAAAAND what if they have an impressive car named Voltron? 
I need to go find some references, I suck at drawing cars…