or she was talking to someone and then suddenly roxy appeared or

Lady and Agent.

Summary: “Can you do an story where Harry falls for an female kingsman agent?! (Lady Guinevere) Someone much younger then he is so he kinda struggles with his feeling. Till one day he kinda lets it slip cuz he just can’t hide it anymore. Maybe there’s a kiss involved?!”
Pairing: Harry Hart x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Violence, Gun TW, Death.
Word Count: 1818

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Eggsy stood staring at the two screens in front of him, unable to say anything as Merlin and Roxy talk behind him. There was a face on both screens, one of his current girlfriend, European royalty, tied to a chair with a timer attached to it. The second screen had your face on it, the woman he’s been in love with since primary school, the sweet, kind, beautiful person he should be with, but was too scared you wouldn’t feel the same. The difference between both screens were that your face was calm, silent tears rolling down your eyes as you looked up at the camera in desperation, hoping someone would come and save you, whereas his girlfriend was shouting and screaming, throwing her head around and panicking.
“Eggsy,” Roxy said, shaking his shoulder to snap him out of his daydream.
“Eggsy I’m sorry, the timers appear to be connected. As soon as the weight is taken off of one chair, the other will detonate automatically. If no weight is taken off, they’ll both go off in 30 minutes,” Merlin explains as Eggsy’s mouth drops open slightly, his eyes focusing on the floor.
“(Y/N),” he whispers.
“(Y/N)?” Roxy repeats.
“I have to save her,” he says, looking up at Roxy with determination.
“(Y/N) it is then. I’ll wait here as back up, Merlin will guide you in,” she nods. Eggsy prepares himself, filling his pockets with gadgets that he might need, then picks up his umbrella and heads out of the plane. He puts in his ear piece ready for merlin’s instructions and makes his way to the back entrance of the large abandoned house you were being held in. Whilst Eggsy makes his way in, the kidnapper stands in your room, talking to you as he holds a gun to your head. Merlin taps in on he microphone in the camera set up in the room and listens to everything.
“Why are you doing this?” You sob to him as the gun imprints itself on your temple.
“Oh darling, I needed to take something away from Galahad. He’s the one who took away everything from me. This is only fair.”
“Why me?”
“Because I’ve been watching you both. He may be with the princess, but it’s you who he truly loves. This way he has to decide which one is more important.”
“What do you mean?” You ask, scared.
“He’s only allowed to save one of you. These chairs are rigged, and when he saves the one he really wants, the other will die.”
“No, please!” You cry out, thinking Eggsy will save the princess.
“Y'know, if you’d have just said to him that you love him, maybe you wouldn’t be the one to die.”
“What? How do you-”
“It’s obvious. Just admit it, you love him, and now you’re scared he’s going to save the princess and have the happily ever after without you.”
“Of course I do!” You shout, angry that you never said anything before, that when Eggsy had told you he was with the princess, you didn’t tell him that he was making a huge mistake, “and of course he’s going to choose her!”

Merlin sits back, shaking his head slowly as he hears the words coming out of your mouth.
“No, you silly girl, he’s coming for you,” he sighs out loud.
“What was that?” Eggsy asks as he hears Merlin’s words.
“Nothing, Galahad, keep going down that corridor, it’s the last door on the right.”

“Well, do you want me to put you out of your misery then?” The kidnapper asks, eyes darting to the gun presses against your head, “if you know he’s going to save the princess, I can make it short and sweet for you.”
You look down at the floor, genuinely considering if this would be the better option. If you were going to die anyway from the explosion, then wouldn’t a gunshot to the head be quicker and less painful? You look up at the man standing in front of you.
“Do it,” you whisper.

Merlin’s eyes widen in shock.
“Galahad, run!” He shouts.

“I didn’t quite catch that, what did you say?” The kidnapper asks.
“DO IT!” You shout. Suddenly the door flys open, Eggsy standing there with his umbrella pointed directly at the kidnapper.
“Don’t you fucking dare,” he says, firing at him right between the eyes and taking him out within seconds.
“What are you doing? Why are you here?” You sob, “you’re meant to save her!”
“How could I? How could I live with myself if you died?” He asks, a frown on his face as he starts untying you.
“You’d find a way.”
“No! No I fucking wouldn’t, because I love you!” He says, voice raised in annoyance. He goes to lift you up, but you stop him.
“He said that only one of us can live. What’s going to happen now?”
“I’ll tell you what’s going to happen now,” he starts, taking your face in his hands and stroking your tears away, “we are going to walk out of here together. We’re going to get on the plane with Roxy and Merlin and we’re going to my house where your things are currently being dropped off. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”
“But nothing. I love you, (Y/N), always have done. I’ve been too afraid to say anything because I thought you didn’t feel the same.”
“How could I not feel the same? Sometimes I wonder how you got into kingsman, you’re not very good at seeing what’s right in front of you,” you laugh a little, a smile finally spreading across your lips. Eggsy laughs, sliding his hands away from your face and holding his hands out for you to take. You hold onto him as he helps you up and the room shakes as an explosion goes off, then setting off a string of smaller explosions that were creeping towards you both.
“Now we need to run,” Eggsy says, pulling you out of the door and back the way he came into the house. As soon as you’re outside, the whole place falls to the ground in flames and you look back, your heart sinking as you think of the princess.
“Hey, come on, we need to go,” Eggsy whispers against your hair as he notices your hesitation. You nod and follow him to the plane, then heading back to kingsman headquarters. You sit in a room on your own as Eggsy, Roxy and Merlin discuss the operation and the consequences of Eggsy’s decision. It was agreed that it would be publicised as a deliberate attack on the European royalty, and nothing to do with kingsman. Eggsy then heads out of the room and back to you.
“Hey, lets go home,” he smiles as he opens the door and holds his hand out to you. You smile back, getting up from your chair and take his hand, his fingers sliding between yours to interlink them together. This was the beginning of your happily ever after.

that one mmo guild with the SKAIA tag

john: is a contributing member. karkat made him one of the guild officers and nobody’s really sure why. is always on at really weird times of day. plays non-optimal specs and does things like play pvp-designed specs in pve raids, yet pulls near-top dps and nobody understands how the fuck he’s doing it. pulls a lot of portal pranks (”hey click the portal i’m summoning food!” and then people end up in asscrack nowhere). 

rose: very dedicated to her dark mage lifestyle (blm in ff14, shadow priest/warlock in wow) and will not part from it. has like 50 alts that all have the exact same spec. is dedicated to collecting really weird bits of lore and complains routinely about how the game keeps sabotaging the worldbuilding. doesn’t level professions. has some really weird talent point spending/crossclass abilities but makes it work for her. was originally the guild main healer. got sick of it. 

dave: has one dedicated main, max leveled character; fills the rest of his character space with alts at level 2 who have names like “fartsmell” and “dickballs.” has gotten a suspension at least once for these usernames. the dude who starts singing along to his music mid-raid fight and it becomes a group injoke. routinely refers to things with memes ala “are we gonna just leroy jenkins this” and every time karkat starts getting upset links people the onyxia dkp minus animation. king of the auction house, but only sells weird random bullshit for way more money than it’s worth. everyone knows he’s in a relationship with karkat, but talking about it gets your guild chat privileges removed (by karkat)

jade: has every crafting profession maxed. always seems to be online but also is always afk, until someone says “can someone make me an item?” and then suddenly, there she is. has several alts, all max leveled, but every single character she creates is the furriest race possible (worgen/tauren/pandas in wow, catpeople in ff14, charr in gw2). has all her raid gear glamoured to be sparkly and crazy looking and is one of the best players on the server, but impossible to get to raid with anybody but her own guild. tries all the roles a bit but decides she hates tanking, and sticks mainly to dps. organizes raids of old content. has a bunch of alts on an rp server.

jane: king of the auction house, but selling actually profitable bullshit and has a dozen ah addons to ensure she’s always got the best prices and has bought out undercutters. on the server she’s notorious for this to the point that people wonder if she’s actually employing bots, which she would never, of course. is the guild main healer and 10000% done with everybody else’s shit. encourages john’s portal (and other) pranks and treats magic food summoning as seriously as setting up a real life dinner party. she and dirk have the mt/mh dynamic to end them all and it’s well known on the server that they’re a package deal if you can get them to raid with you.

jake: always seems to be in some random corner of the world fishing. has almost as much gold as jane or dave but nobody understands how. quest completionist and likes to see all of every zone he can; has a million achievements but doesn’t know how to put his titles on display. has every single last holiday mount, pet, and custom gear, but never uses any of it. doesn’t talk much in the voice chat. everyone on the server knows he’s an absurdly good player but he never talks to anybody outside the guild, period, and constantly marks himself busy/afk. glamours all his gear to look as skimpy as possible. likes discovering little world details and exploring the map looking for interesting locations and rare spawns. logs off voice chat the instant a raid is over and never comes on it otherwise.

dirk: the guild main tank. not guild leader or even an officer, but considers himself in charge of learning and teaching raid strategy and takes it very seriously. is a huge asshole about policing the guild bank and raid times and is regarded by everybody as an “unofficial” officer just because he’s so much more strict about guild rules than john or roxy. always in voice chat even when he’s not online. regularly “hacked” by roxy when he’s being an especial jerk. fans with rose over the lore. rerolled his main character to be a hero class/heavensward class so that their personal story would continue, but does NOT have any alts on an rp server and keeps his character’s story to himself unless directly asked. best tank on the server, but everybody’s too scared to ask him to raid with them. people all vaguely know he and jake are together but it never comes up since jake doesn’t talk a lot.

roxy: guild officer with john. despite appearing to be the most laid back member of the guild she’s always in peak level gear and, unlike the rest of the guild, regularly accepts invites to other raids so long as they’re not planning to run it in the skaia guild. CRAZY good at pvp. runs regular pvp groups with anybody else in the guild who’s interested (dirk, karkat, terezi, and rose usually come along, at least) and is almost singlehandedly responsible for keeping pvp zones on lockdown for their faction. puts out good dps and occasionally offtanks but her main focus is definitely pvp. always seems to be online. has several alts, all of which are also max level and well geared. nobody understands how she has this level of skill, nor the time.

karkat: runs the guild. a stickler for raid times and routinely threatens people with losing guild status or whatever the equivalent of dkp nowadays is. talks a LOT between raid fights (dirk does most of the talking during the raid fights) and lays out where the fuckups were and who needs to do better. despite how angry he routinely seems he also regularly whispers people to ask about their personal problems and if they need any help, and puts in a lot of time outside regular raid hours to help people get geared up, sometimes solo running their alts through low-level dungeons. usually offtanks for guild raids and is passable at it (though not outstanding). posts on the forums all the time and is infamous there. always poor because he keeps helping other guild members purchase their flying skills and fund their professions.

kanaya: off healer. everybody knows she and rose are together and they’re quite open about it. doesn’t especially understand a lot of mechanics or terms about the game, but is a decent enough player. takes her tailoring/weaving profession very seriously and is quite annoyed that she can’t design her own fashion, no matter how many times people explain limitations of in-game models to her. always logs off with a statement like “nobody stay up too late and have a good night.” people outside the guild think she’s a 40 year old mom. likes to mess around in the character creator. she and rose have several alts each on an rp server, each pair with a different and very specific relationship, no two the same. everybody knows this but nobody wants to know details. 

terezi: even bigger on pvp than roxy. almost exclusively plays on rp servers and therefore isn’t around a lot for actual guild activities outside of the non-rp characters she made because she didn’t want to be left out. even on the non rp server she constantly is /say and /whisper and /yelling in character and says R3PORT3D anytime somebody tells her to stop. whenever dirk and/or karkat get salty at other guild members she will jump in to threaten them with GU1LD COURT and refuse to relent even if someone says that isn’t a real thing. likes weird class/race combos and complains that so many interesting ones are off limits (W4RLOCKS SHOULD B3 4CC3SS1BL3 TO 3V3RY R4C3! SUCH BULLSH1T). also active on the forums. even more infamous than karkat because she won’t fucking drop her quirk.


It was 3 minutes after the V-Day when Merlin gave Eggsy this address. Written on a piece of paper in a sharp handwriting which suited a man like Merlin in every possible way, it was given Eggsy in a jet before he tiredly fell asleep in a chair.

‘Come there only if you really need, lad’, told Merlin and got back to playing with his tech stuff, because the world was really going to shit.

Eggsy forgot about it as soon as they landed back in London. Kingsman needed new Arthur, the Queen needed explanations, the world needed reordering and pretty much all of the above was done by Merlin and what was left of once a secret powerful organization. Kingsman wasn’t so secret anymore, but Eggsy wasn’t going to tell his mom about what he actually does. He did beat the shit out of Dean, though, and this time there was no one to stop him. Merlin gave him the look, of course, but never commented. There was better stuff to do.

A month passed in chaos. Two months. Three.

By the end of the sixth Eggsy suddenly realized that he is sitting in the dark in HQ because he doesn’t want to go home. He didn’t want to answer questions about a job he wasn’t actually doing and find new bullshit reasons to explain why he sometimes had a look like someone has died.

Eggsy told everyone that he lost his girlfriend during Valentine’s massacre. 

That wasn’t far from the truth.

Eggsy avoided thinking about Harry as much as he could, but he couldn’t control this. He doubted that he ever would learn how to. A feeling of utter despair and a pain worse than being stabbed by a knife was constantly there, on a level of his diaphragm, reminding of itself with splinters of glass.

Sitting in the dark and soothing himself for half an hour in silence became sort of a thing for Eggsy after a while. Just moments to think and calm down. Moments, when he didn’t have to pretend that he lost a loved one during the V-Day. Moments, when he allowed himself to remember that he did

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So I’ve been having some Percival and Percilot daydreams lately and here are some of them:

  • Percival grew up in a privileged family, studying to inherit his father’s business empire while learning about martial arts and sword fighting on the side. He was very well-mannered, stoic, and calm.
    • He often opens his window and climbs out onto the roof to gaze at the stars at night.
    • He has also lived through at least 6 different assassination attempts during his childhood.
  • He meets Roxy when he’s 21 at a business gala. He finds a quietly sobbing four year old girl in a tree, chased up by some of his less well mannered younger cousins, too afraid of heights to get down. He easily gets her down and tries not to wince so much when she accidentally pisses on him in the process.
    • He holds her silently nevertheless, letting her cry and shake in his arms. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time she’s been bullied by the jealous heirs of other families because of her small and fragile appearance. Percival can tell that she’s very lonely with very little friends. Nevertheless, he’s impressed yet concerned at this girl’s precocious physical ability, given the fact that he had to climb a tree as tall as at least three stories to get her down.
    • Roxy’s parents are grateful enough to willingly sign a business merger with Percival’s parents. 
    • Eager to change out of his now sodden attire, Percival does not see Roxy run towards a gentleman (not her father) and clutch at his legs. Nor does Percival notice the curious and interested glances the other gentleman is directing at him.
    • Roxy vaguely remembers the incident but the details are fuzzy. Her determination to stop looking weak started when she was 5-6.
      • Percival sends her a beautiful black poodle puppy for her fifth birthday, which later sets the tone in her choice of dog partner many years later.
  • He meets the mysterious gentleman for the first time at another formal event when he’s 26, under odd circumstances. It started off normal enough with the gentleman introducing himself as “James” and thanking him for saving his niece that one time. Percival is busy calculating the connections this man may have when he is suddenly knocked down by James to the floor to see a bullet speed by where his head was moments ago and some other innocuous looking individuals suddenly pull out guns from their suit jackets.

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Post-Game Karezi

It feels weird to not have the letters “AU” in this title, but this is post-game, set after the end. (Oh God. The end. I’m still trying to process the fact that Homestuck is officially over, even if Hussie did say there will most likely be an epilogue.) So, in essence, if you haven’t finished Homestuck in its entirety then this will have some spoilers.

But here is my highly self-indulgent Karezi. If I end up doing more to this, I’ll actually edit what I’ve written and proceed to put this up on Archive of Our Own just for simplicity’s sake.

For the moment though, have this. It’s the first full-story I’ve written in a few weeks and the first Karezi thing from Terezi’s second person POV for a while. (which means pls have some mercy on me)

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We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

A Bellarke 50 First Dates AU.

Based on one out of two prompts I got for this AU:  “Clarke has memory loss and Bellamy is a security guard at the museum. He meets Clarke one day in his sister’s diner and when she doesn’t show for their date the next day he finds out about her condition and how her dad died in the accident so no one tells her. He is insistent on getting to know her so he constructs multiple dates and he falls in love with her.”

Also on AO3

It all begins because Bellamy Blake’s life is one huge mess.

With his niece Roxie in tow, he bursts into Octavia’s diner at half past six, a mess of flailing limbs and papers for his classes that somehow got unclipped during the short walk from Roxie’s school.

Everyone in the Grounders turns to stare at him and Bellamy realizes his mistake when Octavia shoots him a warning glare, “This is a nice place, Bellamy. Behave.”

“Who the f-“ Another glare and he remembers that Roxie is holding onto his hand, clutching her plushy turtle to her chest with the other, and he quickly corrects himself. “Who the frack taught you that?”

“Mom says you can’t swear,” his niece pipes up, six years old and taking after Octavia. Luck would have it that Lincoln is the calmest of them all and he’s not the one Roxie takes after. No. She’s a little tornado, just like her mom.

It’s only when Bellamy takes a seat next to Roxie, leaning on his forearms, that he notices someone’s watching them.

And quite a someone – long legs in frayed jean shorts, shirt covered in paint smudges and a wave of blonde hair that looks like the girl tried taming it but gave up. She’s got the bluest eyes he’s ever seen and right now, they’re laughing at him without her lips moving.

“Something funny?” he asks. He’s not sure why she finds him so laughable but damn him if he’s not going to figure it out.

The girl shakes her head, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. “Nothing, just – you look like a mess. It’s cute.” She hands him a sheet of paper, the one he recognizes as part of his essay. Due two days ago.  “Also, you dropped this. And, for the record, Da Vinci was the gay one. Not Botticelli.”

Bellamy cocks his eyebrow at her, only slightly irked by the superiority in her voice. “You know your history, huh?”

“Nope. I just know my artsy gays.”

“You know,” he starts, running a hand through his hair. “We’ve got a lot of artsy gays in our museum downtown.”

“Are you offering to give me a tour?”

The mirth is still sparkling in her eyes and there’s just something about her – the disheveled appearance, paint smudge behind her ear, smile curling up the corners of her mouth – that makes Bellamy want to be reckless.

“Yeah, I’m offering.”

She considers it for a second or two and then beams at him. “Sure. See you tomorrow. Does 2pm work for you?”

It’s only when she leaves, slinging a huge canvas bag with little Van Gogh prints on it over her shoulder, that Bellamy realizes he doesn’t even know her name.

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