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I recently shaved my head, and it's been a really bold move on my part, I was wondering how would the band react if their s/o buzzed their hair as well?

(I would really have liked to know what this is about because I would really love to know if it’s illness related or just because you’re fucking cool. My mum’s friend shaved her head and she fucking rocks it)


  • Would be really surprised at the beginning
  • “Well, I’ve never been with a bird who shaved EVERYTHING, harharhar”
  • Would definitely get a boner when he sees them with a fucking cool outfit on, e.g. a leather jacket and cool earrings


  • He would memories from when he fell down and hit his head, causing him to lose all his hair and make it turn blue
  • Wouldn’t be totally pleasant to remember and he would offer them to go wig shopping
  • When they explain that this has been their own choice, he will look puzzled but after seeing them in an outfit that rocks with a shaved head, HE WILL LOVE IT
  • ..and find it a bit sexy
  • Would be concerned about them getting sunburnt tho


  • Wouldn’t be that surprised really because especially WOC look amazing with shaved heads
  • He would tell them how amazing they looked on a daily basis (this is my personal headcanon that Russel always tells his s/o that they look good. EVERY. DAMN. DAY.)
  • Would joke a little about how they matched haircuts now
  • Forehead kisses when they start doubting if it was the right move


  • Would tell them how badass it is that they chose to be themselves
  • Feminist rant on how society works and how cool they are to go against beauty standards and expectations

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How much do you hate roystache



Send me two characters or more and a prompt and I’ll write you a short fic

1. “Are you drunk?”

2. “You’re too young to hate the world.”

3. “I don’t want your pity, I want your absence.”

4. “We’re designed to be disposable.”

5. “There’s blood on my/your hands.”

6. “Could you be any louder?”

7. “I’ve never killed anyone before.”

8. “Your smile is not as bright as it used to be.”

9. “Don’t call me that!”

10. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

11. “Same time tomorrow?”

12. “I’ve been buying the wrong underwear.”

13. “How can anyone not be afraid of love?”

14. “You’re supposed to talk me out of this.”

15. “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

16. “If you want, we could go together?”

17. “I have contemplated becoming a hermit.”

18. “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain.”

19. “Maybe you’re not thinking hard enough.”

20. “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying me.”

21. “No one has a heart of stone.”

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

23. “So much for not getting involved.”

24. “I will if you will.”

25. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

26. “I didn’t intend to kiss you.”

27. “Can we go someplace high so I can jump off it?”

28. “I didn’t lose it, I just misplaced it.”

29. “Prepare to be amazed.”

30. “I’m fine.”

31. “Where’s your God now?”

32. “I’d ask you to stay but I don’t like you.”

33. “Something about you makes me want to commit extreme violence.”

34. “It’s not like I missed you or anything.”

35. “You look like a monkey who’s been strategically shaved.”

36. “Everything was fine, until you showed up.”

37. “Can you just shut up for five minutes?”

38. “Never mind, the moment’s gone.”

39. “You’re an idiot. I’ve met smarter sandwiches.”

40. “I believe you dropped this.”

41. “What are you doing in my house?”

42. “I don’t know if I should kiss you or slap you.”

43. “Why are you/we whispering?”

44. “If you really loved me there wouldn’t be a choice.“

45. "I think I made a mistake.”

46. “Shut up, I am a delight!”

47. “I can think of a million places I’d rather be right now.”

48. “Now, just hold on a diddly darn minute.”

49. “It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.“

50. "Why does anyone have to be naked?”

Feral - part 3

Pairing: future alpha!Sam x omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,672 

Warnings: SMUT, a/b/o dynamics, knotting, claiming bite, a bit of angst

Summary: set during and after 9x12 “Sharp Teeth” - When Sam gets bitten by a werewolf, it falls to you to keep him safe and under control.

Send a message or leave a comment! Feedback is much appreciated!

Three months later, Dean hadn’t returned. He’d dropped a few phone calls to Garth, just to see how things were going, but when asked if he wanted to talk to Sam, he made an excuse and hung up within seconds.

Sam had adapted quickly. He was able to go out in public and restrain himself, and his diet had adjusted as well. He was — to put it bluntly — happy.

For the most part.

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Chelsea, Shih Tzu (3 y/o), 19th & 7th Ave., New York, NY • “Her hair was getting knotted, so we went to the groomer and she said, ‘Let’s shave everything but the legs’, so now she looks like a Clydesdale horse.”

Connor Murphy Headcanons???

- In freshman year, he had hair that was really long (like mid-back) and Zoe called him a dirty hippie

- He wears it in a man bun sometimes

- He shaves EVERYTHING (because he can)

- He has like 13 fidget spinners, all different colors

- He uses a fidget cube in class

- He was like 5′6 in sophomore year and then he just gREW

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What do you think about Victuuri beauty routines? Like before a competition they have to slick back Yuuri's hair at least and I'm guessing there's makeup too, but you can't convince me Victor doesn't have a daily beauty routine.

Okay, I thought about this, and you got me really excited so here we go. -cracks knuckles-

Note: I am that weird child who doesn’t use beauty products/routines and doesn’t understand them… if there are things that are wrong here please let me off…


General: Yuuri doesn’t really have a routine as such. Looking good isn’t really something he thinks about, so he sticks to the usual ‘routines’: washing his face with average soap, shampoos his hair every few days, he’ll let Minako drag him to get waxed or pluck his eyebrows if she nags him for long enough. 

Before competitions: He washes his face to try and calm himself down (since the nerves will probably start getting a hold of him once he starts getting ready), and will start with his costume. Depending on what costume he’s wearing, he might need to wax or shave the night before. Most of the time is spent getting his hair right before he takes his glasses off, but he has never really bothered with make-up since he can’t do it without his glasses on. Thankfully, he’s got good skin, and doesn’t need it that much. 

Victor oh boy here we go

General: Victor has his beauty routines timed down to the second, both morning and night. It involves a lot of products: moisturiser, cleansers, a lot of sun protection if he’s going outside (pale skin). He likes using beauty treatments at least every weekend: face masks and exfoliating after shaving, all that stuff. 

Before competitions: Victor is precise. The whole night before he has to shave, moisturise, cleanse, clean. Everything is perfect and it has to stay that way. Victor is pale as fuck, so naturally when he goes on the ice and on TV he needs a hell of a lot of make-up to keep him from looking dead under the lights. Foundation is a must, and he reapplies whenever he has to. His make-up and hair is done first (this used to take so long when he had longer hair), and then he gets into his costume at the last possible minute. 

Extra: Since Victor started coaching Yuuri, he’s been trying as hard as possible to get Yuuri to take on some beauty routines. He’s coaxed him into stuff like using proper face wash and moisturising, and Yuuri even lets him put foundation on when he’s going on TV. 


all south asian girls are so pretty like….. our skin can be dark like freshly baked, delicious brownies or melted, gooey dark chocolate. or it can look paler, like a cream colored cashmere sweater, or like a piping hot vanilla latte. our eyes can be dark brown, like the night, and brighten up like the moon when the sunlight hits them. or our eyes can be hazel, a beautiful combination itself. we can be skinny, or we can be fat. we can be thick n hairy. or, we can shave everything. it doesn’t matter because south asian girls are all so beautiful, and we don’t need white skin or white features to be beautiful.

You Look Good- Brady Skjei

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(There are literally NO BAD GIFS of Brady!!!!! WTF?!?!?)

Ok so I know I’ve gotten a few birthday requests so this is the first one that came up! I was supposed to have it written for the 16th, but vacation and lack of imagines got me messed up. Thankfully @hotnhlplayers is a very forgiving person so this is late but here you go! Happy Birthday Boo!!!

Warning: a couple of cusses

@hotnhlplayers Request: Hey girl! My birthday is a week from tomorrow (May 16) & I was wondering if you could do a special imagine with Brady Skjei, Tyler Seguin, or Auston Matthews where it’s her birthday & he leaves a note for her when he goes to practice telling her to dress nice for later & when he gets home, he sees her in a fancy dress with her hair & makeup done all special & he can’t stop fawning over her, especially when they go out, he keeps showing pda & sneaking kisses & it’s just really fluffy? not really sure if that makes sense but you’re writing is amazing so I trust you! if you can’t do it, I completely understand! thanks anyways! xxoo


              You got home from school and dumped your backpack on the counter with a sigh.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Pairing: Linstead (do I even write anything else?)
Timeline: Established relationship. Probably set in s4. 
Genre: Fluff with a healthy dose of Valentine’s Day smut.
Rating: M

A/N: A belated Valentine’s Day gift to you all. Ironically I started writing this on Valentine’s Day, but just finished (no pun intended) now.

I’ve been struggling a bit with my writing lately, mostly because I keep comparing myself to other people. I know it’s not a competition, but I will appreciate any love/feedback you can throw my way.

A/N2: Can Jay be my boyfriend 😍

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An Ocean Away - Part Two

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 2,086

Warnings- I don’t think there’s anything to warn you about here, just enjoy!

A/N- I was absolutely blown away by the responses for part one! I’ve got plenty more in store for this one so sit tight and I’ll get it posted as soon as I can!

Part One/Part Two/Part Three/Part Four/Part Five/Part Six/Part Seven

Thank you to @daniela-fromthesalon @beabravo10 @hamiltonmirandaimagines for the lovely feedback for part one, you’re all absolute diamonds!

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4 Months- Cameron Dallas (SMUT)

a:n// been in the Dallas feels lately. enjoy;)

Cameron and I have been going out for around 4 months now, and we still haven’t have sex. I know to a lot of people that may seem normal or they should wait even more time, but Cameron is different.

Every since I met Cameron, he’s a very handsy and horny person. He always touches my ass of my boobs when he gets the chance, and he always says dirty stuff in my ear.

Now before you’re wondering, it doesn’t have to do with me being a virgin. I’m not a virgin. In the beginning, I obviously wasn’t going to do it when I just met him. But every time he wanted to do something, I’d stop right before we got there, and it drove him insane. Now it’s a game I like to play.

Originally I was just gonna wait until he wanted to have sex, but now it’s driving me crazy. So, tonight is the night we’re gonna have sex. Finally.

I had shaved everything (everything.) and just got out of the shower. I put on a matching set of Calvin Klein and put on sweatpants and a t-shirt. Cam was laying in our bed on his phone, with just a pair of sweatpants on. I admired how sexy he looked before getting in bed next to him.

“Hi babe” I said, laying right next to him.
He grunted in response. Clearly he wasn’t paying attention, instead he was focused on thinking of ideas to do for his YouTube videos.

“Babe"I said, stretching out the a. Still no answer. I thought about what I would do until I got it.

I put one leg over his hip, and started kissing his neck. He automatically stiffened up, and went to say something but decided to keep shut. I went all around his neck, up to his jaw and back down. I took my hand and trailed up and down his abs, then down to his dick. It was hard, but not completely. I started palming his through his sweatpants, and was able to hear soft whimpers coming out of his mouth.

"Come on baby. Take a break"I cooed, against his neck. I heard his breathing get heavier and heavier.
I kissed his neck again and stopped, lowly saying in his ear,
"Come on, daddy”. As soon as those words came out of my mouth and flipped us over so he was on top.

“I’ve waited 4 fucking months for this,” he growled as he took my sweatshirt and sweatpants off.

He stared at my body, admiring it. His eyes went from light brown to black.


He attacked my lips, then going down to my neck. He went down to my collarbone and stopped. He almost ripped my sports bra off, and ripped my panties off.

“Cameron!"I exclaimed.

"Oops"he smirked, and went back down. He took one breast in his mouth, and played with the other with his hand. He switched breasts, doing the same on both sides. I bit my lip to hide the moans. He left wet kisses down my stomach and stopped before my heat.

He spread my legs open, and licked one of his fingers.

"Since you made me wait 4 months to fuck you, how about we make you cum 4 times"he said. My eyes almost shot out of my head.

"Cam I-I can’t-”

“Of course you can. Because it wasn’t a choice"he smirked. He started kissing my inner thigh, getting closer and closer to my heat. He swiped one finger down the center, and then put one finger in. He pumped the finger in and out, before adding 2. His fingers curled up, making me arch my back and moan. He kept pumping in and out, and the feeling in my stomach started to form.

"I’m so close"I moaned, and started to rub my clit. In a matter of 3 seconds, my legs started shaking and I came, my juices spilling over his fingers. He licked his fingers, smirking.

"You taste good. But"he said, getting up and going to the closet. He pulled out a rope.


“You don’t get to touch yourself. Only me"he said. He took my hands and tied them to the headboard. This was going to be a long night.

He opened my legs back up and started to lick down the center. The feeling made me inhale sharply.

He hummed on my heat, the vibrations making me throw my head back. He started licking all over, swirling his tongue. I moaned, pushing my hips on for more friction. He pushed them back down, looking up and me, and I was able to see him smirk. He started sucking, taking his finger and rubbing my clit.

The feeling was so much, and I almost couldn’t take it.
"Fuck Cam"I moaned, trying to somehow break these stupid ropes. He rubbed my clit even harder, and the knot formed in my stomach again. My toes curled and my juices spilled all over his mouth. He licked me up and kept going. I was so over sensitive now, I thought I was going to pass out.

"Cam please, I can’t take it"I moaned, arching my back. He pulled back, smirking.

"Too bad. You have to cum 2 more times"he said, removing his sweatpants.

I lay there, unable to see what he was doing because the ropes held me back from sitting up. I tried regaining my breath, inhaling and exhaling. Cam undid the knots, and I rolled my wrists around, trying to stretch it out again.

"Get on your stomach"he said. I obeyed, going on my stomach. He put my ass up in the air, and took my hands behind my back and tied them, like I was being arrested.

"I’ve waited to long to pound into you” I heard him say as he walked behind me. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow"he said. I gulped, but I was so ready for it.

I didn’t know what was happening, but soon I felt him poke his dick in my folds. I shivered, wanting more.

Out of nowhere, he pounded into me, making me jerk forward and cry out.

"Fuck!"I yelled, as he pounded harder and harder into me. He went all the way in and all the way out, and I was going to pass out. I moaned out again, only able to hear grunts coming from him.

He pulled my hair back, continuing to pound into me.
"Who made you feel this good"he growled. I tried to have words come out of my mouth, but to was taken away by the amount of pleasure I had. Soon he spanked one of my ass cheeks, wrapping his big hand around my neck. He choked me, not so much so I could breathe, but enough to surprise me.

"Who made you feel this good?"he asked again.

"Y-you did"I said.

"What’s my name?"he asked, pounding harder into me. He kept hitting my spot, and my toes curled.

"Daddy!"I yelled, my orgasm coming.

He continued thrusting in and out, and I was able to feel his dick twitch inside of me. He moaned, and pounded even harder. I squealed as I came, and he came right after me. He thrusted in and out a few more times before pulling out.

He untied the ropes, and I thought I was going to collapse.

"Come on baby. One more time."he said, and I lay there. He sat down against the head board, and I knew he wanted me to ride him. I went over, my legs wobbly, and lined myself up with him. I sat down and started moving my hips back and forth. His hands gripped my waist hard, making bruises start to form. His hips went up, going all the way into me. I kept riding him, going up and down and back and forth. His head went back and he closed his eyes, and I couldn’t help but admire how sexy he was. I kept going, and he bucked his hips up, hitting my g-spot. I moaned, my head going back. He bucked his hips up again, this time rubbing my clit with it.

I felt the knot in my stomach, and my toes curl, and I came. I rode him one more time before getting off him, laying down.

He turned to look at me, and stared at me.

"What?"I asked, looking at him.

"You’re so beautiful"he said, and I smiled.

"I love you"I said. It was the first time I said that to him and he smiled.

"I love you more"he said, pulling me closer to him.

"Oh and when I go on tour, be prepared"he smirked. I rolled my eyes and kissed him, closing my eyes, before we both drifted to sleep.

hope you enjoyed:)

I was thinking back to I Need U era when all of Bangtan had their legs shaved(or waxed tbh) so they could wear the outfits with the shorts and it made me think about soft intimate moments with boyfriends Taehyung and Yoongi being movie cliche and shaving each other. Like the night right before promotions start Taehyung is taking a bath and has soft music playing while he relaxes in the warm water when he hears a light knock on the door.

“Yeah?” He turns his head and grins when he sees Yoongi poking his head in through the doorway.

“Can I come in?”

Taehyung knows Yoongi’s been working hard, it shows in the way Yoongi has deep bags under his eyes and the way he’s kind of slumped over. It’s not odd for the elder to seek out his boyfriend when he’s stressed out from writing or producing so Taehyung just smiles and nods.

“I was actually just about to shave my legs.” Taehyung chuckles. “I was too afraid to get them waxed like Jungkook and Jimin.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes lovingly and sets himself on the edge of the tub, ignoring the way his pants get wet when he turns to pull Taehyung’s legs onto his lap. The younger raises and eyebrow and Yoongi motions for him to pass the razor he was going to use.

“I’ll do it for you just relax.”

Taehyung shivers at the first feel of the cold metal against the softness of his calf. It’s not a shiver of fear through, he trusts Yoongi with everything, including shaving his legs. The shiver is one of excitement. While he’d been dating Yoongi for a few years now, moments like these, intimate and quiet besides for their soft breathing in time with each other and low music playing were rare.

Yoongi smiles as his hand gently guide the razor to remove the small hairs from his boyfriend’s leg, almost as if he can hear what Taehyung is thinking about.

The way the elder holds Taehyung’s leg in a firm yet gentle hold matches the way he held the younger when they made love. The way Yoongi rakes his eyes over the smoothing tanned skin was as if he’d fallen in love all over again with the sun-kissed skin. Yoongi can’t really help himself when he leans down to place a small kiss on Taehyung’s ankle.

“You’re really pretty, Doll.”  Yoongi whispers as he brings the leg he’d finished on back into the water gently.

Taehyung blushes and lets Yoongi pull his next leg up.

“Thank you, Moon.”

When Yoongi finishes that leg as well, he makes sure to place another soft kiss against the younger’s ankle before stripping and settling himself into the tub with HIS boy.

I Bet It Stung (M)

Originally posted by jackandjael

Genre: Smut/Angst

Summary: When there’s sexual tension between you and your potential boyfriend, You come up with a reckless plan to deter an awkward hookup. Finding a fuck buddy. The thing about reckless plans though, they’re bound to backfire badly. Hopefully you can come back from this. (Mark x Reader, Bambam x Reader )

Warnings: Piercings , Boys who Dab, Underage alcohol use

Word count: 9,684

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

A/N: Here’s some Mark and Bambam (No dabbing, sadly)  smut and drama. This was fun to write. The title is  a song from Tegan and Sara’s So Jealous album. I  listened to it on repeat while doing this, give it a try if you like breakup music. I hope you guys enjoy it :’)

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