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Absolutely no one’s going to read this, and that’s not my fault, but this is just for you to know how weird I am and how my mind works; So apparently there’s this thing when some people have surgeries their skin catches on fire. And burning skin may smell like burning hair and… barbecue. I loves those smells. 

So I tell myself that in the future I may murder people by burning them just for the smell of it. I am insane. 

That’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever noticed myself say or think. I am worried. 

YouTube is so good and I can’t believe it’s free??? Like who would believe that you can get unlimited music, videos of people talking and being chill with their viewers, instructions on improve your daily life, helpful advice for pretty much every situation, just everything?? I feel honestly blessed we live in a time when we have this magical website at our fingertips.

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Pierce The Veil

Green Day

Fall Out Boy

Panic! At the Disco



the 1975

Sleeping With Sirens


Melanie Martinez

All Time Low

Mayday Parade

The Chainsmokers

Alessia Cara


Troye Sivan

Shane Dawson

Tyler Oakley

Dan and Phil


My Chemical Romance

13 Reasons Why

Steven Universe

Gravity Falls

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