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Shedding star

This luminous star, AG Carinae, is losing mass at a phenomenal rate. Its powerful winds reach up to seven million km/hour, and exert enormous pressure on the clouds of material already expelled by the star.

These incredible winds have already cleared a region immediately around the star, and sculpted the material further away into the pattern observed in this Hubble Space Telescope image.

AG Carinae is a rare breed of Luminous Blue Variable star that evolved from a star around 50 times the mass of our Sun. They show variable and unpredictable behaviour, experiencing periods of quiescence and outbursts alike. They are also some of the most luminous stars known: tens of thousands to several million times as luminous as the Sun.

It is worth noting that the bright glare at the centre of the image is not the star itself, which is tiny at this scale and hidden within the saturated region. The white cross is also not an astronomical phenomenon but rather an effect of the telescope.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

Jossam Week Day Six - A Song You Associate with the Pair

Wander or leave
Turn into winter lights
Keeping your strength
When it gets dark at night


Minoritized languages moodboard: Kurdish

Kurdish (Kurdî, کوردی) is a continuum of Iranian languages spoken by the Kurdish people. It forms three dialect groups: Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji), Central Kurdish (Sorani), and Southern Kurdish (Pehlewani). Several million Kurds also speak a separate group of languages called Zaza-Gorani.


Yes you, you. The one reading this audio transcript right now. The TARDIS doesn’t have a signal strong enough for me to see you in video, so this will have to do. Sorry about that. I’m a billion light years away and several million years in the future, plus the TARDIS needs a bit of time to recharge. But I wanted to talk to you, right now.

I’ve heard of the problems you’re going through, and I get it. It’s hard, it’s difficult, and you feel like giving up.

Don’t. No matter what, don’t. I didn’t reach two thousand, or four billion years of living just to give up. And you certainly didn’t live as long as you have by giving up now, have you? I shouldn’t think so. And don’t try to play smart with me. I have given up on Rubix cubes several times, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

Whatever’s happening, you can get through it. You have come so far, and you have such a long way to go. Believe me, I know. It’s tough. It can be heart-shattering. You may not have the power to push through with the decisions you’re making. I’ve been there. But I’ve made a promise to myself. Do you want to know what it is? You’ve heard of it before, I imagine, but here it is again.

Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.

I’ve fought monsters and beings with power unimaginable, and you may think that you couldn’t possibly do the same, but you face the same kind of monsters on your own. You face them every day. They may not have the same look, or always have the same strategy for taking down, but you always pull it off. And that’s what me makes so proud of you little humans.

So get out there. Fight them again and triumph. Because no matter what you do, even if it’s the smallest actions… once you get past another day? You’ve won the battle. And there are so many more to win ahead of you. I believe in you human, even if you don’t. I am willing to bet there are other people out there who do too. If you don’t see them at the moment, don’t worry. They’ll come round soon.

Go for it, human.

-The Doctor

I know ppl discussed the fact that gatiss went to Poland last year. but has anyone mentioned that Mary went there too, just before
her death.

That’s the scene where she’s on the motobike.
And there’s that graffiti on the wall that says ‘Solidarność’

A labor union in Poland, independent of the government and of the PolishCommunist party, that grew to a membership of several million in the early 1980s.

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The Dilberito was a vegan microwave burrito introduced in 1999 by Scott Adams Foods, Inc. and named after the comic strip character Dilbert. The product went out of production in 2003.[1]

First announced in The Dilbert Future and introduced in 1999[2] the Dilberito came in flavors of Mexican, Indian, Barbecue, and Garlic & Herb and was sold through some health food stores.

Scott Adams’s inspiration for the product was that “diet is the number one cause of health-related problems in the world. I figured I could put a dent in that problem and make some money at the same time.” His aim was to create a healthy food product that also had mass appeal, a concept he called “the blue jeans of food.” [3]

A Flash game titled Dilberito was developed and published by Blam! Video Game Development in 2000 for Scott Adams Foods, Inc.

The product failed to catch on in the market, leading Adams to “several years and several million dollars later” to sell off his intellectual property and exit the business. Adams himself noted “[t]he mineral fortification was hard to disguise, and because of the veggie and legume content, three bites of the Dilberito made you fart so hard your intestines formed a tail”.[4] The New York Times noted the burrito “could have been designed only by a food technologist or by someone who eats lunch without much thought to taste.”[5]

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don't want to be mean, but do read this. don't have to respond. humans can't be asexual (it's a biology thing, not enough space to explain). what you have is a lowered libido, pretty common thing in women as i understand. it can be fixed, it's not permanent. so if being "ace" is causing you bouts of depression, PLEASE, speak to a doctor about it and see what can be done.

hey, so, i understand where you’re coming from here, but you’ve been severely misinformed.

humans can absolutely be asexual, as several million people across the globe will tell you. asexuality was misclassified as a disorder up until, i forget the exact date - barely a few years ago? nowadays, though, it’s only considered one unless the person identifies as asexual. heck, asexuality isn’t even just a human thing - studies have identified it in other species, such as rams who showed no interest in mating. biology’s a ridiculous defense, honestly.  it would have the same survival advantage as other non-hetero sexualities: those who can’t have kids of their own can look after the children of parents who are dead, have too many to care for, etc.

this isn’t low libido. i literally don’t experience attraction to people. in the same way a straight dude doesn’t experience attraction to men, a gay dude doesn’t experience attraction to women, a bi person might experience attraction to two or three genders but not another.

besides, it’s not even my asexuality that’s causing bouts of depression. it’s my repulsion. repulsions are completely separate from sexuality. even allosexual people (anyone who experiences attraction) can be sex or romance repulsed. sounds like it would really suck though, rip them. and even if my repulsions could be treated, i wouldn’t want them to be. they’re annoying, but they’re part of who i am. i don’t want to be okay with sex or romance.

i can’t explain everything to you, but i suggest you check out asexuality blogs like fuckyeahasexual for a better explanation.

i hope you keep an open mind about this!
-mod mel 

In addition, there ARE Asexuals with a libido, they are just not SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to anyone. Doesn’t mean they can’t have sex, doesn’t mean they can’t get whatever toy they so choose and please themselves, doesn’t mean they’re not asexuals.

Think of someone you wouldn’t want to have sex with, apply that to everyone, THAT’S LITERALLY IT. 

Many people are content and happy with their sexuality, what they are NOT happy with, is people insinuating that they’re broken or “wrong” for being the way they are. There are many, MANY people who are asexual and identify as such; who are you to invalidate their identities because you don’t understand them?

You don’t even HAVE to fully understand, just accept it, it’s not hurting anyone, it’s a perfectly valid and normal way to be. Please, keep an open mind. <3
-Mod Avery



Anti-God prototype units built/grown for covert and special operations as well as divinity assassinations. Conceived in secret among the highest ranking Xibalban lords as a personal strike force. They are exempt from traditional BONEMEN hierarchy and are rarely seen outright on the battlefield unless under extreme circumstances.

GILGAMESH 0001 - Hybrid assault/dreadnought type. Adaptoid armor + perfect combination of power and speed.

MORDRED 0002 - Lancer type. Melee specialist with fitted acid construct weaponry. Burning butcher blades and melted Excalibur preferred.

VLAD 0003 - Hive-body swarm type. Several million micro Bonemen controlled by one dominant consciousness. Semi-indestructible.

NERO 0004 - Currently undergoing heavy reprogramming for dangerous disobedience.

“There appears to be an infestion of Stevens in the kindergarten.”

“So tell me - have Stevens replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth?”

Peridot doesn’t recognize that ‘Steven’ is an individual, not a species, which I think is fairly telling. We refer to our gems by their gem - Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet - but there must be other Pearls and Amethyst and Garnets out there. There’s only so many gemstones, and I doubt that the entire gem race isn’t at the very least several million strong.

Gems don’t really have much individuality it would seem - at least, not on Homeworld. They probably have some very technical way of identifying themselves from one another, but this Peridot is looked at no differently from another. I think that says a lot about Homeworld, and gems in general. I have to remind myself that our gems are the outliers, not the norm.

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Is there any chance in the future that we can get rid of the Electoral College? I know that its origins were supposed to prevent mob rule, giving the government final say of the president. But, citing the US Presidential Election of 2016, Clinton received won the popular vote my several millions. I also know that states of smaller populations get more say with the Electoral College, thus are less easily swayed to get rid of it. I believe it is an antiquated system, though it is part of tradition

It is possible to change from the Electoral College system to something else, but it is not an easy change to make. The Electoral College process is part of the Constitution, it can only be changed or removed by a Constitutional amendment. You can learn more about the process for amending the Constitution here: https://www.archives.gov/federal-register/constitution

Amending the Constitution requires enormous political will; only 27 amendments have passed in more than 220 years. And such change faces resistance from small states (which have disproportionate representation in the Electoral College), from supporters of a two-party system, and from supporters of a federal system of government.  

Date a girl who needs to drink several gallons of blood every day. Date a girl with a several million dollar a year contract with her local blood bank to get the amount of blood she needs. Date a girl who claims that someone else is footing the bill for this.

I’m so glad right now

Parliament has voted to impeach the president Park Geun-Hye, and she is now suspended from her position.
THIS is a true democracy. This is the power of the people.
After several rallies of (literally)millions of people, Korea now entered on its new phase. This would be the first step, but damn… The biggest victory I’ve ever experienced.

Hope locates itself in the premises that we don’t know what will happen and that in the spaciousness of uncertainty is room to act. When you recognize uncertainty, you recognize that you may be able to influence the outcomes—you alone or you in concert with a few dozen or several million others. Hope is an embrace of the unknown and the unknowable, an alternative to the certainty of both optimists and pessimists. Optimists think it will all be fine without our involvement; pessimists take the opposite position; both excuse themselves from acting. It’s the belief that what we do matters even though how and when it may matter, who and what it may impact, are not things we can know beforehand. We may not, in fact, know them afterward either, but they matter all the same, and history is full of people whose influence was most powerful after they were gone.
—  Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

i love the instant gratification of writing fic, like i’ll work on some art for like 10 hours and get maybe 10 notes and then i bang out a 1k drabble in less than an hour and get 50 kudos

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I've been following you for just a short time, but I love how well-curated this blog is. Thorough yet concise. Thank you for your drarry enthusiasm :) Anyway, did you ever read any of the mega fic Sacrifices Arc? 'Saving Connor' et al. I'd love to hear your reaction/response to it. (I made it to half way through book 7 and had to stop once I saw where it was going... too heartbreaking.)

Omgggg! Thank you so much, those words mean a lot to me! ♥

I haven’t actually read that fic! For those who doesn’t know, the Sacrifices Arc series by Lightning on the Wave is a Slytherin!Harry AU (featuring Drarry) that is several million (yes, million!) words long. The length is what has scared me off, but I’m very curious about this one because I love Slytherin!Harry. I might check it out further at some point, but I’d want to know more about it first…

However, this is a Slytherin!Harry AU that I very much recommend:

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (371k)
Harry Potter has found out he’s a wizard and is on his way Hogwarts. He is found by a boy on the train. Who knew one simple sentence and one simple gesture could change history?

This one’s a canon rewrite up to book six, in which the fic was abandoned. I have only read the first four books myself, out of which the first three are my favorites that I’ve read multiple times each. The story overall is so much darker than canon–more focus on how Harry’s been emotionally affected by the Dursleys’ horrible treatment of him, for one. He gets on that Hogwarts train with a deep-seated fear that he might never fit in anywhere. It hurts, and it hurts so good. There’s the close friendship between Harry, Draco, and Pansy, a Snape who actually realizes that woah this kid is not his father and decides to help the poor kid instead of bully him, as well as an excellent Narcissa. Best of all, the kids truly act their age in this and they mature as they grow older.

So yeah, I’ve had great times with this fic. (And apparently I am unable to write a post without including a fic rec these days, sorry not sorry?)

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Awesome blog!! If a habitable planet becomes tidally locked to its sun, does that generally occur gradually over a long period of time, or is it a sudden event (with presumably catastrophic effects)? What would inhabitants be experiencing around this time, and is there a possibility that once tidally locked, the areas outside the twilight zone would be somewhat habitable given certain technologies / magic / evolution? Would there be variances in climates even within the three zones?

Tidal-locking usually takes place over a large, gradual amount of time - several million or several billion years. There’s actually an equation that estimates the time it takes for a body to tidally-lock to another one:

But don’t worry about it. I just like math. ;-)

The equation states that the faster the planet rotates and the farther away the other body is, the longer it takes to achieve a tidal-lock. Conversely, the more massive the planet and the other body the less time it takes to achieve a tidal-lock.

As to the effects to the world as it moves towards being tidally-locked, well, just look outside - assuming you’re on Earth, that is.

The Earth’s rotation is actually slowing down and approaching a tidal-lock with the Moon. The Moon is, or course, already tidally-locked to the Earth.

As the Moon creates tides and the Earth rotates inside them, that friction generated does two things - it slows the Earth’s rotation, and it allows the Moon to get slightly farther away from the Earth. Eventually, the Earth and Moon will both be tidally-locked, keeping the same face towards each other.

That’s going to take a while. The Moon is receding at the rate of about 4 cm per year, and the Earth is slowing down at the rate of about 2 milliseconds every century. At these blistering speeds, it will only take about 50 billion years to achieve tidal-lock.

Sadly, it will never happen because the Moon should drift away from the Earth first. Actually, the Sun will go all red giant on us and vaporize both Earth and Moon before the Moon can drift away. Looks like we’re stuck with each other until death. ;-(

Assuming that a planet has a larger, closer moon, and does actually tide-lock with it over a couple of billion years, the climate will have changed so much that the planet will become almost totally unrecognizable. Considering the changes that would take place over billions of years anyway, the effects of being tidally-locked are negligible in comparison.

However, if a planet were to slow down much faster - say on a human scale of a few decades to a few centuries - then the effect would be much much stronger. The planet’s climate will start to radically change as temperature extremes will start to become more pronounced and animals and plant life will struggle to adjust to the lengthening day/night cycle.

Massive ecological disruption would be the best outcome of this situation. I could see most of a society’s resources turned towards mitigating or even just surviving the changes.

However, I’m sure there would be a small group of scrappy scientists that would try to uncover the reason the changes were taking place so rapidly.