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Thanatos Night Vol. 4 Seth (Full Translation)

Back with another Thanatos Night translation! Seth is really sweet and perfect for people who want something cute….with Rejet’s usual touch of despair _(┐「ε:)_ 

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, audio translations aren’t my strong point (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do no use/repost without permission)

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wingered  asked:

Hullo there, I saw your mega-biased Kuroba Mario hashtags on the kurosute fanreport a few days ago and was wondering if you had an opinion on which role has been Mario's favourite so far? (my real question is if it's Kise)

Hello!! MEGA-BIASED KUROBA MARIO HASHTAGS THOUGH HAHA Guess my new obsession really is showing OTL

But anyway, I couldn’t say for sure who is his most favourite among all of the characters that he has played as, but I can say for sure that he really likes Kise-kun somehow. I saw this one tweet the other day, this person went to the Kurosute play during Mario’s birthday, and her tweet mentioned a little bit of what Mario said during his curtain-call speech. 

You probably could understand the message better than I do, but like yeah it seems like he was really happy to be able to play as Kise-kun on his birthday. And my thought of Mario liking Kisekun doesn’t just come from that, but from how sometimes he tweeted about Kise bby, and even on Kise’s birthday, he was making such a sweet post about it (Actually the whole Kaijou team loves Kisekun). 

There was also that one time during the Kurosute fan meeting when Mario arrived at the event at the very last minute even though he wasn’t scheduled to come, but he still does and I think that’s really such a sweet dedication too but I guess you can say that this is really just Mario being Mario. 

And also when he just finished with the previous Dansui stageplay, he went straight to the Kurosute practice without any delay and for about a week, he disappeared from twitter and when he finally appears again, he was saying that he had been working hard for the thing and it might be because he had been behind with the practice considering that others started earlier while he was still occupied with Dansui but the way I see it is like Mario going all out and enjoying himself playing as Kisekun after having to hold himself from doing so for a little while and I think that’s really cute ;v;

And like OMG I really don’t think I have the right to make speculation on which character he likes THE MOST considering that I’m still fairly new with being Mario’s fan since last year, but I think if it is for the character that he is most thankful for, it is probably Kikumaru Eiji tough? Because Eiji was the character that has shot Mario’s career upwards and he is kind of his debut character somehow and I think there was a post about him being thankful for Eiji before this too. 

I know Mario is so popular from the Musical Touken Ranbu though and I can totally see that he enjoys doing that too but MAYBE it is more because of the company that he gets from the guys in Team Sanjou, right? They seem SO CLOSE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES SEPARATING THEM (and cute) and even though I don’t really know much about Mikazuki, but Mario most likely loves him too but if we are comparing between Mikazuki and Kisekun, I’d think that Mario can relate more with Kise-kun.. maybe? ;v;

So I’m like saying, from my observation and from the things that I have seen around;

Character that Mario is most thankful for: Eiji

Stageplay that Mario enjoys doing because of the company that he gets: Touken Ranbu (because of Team Sanjou)

Character that Mario got attached to: Kise-kun

BUT THAT IS ONLY FROM MY OWN POINT OF VIEW, I’m still fairly new in this, I’m sorry for any false assumptions or informations OTL As expected, I really am not reliable to give my opinion about Mario yet ORZ 

But anyway, thanks for approaching me LOL I get really nervous because this is the first time I got approached by a Mario’s fan and talk seriously about him. I mostly linger in the Kurobasu fandom, and most of the people that I have fangirled Mario with simply know Mario because he plays Kise, so like yeah ;3;

I hope my view of Mario isn’t too far-fetched from how the general fandom views him. That’s all, have a nice day aHHH ヾ(*ò▽óゞ)