or really his genetics decided it

Baby John is the same age as Baby Sara

Baby John’s age has been a disputed question in the fandom ever since we saw the picture of Diggle with his son. 

Admitedly, the actor looks older than Baby Sara, who would now be two.

However, I know a lot of really tall 2 year olds and John Diggle is the boy’s father. Genetics is a thing. So, I always assumed John and Sara were the same age. 

However, many argue they are not. If John is older then Flashpoint effected a lot more than just the baby switch. It means events surrounding Baby Sara’s birth did not occur. Say, for example, THIS:

So… I decided to go right to the source and ask the man himself. Marc was very kind and answered me.

So, Diggle and Lyla had a baby boy in 3x01. Not a baby girl. Andrew Diggle threatened Lyla and John’s lives, not Lyla and Sara’s. And so on. Simply exchange Sara for John in any given storyline, but the storylines remain the same. This means that Flashpoint didn’t undo entire events on Arrow.

Now… I’m not saying I agree with the switch. I do not. I am extremely pissed off at Barry about it. Nor does this mitigate what Barry has done. However, I wanted to get clarification on this point and Marc was kind enough to provide it. So I hope this alleviates some confusion.

I really hate how Kishimoto went out of his way to justify the Uchiha genocide. First they were jerks who wanted to take over, then they were genetically/biologically predisposed to losing their minds, and THEN they were descendants of the ‘evil’ brother. The world is damn near explicitly said to be better off without them and the man who decided to kill them gets all the sympathy for some goddamn reason. What kind of message is he trying to send? 'Sometimes genocide is good’? What the fuck?


Vee, unbeknownst to the others, had built a building for a young woman who had approached him some months ago. She said she had just got out of college with a M.D. And PhD in clinical psychology, and needed somewhere to work. And that gave the Count an idea.

He hadn’t had the chance to do anything really sinister aside from his own drug ring for the Warden. Now he had his own psych ward, with Miss Amelia Bonefilde as the warden. But that really wasn’t enough for the vampire.

He wanted more.

So as soon as the patients started rolling in from all around the multiverse, he took the chance to experiment on them. Drug after drug he tested. Many experiments that messed with their brains and genetics. Many of them died, but for some reason, they were always replaced twofold.

Things had started getting out of hand when he got the idea to ask one of his favorite Ricks. The most evil one he knew. Deciding to take a visit to his lair, he wrapped up a pretty little pocket knife for the man, the diamond blade shimmering in the firelight as he boxed it up.

He summoned a portal and stepped through, swiftly dodging any and all attempts to kill him. He stepped into the main chamber and called out. “Rick! I’m here with gifts! Come out, come out, my kitten!”

I really want to see a gay assassin in a future game, but no one know except for him and the man he loves. The only dilemma would be how he has a genetic child so that we can actually play as that assassin. Maybe he had a kind before he decided he was gay, or maybe he was forced into a marriage and had a child but was actually in love with a man who loved him back, then somehow his wife gets killed and he and his love raise the child. I want this to happen and would love it so much.

To y'all who use sand.


Here’s an example of why:

So I got this new girl on Thursday the 16th.

(Picture of her at the bottom.)

I got her and a baby for 45$ from some person on the FB boards here. Well what I really wanted was his SHTCTB and Baby but he decided last min he wanted to keep the SHTCHB and instead offered his other female that is “Mack Snow” (Quotes because I don’t know her genetics) so I shrugged it off and picked them up.

Well he had them on orange sand, which I could see instantly by their feet. He said the Mack is pregnant from his normal male because he kept 2 Male 1 Female and the baby in the same 40g tank together.

Well the “Mack” looked pregnant by her size so I was like alright, I’ll deal with it and just hatch them out.

It wasn’t eggs making her that big.

It was this.

I didn’t take comparison pictures and It’s already in the trash but that is bigger than a quarter.

For those that don’t know what that is, that is sand. No fecal matter besides the white top.

This girl ingested enough sand to poop it out like it was food. She is now half the size that she was when I picked her up and I can still see a dark mass in her stomach. So with luck she will pass it all. (She is also having to see the vet)

She dodged a bullet, if she didn’t pass it (And what’s left could still not come out) it would have been either costly surgery or death. (Maybe both.)

So instead of keeping them on it because it looks nice or what ever reason you have, put them on Paper Towels, Tile, Towel/Cloth or anything that they can’t ingest.

- What she looks like now. (I didn’t take a picture pre-sand poop)

She may still be pregnant, but that’s a problem for another day.


Hey dapper-deoxys, I was bored today. So, using Google and about 30 minutes of my spare time, I figured out what Charles main facial features would be, if we used genetics.

1. He would have brown hair. Brown hair is a dominant gene, and blonde is a recessive gene.

2. He would have green eyes, as green is dominant over blue.

3. His race can’t really be decided, but it would probably be along the lines of tan skinned.

(This is all I have for now) - Mod Ghost