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The Bracelet

‘You… made me a bead bracelet.’ Molly stared down in bemusement at the colourful bracelet dangling from Sherlock’s long fingers.

His nose twitched. ‘I did not make it. I acquired it for a specific purpose.’

‘And that purpose would be…?’ 

He held it up, drawing her attention to the sole yellow bead. ‘A tracking device.’ 

Molly stiffened and her nostrils flared. ‘Sherlock, I’m perfectly capable of-’

‘Please,’ he cut her off with a soft plea. ‘I can’t focus on this case if I’m wondering if you are safe. Your security detail reports only to Mycroft, and I can’t trust them to inform me if you disappear in time for me to find you.’ He stepped closer. ‘Please, Molly Hooper. I cannot lose you.’

She was stunned at the pained vulnerability on his face, his eyes pleading with her to understand. With nimble fingers, she took the bracelet and slipped it on her wrist. ‘Then you have to do something for me, too.’

He quirked his eyebrow to indicate he was listening.

‘Be safe,’ she demanded softly. ‘I can’t lose you either.’

‘I shall do my best,’ he agreed with a tilt of his head. And then he was gone, the morgue doors swinging shut behind him.

Thoughtfully, Molly drew her finger along the colorful beads. The gesture warmed her heart, but did nothing for the terrifying feeling in her gut that the coming storm would leave ruin in its wake.

And that even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t keep her safe.

your brain is lying to you
you don’t miss the person who mistreated you
you don’t miss the person who left you
you are lonely
you are not doing anything to keep your mind occupied
nostalgia has a funny way of making everything seem better than it was
you don’t miss that person
you don’t want it to go back to how it was
you are lonely and your brain is lying to you
everything is fine, these feelings pass