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How Countries View America
  • Europe's America: remember, if you need any help then don't forget to ask! Everything’s gonna be alright! I know you oldies would need all the help, as long as you don’t trust Russia and not become socialists~! Probs not THAT expensive~! Oh, by the way, do you have the money you owe me?
  • Asia's America: If North Korea or other enemies does anything, I'll be sure to either come over and help, haha! Haha y’all in good hands! Oh, and I’m hungry! Can’t wait to eat at the Asian restaurant!!
  • Latin America's America: you guys aren't doing anything right! Geez, why aren't you doing anything about the dictators there?? If you don't do anything, I'll make sure to deal with it myself and come over.


Ambreigns Most Precious Moments Ever Part 2

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Lets start with this precious goody shall we

Dean being his usual dramatic self while Roman tries to be comforting

When Dean was in his usual prissy mood and Roman literally dragged him down by his waist and Dean went along so willingly. Such a good boy.

When Dean won his title and jumped into Roman’s arms.

& when Roman picked Dean up to thrash him around like a rag doll cuz Roman really loves having his baby boy in his arms

That time when Braun literally threw Dean in Roman’s arms like a damsel in distress falling into his knight’s arms

When Dean shamelessly went onto cuddle with his Daddy during a Promo for no reason at all. Lmao

When Roman gave Dean a look that promised so much reward later on meanwhile Dean looks like an innocent puppy

Dean and his touchings when it comes to his Samoan Daddy

Roman worshiping the ground Dean (his booty) walks on

Kayfabe Moments

When SmackDown crowd went into full shipper mode meanwhile Roman went on and on about how Dean is his family and they have made memories in 5 years to last a life time

When Roman’s beauty turns Dean into a shameless ogling slut

Dean needing his usual post match Rome cuddles

When Dean let us all know how him and Roman are ONE

Ambreigns holding hands

Dean having no shame in getting all touchy and feely in public with his Samoan badass

Roman’s utter amusement and joy at seeing the inner painslut of Dean out in full display 1

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 3

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 4

Even when they are against each other, their love doesn’t crumble Part 5

‘I like MY Roman Reigns angry’ aka Dean having ANOTHER ‘MY ROMAN’ moment as well as letting us all know how an angry raging badass Roman makes him wet

When WWE shipped Ambreigns as hard as us and gave us a storyline where Dean was an official part of Roman family

One of the best time for Ambreigns was when Dean and Roman were shipping Ambreigns as hard as us and called themselves a family….They were both champions and fighting together like a husbands ruling WWE and not giving a shit about Authority and their dirty tactics

Dean being a legit Puppy with Roman

Actual Friends

Dean Ambrose’s heart’s progression thanks to the light of his life Roman

Dean being an actual puppy ready to tackle his Big dog and giving us this adorable little moment in his haste to celebrate his man’s big accomplishment

‘What’s off to you, is just right to me’ Roman about Dean, a true romantic

When Roman fed the Ambreigns fandom quality material


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[Translation] Non-no January 2018 Issue: Yamada Ryosuke x Honda Tsubasa Interview

From Non-no Magazine January 2018 Edition

[Special thanks to weibo user @MoMozzz32 for the clear scans] 

“Tsubasa-chan is an awesome ‘guy’. I can’t see her as someone from the opposite sex (laughs)” -Yamada Ryosuke-

“I think the way he fights through everything without complaining a single bit is amazing” -Honda Tsubasa-

The Explosive First Encounter Between the Two

Yamada: Even though this is the first time I worked with Tsubasa-chan, before crank-in, we bumped into each other in a private setting. I was eating out by myself and was quietly playing games, when suddenly, someone tapped my back! I was thinking, ‘what’s going on?’ so I turned around and there was Honda Tsubasa standing there, smiling and telling me, “This time, I’m playing Winry, please to meet you.” (laughs).

Honda: Yeah, I was hesitating whether to come over and speak to you or not. Then I figure, I should say hello to you anyway.

And starting from this first encounter, they went on to “Fullmetal Alchemist”.  In order to resurrect their mother, brothers Ed and Al committed the taboo in alchemy.  As a result, Ed lost his right arm and left leg, while Al lost his whole body and had his soul transfixed to a suit of armor.  Thus the brothers embarked on a journey to get back what they lost… This nationally popular hit manga has since been adapted to a live action film.  Using the advanced VFX technology never seen before in Japan, they are bringing the “unfilmable” world to life on screen.  Taking on this work, which is also very popular overseas, Yamada-kun plays Ed and Tsubasa plays Winry, who is the [emotional] support for the brothers.

Honda: Before we worked together, my image of Yama-chan was that of a “Prince” (Ouji-sama).  When I see him in his numerous TV appearances, I thought “Wow, what a beautiful person”.  But turns out, in reality, he was completely opposite (laughs).

Yamada: Hey, that should be my line! I knew her as this “Model” (model-sama). The more I get to know her, the more I don’t see her as a member of the opposite sex (laughs).  She would casually yawn in front of me and stuff

Honda: Yama-chan kept nagging me like “You are a woman! Close your legs!” (laughs)

Yamada: But because Tsubasa-chan is like this, we’re really happy when we hang out together, and we’re able to build a good relationship [from there]. Normally, I can’t talk to women I just met.

Honda: I’m not sure if this is a compliment, but thank you anyway (laughs).

“Only Tsubasa was Happy” Italian Location Shoot

Even though they “do not view each other as a member of the opposite sex, but they are the greatest as friends”.  During the interview, they just said whatever they wanted (laughs).  This is the Ed and Winry from the movie!!

Honda: Since we are both game otaku, we would talk about games when there is a break [in filming].

Yamada: When we shot this movie, Pokemon Go was at the height of its popularity.  During breaks, we would go catch monsters in the studio, we even update each other… Oh I remember, this girl was unbelievable! [T/N: in a sarcastic way] When we were filming in Italy, I didn’t have a chance to take a break. So while I was working with all my might, she would come over and brag, like “I went to an outlet mall and bought this! ❤”

Honda: Ah~I had so much fun in Italy ❤. The food was also very good. After I was done filming [my scenes], I was feasting on pasta and pizza and other carbs. I think I gained a bit of weight.

Yamada: While Tsubasa-chan was having her [one-person] fiesta, I was busy with filming… so in contrast, I actually lost weight (laughs).  Tsubasa-chan cranked up first and I still had to shoot in the studio, and those were the hardest action scenes. While I was resting from exhaustion outside the studio…. I felt a breeze coming in. I opened my eyes and there was Tsubasa-chan and Ikuta Toma-kun [T/N: Yamada’s close senior from the same agency], who were shooting a different film together.  She smiled at me and said “Oh, you’re still filming?” Isn’t that insensitive of her (laughs)?!

As Fans of the Manga, We Took the Filming Very Seriously

Yamada: Frankly speaking, when I got the offer for the role, I was very hesitant.  I am a hardcore fan of the manga, so [back then], when I was reading the manga, I kept thinking “This can not be adapted as a live action.”  

Actually, both of them are fans of the manga.  Because of this, they both felt “they cannot say ‘it’s a piece of cake’ to the filming”.

Yamada: What chased away the hesitance was when the director showed me the demo movie, and said “this is roughly how it will look.”  I thought [at the time], “Oh, if it’s like that, then they can recreate the world of the manga.”  So I have made up my mind to pour everything into this movie.

Honda: Me too. I love the character Winry.  At first, I was also very confused, but after I saw the [demo footage], I decided to “pour my love of Winry into the work”.

In Italy, they used a rare 100-year old train to film… the production scale was magnificent.  Even though it was such a huge project, both of them unanimously said “the finished film was the actual impactful part.”

Honda: Because this film used VFX, we were asked to act by imagining things that weren’t there on set, but when we saw the finished product, the [effect] was easily beyond our imagination!!! I should mention, the armored Al was full CG. So Yama-chan was acting with air when he was conversing, or fighting, with Al. I think that was absolutely amazing.  Also, [he was] filming one difficult and powerful scenes after another, but Yama-chan never complained.  I haven’t heard him said “I’m tired” even once.  During break, he was pouring over the manga [to study].  I strongly felt his passion for the work.  Filming action scenes while wearing leather clothes, leather pants, and a leather coat in the middle of summer, and Al wasn’t really there… if it was me, I would be crying!!

As Respected “Comrades in Acting”

Yamada: Tsubasa-chan was like that on set as well.  There was no distance [between us], the atmosphere on set was very carefree; because of someone like her, we were able to convey the “childhood friends” aura naturally. She was also very different “on” and “off”. While the cameras were on, she was very serious in her acting. [“Off” set], there was a “it has always been like that” feeling (laughs). We respect each other as actors, so we were able to build such as relationship.

Honda: Yama-chan was very patient in waiting for me during the “2-hours [to shed] tears” episode.

Even though they were able to joke with each other, they respect each other as “comrades in acting”.  So I asked them this final question, “If there is something you can do an equivalent exchange with each other, what will it be?”

Yamada: If I can have something of Tsubasa-chan’s… maybe her taste. While we were filming, she would show up in very trendy clothes, and her gaming technique is also very good, and as a person, she has her own unique aura and socializing skills. I think this side of her is very amazing.

Honda: I will pick his face!! I want Yama-chan’s beautiful face!! If I have such a face, I will make an equivalent exchange to become a guy, then I will go pick up girls!! It will be a nanpa festival in Shibuya!

[T/N: Nanpa (ナンパ), also transliterated as nampa, in Japanese culture is a type of flirting and seduction custom popular among teenagers and people in their twenties and thirties. Groups of “nanpa boys” will gather around places with busy, predominantly female foot traffic (bridges, subway stations, shopping malls, etc.) and approach women in search of a date. The nanpa groups generally wear high fashion with nice suits, expensive shoes, and extravagant hair styles. Because of their style of dress, nanpa boys are occasionally misinterpreted by foreigners as employees of host clubs, who also roam such areas speaking with various women.

So, Honda basically said that if she had Yamada’s face, she would go trawl for women in Shibuya.]

Yamada: Are you an idiot (laughs)?

Honda: If it were me, I would totally think about doing that, but Yama-chan is absolutely strait-laced.  If anything, I think that is the actual miracle! Really (laughs)!

[T/N: Strait-laced refer to someone who shows a strict moral attitude.]

when you wrote a wholllllee new series. [On Hana’s dad’s background] and have no idea where to fit it, or to even fit it in the story.

but i gotta tell you, im dazed as fuck lmao. Ive been writing for three hours and Im like how do my how brain work 

Its not really a background, its only the events leading up to why they fled his home planet. Him and Hana’s mom, and about Hana and the alien stuff going on in the background that Hana is totally oblivious to at the moment. 

This is the last thing I’ll say on the matter (for now, IDK) but let’s please not use the justification of this Hook’s rape as a way to say that this is how they show how truly evil Gothel/The Witch is and how she will not or possibly can’t have a redemption arc going forward.

We all know the history of this show when it comes to a topic like this and all I will say is, despite it all, even Zelena got her redemption in the end.

you know what doesn’t get talked about enough?

that time they did that interview for the ‘this is us’ promo tour where liam was talking about singing in the shower and how he’d been doing it that same morning and was worried he was gonna wake zayn up with his singing and i feel like hardly anyone ever brings this up/talks about it but like??? why would he be worried about his shower singing waking zayn up unless they were…idk…maybe sharing a hotel room????? like boyfriends do?????

(((((and yet we were told at the time that when they stayed in hotels they all had their own rooms but like if they really all had their own separate hotel rooms like we were made to believe they did at that point why would liam be up showering early in the morning in a room he didn’t sleep in???? or why would zayn be still asleep in a room where liam’s presumably staying and showering in???? unless they…possibly…i don’t know…SHARED said room [*pretends to be shocked*] but why would two men in a band be sharing a room at a point in their career when they could clearly afford their own [and also both had “steady gf’s” lol] and at a time where we got repeated reports that they did all in fact have their own separate rooms??? why would there be a need to lie and cover up that they still shared rooms unless there was a reason for them sharing that their team felt warranted it being covered up, i.e. something going on [something not-so-innocent and very non-platonic maybe wink wink] that they didn’t want getting out [otherwise why not just say they shared rooms but that it was just a friendly thing?]?????)))))

basically, if there was really nothing there, there’d be nothing to cover up.

and yet.