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I really wanted Credence to be pulling inwards, so I brought a meanness to his costumes. The collar’s very high and tight, with a slightly bug shape to it. I did a lot of breakdown on his jacket, so it had a worn-out quality. It’s the only thing he had. He and Jacob are the only two characters in the movie that don’t have a coat and I did that on purpose. There’s a poverty to not having a coat.
—  Colleen Atwood, “Inside the Magic: The Making of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

meeting dan and phil would be pretty surreal and a dream come true but also terrifying because i feel like my first thought when i see them would be “i have read so much kinky smut about you two in my lifetime”

I recently hit 150 followers on this blog, so as a thank you I have decided to create a bias list/follow forever/whatever you want to call this! If you are not on here I’m sorry, this was created off the top of my head and as a result it is inevitable that I miss some people. Just know that I appreciate every single one of you (except the p.orn blogs) and that I look forward to being more active on here!

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PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. <3

1. This. This makes me so happy.

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2. Dancing in the Rain makes me happy.


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4. Galaxy makes me happy.

5. This makes me so happy.

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Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate that you take time to write with your busy schedule; the results are definitely worth it! And as for my in-progress fics, they're all NSFW and FFXV related one-shots. One is a Noct x Reader soulmate AU, another is an courtesan!Ignis x reader AU, and the third is a Noctis x Luna x Reader threesome. IDK when these will get done, but hopefully they /will/ get done

B I T C H, all of those sound so AMAZING rn!

Especially courtesan!Ignis? Shit, what’s his asking price? I’ll take out a loan for his ass. Literally. I especially like the concept of male!courtesan because it’s rarely done. I mean, Jacqueline Carey touched on it with her books, and I love her series but still… just a fire idea.

And a Luna x Reader x Noct threesome? Ooohhh boy. I’ve sadly turned down every request I’ve gotten for Luna because I don’t really feel her as a character (outside of shipping her with Nyx that is) enough to write reader!insert trash about her, but I sooo am down for reading how you do yours.

Remember, one word at a time, fam. It’s better than none. You’ll get there and it’ll be so worth it!


good whatever everyone!!!!! whether it is morning. afternoon. or evening. because i will be posting tra pt 3 in a few hours :-) its 21k (so far and will probably be more because im editing it currently) so be prepared to not be able to read it on the app. because if u try to. it will crash because tumblr hates me. i apologize for taking a month to write this but i just wanted to make an announcement that tra updates will probably continue to be slow. i wont be immediately writing the next part as i have something else i want to work on which will be out a week after!!!!!! i also want to reblog one of those “ask my muse” ask games after i post so u guys are more than welcome to ask jungkook and taehyung and their oc’s any questions you like!!!!!!!!

also if you’ve sent me asks today i probably wont be able to get back to you but im gonna try to answer as many as i can today!!!!!!! lvoe you!!!!!!!!!

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OKAY LISTEN. I'm late to the party and i'll accept that, but i just came to say that warriors is the biggest special interest i've ever had in my life, spanning like 4 whole years, and every once in a while i can still infodump abt it for like an hour sjxjsjai

boi me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had a warriors shelf on my bookshelf for ONLY WARRIORS BOOKS and i owned every single one 


Taako can’t with the idea that people actually like him and want to spend time with him and here come the two most adorkable sweetheart nerds, getting all up in his life and ruining his blasé and his blouse and I can’t 

  • Otayuri fandom: Overly-dramatic Otayuri!!!! Yuri’s super Extra™ and WON’T HESITATE, BITCH!!!!! Otabek is a DJ with a stoic face!!!!!! Yuri’s the more impulsive and assertive one while Otabek's more responsible and makes sure everything’s under control!!!!!!!! Otayuri has a strong friendship and actively supports one another!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kubo-sensei: Those are some nice headcanons you got there, children..... Hope you guys don't mind if I casually........ make them canon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Vaard lost a lot at Shattrath and this gave me all the feels.

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