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do you have any fic recs?? for zelink and/or hylink?

i’m a very picky person but surprisingly enough i have a lot

also most of them are oot zelink because i am garbage

The Golden Age: post-botw. mostly chill, very very good characterization. actually just read all of @kotori‘s fics because i won’t shut up about her writing ever lmao

Comfort: post-mm/child timeline oot zelink.link has ptsd, it’s ANGSTY AS FUCK and i guarantee you will cry at least once. a masterpiece. 

More than Dreams: hw zelink. classic insomnia plot, very chill and fluffy as hell. i love it. 

As We Are: hylink. this fic is my weakness and i won’t shut up about it ever. fluff with a hint of angst, the classic hylink flavor. you can’t go wrong with this one

Eau so Fresh: retail au? retail au. super chill and fluffy (can you see the pattern here?) and link is really cute. just read it

Unnamed wedding fic: botw zelink also how about you just READ IT

What Blooms in Darkness: hylink. it’s just a preview of the full thing but it’s already great and you should read it. it’s that one “hylia disguises herself as a human to help link in prison” plot and i love it

Protection: ss zelink. it’s a little bit tragic but also very pure and fluffy. it killed me. read it

Unnamed confession fic: hw zelink. tooth-rotting fluff and link is a nerd. perfect

Better Men: knight/queen au. i’m shamefully weak for secret love affair zelink so i fucking love this one.

Whirlpool: child timeline oot zelink. chill and fluff and god they’re such fools. this fic nudged me towards the oot zelink dumpster. excellent shit

Unnamed angsty fic: child timeline oot zelink. classic “you’re marrying someone else” plot. i’m super weak for it.

Unnamed angsty fic #2: child timeline oot zelink. it’s angsty and also very mature and intimate. it killed me

Sucker’s Luck: child timeline oot zelink… can’t blame me, it’s not my fault that the most quality fics are usually for this incarnation. it’s a similar plot to the one above but with a quite different approach. very good

Gerudo Kiss (NSFW): link is a beautiful dork and i love him. take a guess at what incarnation this is.

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i notice on your old blog you used to condone jaytim and stuff what changed?

i sat down for two seconds and actually read what ‘antis’ posted instead of being so up my own ass. ended up agreeing w almost everything they said and being like ‘now hold on a second.. o fuck theyre fuckign right..’

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Dude. When will we get those timestamps already? It's been like a month since WHMS ended, and I need my cockles fix! (Please and Thank You!)

me when i finished posting whms: thank god i won’t have to deal with anymore “when are you updating” asks anymore

me right now:

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Your writing is very poetic! Can you recommend some books to read to enrich my vocabulary?

                        ah ,        thank  you    so    much    for    the    positivity       &       for    this    question    !         i    would    love    to .        my    number    one    man    is     t. s.   eliot ,       specifically    the    waste    land ,       the    love    song    of    j .     alfred    prufrock ,         &       four   quartets .           john   keats’s    writing    also    can    be    a    major    source    of    inspiration    for    me    if    i’m    stuck    in    a    rut .         in    regards    to    books ,             the  scarlet  letter    is    a    big    favorite    because    i    love    the    constant    uses    of    strong    imagery ,                [      plus ,        it’s    still    unfortunately    extremely    relevant   :             double    standards    pushed    on    women    while    men    in    powerful    positions    run    freely    in    spite    of    their    wrongdoings     ?           very    familiar .     ]           the   awakening     by     kate    chopin    falls    in    the    same    category    for    the    same    reasons .            victor    hugo’s    les    misérables    is    a    long    read           [     still    not    done    lmao     ] ,            but    i    personally    really    love    the    fourth    volume    in    particular ,         especially    books    two ,       three ,       five ,         &       seven .             i    also    want    to    slip    a    few    plays    in    here    just    to    kind    of    round    things    out   :         the    seagull    by    anton   chekhov    offers    multifaceted    presentations    on    art ,       love ,        family ,         &       naiveté .          the    sign    in    sidney    brustein’s    window     by    lorraine    hansbury    may    be    the    best   play    i’ve    ever    read ,          has    a    fascinating    production    history ,           &        hansbury    transcended     every    expectation    imaginable ,         especially    at    the    time .         she’s    a    genius .          4 : 48    psychosis    by    sarah    kane    is    extremely    creative       &     abstract    in    format ,            but    it    is    extremely    triggering ,          especially    for    those    who      struggle    with    mental    illnesses .           it’s    a    grueling    read ,       even    in    your    best    state    of    mind ,            so    please    be    careful ,        but    the    format    is    fascinating    in    its    breaking    of    boundaries .              ––––––––––––––––                 that    about    wraps    it    up    !          thank    you    again    for    the    question ,           &         if    you    pick    any    up ,        pleasepleaseplease     feel    free    to    come    discuss    them    with    me    !  

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So who are your top five acotar character starting from the one you like the most?

  • Rhysand
  • Nesta
  • Azriel
  • Cassian
  • Amren



Taako can’t with the idea that people actually like him and want to spend time with him and here come the two most adorkable sweetheart nerds, getting all up in his life and ruining his blasé and his blouse and I can’t 

nct are such good people??? like these boys have been volunteering at a multicultural school since last APRIL. and taeyong gives financial aid to four students each month???? and he doesn’t want the pictures of the kids to be released because they might be harmed. they’re all angels, stan nct