or rdj actually

I was surprised when he said yes, which he did right away.  He’s not interested in being particularly partisan, but he cares, he gets it.

JOSS WHEDON, on when he asked ROBERT DOWNEY JR. to participate in his “Save the Day” voting initiative.

“It leads with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. — the biggest name in Whedon’s line-up and a guy who has tried to remain non-political over the years, even though he has occasionally expressed that he has conservative leanings.

Whedon wasn’t sure what Downey would say when he asked him to participate.

‘I was surprised when he said yes, which he did right away,’ the director says. 'He’s not interested in being particularly partisan, but he cares, he gets it. What he wrote me when I emailed him was, ‘I suppose I can take part in your champagne socialist agenda.’ So I was like, yes, I can’t argue with that.’”  EW

You know what I love about RDJ? The guy is a multi-shipper.

He’s the captain of the S.S. ScienceBros

And the captain of the S.S. SuperHusbands

I mean just look at his facebook, guys~

He’s also probably lurking on tumblr 24/7 looking through all our posts about either of those two ships and posts the one he likes best on a daily basis. Also, he’s probably getting a kick out of StArkBucks


Listen to me. I grab your tit, it’s a fucking biggie! … I know that came out wrong. But what I’m saying is…

i just need a minute to rant about rdj and rachel in sherlock holmes cos damn their version of adlock was so SWEET???? like where bbc adlock is this all angsty all unspoken will they won’t they flirt to death boxing match of hide the feels that is traumatic at best and anti-climactic at worse, rdj/rachel adlock is all inside jokes (”remember the grand? they gave me our old room” “and you’re between husbands- how much did you get for the ring?”), unflinching fleeting kisses and gestures of gentle protection and thinly veiled i love yous in “you’ll miss me’s” because guy richie actually bothered to give them a relationship that worked on an intimate level that was beyond the initial intellectual/ physical attraction in the original story like rdj and rachel adlock actually KNEW each other, they were solid, not just attracted but acquainted in every aspect of each other’s personality and tho i love (almost) all versions of this ship like no version of it has yet achieved that same level of “our inside joke is that we’re in love” kinda dynamic that rdj/rachel had and idk if it was just their chemistry tht achieved it or the writing or both but one thing for sure is that i am FOREVER MOURNING THE LOSS OF THAT SHIP LIKE LARA PULVER COULD NEVER BE IRENE AGAIN AND I’D LIVE WITH IT BUT YA GAL IS GONNA BE 107 IN THE NURSING HOME STILL RANTING ABOUT HOW GUY RICHIE STOLE MY HOPES AND DREAMS IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF GOS AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE I WILL NEVER FORGET ALSO I CLEARLY NEED SLEEP GOODNIGHT

Summary of CACW
  • Natasha : Just stay out of this one or else...
  • Steve : but Bucky...
  • Stark : I was your friend too
  • Steve : but Bucky...
  • Sam: we need to consider all of our options here
  • Steve : but Bucky...
  • Russos : don't get too into the character Chris people know Steve and Bucky are close
  • Chris : but Bucky...

The headcanon regarding Pilates, or should I call it posture, whatever

A set photo from avengers 2 inspired me, someone say Tony’s posture looks like he is doing yoga, but I think that shouldn’t count as one…?

But does RDJ actually do yoga? (I think I’ve seen it from an interview before)

Anyway, I come up with this short comic, please ignore any mistakes QvQ

PS: In the end, thanks 唯唯2075 :);)