or rdj actually

So, Chris Evans is going on broadway and RDJ posted a tbt to the first Iron Man!(like why would he randomly decide to do that? I don’t get it.) And it was only announced a few weeks ago that both Iron Man and Captain America may be stepping down after Avengers: Infinity War & 4.

I really don’t want Chris to leave the role. I love Sebastian but I don’t want him to be Captain America, I really don’t.

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God I love this man❤️

You know what I love about RDJ? The guy is a multi-shipper.

He’s the captain of the S.S. ScienceBros

And the captain of the S.S. SuperHusbands

I mean just look at his facebook, guys~

He’s also probably lurking on tumblr 24/7 looking through all our posts about either of those two ships and posts the one he likes best on a daily basis. Also, he’s probably getting a kick out of StArkBucks


“You know, 90% of the country believes in ghosts? Less than a third believes in evolution? 35% can correctly identify Homer Simpson and the fictional town which he resides. And less than 1% knows the name Thurgood Marshall. But when you put 12 Americans together in a jury and ask for justice? Something just out of brilliance happens. Often as not, they get it right.”

Films watched in 2015: The Judge (2014), dir. David Dobkin

If you’ve ever felt embarassed that you approached someone who you thought was the person you knew but was actually a stranger, just remember that on Tom Holland’s screen test with RDJ, Tom was brought into a room said to him that he looked weird in person that he doesn’t look like he does on screen then found out it was actually RDJ’s stand-in.


Listen to me. I grab your tit, it’s a fucking biggie! … I know that came out wrong. But what I’m saying is…

The headcanon regarding Pilates, or should I call it posture, whatever

A set photo from avengers 2 inspired me, someone say Tony’s posture looks like he is doing yoga, but I think that shouldn’t count as one…?

But does RDJ actually do yoga? (I think I’ve seen it from an interview before)

Anyway, I come up with this short comic, please ignore any mistakes QvQ

PS: In the end, thanks 唯唯2075 :);)


TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO: Robert Downey Jr. featured as one of America’s sexiest bachelors, Us Magazine (May 1, 1989):

“Our youngest bachelor, at 24, has two hit movies. ‘Chances Are’ and 'True Believer’ made many women truly believe they’d love to take a chance on him. Lake, for example: 'He’s charming and adorable, and he’s got the best smile.’ Janowitz notes, 'He’s got nice doggie eyes with long lashes. Very cute.’”

“Nice doggy eyes with long lashes,” “charming and adorable,” “the best smile” – some things don’t change.