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you were at the charity event yesterday in atlanta right? so please tell us what happened after rdj jokingly removed a page out of chris evans script because sbs stans are doing the most right now saying rdj triggered an anxiety attack from chris. i can’t handle this much bullshit this early in the morning. (i’m sorry im just so pissed at them right now lmao)

What in the freakin’ world??!!  No, unsurprisingly, that’s NOT what happened. Page 12 was left INADVERTENTLY out of Chris’s script. Those scripts are set up and distributed by the ACTUAL stage manager – NOT by the ACTOR who is playing a role called “Stage Manager” in “Our Town.” (Check it out – it’s a role called the “Stage Manager” – he’s ACTING, not actually being a stage manager.)  Did they actually think RDJ was a stage manager and that he was in charge of the scripts??

RDJ JOKED onstage, after Chris discovered there was a page missing, that he, as the fictional “Stage Manager,” might have had something to do with it, but it was a JOKE. Believe me, RDJ is definitely NOT the one who’s collating and distributing scripts to the cast, LMAO at anyone who is accusing him of that. (Honestly, I cannot believe the lengths these idiot stans go to to try to disparage and blame RDJ for things he patently does not do…)  Speaking as someone who has actually worked backstage at theatres and performing arts centers, there are two things that happen with scripts at readings. One: the actors get there for rehearsal, receive their scripts from the stage manager or, more usually, from the director  (or an assistant tasked with keeping and handing out the scripts) – and then take their scripts home with them to study and practice.  Or two: if an actor can’t make the rehearsal - as Chris did not – they receive a script on the day of the public reading…from the stage manager or director (or an assistant tasked with keeping and handing out the scripts). They do NOT receive their copy of the script from a fellow actor – even one playing a role called “Stage Manager.“  Their fellow actors do NOT have access to others’ scripts. 

OK - yes, I was there and this is what I saw first-hand:  RDJ got to the theater LAST of all the cast, and he was the ONLY member of the cast who also took the time to greet and sign autographs for the fans who were standing outside the stage door. Which was very gracious of him - and it did take some time. So he would have barely had enough time to get into the theater and go into his dressing room to get makeup and hair done – he was certainly not collating or stealing pages from the scripts, which are either already in the hands of the cast members who attended the rehearsal, or in the hands of the director, ACTUAL stage manager, or assistant.

Also – RDJ’s JOKE was a funny moment; one of many such funny moments that this cast – which is apparently very at ease with each other and are very much friends – had throughout the night. Chris most definitely did NOT have an anxiety attack, nor would his friend Robert ever want to trigger such a thing. Chris was fully at ease, joking around about the missing page. He played his role throughout the play very effectively. As someone noted when seeing the footage of the cast exiting the stage, filmed by RDJ’s assistant, Chris practically strutted off the stage. He was having a GREAT time. He was obviously NOT reduced to some anxious little flower by the fact that a page was missing from his script – he’s a total pro and he handled it like a pro, as did they all, turning it into a funny moment that the audience enjoyed.  They were ALL having fun and were totally at ease – both the members of the Avengers cast and the local actors who filled out the play.

In short: I don’t care if it’s Bucky or Stucky stans or the antis or what: you are doing Chris Evans no favors by trying to paint him as some nervous Nelly who would fall apart on a stage or privately at the slightest provocation. I promise you he doesn’t. You also do yourselves no favors by reeeaching so hard and trying to spread ridiculous and easily disproved allegations to somehow, what, villainize RDJ? This is probably the stupidest one I’ve heard yet. You only make yourselves sound like idiots who have no idea how a theatre production works. RDJ and Chris are friends who love, admire and respect each other, and your carping and reaching will not change that. Your fave loves our fave even more than we do, so put that in your pipe and smoke it, antis. 

So, Chris Evans is going on broadway and RDJ posted a tbt to the first Iron Man!(like why would he randomly decide to do that? I don’t get it.) And it was only announced a few weeks ago that both Iron Man and Captain America may be stepping down after Avengers: Infinity War & 4.

I really don’t want Chris to leave the role. I love Sebastian but I don’t want him to be Captain America, I really don’t.

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God I love this man❤️


“You know, 90% of the country believes in ghosts? Less than a third believes in evolution? 35% can correctly identify Homer Simpson and the fictional town which he resides. And less than 1% knows the name Thurgood Marshall. But when you put 12 Americans together in a jury and ask for justice? Something just out of brilliance happens. Often as not, they get it right.”

Films watched in 2015: The Judge (2014), dir. David Dobkin

Thoughts on Spiderman: Homecoming

I’ll put my short, non-spoiler version above the cut for people who haven’t seen it yet: it’s good. It’s really good, head and shoulders above the Amazing duology and it holds its own against the Raimi films more than you would think. 

Specifically, it has two major strengths: first, as many people have noted, Tom Holland’s Spiderman feels like a real teenager way more than either Andrew Garfield or Tobey Macguire did - in part because the movie makes the most of out its science high school setting by giving Holland a secondary cast of other teens to bounce off of, and by making the conflict between his superhero life and his regular life being about high school things generally (making Lego Death Stars, Academic Decathalon meets, detention) instead of just about his romantic relationships. 

Second, as other people have noted, Spiderman: Homecoming feels way more New York  (more of a neighborhood Spiderman, you could say) than previous Spiderman movies. The Amazing movies’ idea of New York was some abstracted Times Square theme park, and with the best will in the world, even the Raimi films portrayed an extremely white New York that didn’t go beyond Midtown canyons and various landmarks. But Homecoming felt like Queens, from the multicultural student body at Midtown Science to Spiderman and the Prowler (you were great, Donald Glover!) arguing over which bodegas have the best sandwiches, to the jokes about how the outer boroughs aren’t well-stocked with tall buildings to web-swing off of, to Spiderman’s interactions with neighborhood locals who get pissed when would-be superheroes web their hands to their cars or repay subway directions with churros. 

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