or rather sorcerer

Context : Through a subtle combination of spells, and a “Go for it” type DM, the Sorcerer invented sno-cones. A few games later the party had just finished a pretty tense fight against some wights. The cleric had opted to heal himself rather than the Sorcerer, who was knocked unconscious during the fight as a result.

Moradin (cleric) : Helluva fight we had there. Could go for some refreshment. Hey Wilshire (Sorcerer), can you whip us up some of those delightful treats you make?

Wilshire : Sure. I could go for one. *makes some sno-cones and hands them out.*

Moradin : Oh! I didn’t know you could make yellow ones!

Wilshire : Oh yes. Those are special! That ones special just for you!

Harry Potter: Korean and Japanese titles ⚡

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해리 포터

1.    마법사의 돌 – The Magician’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone.

2.    비밀의 방 – The Room of Secrets 

3.    아즈카반의 죄수 – The Prisoner of Azkaban

4.    불의 잔 – The Cup of Fire 

5.    불사조 기사단 – The Order (Knights) of the Phoenix

6.    혼혈 왕자 – The Half (Mixed) Blood Prince

7.    죽음의 성물 – The Hallows of Death

These are the literal translations of the Korean titles. The use of ‘sorcerer’ in the title of the first book/film is following the American title ‘the sorcerer’s stone’ rather than the British title of ‘philosopher’s stone.’ The reason that ‘room’ is used instead of ‘chamber’ and ‘cup’ is used instead of ‘goblet’ is most like because there isn’t a specific Korean word for either (to my knowledge). 성물 means holy item which basically is the same as a hallow.



1. 賢者の石 (けんじゃのいし)The Wise Man (Sage’s) Stone

2. 秘密の部屋 (ひみつのへや)The Secret Room

3. アズカバンの囚人 (アズカバンのしゅうじん)The Prisoner of Azkaban

4. 炎のゴブレット (ほのおのゴブレット)The Goblet of Flames

5. 不死鳥の騎士団 (ふしちょうのきしだん)The Order of the Phoenix

6. 謎のプリンス (なぞのプリンス)The Mysterious Prince

7. 死の秘宝 (しのひほう)The Treasures of Death

These are the literal translations for the Japanese titles. The Japanese word for magician/sorcerer is 魔法使い (まほうつかい) which pretty much means ‘magic user.’ I think ‘wise man’ is used because its similar to philosopher which is used in the title of the British version, rather than sorcerer which is used in the American version. The one I find most interesting in that the ‘Half-Blood Prince’ has been translated to the ‘Mysterious Prince’ when like in Korean there is a specific word for half blood; 混血(こんけつ).

I think that the majority of differences in the titles is due to there being words in the original English language title that a hard to directly translate into Korean or Japanese i.e chamber, goblet and hallow. 

On the metaphysics of spell-casting for animist witches

When you put a spell on someone or something, you are entwining your mana, your life-force, with theirs. Reality is alive and whole. Your life-force is embodied in your intention (which is the internal meeting of desire, will, and necessity–the Fetch, Breath Soul, and Holy Daimon aligned) and shapes the cunning fire we tap to make magic. Often our Fetch-mates will pass the Fire to us to fuel the spell, but weaving with it weaves us too. When we cut, we are cut. The world, which is both spirit and carnal at once, is a system of natural processes called bioregions. Sympathy and contagion. What looks like something is connected to something, something once whole retains something of all its constituents. And following this, what we do is done upon us. Reality is a verb. We have to eat where we shit.

I firmly believe a witch who cannot hex/curse/blast, is a witch who cannot heal/cure/bless. So we should be well versed in it. But knowing about how magic works in a world we understand to be animistic and whole, this gives us pause, even knowing what the witch is: the poison that cures. Consider this quote from Eliphas Levi:

“This atrocious history is that of every magician, or rather of every sorcerer who practices bewitchments. He poisons himself in order that he may poison others; he damns himself that he may torture others; he draws in hell with his breath in order that he may expel it by his lungs; he wounds himself mortally that he may inflict death on others; but possessed of this unhappy courage, it is positive and certain that he will poison and slay by the mere projection of his perverse will.”

We are part of the system of natural, wild processes. The body of the witch is the body of the Land, Sky, and Sea. The Cunning Fire snakes through the Land and up into our bodies through the Red Serpent of Desire. Black and White we bind our spells, with Will and Necessity. What we weave is weaving us, countless Fateful forces and beings that make up the cosmos which is the body of God Herself, Old Dame Fate, where everything is sensed by at least one other thing, inter-subjectivity.

But we pause to consider the cost of what we do, what the coin we must pay to balance the measure. Nothing new can be created or destroyed. Only the transfer of energy/matter from state to state. We are shaped by the shaping of our intention, just as candle, wick, and flame inform one another. So the terms we set, the pacts we make, those are on us too. We must be clean of it when we curse, and likewise full of healing and growth when we heal.

And here’s the best advice I received: it is wiser to curse people and institutions for specific actions, so when the curse works and afflicts them and they perhaps have a change of heart and deed, they have an “out” clause and receive a rain of blessings for stopping that action from occurring. It gives us an out if we fuck up too. We should throw with both hands, remain fierce and compassionate, merciful and stern. And curse when we really mean it. Curse to take them out.

A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 3 of 5

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…



    As soon as her feet were back on solid ground, Ayrialenne looked around her to try and figure out where she was; the orb was meant to take her to a destination of her choosing, but there was always a certain margin of error, plus she’d been in a bit of a rush and so had perhaps not concentrated as well as she should have. She was off by a few miles from where she’d intended but her surroundings were definitely familiar; the small forest that surrounded the mountain range her mother had settled in, though much bigger than she remembered, was still a much welcome sight.

    Running, she decided, was not as efficient as flying, but it got the job done. She could have done without the branches snagging on her dress slowing her down even more, though. Finally, she made it through the woods, only to find a new obstacle in the unforgiving rock that made up the mountain face. Climbing, she found, was worse than running; the rocks were rough and sharp and her skin was, well, skin.

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alright AU time! fairytale au (fairies, knights, dragon etc.) what rolls would Class 1-A be in? who'd be Knights? who's the prince/princess that needs saving? who's the town fool? these are the real questions!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh you don’t know how much I love fairytale AUs. I’m such a sap for this stuff.

  • Izuku always wanted to be a knight from when he was a small child and he has the courage for it but he didn’t come from a noble line or have any form of training. People always told him he could be talented with magic or other things but he rejected all other ideas. 
  • Bakugou is his shitty childhood friend that did have all those opportunities that Izuku didn’t, yet he still tries to make a dramatic story of himself. A boy from a low ranking family, from an unknown village with barely any form of tutelage available, who will become the greatest knight in all the kingdom. 
  • Toshinori being a great knight, talented in all aspects of battle and chivalry. He truly cares for all the people in the land and wishes he could do more to help them but he’s getting old and wants to settle down with a family. First he needs to find the perfect apprentice to take up his mantle as the Great Knight of Yuuei. 
  • The Iida’s are a high ranking family and are famous for their legacy and generations of knights. As per Tenya adores his brother and learnt a lot from him but now he’s older he’s trying to make his own name and fight his own way. He’s famed for his logical style and weakness for maidens in distress. “One must never ignore those in need!”
  • Uraraka being just some girl from some no name town that’s only really good for mining. Her parents work to the bone so she has dreams of going becoming a knight or someone of nobility so she can make sure they can just live happily. 
  • Super friendly dragon Kirishima. He doesn’t understand why all these guys keep trying to slay him, he’s just trying to live his life. Ends up befriending Bakugou and becoming the first dragon knight team. 
  • Kaminari plays the town fool and he somehow seems to know everyone. Actually rather powerful sorcerer who hasn’t quite gotten his control down He tried to be a bard for a small time, which is where he met Jirou, only it turns out that he’s far too fancy free to stay in anyone place for too long. 

I cant believe I put an afternoon into this thing when the bastard cant even hold a sword the right way 

at least he still looks cool when fused with dimple right

also a dump of reigen and dimple hcs bc I need to be able to focus on other things too gdi new au 

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Sinbad = Ugo = Solomon: everybody’s in the wrong

Sinbad fans and critics alike seem to forget that Ugo (my dear sweet neglected cinnamon roll who breaks my heart every time I think about him! 😭) physically transformed 72 other species into humans, the very race that had been their oppressors for hundreds of years. Ugo eliminated 72 languages in favor of a single common language he made up. Ugo let the people who were already humans keep their native tongue (Tran.) Ugo completely erased all the memories of Alma Torran and the mistakes that lead up it’s destruction for everyone except the people who were already human. He completely obliterated 72 cultures and told Solomon’s Proxy to never mention those 72 cultures existed and let their histories be lost for all eternity

Meanwhile, the chieftans of 72 tribes/races were (voluntarily) damned to an eternity as djinns being recycled by kings and never tell anyone about who they are or that they every belonged to a race with a distinct culture for all of eternity!

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PICTURED ABOVE:The “monster” who did all this & the only true friend he has left in all of the universe. As a severed head. Propped up by familiars he created in the hopes they would make him feel less lonely.They didn’t

A lot of people could have benefited from knowing all about Al Tharmen, Il Illah, what a magi is, what a dungeon is (remember all those innocent archeologists & researchers who died trying to investigate them when they first appeared?), and Arba’s identity.

If people knew who and what Arba was when she first arrived in the new world they would have known they needed to eliminate her immediately

If the 3 magi at the time knew she was a traitorous AT magi, they probably could have killed her, saving countless lives lost to Al Tharmen plots, and sparing a long line of Ren family women from being posessed by Arba.

Ugo forced much more dramatic, arguably oppressive, actions than Sinbad has now because he thought it would serve the greater good. Numerous people needlessly died because they didn’t know about a few bits of really important information about the world they live in.

All people in the new world where Ugo is/was the “almighty god” had to go on were Tran tribe scriptures that only vaguely referred to important events & people in Alma Torran. Again, he left even that tiny bit of information slip out because only the people who were already humans in Alma Torran still knew anything about it.

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Ugo & Solomon didn’t free anyone from the yoke of predetermined fates or destiny. They simply erased people’s awareness.The rukh system still predetermined everyone’s fate. Ugo made that very clear when he spoke of what was “supposed” to happen in Balbaad’s revolution. He reiterated that again that being king of the world for a short time was Sinbad’s only, predetermined role to play in the real world as dictated by fate controlled by the great flow of the rukh programmed with Solomon’s will.

By comparison, the changes Sinbad made to the world are negligible. Again, they’re negligible by comparison. Ugo was once just a human, the same as Sinbad. He was a powerful magician, but not any wiser or prepared to be a god or even a mortal leader of men than Sinbad is now. I don’t think Ugo is a villain. By extension, I think it’s preposterous to claim Sinbad is a villain either.

That doesn’t get Sinbad off the hook for brainwashing the world, but it does raise questions about Solomon’s brand of brainwashing.

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The very term “Solomon’s Wisdom" should be an indication in and of itself that Aladdin had his head filled with a mix of subjective and objective information.

All of Ugo’s magi are intrinsically brainwashed. They’re “beloved by the rukh” filled with Solomon’s will. Every time they abide by what the rukh are telling them, they’re not following any sort of “natural order.” They’re unconsciously bowing down before Solomon’s will because it vaguely “feels right.” They’re not “Sorcerers of Creation” but rather “Sorcerers of Enforcement.” No magi before Aladdin knew anything about Solomon or the true nature of the rukh system. Poor Yunan has been following instructions to raise deathtraps, distribute super-weapons, and watch the cycle of violence repeat because that’s was his unknown master’s will.

Every magi wants to find the One True King. But Ugo had already created a rule stating that “all kings must rise and fall so the world can move forward.” As a result the world just spins in a circle. The world was not moving forward. It was was just a wheel spinning upon itself.

Sinbad just broke that wheel. I think that’s a great first step. The wheel was well suited to saving people from a dying world, not moveing a new one forward. After a thousand years of preventable carnage, everybody needs to let go of the Alma Torran baggage and think about how to move things forward in the present.

Hat tip to @strawberry-milkybunny, @arienneth and @odilekuronuma for encouraging me & helping me brainstorm ideas for this post.

Reality, Romance and Ash Lynburn

I have a spoilery question for Unmade after the cut, which is detailed (excellent smart detail!) enough so I put it under a cut… and took the opportunity to talk a lot about romance generally, and reality, and fiction, and the shapes I was playing with and the characters I was writing. 

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For the headcannon thing: Merlin au with winterhawk

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

This is very much a “just for shits and giggles” situation…

  • Clint as Merlin! He’s a bumbling apprentice sorcerer who’d rather still be sleeping, but instead, he’s picking up His Royal Ass-ness’s dirty clothes. Apparently, it’s his destiny to keep Prince James alive long enough to fulfill his destiny. He feels ever so special.
  • Bucky as Arthur! He’s a bit of spoiled brat, it’s true, but he’s so charming that it’s usually overlooked. When it comes down to it, he’s got a heart of gold, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Camelot. His manservant isn’t a very good manservant, but he makes Bucky laugh. Usually by tripping on something in the hall and falling on his face, but still.
  • As a special twist, Kate as Gaius! Clint’s mentor in all things *whispers* magic. She’s a renowned healer in Camelot, and spends the majority of her days rolling her eyes in exasperation at Clint and trying to keep him from slipping food he steals from the kitchen to the one-eyed mutt he’s adopted; the food designated for the king’s table is much too complex for a stray dog’s stomach to handle, but Clint never seems to learn.
  • Skinny!Steve as Gwen! Clint’s fellow servant and bestie! He’s been around long enough to know all the ends and outs of the castle, and like Clint, he’s not one to take any of Prince James’ bratty shit. He’s the best friend anyone could wish to have, and he’s much more clever and resourceful than people give him credit for.
  • Tony as Lancelot! Mostly because he’s having a not-so-secret affair with Steve. He’s a knight through and through, and incredibly loyal. He may not always make the best decisions in terms of self-preservation when it comes to protecting Camelot and it’s people, but no one can say his heart isn’t in the right place.
  • Natasha as Gwaine! A rogue with a Past, she and Clint fall in together easily and form a friendship that can withstand anything. She’s deadly in battle and constantly underestimated.
  • Fury as Kilgharrah! Grr-arg! Such a ferocious dragon! Honestly though, he’s had it with these motherfucking humans on this motherfucking planet.
  • Clint and the prince very much have a hate-to-love relationship. Even once they get to the “love” part, there’s still a lot of days where they wish they could quit each other. But they’re two sides of the same coin apparently, so they’re pretty much stuck together.

The girl thanked Merlin and gave him a little trinket - a tiny sewed and stuffed rabbit made of yellow and blue fabric that matched her dress. Merlin had grinned and told her he’d treasure it.

Hours later, when Merlin and Arthur settle down in an inn for the night, Arthur’s still sore about it. (It probably doesn’t help that Merlin is making the rabbit hop around the table - manually, that is, like a small child rather than a sorcerer - but how can he stop it when it clearly aggravates Arthur so much?)

“I’m the one who did all the hard work,” Arthur insists. “You just stood around talking nonsense about unicorns to her! And besides, I’m the prince - aren’t little girls supposed to fall in love with princes?”

“First of all, it’s creepy that you want a five-year-old to fall in love with you,” Merlin informs him. “And second, you were grumpy and unapproachable the whole time, and I was my charming self.”

Arthur snorts. Merlin makes the rabbit do an especially large hop, practically popping his arm out of its socket in his enthusiasm.