or rather being hugged and holding people's shoulders in return usually

The Arrangement (pt 9)

“Is the child even mine, Y/N?”

You stare at him wide-eyed. Did he really just ask that? You felt like you couldn’t breathe in that moment. Jimin was actually being serious. He had actually thought that low of you. He had doubted your love and sincerity towards him. 
His faith in you had shattered and in turn, he had shattered your heart. 

You turned away from him, unable to look at him anymore. Jimin scoffed as you turned away, not noticing the single tear that fell from your eyes. You sat there in silence for another minute. Jimin was still fuming. He wanted answers from you and he wanted them now. 

Just as he was about to start yelling again, you cut him off. 

“You really want to know what’s going on between me and Tae?” you said with a straight face, wiping away the tears in your eyes. You take out your keys from your purse and push them into Jimin’s hands. “Go inside the house”

Jimin eyed the keys in his hands curiously. “Don’t avoid this conversation by telling me to go into the fucking house” he sneered at you. 

“Dammit Jimin just go into the house!” you almost yelled back. Jimin had finally noticed the pained expression on your face, but he didn’t care. He got out of the car and slammed the door behind him. You too had gotten out of the car, and walked lifelessly behind Jimin to the front door. 

Jimin managed to find the house keys amongst the many keychains you had and finally put the key in the door. As he tried to unlock the door, he noticed your hands in fists as you tried to control the shaking. You had wiped away your tears, but it was quite obvious that you were upset. 

Jimin finally unlocked the door and opened it to find a rather dark house. You both would usually leave at least a small lamp on so that you weren’t met with a dark house, but no such lights were on today. Jimin’s frustration only grew as he struggled to find the light switch near the entrance. Soon though, he found the switch and turned it on. 


Jimin jumped back from the sudden burst of noise. Jimin looked around the house, only to find it full. Full of his family, friends, and various decorations. There in front of Jimin stood all of his favorite things. The most important people in his life and some of his friends he hadn’t seen in a very long time. There in front of him stood some family from out of the country that he had also missed seeing. There in front of him stood hundreds upon hundreds of decorations in all his favorite colors. Ballons were floating on the ceiling and banners and streamers filled the house. There was something childish yet classy about it and Jimin loved it. Jimin couldn’t even begin to take it all in. He just stood there and smiled at everyone like a fool, totally forgetting about the whole ordeal that happened in the car. 

Suddenly, a group of guys surrounded him and messed with his hair and gave him a few light hits and punches. “Happy Birthday, Jimin!” they said in turns. “Were you surprised??” asked Jungkook.

“How do you like it??” ask Namjoon. 

“We spent like hours with the decorations he better like it” said Hoseok.

“Hours? Well me and Y/N spent weeks, no months, planning this whole thing. We literally went shopping every week because she thought of something new to get. You must have known, right Jimin? Like weren’t you the least bit suspicious?” asked Taehyung as he threw his arm around Jimin’s shoulders. 

And that’s when it hit him. That’s when he remembered what he had just accused you of and Jimin’s heart sank. What had he just done. 

He turned around quickly, finally facing you with his eyes wide. You gave him the smallest of smiles and Jimin noticed your lips trembling as you tried your hardest to hold back tears and break down. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you say in almost a whisper, but he could still hear it. 

He tries to reach out for you, but you walk away into the sea of guests. and before he can try again, he is greeted by more guests, blocking him entirely. 

You try your hardest to smile and greet guests, but you eventually excuse yourself to change into something a little comfortable. You all but run into your shared bedroom with Jimin and lock yourself into the bathroom. You finally let the tears fall freely and you cover your mouth to hold back the sobs. You don’t know how long you stood there in the bathroom, but by now you were numb. You can hear the party at full swing outside, with loud music and people talking. Surely no one would miss your presence. You realize you can’t stay in the bathroom forever though so you will yourself to get through just tonight. You wipe off all the tear-stained makeup and wash your face with warm water. But your eyes are still kind of red. You walk into your side of the closet and try to find something more suitable for the party. 

Jimin is finally free of most of the guests at this point and begins his search for you again. He had seen you talking to a few people, but that was at least half an hour ago. 

“Sweetheart, Happy Birthday” Jimin hears. His mom and dad walk up to him, arms open for a hug. Jimin gives them a warm smile, despite his mind being focused on finding you. 

“Thank you” he says as he returns the hug. 

“Jimin, this is your last birthday as just a married man! Come next birthday, you’ll be a father too” Jimins father said. He was probably more excited than Jimin for the baby to arrive. He couldn’t wait to spoil his grandchild. 

“That’s right Jimin! The baby will be here for your next birthday darling” his mother chimes. “Enjoy this while it lasts son. You and Y/N will have your hands full this time next year” she continues. 

“Uh.. speaking of Y/N, have you seen her?” Jimin asks nervously. 

“Oh, I believe I heard her saying that she was going to go change into something more comfortable. But she’s been missing for a while, Why don’t you go change and make sure she’s ok too sweetheart?” Jimins mom says as she practically pushes him in the direction of their shared room. 

Jimin walks nervously towards their room, not knowing how to approach you and beg for your forgiveness. Why did he ever doubt you? The look on your face when you had just wished him happy birthday haunted his mind. 

He opens the door to your shared room and to his surprise, it is also fully decorated. There are balloons dancing across the ceiling and twinkle lights around the room. Jimin walked further into the room sitting on the bed as he tried to take it all in. He noticed the light on inside the bathroom and realized you were inside. He looked around the room and realized just how much you had planned. You really had gone the extra mile. 

Jimin finally notices a wrapped present on his nightstand. It was beautifully wrapped with a bouncy bow on the top. He had no doubt in his mind that you wrapped it. 

He carefully ripped the wrapping paper off, only to be met with a white box. He slid the box open and Jimin was shocked. Inside laid the childhood book he had you about all those many nights ago, The Velveteen Rabbit. The book had been published many times, but Jimin had initially owned a very old copy, dating back to around the 50′s. When he tried to find the same book, he couldn’t find the same copy or anyone willing to sell. But the book that laid in front of him was something beyond his imagination. 

He opened up the front cover and looked at the first page. The publishing date of this book dated back to 1922, meaning this was the very first edition. This must have cost a fortune, let alone impossible to find. 

Inside the book also had a small card. Jimin took the card out and placed the book on the side of the bed. He carefully opened up the card to find your small and beautiful handwriting on a pretty birthday card.

Dearest Jimin,

Happy Birthday, sweets! I thank god for blessing me with you everyday. And I guess I’m also thanking your parents for what they did 22 years and 9 months ago. ;)

 I know that we didn’t get into this marriage by choice, but I can happily say now that I always, always will pick you. I love you so, so much. I know I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks, but I hope you finally understand why and hopefully this all makes up for it. Did you like your gift? You really weren’t kidding when you said it was hard to find! I hope one day in the future, we can read this book to our child and maybe they will love it as much as you do. You’re going to be a wonderful father, Jimin. I just know it. I can’t wait to meet our little baby in a few months! Ok, I’m rambling…in a letter. Anyways, love you baby. Hope you have a wonderful day <3



Jimins hands trembled as he read the letter. How could he have doubted your love for him? How could he have been so stupid? Just then, he heard the door of your bathroom and you emerge, seconds later. Jimin stands up and meets your eyes for the first time in a while. 

It’s obvious that you’ve been crying but you tried to cover it well. But he could still tell. The glow from your eyes were long gone. You look at Jimin with a blank expression, as if you had just seen right through him and it sends a shiver down his spine and it scared him. 

You break eye contact and start to make your way to your door but Jimin stops you as he grabs your wrists. “Baby I- I’m so sor-” he starts. But before he can finish, you yank your hand out of his and walk out the door, leaving Jimin alone in the room.

Jimin stood frozen in the room as the door slammed shut after you walked out. How was he going to make it up to you?

You had returned to the party and Jimin soon followed behind you but you had already started mingling with guests again. You refused to even look in Jimin’s direction. If you even felt him coming closer to you, you would make the effort to move away. 

Jimin noticed you avoiding him and it was hard to get to you. There were so many guests! But Jimin wasn’t the only one who noticed the change. Taehyung also noticed the second you tried to excuse yourself to go change. You seemed really upset and it was easy to see that it was because something had happened between you and Jimin. Though it wasn’t in his place to pry, he felt bad that you were so upset on the day you spent the last 2 months planning. 

Taehyung had found you amongst the crowd and the people you were talking to had excused themselves. You gave Taehyung a small smile, but even he could tell how forced it was. “hey…you okay?” he asks slowly, hoping not to get anyone else’s attention.

Your smile slowly fades only for you to give him a faker smile seconds later. “I’m fine, Tae. Why?” you say, hoping not to discuss anything at the moment. You knew that if you talked about it, you would end up crying again.

“H-have you been crying? I don’t mean to pry, but is everything ok between you and Jimin? I just don’t want you to be upset today after all you planning for it!” he says. 

But before you could answer, you felt arms snake around your waist. “Nothing is going on, Tae. Don’t worry about. And thanks again man for throwing me this party. You’ve planned it so well with Y/n” Jimin says, showing up out of the blue. You look up at Jimin, surprised that you didn’t see him coming. Both the anger and sadness filled you up again. Taehyung could practically see all the tension in the air. 

You pulled Jimin’s arms around your waist, rather forcefully. “Excuse me boys, but I’m going to set up the food” you say as you give Taehyung another fake smile and walk towards the kitchen, not even giving Jimin a glance.”

“Dude what the hell happened?” Taehyung asks Jimin, pulling him to a corner. 

“Nothing, just drop it” says Jimin, growing frustrated. 

“I usually would, but not today. Do you you have any idea how much time and effort your wife put into planning tonight? She’s been excited about this for months. She has poured her love into every step of planning, and yet here she looks like she’s going to breakdown at any second. Look, I get that it’s your birthday and you don’t want to be listening to this right now, but whatever it is that happened between you two, I hope you can make up. You’re my best friend, Jimin. But Y/N is a good friend now too” Taehyung explains.

Jimin looked at Taehyung with a pained expression. He knew he had hurt you badly. It was evident in your eyes. But Jimin didn’t want to tell his best friend that just moments before you of cheating with him. Come to think of it, it was stupid that he even doubted you. He should have known his best friend would never betray him like that. And more importantly, he should have known you would have never betrayed him like that. He should have never doubted you. But he couldn’t tell Taehyung, at least not now. “It’s none of your business Taehyung, so drop it. Whatever it is, it’s between me and Y/n, so stay out of it” Jimin says before walking away, not even seeing Taehyung’s hurt expression.

Jimin kept trying to get you alone after that multiple times, but you evaded him at all costs. It was hard to enjoy the party when he could only focus on you and making things right with you. Before he could attempt talking to you again though, he was called to cut a cake. Everyone starting singing happy birthday and people were pushing you to go stand next to Jimin. You stood there awkwardly as people were singing and Jimin kept looking at you. Finally the song was over and Jimin blew out the candles. People then started to chant “Kiss” in hopes of you to kiss the birthday boy. You kept trying to wave it off, but it seemed like no one was having it. Jimin looked at you hopefully. He didn’t care that everyone else was in the room. He just wanted to kiss you senseless and show you just how sorry he was and how much he had loved you. 

You turned to Jimin, and any smile you had one was quickly gone and Jimin’s heart sank. “Happy Birthday, Jimin” you said quietly as you kissed him on the cheek really quickly before turning to face everyone else. Jimin tried to keep his smile up, but people could kind of sense the tension at this point. 

You almost never called him Jimin anymore. It was always “sweets” or some other cute nickname you would come up with it. So when you use his real name, he knew it was serious. 

The rest of the party went rather slowly for both you and Jimin. People had started drinking and everyone was having their fun. Jimin tried to make the most of the party that you had worked for and decided that you needed your space for now. You on the other hand were just trying to make it through the rest of the night. Fortunately for you though, Taehyung and the rest of his friends had kept you company for the majority of the time.

 Pretty soon though, people filed out of the house. Though you had wanted the party to end, you were anxious now. You realized that after everyone would leave, you would be alone with Jimin and you really didn’t want that. You anxiously waited as one by one, the guests started to leave. Eventually your parents and Jimin’s parents were leaving too 

On their way out, Jimin’s mom pulled Jimin to the side. “I don’t know what happened between you two, but don’t keep a pregnant woman mad at you for too long, son. It’s not too good to keep the mother of your child angry at you. Trust me when I say your father can vouch for that” she says. Jimin gives her a small smile as she too leaves. Maybe you were just this mad because you were hormonal? He just needed to get you alone and he could work things out. 

Soon enough, there were just a few people left and they were all starting getting ready to leave too. One by one, they filed out, and you were getting more antsy by the second. One friend of Jimin’s though was quite drunk. His girlfriend struggled to even get him walking properly and since she was far smaller than him, she needed help getting him to the car. “Hey birthday boy, sorry to ask you of this, but could you help me get this drunk ass to our car? I don’t think I can support his weight” she asked. 

As much as Jimin wanted to just kick the remaining people out of his house, he knew he should help his friend. He turned to look back at you as you began to clean some things in the kitchen. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back in a second. I need to talk to you” he said before grabbing his friend by the shoulders and heading out the door. You said your goodbyes and then, it was just you in the house. You swallowed the lump in your throat and decided that you could clean everything else in the morning. You were both physically and emotionally drained. 

Before turning off the lights in the room, you took one more glance at all the decorations. “I hope he liked it..” you said out loud. 

Jimin practically threw his friend into the car before running back to the house. He yanked the door open, only to find the house somewhat dark again. He ran to his room, only to find the bathroom lights on. He was relieved that you were still here. For a moment, he thought you had left. 

How was he going to make this up to you? What words would make things right again? He called you a slut, he said he regretted marrying you. He asked if the child was even his, and he could practically see your heart break. He sat on the bed, running his hands through has hair nervously. 

Soon, you had finished your night time routine and you hadn’t even realized that you had started to cry again. You came out of the bathroom with your hand placed protectively over your stomach. The only comfort you had right now was the little one inside you. Oh how you just wanted to hold you baby soon. 

You jumped a little when you saw Jimin, not expecting him. You decided that you didn’t want to be in the same room as him for a while, so you walked to your side of the bed and grabbed your pillow while Jimin was trying to form the right words. Jimin noticed your tear stained face and he felt his heart drop at how sad you looked in that moment. You just look so drained, and he was the reason behind it all. 

“Y/N I’m so– wait what are you doing” he asked as you grabbed your pillow. You didn’t reply and instead you just made your way back to your old room, thankful that a bed was still there.

Jimin was surprised for a second and didn’t register what was happening. Recently, you had been saying that you found it hard to sleep without him there and he felt the same too. You always snuggled up to him at the end of the day and now, you didn’t even want to be in the same room? After a hot second, Jimin followed you.

“Wait, don’t just leave. Y/N I’m sorry, ok? Just look at me baby, please” he was pleading as he followed behind you like a lost dog. But you didnt reply and you were crying again. You practically ran the last few steps and before Jimin could reach you, you closed the door on his face and locked the door. You layed down on the bed and tried to calm your heart. You were so hurt, so tired. You just wanted to sleep. 

Jimin on the other hand was pounding on your door, not wanting you to sleep alone and in pain. He needed you as much as you needed him to sleep. And more than anything, he wanted your love for him again. 

“Baby, please” he said. “I’m sorry ok? I didn’t mean the things I said. Please, let me see you ok? Let me hold you tonight and we can talk through everything in the morning” he was begging. But you never opened the door, and Jimin knew to give up till the sun rose again. He was going to get you to forgive him, one way or another. No more mistakes, he thought to himself. No. More. Mistakes.


Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

BTS skinship in public vs in private

my second post in my BTS reactions/preferences series whoopidy whoopidy whoop. are they reactions or preferences? ahhh idek anymore gah

also PLEASE message me any requests you have whether they be dirty reactions or fluffy imagines, I WANNA HEAR THEM ALL :P

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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Alarm Bells Ringing / Jeff Atkins

Words: 1391

The moment Jeff saw you making your way down the hall towards him, he knew something was wrong. He noticed straight away that the smile you offered him just before you reached him was not genuine. Though he became more concerned with you when you greeted him with a kiss.

You had been dating for almost six months and never had you once initiated a kiss so publicly-you much preferred to keep your relationship private. You were shy and hated attention, you even tended to shift away from your boyfriend when he tried to hold your hand around others so this abrupt change in behaviour definitely took him off guard. 

He froze as your lips met his.

It only lasted a few seconds and when you pulled away you couldn’t stop the small giggle that left you as you took in his expression. 

“You okay there?” you asked, amusement filling your features. 

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Cheeky || Kisses Series

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff

Word Count: 1700+

Summary: Love has many different ways of expressing itself. One form, is the different ways you share a kiss. 

A/N: FINALS ARE OVER! YESSS! Now I get my two weeks of summer vacation and then I go back to do more school. *sobs in a corner* I’ll be okay though… Maybe… Hopefully. Any who, I’m going to start another small  seven part series with Steve. This is the first installment of the Kisses Series. I’m so excited for this! I hope you guys enjoy!

The gif is not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

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Cheeky | Hesitant | Wake up | Sloppy | In the Moment | Distracted | Breathtaking

Steve never really believed in love at first sight. Of course, he knew had felt something towards Peggy, but he wasn’t sure he would exactly label it as love at first sight. She was the first woman he ever felt anything other than platonic feelings towards, the first woman he could see having a future with. He knew she thought the same, but the war gave them little time to see what was behind their mutual attraction. Peggy was a memory from a familiar time he longed for once again. She was a person he would always care for, he would never forget her. Steve’s idea of love at first sight being positively ridiculous changed the moment when Y/N stepped into his life. 

When he met Y/N it was as if the world came to a screeching halt, freezing around the woman that stood at the other end of the corridor. She was wrapped up in a conversation with Tony, animatedly waving her hands about as she talked with the man. She was bubbling with excitement, her smile lighting up the corridor. Tony found her charming as he nodded along with whatever it was she was explaining, gently steering her down the hall. When he caught Steve from the corner of his eye, Tony nudged the woman over to Steve’s side.

Y/N went quiet at the sight of Steve before her, her voice catching in her throat. The two stared at the other, a feeling of warmth growing in each of their stomachs as they gazed into their eyes. Tony teased her, saying if he’d known introducing her to Steve would have shut her up quicker, he would have done it sooner. Steve watched in amusement while Y/N turned to chase down Tony as he bolted to the other end of the hall.

“You jackass! Get back here and fight me like a man!”

Since that day, she hardly ever left Steve’s side. She was quite open with her emotions, and was always in someone way brushing against him and the others. She was quickly known for giving hugs to everyone as often as she could, even if they weren’t too fond of the idea at first. 

Both Sam and Tony knew Y/N before joining the Avengers, so neither of them fought off her frequent bone crushing hugs. Sam would make a show of protest, but he never refused her. Natasha and Clint were the first to welcome her touchy demeanor, sometimes latching on to the smaller woman when they desperately needed it. She worked the two of them up to tighter hugs, knowing that both were rather cautious of her motives despite giving in so easily. Wanda was hesitant at first, but quickly gave in after realizing Y/N was only making sure that Wanda knew was cared for. She gave Wanda looser hugs, making sure to rub small circles on Wanda’s back in a way of reassurance.

When it came to Bucky, he was the only one she was careful with. Y/N didn’t want to trigger any of his memories by accidentally catching him off guard and would always ask him if it was okay. At first, Bucky refused. It took a few weeks, but the jealousy of the others getting her soothing hugs over ruled his previous discomfort. Y/N would come up to his right side to wrap her arms around his waist and he would hug her back with his flesh arm. Eventually, she would get him to hug her with his metal arm, but it was a work in progress. She made sure Bucky was reassured the most after he agreed, and Steve noticed the change for the better in his best friend because of it.

“I don’t know what it is about her. She’s just so comforting to be around.” Bucky explained one morning during a training session. “It’s like I have a sister again, she’s always dotting over me. It’s been so long since someone willingly held me the way she does.”

With Steve, Y/N never gave him a chance to refuse. Not that he was ever going to back away from her touch. He would be sitting on the couch watching TV with the others and she would come into the room, honing in on him immediately. If there wasn’t room on the couch, she’d make room and slip her arms around his waist, pressing herself against his side. The first time she had done this, Steve had no idea how to react. His heart had begun to pound in his chest, his cheeks hot from the blush that spread down his face and neck. Y/N was so close, he could smell her perfume, could count the number of lashes she had as she sat watching the television. When she didn’t move, or even acknowledged his shock, Steve forced himself to relax. Half way through the show, he unconsciously wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer, as if it was a usual thing for the two of them.

After the first night, it quickly did become normal. Any chance she would get, Y/N would wrap her arms around his waist and pull him into a hug. His favorite would always be when his back was to her and she would slip behind him, pressing her face against his back between his shoulder blades. It never failed to bring a smile to his face, his heart fluttering at the action. Steve didn’t miss how he was the only she would do this to either.

“You know, you’re the only one she’s willing to hug that way, right?” Natasha teased one evening. The two of them stood at the bar during one of Tony’s party, watching the woman in question laugh as she was swung around by Thor on the dance floor. The two of them got along famously, their boisterous attitudes eerily similar. Steve ignored Natasha, grinning smugly into his glass of beer. He was more than aware, and his stomach would always flip when she gave him the special hugs reserved just for him.

Steve and the others quickly fell into a rhythm when it came to Y/N. Any time they would return from a mission, Y/N would be there with a worried smile and wide-open arms. She would go down the line, making sure that everyone was okay, occasionally bickering with them if they were injured.

“I’ve told you to quit head-butting people, Nat.” Natasha just roll her eyes at Y/N and limped towards the medical bay. The others received similar levels of scolding, but not before leaving with a hug that they all used as a drive to come home to. Steve had always planned it to where he would be last, hanging back behind the others so he could spend more time with Y/N.

Y/N turned at the super soldier, looking him over before flinging her arms around his neck. She hated it when he left the compound, she hardly ever got any sleep when any of the other left for missions, but with Steve she never did sleep. The man had a special place in her heart, and every time he left, he would take the pieces with him. The hugs they shared in the hanger were different than the hug the others got. It was a hug that grounded the two of them, soothed their fears that they wouldn’t return to the other. Steve held her tightly, standing tall so that her feet would hang in the air and she was forced to grip him ever tighter. No words were needed, just the two of them listening to the beats of their hearts.

The worst was letting go, but both knew they had things to do besides standing in the hanger gripping the other. Steve slowly lowered her to the ground, letting her slip from his grip. At first, Y/N didn’t let go, burring her face into his neck. Reluctantly she let him go, her hand slipping up to cup his cheek. Y/N wasn’t sure what had possessed her to do what she did next. Before Steve could stand tall, Y/N turned her face to brush a gently kiss against his cheek.

Steve froze when he felt her soft lips brush against his cheek, his breath catching in his throat. Y/N had never gone to this level of affection before, and once again he wasn’t certain how to take it. It only took his brain a moment to process that he rather enjoyed the gentle gesture. He smiled widely at Y/N, who looked incredibly unsure of herself for the decision to bite the bullet. Pressing a kiss against her forehead, he thanked her for being the rock he needed. His reward was a beaming smile and another firmer kiss on the opposite cheek.

“Anything for you, soldier.”

Since that day, Y/N would always press a kiss against his cheek after a hug, or between his shoulder blades when she would wrap herself around him from behind. The others raised their brows at the two of them at first, especially when Steve began to mimic her motions. But no one spoke of what they witnessed, none of the members missing how much more at ease Y/N and Steve were together. They knew the two of them had feelings for the other, and it was only a matter of time before they acted on them.

“20 bucks, they’ll get together at the end of the month.” Bucky spoke as he sat watching his best friend and the woman he was quickly seeing as a sister share a longing look between themselves from across the room. Sam snorted, stuffing a chip into his mouth. He too was watching the disgustingly cute display in front of him.

“They’ll get together at the end of the week at this rate.”

“I know Steve. He’s too nervous to step it up right now. End of the month.”

Sam turned to stare at Bucky, narrowing his eyes at the brunette. Sam knew Bucky was right, but there were ways to help push Steve in the right direction. Sam stood and smirked down at Bucky.

“Not if I can help it.” Bucky blinked up at Sam, who started to turn and head over to Y/N. It took a second for Bucky to realize what Sam was getting at. Once it registered, Bucky shot up and took after Sam.

“Hold up!”

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The Tower

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 1

Chapters: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine /ten / eleven / twelve /thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen /

Word Count: 2330

Warnings: Smut (F/F, fingering slight dom/sub)

Synopsis: How does someone with no superpowers, no real discernible talents and a whole lot of baggage end up being the girlfriend to all the Avengers?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It all started with a blur and an abrupt crash. Here is the initial meeting, and the events that follow.

Author’s Note: Bug Kate @emilyevanston about the gorgeous Header, she made it. This story is NOT a Nat X Reader. It’s an Avengers X OC piece, which means a poly relationship. There will be many different combinations of pairings within this story.

How does someone with no superpowers, no real discernible talents and a whole lot of baggage end up being the girlfriend to all the Avengers?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  It all started with a blur and an abrupt crash.

As usual, I was late.  That happened a lot.  I tend to get caught up in my head while I’m working in the lab or the library.  Which is a problem because as part of my post doctoral position I had to teach an Intro to Biology class six times a week.  I was dashing down the steps of the library, across the lawn and just smashed headlong into another person.

All I really noticed as I picked myself back up, helped her to her feet and apologized profusely was she was small, dressed in black and had dark red hair.  She didn’t really even say anything to me, just ‘don’t worry about it’ and I took off again.

It was as I stood panting in the lecture theatre, getting the slideshow started for the lecture I realized how close I came to death that day.  The woman I had flattened was the Black Widow.

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Sugar, Sugar

A/N: It’s so late and so I will make this quick. Thank you to @celestial-writing for literally helping me cultivate every aspect of this fic. I’d be lost without her. Also, @minhosmeanhoe for throughly editing this for me  and for also being my late night partner in crime.

warnings; none

Word Count: 2876

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‘These University Guys’ (Maknae smut- Lie 1)

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A/N: Legit just finished it. Will edit later, lol.

Summary: You meet the devilishly handsome Jungkook while having to deal with your turbulent relationship with Taehyung and the charming Jimin.

Pairings: You x Taehyung, You x Jimin, You x Jungkook (lol)

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Word count: 3583

Trigger warnings: Swear words, smut, age difference relationships (not weird though), hint of a death (barely), sad Jimin

part 2

Jungkook- the obliviously popular University guy. The hot, charming, sweet and shy boy with great hair.

The kind, honest Jungkook.

Well, I guess that was the first lie.

The first of 15.

4 months ago

“Come on, guys. Do you realize how pathetic you sound? You’re literally one of tens, maybe hundreds, of people who are falling all over this guy.” You scoff and stuff another spoon of yogurt into your mouth.

“Oh, please, Y/N!” One of your friends, Kylie, the most logical of them all, pipes up. “Like you wouldn’t drop your panties the second his fingers grazed your shoulder.”

You laugh again and shake your head at the group of girls sitting around the lawn outside the school. Seriously, of all these high school girls, you thought you had befriended the few that weren’t in love with Jungkook.

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Title: The Haunting of Thomas Sanders (pt. 5)
Warnings: death talk, abuse mention, one cuss word
A/N: i swear this story is supposed to be serious (aka this is the chapter where virgil and patton bond, there’s no way to make that serious)

“What’cha buying, Thomas?”

Thomas sighed and moved so the laptop faced away from the spirit at his side.  “Nothing, don’t worry about it,” he said.  Virgil narrowed his eyes and leaned heavily on Thomas, trying to get a glimpse.  “What are you, a cat?!” Thomas laughed and pushed the teen away until he was on the floor. “Watch TV or something.”

“Fiiiiine,” Virgil groaned, snatching the remote off the table.

“Just don’t turn the volume up so loud!”

Just then there was a knock on the door as Joan let themself in. “Heyyy, Thomas!  Ready to write?!”

“You’re way too enthused.”

“…OK, I have an idea, but you’re gonna have to keep an open mind…”

“Why does that scare me?”

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Boyfriend! Jeno

#3 of Boyfriend! Series

Taeil | Johnny | Taeyong | Yuta | Doyoung | Ten | Jaehyun | WinWin | Mark | Renjun | Jeno | Haechan | Jaemin | Chen Le | Jisung

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Word Count: 1,675
Style/ Genre: Headcanon/ -
Date Posted: 31/08/17

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// saeran on a date would be such an awkward lil bean like he’s so cute but he’s never been on a date before save him

- All Saeran wants is to have a nice time– Why does his brother have to tag along? And also insist it’s a ‘date’? It’s not, it’s just some movie MC would like to see. He’s curious as well; nothing more. But yet his brother won’t stop screaming that his “ lil marshmallow ” is finding love. It’s enough to make him gag.

- But he can’t deny what he feels.. It’s like he wants to make MC have a good time. He cares for them a lot.. But he doesn’t know if it’s romantic or not. How would he? It’s new, a bit scary.

- He wears something simple, a black cotton sweater and some dark grey jeans. His brother wears a pink hoodie with white jeans. Side by side; They’re like day and night.

- The whole ride there Saeyoung is lecturing him on the proper way to treat someone on a date– it’s not a date Saeyoung..

But he ignores his twin and continues babbling on. Hold doors open, compliments, pulling out chairs.. It’s a movie theatre for crying out loud. Not a five star venue. But he does secretly take those tips to heart. He’s nervous.. It’s not that big of a deal but his brothers making his anxiety sky rocket. What if MC doesn’t have fun with him? What if he messes something up?

- Saeyoung seems to notice his brothers demeanor and sort of calms down with the overload of information. Changing to topic to go on about how he and Mary Vanderwood went on a date once. And how romantic it was apparently. Saeran just rolls his eyes at his brothers antics.

- He wanted to pick MC up from the apartment– But they insisted they’d meet the two at the theatre. He didn’t mind, but Saeyoung said it was rude at first.. They offered to drive themselves. Not rude at all.

- Once they get there, Saeran can’t wait to get out of that car and away from his brothers bullshit stories about all his dates. There’s no way Saeyoung’s attention span would even allow him to sit down and talk with someone for hours, he’d get bored too fast. Especially on a date with Vanderwood. A board of wood paired with a clown. Guess whose who.

- MC is waiting inside, they’re nervous since the twins were running a bit late. But relieved when the two show up.
Saeran compliments them, earning a wink and eyebrow wiggle from his brother. He just pushes him off, asking about the movie you all were seeing tonight. It was horror, MC picked it. Saerans a bit surprised but happy that they don’t like sappy stuff. He cant stand watching two hours of people gushing over each other on screen. Would rather see blood gushing in some chainsaw massacre. Much more entertaining, even if it’s not real.

- MC is squished between the two boys in the chairs, Saeran didn’t like Saeyoung sitting so close to them but his brother seems to constantly reminds him ’ it’s not a date right? ’ Much to his displeasure. Still.. He felt jealous.

- The movie is cheesy, he dislikes it right away. Has to hold back from screaming at the screen for the people to.. Oh, I don’t know; maybe not go into that dark alleyway? Pick the car? Drive away to safety? MC seems scared whenever something like this happens.. They hug themselves and squint their eyes. Really? It was all silly and fake; Just a movie.. But he felt bad for them. He wanted to protect them from feeling scared. He cant help but blush when they grip his shirt and squish their face against his chest when a man with a chainsaw shows up.

- He doesn’t really know how to react, so Saeyoung from across the chairs grabs his brothers arm and quickly places it over MC’s back– Much to Saerans surprise. He looks over to his twin with confusion, only getting a wink in return. He doesn’t really know how to comfort someone.. So he just rubs his thumb in place while his arm is wrapped around their back. Their breath is hot through his shirt, it feels like there’s butterflies in his stomach. Does he think they’re cute like this? Yes.. He usually finds this annoying when Saeyoung does it, but with MC he likes to feel so protective over them.

- This happens often; every time there’s a ‘scary’ scene. eventually when the movies over MC has to pry themselves away from Saeran. Their neck hurt from cuddling into him for so long, but it was worth it.

- Seven loudly groans and stretches as he stands up, his figure in front of the screen as the credits roll. Saeran stretches a little less obviously, helping MC up out of their chair as well.

- He didn’t think the movie was all that great, but he listens as his brother and MC chat back and forth about different scenes. He still felt weird.. Like his stomach was all messed up. He didn’t like it at all, it felt like anxiety but.. a little warmer.

- Saeyoung excuses himself to the bathroom, clicking his tongue and shooting finger guns towards his brother as he walks backwards towards the restrooms. Saeran had no idea why or how he puts up with this sometimes, but it leaves him and MC alone for a bit. He doesn’t really know what to say.. He feels shy all of a sudden while shuffling his feet.

“ Did you like the movie Saeran? ”
They smile at him excitedly with bright eyes; he smiles softly back to them with a slight nod.
“ It was alright.. ”
He shrugs– biting his lip as he shoves his hands into his pockets. He felt like he should do something but.. He didn’t know what.

“ You’d be amazing in a horror movie Saeran! I bet you’d know exactly what to do. Way better than those people. ”
They motion with their thumb to the theatre, implying him better as the characters on screen.
“ Sure as hell wouldn’t choose an alley over a car, that’s for sure. ”
MC laughs softly, causing Saeran to smile. He liked seeing them light up like that. It was nice..
“ Thanks for being here with me.. I— ah, appreciate it. ”
They barely blush, shuffling their feet as well when Saeran replies with a nod. Both of them felt like they should do something but.. Everything was sort of frozen.

“ I’ll text you tonight, Yeah? ”
MC says and starts to fumble with their car keys, looking up towards Saeran who looked flushed from the cold, His white hair covering bits of his forehead.
“ Yeah; Of course. ”
He nods slightly, this was awkward.. shit.. He felt like a little kid. He wanted to do.. Something– But he felt too embarrassed.
It’s like MC read his mind, because in an instant they lean onto their toes– Placing a second long kiss onto his lips, it was soft and quick but it took Saeran by surprise. Was that okay? Did they mean to do that?
“ Night Saeran.. ”
MC smiles as they move their hand to shoot him a soft wave– Climbing into their car that was parked outside the theatre.
“ Night.. ”
Saeran says basically to himself in shock as he watches them drive away, that was new. He didn’t even have much time to think about it before Saeyoung practically runs out of the theatre, hooking his arm around his brothers shoulder and laughing wildly. Saeran tried to push him off, But he wouldn’t budge.
“ Should I get ordained anytime soon? ”
He wiggles his eyebrows as he shakes Saerans shoulders, “ Shit man– You’re so awkward, I thought you were toast! But MC saved the date! They swooped in– You should have seen your face! ”

Saeran rolls his eyes with a flushed red complexion, muttering ’ stop it, shut up ’ as he breaks out of his brothers grasp and quickly walks towards the car in a huff– Saeyoung following closely behind, still laughing to himself. Why was he just watching? What a creep.

As Bright As Lightning

Request: Can you do a Thor x Reader request where she was hit by lightning when he was showing her a trick and it kickstarts powers that were dormant which helps her as an avenger but Thor still feels bad and is really careful around her afterwards.. sorry if I already sent you a request but I’m an idiot and can’t remember 😂❤️ - @cornflax01

Word Count: 1700+

Triggers: lightning

A/N: GUESS WHO’S BACK BITCHES!!! I’m coming off hiatus and exams are nearly over, I only have 3 left and I’ll be all done by Friday evening. I’m so sorry this has taken so long, I actually had most of it done ages ago but I couldn’t get the last bit right.


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There was always a party when Thor came back to earth. It was mainly because Steve finally had a store of the only thing that could get him drunk. And, man, would he get drunk. But he wasn’t the only person who was more unsteady then usual. Thor.

You were relatively new to the team so you had never met the blond before. But tonight was a time for one of these parties. According to, we’ll, everyone Thor was a sight to be seen so you made sure you were too.

Your hair was done to perfection, sharp enough cat eye to kill a man and your Cupid’s bow invited anyone to steal a kiss from your lips. Twirling in the mirror, you admired your ensemble when you heard a knock at the door.

‘Y/N’ Wanda’s head popped around the door. ‘Are you decent?’

‘Well it wouldn’t matter now, would it?’ You laugh.

‘I’ve seen you naked before’ she shrugged. ‘I meant for the party, they’ve landed’ stepping into the room, she closed the door and sat on the closest object to her 

‘Oh, good- Wait!? When did you see me naked?!’

‘I’m curious about the human body’ she mentioned casually. ‘Come on

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Characters: Y/N Collins Ackles, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Orion Collins Ackles (omc), Abrial Collins Ackles (ofc).

Pairing: Cockles x Reader

Warnings: Daddy!Misha, Daddy!Jensen.   

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: It is Misha’s birthday so this is written in honor of the weirdo real life angel that will always have a special place in my heart.

If you wanna be tagged in my future cockles x reader fics add yourselves here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KFJSHVZgCYlX5RQsVi8F_pWqwQOq24o0CiHU7P4iEfU/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks a billion to @torn-and-frayed for betaing this and throwing odd baby names at me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Cooking with your children was always a bit of a challenge. They were so full of energy and during dinner time that was one thing, but at 7am, you couldn’t really keep up. Today you decided it didn’t matter though. It was their papa’s birthday and you loved how excited they were about surprising him.

Your 5 year old son, Orion, who was usually the more rambunctious one of the two was being unbelievably patient with his sister Abrial, as he showed her how to make different shapes of the pancakes. The kids were most definitely their fathers’ kids. Ori with his wild brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was a handful on a good day and a tornado on others, but he was kind and compassionate. A trait he shared with his more shy, yet strong willed little sister. Blonde little Abri with her shining emerald eyes stood up for what she believed in, punching older kids in the face when they tried to pick on her, on occasion, odd older brother.

They did everything together despite the two year age gap. Their appearances didn’t hide the fact of who their biological parents were. You didn’t plan for them to not have the same father, but it also didn’t matter. Both your husbands were their dads, no matter what biology showed and the kids knew that.   

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Could you please do headcanons for platonic friendships with Starish? :3

Sure thing! Please let me know if it’s alright because I feel I have gotten a little rusty here ;;


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  • He’s that boy who’d be willing to try ANYTHING as long as its with you! So if you’re planning on hitting that all-you-can-eat ramen contest, you know who to take along!
  • Otoya would stand up for you even if he’s the only one who will support you. He’s fiercely loyal and would not tolerate someone saying shit about his bestie
  • If you love sports, Otoya would happily take you to watch soccer, baseball or even swimming!
  • Otoya would often come to you with his problems (even crush problems ehehe ;3) and would urge you to do the same because of the bestie pact :3
  • He’d take a while opening up but eventually, his best friend would be able to tell when his smile is genuine and when its not
  • This sweet pea even wrote you a song. “This is dedicated to 〇〇〇-chan, the bestest bestest friend in the universe!!!”
  • He’d definitely get you a friendship bracelet, saying he got one for all his besties and dang, you’re pretty special to him if he does gift you one.


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  • Well he has his normal stoic face but you’re one of the few to catch glimpses of his true and joyous smiles
  • “Careful.”
    “Don’t go there unsupervised.”
    “Take care of yourself.”
    “Did you eat? Do you want me to make you something?”
    “How was your day?”
  • He’s so gentle and caring, you can’t help but be like “Man, what did I do to deserve him?”
  • He KNOWS when something’s wrong for you so the best course of action is to spit it out because Masato is worried af and wants to listen and help
  • His advice to you is usually in the form of proverbs. If you tell him to not put it that way, he’d tell you in plain words
  • Ahh those handmade bentos that only his friends and lover get to taste~ oh and those judges at a cooking show
  • Masato wouldn’t exactly come to you first when he has a problem but hey, the psychic bond where you just KNOW something’s wrong applies here. Eventually, when confronted, he pours out his heart
  • You’re on his list of favourite people when you become his friend. He is extremely loyal to you and although he never says it, he expects the same from you. He takes your bond with him as a friend very seriously because he treasures you and it’s special to him


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  • You know that you’re friends with Natsuki when he offers to cook for you. ALERT: DO NOT ACCEPT THE FOOD!
  • The sweetheart here would do anything to see his best friend smile, even if that means dressing Syo in a pink tutu
  • When he doesn’t hang out with his lover, he’s usually pleading (read, dragging) you to visit any sort of zoo, animal shelter or café so you have some fun XD)
  • Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! More hugs!
  • Natsuki would tell you little stories. Like for example, how he used to be with Syo as kids, his lover, his childhood, thoughts and dreams. In return, he expects the same from you too!
  • He would insist that you get matching piyo chan accessories just for the heck of it XD
  • He likes carrying you around for some reason. You, Syo, his lover and Nagi are his main carry victims


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  • He’s that guy who would roll his eyes at you and warn you when you threaten to chug a bottle of tequila but he would hold back your hair when you throw up because “What will you do without me, huh? sighs
  • He can be a little playful and teasing when he wants to be.
  • He never lies to you. So if you’re thinking that flamboyant neon pink dress looks stunning on you, he’d be the one who’d say it looks stunningly awful.
  • He would happily take you to the library and book store if you adore books like him. Psst, that restricted section is where you have your deep friendship talks.
  • He always cares for you, although it may sound rude at times. He just wants the best for you
  • Tokiya’s shoulder is always available when you need to cry and vent. He will listen and comfort, being so gentle despite how icy he looks outside
  • He’d often chastise you if your eating habits aren’t too healthy. He even offers to cook for you because he’s kinda your momfriend XD


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  • If your this guy’s best friend, you’re pretty important to him alright? You happen to be able to handle his quicksilver mood and see his feels beyond that confident smirk
  • Somehow everyone thinks you and Ren are going out but you’re just best friends XD
  • He speaks his mind to you, although he’s hesitant at first. Besides you, it’s usually his lover or Masato who hear his thoughts
  • You’d often meet for lunch and drinks. Ren’s a good conversationalist so it’s never boring when you two talk
  • You and Ren have insider jokes and nicknames for people you two are acquainted with. Example- “Sourpuss (aka boss) says I have to work overtime rennnn”
    “Run from work then~”
  • You have found yourself a bestie who’s a therapist, beautician, fashion expert and adventurer all in one
  • He’d jokingly flirt with you but he would never cross that line unless the two of you start feeling the hots for each other haha


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  • Gym buddies yo.
  • He prefers to talk about issues when you two are working out together. Syocchi may not look like it but he gives great A++ advice when you need it
  • He’s that boy who will beat up your bullies for you because his best friend is special and important to him
  • He’s gonna drag you into Prince of Fighting hell with him. He needs someone to gush over the series with haha
  • Syo would ask you how he looks when he has this appointment coming up. In a way, you two are each other’s fashion police. He even visits the boutique often with you
  • If he doesn’t have a lover, he always saves you a ticket when he goes for any sort of special event because hey, friends are almost family.
  • Damn all those emoji filled conversations which only you and Syo seem to understand and laugh over


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  • He’s kinda a bit possessive over his best friend too. “Hsssttt…my bestie..shoo shoo.” He only means good though! XD
  • He has really deep emo talks with you from time to time. God knows why but he usually ends up sobbing by the end of it and you need to comfort him
  • Cecil appreciates someone who listens and tries his best to listen when they approach him with their problems
  • He’s rather easygoing and would like it if his bestie tagged along when he wanted to explore places and try out food. Example- waffles
  • Calls with him usually range from 4 seconds because he accidentally hung up to 2 hours because he has a lot to say
  • He once took you to Agnapalace and thou were bestowed the honour of “Prince Cecil’s treasured friend”
  • You’re one of the few people whose words he takes seriously. Also you happen to be one of those people who kick him into the bath along with Camus
Basically I Just Really Want a Sanders Sides Novel...

Sanders Sides—A Novel

By: Yours Truly (unless @thatsthat24 wants to adopt the rest…? *wink wink*)

Chapter 1—Thomas

I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen. And as you’ve probably figured out by now, I don’t swear a lot. So you know I’m being serious. I never wanted this to happen. But it did. So now I had to deal with it.

Logan was on all fours, holding his head and cringing.

Patton was blinking rapidly, looking around with his eyebrows lowered.

Both of their glasses now actually had lenses in them.

Roman was smoothing out his hair and his sash.

Virgil just sat on the stairs and watched.

“What… what just happened?” Patton asked curiously.

Roman rolled his eyes dramatically, as if the answer should have been obvious. 

“We split off from Thomas and became separate physical entities, of course!” Logan supplied, straightening his glasses and necktie.

“Wait so we’re really here?” Patton breathed, looking around the familiar apartment in awe.

“Duh,” Roman retorted.

I ran my hands through my hair—which was still purple even though Logan’s wasn’t for some reason—and sighed heavily. “This is a disaster,” I decided. “This is a complete disaster.”

Virgil snorted. “You said it, boss,” he remarked sarcastically.

It was Logan’s turn to be uncharacteristically confused. “Alright, but how exactly did this happen?”

I shrugged. “I dunno,” I replied. “I had a headache so I got some water and burrowed down to watch some Steven Universe or Stranger Things when the pain got really bad. It built and built to a tremendous amount of pressure and then it just… burst. When I looked up, you were all… here. But the pain is gone, so that’s good.”

Virgil gave me a confused look. “How are you in any way optimistic about this situation?” he demanded. “The four of us literally just burst out of your head into reality. There is no way this is a good thing!”

“But…” Logan began to protest. “We are all just visualized, mentally-projected aspects of Thomas’ single personality. We should not be able to be here in actual physical form. This doesn’t make any scientific sense whatsoever!”

“Cool your jets, Teach,” Virgil snapped. “Yeah this is bad but be grateful it’s not the end of the world.”

“Normally it’d be you, Mr. Sour Patch, being worried about this being the end of the world and Mr. Smarty-Britches over there assuring you—and by extension Thomas—that everything is going to be fine,” Roman pointed out, looking between Logan and Virgil with an interested expression on his face.

Patton wasn’t paying attention to them. He’d realized that the central column in the middle of the five of us that kept us separate was no longer there and had latched onto me in a tight hug that I was returning absentmindedly.

There was a brief moment of silence…

And then Virgil, Logan, and Roman all started talking at once. Patton perked up at the noise and promptly joined the conversation—if it could be called that.

I only caught snippets of what they were saying while I tried to rein them all in.

“Honestly I can’t see how this could get any worse—”

“—find some way to put us all back inside Thomas’ head—”

“—wonderful opportunity to explore the world!”

“–really exciting, but I’m a little confused…”

“ENOUGH!” I shouted, not being able to take the endless onslaught of my own voice from four different directions. The Sides went deathly quiet, four sets of my own eyes turning to look at me—which was more than a little unnerving. “Okay, just like in the videos, you need to take turns when you’re talking. Because millions of people may not be watching and silently judging—” Virgil clicked his tongue, acknowledging it was his fault I always wondered if my viewers were silently judging my videos. I shot him a silencing glare. “—but I’m still here and if you don’t all speak one at a time, that headache is going to come back.”

The four Sides all looked around at each other, and I had a vague memory of Roman mentioning the “others.” I knew I’d been planning on introducing other Sides at some undecided future date, but I hadn’t planned much out of that particular idea up until that point. I wondered for a moment if that was why they were all looking at each other. Like the headache coming back would make those potential others appear the way these guys did.

Oh man, I hoped not. I could barely handle the Big Four on my own and they’d only been in reality/existence for a couple minutes.

“Alright,” Roman began, taking the lead. “So what do we do?”

“Aaannnything we darn-well please!” Patton exclaimed excitedly.

“Whoa there, Patton,” Virgil chastised, gentler than he’d be with the others. “We can’t just go around doing whatever we want. The four of us aren’t… whole people. We’re not as complex as a normal human. Plus, Thomas is something of a public figure. Four extra people that suddenly look just like him, right down to the giant freckle behind his ear, would definitely be noticed.”

“BUT,” Roman interrupted, cutting Virgil off from whatever he was about to say next, “this does mean we could make the most amazing Sanders Sides video ever! We could all cross over into each other’s spaces, or even be in the same frame the entire time and it would be EPIC!”

“Pump the brakes, Princey,” I warned. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

Patton’s expression dropped. “Awww! Why not? That could be nifty!”

“It sounds like a headache,” Logan muttered. Patton didn’t hear him, thank heavens.

“Because, Pat,” I began, “if the Fanders somehow realized that it wasn’t some super-well-done split-screen effect, I’m pretty sure everything would fall apart and some people would certainly go ballistic.”

“Where’s Ballistic?” Patton inquired.

Logan face-palmed and grumbled something under his breath that I didn’t catch, but Virgil gave him a slightly startled expression.

“Wouldn’t’ve expected that out of you, Teach,” Virgil commented sharply.

“What’d he say?” I asked suspiciously.

“Y’know, honestly, I don’t think you want to know,” Virgil muttered darkly, adjusting the shoulders of his hoodie and sitting on the stairs where he usually stood for videos.

Or rather, where I usually stood to portray him as a character for videos.

“He means people would go crazy,” Logan explained to Patton impatiently.

“Ohhhhh that makes more sense…” Patton mused quietly.

“Serious-talk time!” Roman exclaimed loudly. “Really, what are we going to do?”

“The smart thing would be to figure out how we got out of Thomas’ head and then figure out a way to get back into Thomas’ head,” Logan replied self-importantly, once again straightening his glasses.

“You’re so smart,” Patton whispered, his hands covering his mouth.

Exasperated with the whole situation, I was really tempted to just face-plant my couch, call Joan, tell them about what was going on, and then let the Sides do their own thing. Logan could go teach at a university. Patton would adopt about a hundred dogs—and/or children. Roman would probably want to audition for a part at DisneyWorld or something. Virgil… I wasn’t entirely sure what he’d want to do with his new autonomous freedom. Maybe he’d just continue to sulk in corners and keep me up at night with strange questions like, “what lurks in the shadows when I go running at night” and so on.

“You know, that’s probably a safe idea,” Virgil agreed.

“Playing it safe isn’t adventurous!” Roman burst out before shaking his head and straightening his sash. “Sorry. Had to get that out there. Moving on—let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.” He cleared his throat. “Much as I hate to agree with the Nutty Professor and Sir Gloomy the First,” he continued, “that, actually, seems like our best option. I much prefer being part of a whole, rather than a whole myself who is missing pieces.”

“Look at my sons all agreeing with each other…” Patton murmured to me with a proud smile.

“They’re not… Never mind. Okay,” I muttered. “Whatever.” Was it even worth it? When I was in charge of the script, I had a lot more patience for these guys because I was delivering all the performances and they weren’t real. When they were actually in my living room, I couldn’t help but be irritated. They were a lot harder to handle when there was no editing magic involved.

“Right!” Roman barked brightly. “Let’s get down to business!” He paused for only a moment before continuing in song, “To defeat—the Huns!” He raised his samarai sword. “We have a quest to put ourselves back into Thomas’ head and set things right! It’s world-saving time!”

Virgil cocked an eyebrow. “I doubt our presence in the real world will result in the Apocalypse, Drama Queen,” he grumbled.

“I am a Prince, thank you very much!” Roman countered sharply.

“I can’t believe this is happening right now,” I muttered into my hand.

good is better than perfect

David doesn’t notice how much of a neat freak Max really is until he adopts him. And he isn’t the normal type of neat freak. He’s violent and always seems on the verge of a meltdown anytime something is misplaced. Not to say that David dislikes cleanliness by any means, but it gets out of hand when he takes his shoes off in the kitchen and walks away, leaving the aforementioned shoes in the middle of the floor, as well as an empty cup on the counter.

Of course, as soon as the ten year sees it, he yells a string of obscene insults, rushing to put the things where they belong. “God fucking damnit, David! What is wrong with you?! Why can’t you clean up after yourself?! You fucking slob!”

In response, the counselor hardly contains a sigh. It’s become so common that Max snaps at him over menial displacements and slight messes, that David’s beginning to wonder if he has some type of OCD. “Now, Max, I didn’t intentionally leave those things in their incorrect spots. I’m sure I would’ve passed by them later and cleaned them up right away! There’s nothing to get upset over.”

There’s an animalistic growl of frustration as Max furiously rinses the used cup at the sink. “It’s simple shit, David! Just prevent the mess before you make it! Are you dumb? Is there something you’re not understanding? Shoes go in the closet or in the stupid fucking shoe holder thing at the door! Cups go in the sink and then in the dishwasher when you’re done putting your nasty lips on them to drink you’re nasty fucking kiwi water!”

“I know that, Max. I’m just saying I didn’t mean to leave my mess about and it just slipped my mind.” David frowns, watching the (almost shaky) movements of Max’s small brown hands as he puts the cup on the rings in the dishwasher. “It’s worrying how angry you get over messes.”

“You shouldn’t worry, it’s just - not wanting - t - to live in a dirty house!” His back is towards David, but the adult can clearly picture a flustered looking child face and he steps towards Max. “It’s - It’s - ”

“I have a feeling that it isn’t about that at all.” Somewhere in David’s mind, there’s a strange bias that Max simply doesn’t seem like the type of kid to take living a clean life too seriously. His hair would always be a rats nest if David didn’t nag him until he brushed it (though, his wild dark curls would usually swallow an entire comb before being subdued), he could go days holed up in his room without showering or brushing his teeth, etcetera. It had been shocking when he obediently folded laundry and kept his room tidy, as well as things David never asked him to do.

“What the fuck else could it be? I just…” His shoulders slump and he looks small. Like a ten year old. David dislikes that most people have a tendency to forget that Max, although with a mature outer shell, is still just a kid. “Why the fuck would you leave your stuff everywhere?! I don’t understand! All that does is get you fucking slapped and kicked down the stairs, is that something that you enjoy?! I speak from experience, it sucks! Why would you leave dirty dishes in the sink if you DON’T want to spend the night outside when it’s thirty fucking degrees outside? That’s stupid, Max! Don’t be fucking stupid, it’s that simple! And - uh… shit.” The ten year old halts as if just now realizing that his own name had left his lips, turning around to look at his legal guardian with green eyes that are glassy with tears. “I mean… it’s - ”

There are rare moments David allows himself to hug Max because he knows the boy is uncomfortable with affectionate gestures. (He grimaces when he thinks that it’s because he’d hardly been given them throughout his entire childhood.) However, he now wraps his lanky arms around Max’s tiny body, feeling the dampness of his big, soulful green eyes against his shirt. The other just stands for a moment, allowing himself to be embraced, before tentatively returning it, clutching his hands into David’s shirt hard, knuckles bleaching white from the force in which he holds onto the man. Soft sniffles and hiccups erupt from where his head is buried in David’s chest and his entire body shakes.

“It’s an abomination to ever hurt a child for any reason.” David says softly, a long fingered hand in Max’s hair, petting his head softly as the child cries against him. “And you’ll never be hurt by me because I value your safety and well being over the completion of a few chores everyday. I’d rather live in a filthy home than ever see you in pain, okay?”

There’s a brief, short nod and a tiny sob.

“All I want is for you to understand that. And I love you so, so much. More than I could love anything else. Even camp.” He chuckles, holding his son’s shoulders with a gentle firmness. “I just… want you to be happy.”

“If I was more emotionally stable, I’d deck you in the throat for hugging me.” Max mumbles into his shirt once his crying has died down to silent trails down his cheeks. “But. But I’m not. So, I won’t.”

“I’m honored, Maxamillion.”

He groans at the dreadful nickname. “Holy shit, you’re the lamest dad ever. Get off of me.”

“You acknowledge me as your dad?” Tears bud in David’s own eyes. “I’m your dad? And you’re my son?” He hugs the now weakly struggling Max harder. “I love you so much it’s unbelievable! And you’re letting me hug you! And we’re a family and that’s the most - ”


Rafael Barba / Peace Of Mind

Written for a friend I adore who certainly deserves some Rafi-Love, <3.

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

Rafael was already surprised to come home to an empty condo. It wasn’t at all uncommon for him to be arriving home so late- to the contrary, it was much more odd that you had yet to make an appearance. Absently, he flipped on the lights, and discarded his briefcase atop the table in the entryway. Apparently he’d need to wait for you, which really wasn’t a bother in and of itself. A quick check to his cell phone confirmed- you must have been too busy to send him a text warning him of your lateness. That’s fine, though, as long as you came home at the end of the day was all that truly mattered to him.

However, it was another hour or two before you sauntered in, eyes still red from exhaustion and the tears you had wiped away in the Taxi. 

“Mi amor?” He didn’t move, appeared frozen in shock, and instead took time to drink in the sight of you. You were as lovely as ever, of course; but the way your shoulders slouched, the flush in your face- it was painfully obvious something was bothering you. Considering your occupation and the fact that you dealt with sick people led him to believe your woes may extend beyond a typical ‘rough’ work day. “You’re late, is everything alright?”

Well, that was a relatively simple question- but one without a quite so simple answer. Where should you begin; you debated while hanging up your jacket in the closet, while discarding your keys in the dish by his briefcase, while taking off your shoes and leaving them on the mat by the front door. Even as you tried to decide- your bottom lip trembled, causing him to bite onto his own.

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About Daisies and Sunflowers - Ch. 4

A/N: Lmao so I know I said it would be awhile but my whole family went out today and I decided to work on this while I can and I ended up finishing it! Anyone who isn’t on the taglist, but wants to be can send me an ask or a message and I’ll tag you in the next part!

Pairing: prince!Evan Hansen x fem!reader

Warning(s): possibly a lil smooch smooch???, hints at Evan’s dirty dreams, a few inappropriate thoughts (naughty boy c;)

Word count: 2,403 (longest chapter yet :p)

Taglist: @pawneeismyhome @onemorebookidontneed @smollittlebean @johns-turtle @musicalimaginesforyou @lils-awesome-world @dehinprettycursive @dear-enjolras-hansen @alexanderhammyhamham @bens-platt @sucky-succulents @fly-like-a-grayson @just-an-aesthetic-brain @imperfectanatomy @returnoftheborle @pastel-songs

The morning after you received Evan’s most recent letter, you asked your parents over breakfast if it would be possible to visit Queen Heidi and her son while you were all travelling Irvingdale. They seemed a bit hesitant at first, but when you flashed them a smile and not-so-subtly used your puppy eyes on them, they caved. You could only stay for a maximum of four hours, and you guys would have to your own palace earlier in order to still make it to Irvingdale on time. You thanked them profusely and excused yourself from breakfast and rushed up to your room to write to Evan and inform him of your visit. You were beyond ecstatic to be seeing him again, you hoped that he felt the same when he read your letter.

The next two days flew past quicker than you thought they would, and on the morning you would be making your journey, you felt oddly nervous. Sure, you were still excited, but the thought of seeing him face-to-face once more made your stomach fill with butterflies. You made sure to pack your new favorite dress- a simple, daisy covered piece that reminded you of Evan. It was one of your more casual dresses that had originally been made for lounging around the house, seeing as it wasn’t seen as “fit” for a princess to wear such a casual dress outside of the castle. You ignored this fact, you knew Evan would adore it as much as you did.

You had just finished packing when your handmaid entered your room. “Are you about ready, my lady?” She asked you, giving you a polite smile.

You nodded and gave you a smile of your own. “Yes, I just finished. Thank you,” you said.

Despite your protests, she helped you carry your suitcase downstairs and outside, where your parents were waiting by the carriage. The coachman loaded your suitcases into the storage compartment of the carriage, and you and your parents climbed into the coach. “We should be arriving to Rose Palace sometime tomorrow evening, my lord,” the driver said to your stepfather before shutting the door and climbing onto the driver’s perch. You could barely contain the excitement that was bubbling up.

The trip there was less than pleasurable; the carriage was hot and stuffy, the road was bumpy, and the excessive sitting was beginning to make your legs fall asleep. Not to mention the fact that your dress smelled terribly from sweat and you weren’t able to change until you got to your location. Nonetheless, you managed to have positive thoughts and the same excitement you had left Magnolia with. You were going to see Evan again, and that’s all that mattered to you.

When you finally came to a stop in front of the deep red colored palace- the quality that deemed it ‘Rose Palace- you all but leapt out of the carriage. By the time the coachman made it to the door to help you out, you were already by the steps to the entrance, beaming excitedly.

“You must be Princess Y/N of Magnolia!” A pretty middle-aged woman said, exiting the big doors at the top of the stairs. Evan was right behind her with a nervous smile, looking so adorable you almost forgot to curtsy in front of the queen. “Yes, it’s wonderful to be meeting you, Queen Hansen,” you said. She gave you a bright smile and greeted your parents. Once her attention was off of you, you finally allowed yourself to look back at Evan once more. He was wearing his usual outfit, consisting of a warm beige colored shirt with black sleeve cuffs and a black collar, black pants, and black epaulets that made his shoulders look considerably broader. It was brought thrown together by a bright red sash that contrasted with the rest of his color scheme.

You weren’t sure whether it would be appropriate to hug him or not, so you curtsied politely, giving him a friendly grin. He bowed in the same manner and, after seemingly debating his next actions, gently took your hand and placed a light kiss upon your knuckles. You were sure that your face turned brighter than his sash. He offered you a cute, shy smile and released your hand. “It’s good to see you again, Y/N,” he said. You blinked in slight confusion. The Evan you knew was usually a little bit of a mess when it came to talking to other people, so the smoothness in which he greeted you threw you off guard.

Your lack of response seemed to worry him because he quickly backtracked, his smile being wiped off his face. “I’m sorry if I m-made you uncomfortable! I should h-have asked first before just grabbing your hand and-and kissing it!” You let out a soft giggle. There was the Eavan you knew. “It’s okay, Evan. I was just a little surprised is all. I have no issue with what happened at all,” you reassured him. He seemed to relax and the smile that was on his face reappeared. You two just stood there and smiled at each other in a comfortable silence.

“Well,” Queen Heidi spoke, causing you and Evan to both look at her, “I’m sure you three would like to change out of those clothes. I’ll have a maid show you where you can do that.” You and your parents nodded gratefully.

A pretty redheaded maid showed you to one of the many spare rooms. Once you got there, she set your suitcase down, which she had insisted on carrying for you and gave you a smile. “Do you need any help getting dressed, Miss?” She asked politely. You shook your head. “No, I should be good. Thank you, though,” you said. She nodded, but didn’t leave; she stood there studying you.

You looked at her with questioning eyes, to which she blushed and apologized profusely. “It’s just… it’s weird to see the Prince seem so comfortable with someone other than the Queen, especially a beautiful young woman such as yourself,” she told you, her head bowed. Now, you were the one blushing. “Oh, I, um… I’m glad? That he can feel, uh, comfortable around me?” You stuttered out. She let out a soft giggle and excused herself from the room to let you get ready.

Despite still being a little flustered from your encounter with the maid, you managed to slip on the daisy dress and put your hair into a pretty, but simple braid. You smoothed out your dress in front of the mirror and made your way to the door excitedly. You swung it open to reveal Evan with a raised fist. “Oh, hi, uh… I was just about to knock on the door,” Evan said. You gave him a smile, and he returned it nervously. “Would you-,” he cleared his throat, “-would you like to take a walk in the garden?” You nodded excitedly. “I would love to, Evan,” you said, hesitantly and gently grabbing his hand. He blushed and stared at your hands for a moment before looking back up at you, his face filled with happiness.

He led you to the gardens, making small talk along the way. When you arrived, you spotted the poppies right away. “Oh, Evan… They’re so beautiful!” You gushed, letting go of his hand to rush over to the newly planted flowers.

He watched you with lovestruck eyes, admiring all of you. He noticed your dress when you opened the door, but now he had a chance to actually look at it. He knew that you most likely just picked the dress because you liked it, but the thought of you picking out that dress specifically for him made his breath fall short. He imagined a conversation where he told you that he liked the dress and you would giggle and brush a piece of hair behind your ear. Then, he would ever so confidently lean in and give you a soft kiss, with his hands placed on your waist-

“Evan, did you hear what I said?” You asked him softly.

His eyes snapped away from the flowers on your dress to your eyes, and the look on his face made him look like a little kid who had just got caught doing something wrong. Laughing softly, you grabbed his hand once more and pulled him further into the garden. “I asked if we could go look at the tulips,” you repeated. He nodded and for a second, he glee on your face made him stop worrying about whether or not his hands were sweaty. You guys walked until you came across the tulips, a particularly blue bud catching your eye. You turned to Evan and pointed it out to him.

“That one matches your eyes,” you said to him. He swallowed, forcing his eyes to stay on yours, rather than letting them stray to your lips, which were closer to his own that he was used to them being. If he moved merely an inch or two, your lips would be touching- he forced himself to stop thinking and look away from you. Noticing the tension, you moved on.

The two of you walked throughout the pathways of the garden in a mostly comfortable silence. You really wanted Evan to kiss you, and while you knew that it wasn’t considered “ladylike” to express these types of thoughts out loud, you also knew that the prince wasn’t the type of boy to initiate those types of situations, lest he make you feel uncomfortable or violated. So you settled with getting to hold his hand, and watching his lips as he answered your questions.

As fate would have it, just as you were reaching the end of your restraint, the two of you passed a large clump of daisies. You grinned to yourself as you got an idea. “Evan, can I do something?” You asked him, one he took a pause in explaining the time that he and his family friend Prince Jared got in trouble for sneaking food out of the kitchens and gorging themselves before dinner.

“Uh, sure, I-I don’t mind. What are you going to be doing?” He said.

You just winked at him. “Face this way, okay? And don’t turn around until I say so!” You turned him away from the daisies and began your work. It had been awhile since you had made a daisy chain, but your fingers remembered the correct way to weave the stems together to get them to form a crown. 15 minutes later, and you were just placing the last flower into place. You glanced over at Evan and giggled at his obvious impatience. He was rocking back and forth on his heels and humming under his breath. You stood back up and brushed the excess leaves off your dress. “Alright Ev, you can turn-,” he spun around before you finished with your sentence, anxiety written all over his face. All of it disappeared when he noticed the smile on your face and the daisy crown in your hands. “Oh, uh… is that- is that for… me?” He asked, unsure. You nodded, giggling once more.

You gestured for him to step closer, and once he did, you gingerly placed the crown on top of him head, careful not to bump into his actual crown. As you looked down from his hair where his flower crown resided, you caught him looking at your lips. A blush spread across both your faces when you realized just how close your faces actually were, and you simply couldn’t help but look at his own lips. This was all Evan needed to gently lean forward and brush your lips together. You let out a soft breath of relief and moved the tiniest bit closer, turning the brush of lips into a full, soft kiss.

Your hands lowered from his hair to his shoulders, where you fumbled for some kind of grip. His own shaking hands moved up to grab your waist gently. There was no groping, no moans, no panting. None of the things you had expected based off the romance books your mother read. It was gentle and warm, as if you were both afraid of breaking the other. The two of you pulled away briefly and simply stared at each other for a moment. A grin slowly spread across Evan’s face, and in that moment you swore there wasn’t a sight in the whole world that was more beautiful.

Your lips surged together once more, this time with more purpose. Your hands moved from gripping onto his shoulders to clasp behind his neck in an attempt to bring his face closer to yours. Evan followed your lead and pulled your body so it was flush against his.

The feeling of your lips against his was a foreign but wonderful feeling to Evan. He had only dreamt of holding you in his arms like this, your body pressed against his, your fingers running through his hair. Although, in those dreams, the two of you usually were wearing less clothing. He felt guilty every time he woke from those dreams, and he felt guilty at that moment even thinking about them. He quickly went to pull away, accidentally biting your bottom lip in the process, which provoked a little whine from you. He almost imploded on the spot. He wanted to hear you make that sound for the rest of his life.

You pressed harder against the kiss, his little nip spurring you further. You only broke away once you could no longer hold your breath. There was the panting you had read about, you thought, letting out an airy laugh amongst your heavy breaths. Evan was in the same shape as you; his entire face and ears were tinted a pink color, and his lips were more swollen than usual. You had no doubt that your face was just as red as his.

“Would you,” he panted softly, licking his lips (something that made you want to kiss him again), “would you like to head to dinner now?” He mentally cursed himself for sounding so weird, but to his surprise (and relief), you nodded cheerfully. He pulled away from your embrace and grabbed your hand once more. You intertwined your fingers and the two of you made your way back to the palace.

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Six

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 3884
Warnings: Fluff, Loki being Loki, touch of violence

Her limp form pleased him.

Drawing his hand slowly from her drawers, Loki could have purred with pleasure at her wetness.

She was gloriously damp, coated his fingers, and when his hand appeared, the scent nearly rolled his eyes back.

Lifting his fingers to his lips, he swirled his tongue around her offering. Exquisite. Perhaps it was a bad idea to taste the essence of his Lauren. Now, all he would be able to think about would be drinking directly from the source.

Tracing his clean fingers up her arms, he released her invisible bonds.

Her arms swung forward and she gave a quiet sigh.

“Will you live, my love?” he asked, a chuckle catching in his throat.

Lauren’s fingers curled around his belt. “Mmm,” was all she could seem to say.

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C+ For Creativity: Part 4 (Final)

So here we are. The last part. This has been a very fun story to write. I really hope you all enjoy this final installment. I tried to make sure it wrapped up nicely. Maybe I’ll do a sequel if people want it. ;)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Word Count: 1,464

Pairings: Logicality

Warnings: None

The logical trait groaned in discomfort and sat up. It felt like someone had taken a blunt object and bashed his brain in. He winced as a throbbing pain assaulted his mind. “Ugh, perhaps there are worse things than negative thoughts.” He spoke out loud expecting the usual negativity to answer back, but none came. Instead, he heard the sound of some very familiar voices.


All the sides had cried out in unison, which in turn made Logic jump a little. He opened his eyes and almost cried at the sight of everyone there watching him with a mix of concern and excitement playing on their features. In the next moment, he was pulled into a strong hug by Patton who started to cry into his shoulder. Logan froze in place, eyes going wide, he looked like someone trying not to set off an alarm.

“Logan, we missed you, I missed you. We were so-so worried that you weren’t coming back.” Patton let all of his feelings pour out while he squeezed Logan even tighter. He was so overwhelmed with the flood of emotions, that it was hard for him to accurately convey just how much he had missed his logical counterpart.

“You…you missed me?” Logan found the whole concept of being needed a little hard to swallow right now. The negative thoughts still lingered in his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel that this whole situation was his fault. Because, let’s be honest, it was his fault and he knew it. Still, it was comforting to be held by Patton in such a loving way. He managed to finally bring himself to reciprocate the hug with his own strong embrace around Morality.

Roman watched the two with a smile. He wanted to join the hug but he knew that Patton had been hurt the most by Logan’s absence. It was best to simply let the two hold each other for a bit. “Logan, I too want to express how glad I am to have you returned to us in one piece.”

A question weighed heavily on Virgil’s mind and he wasn’t sure when would be a good time to ask it. He didn’t want to kill the mood, but they all deserved some answers. “Logan?” His voice was quiet and a little shaky.

Logan looked over at the anxious trait. “Hmm? What is it, Virgil?”

“Did you actually make experimental liquids pertaining to each of us?” Virgil was obviously scared about the implications behind if, and why, he would do such a thing.

Logan’s expression grew very neutral all of a sudden. “I see that my chest of liquid traits was discovered while I was incapacitated.” His tone held a note of disappointment though it was hard to tell who that was directed at. “To put it plainly, yes. I did, in fact, concoct such substances. I did so with the intention to help tackle problems I wasn’t equipped to handle. Or…I guess, in this case, to help me fix a problem that I didn’t want to bother asking for help on.” He let go of Patton and gently pulled away. “I see now that it was a mistake to try and give myself traits I do not have a claim to.” His hands came to rest on his lap as he intertwined the fingers. He looked down, the feelings of guilt and shame gnawed at his insides, and it was so hard to hold back the unwanted emotions.

“Logan, look at me.” Patton placed a hand gently on top of Logan’s and came to kneel down in front of him. “We don’t expect you to be the creative one, the anxious one, or the emotional one. We love you for you. You’re amazing just the way you are. I’m sorry if I ever made you doubt your importance.” He then squeezed Logan’s hand.

“Please don’t hesitate to ask us for help next time. We may joke around and tease each other once in awhile, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are here for you if ever you need us.” Roman smiled at Logan and did his iconic heroic pose. This made Logan chuckle a little out of amusement.

“Also, Logan, please remember that you are more than just Thomas’s ability to problem solve. You also contribute to his basic human functions too, like talking, spatial awareness, and coordination.” Virgil chimed in with his own personal addition since he got to witness the effects of Logan’s absence first hand. Maybe in the future, as a way to lighten the mood, he would tell Logan about what happened while he was away.

Logan’s neutral expression faltered and he let himself smile. “Thank you, everyone. I am sincerely sorry for having worried you all so much. Now, if you would excuse me. I think I shall go and get some rest in my room.” He leaned forward and shoved off the couch. As he moved towards the hallway everyone lept up and blocked his way.

“WAIT!” They all yelled in unison once again.

This made Logan pause and stare at the three sides with a perplexed expression. “Or not.” He blinked and then crossed both arms over his chest. “Is there some obvious step that I missed, or did you all still need something from me?”

Roman, Patton, and Virgil shared a worried look with each other then looked back at Logan. Morality was the first to speak up. “Your room may not be exactly how you left it…” He hesitated with the next words. “While you were unconscious everything in your room started to rip itself apart. I barely got you and I out of there. I’m not sure if it’s safe for you to go back in just yet.” Patton bounced in place nervously.

“Ah, I see.” Logan lifted up one hand to adjust his glasses. “A rather unpleasant turn of events.” He let out a sigh and used his free hand to hold his chin. “Well, unfortunately, we won’t know if it has calmed down in there unless we check. So, let’s go have a look.”

The others were still worried, but Logan was correct, they needed to see for themselves if it was safe to return or not. As such, the group of four wandered down the hall and came to a halt just outside of Logan’s room. Most of them expected the space to be in complete disarray except for Logan who was confident that everything was back to normal. As the logical trait opened his door everyone let out a sigh of relief.

The room had been restored to it’s usually clean and organized state. The bookshelves were in one piece. The bed was made. His desk had all of its pens and papers in the same place as when Logan last saw them. It was almost like he had never left at all.

With a deep breath in Logan felt glad to be back. “Since everything appears to be in order…” He cast a glance over his shoulder at the others. “I think I will do what I mentioned earlier and take a nice rest. Thank you, again, for all of your assistance in bringing me back.” His gaze turned back to his room. “I promise, from now on, to ask for your help more often.”

“Alright, Logan, get some rest.” Roman smiled at Logan and then walked down the hall to his room.

“You earned it.” Virgil gave Logic a casual salute before heading off to his room.

“We love you, let us know if you need anything.” Patton walked forward and gave Logan one last hug before letting go and running down the hall.

Logan froze once more. It would take him time before he could fully accept such displays of affection from Patton. For now, though, he certainly appreciated the sentiment. A small smile touched his lips as he watched Patton leave down the hall. With a content sigh he closed the door to his room and turned around. Now, for some much deserved rest. As he moved over to his bed something odd caught his eye. There was only one thing out of place in his room. The chest of traits was still open but, all three bottles were missing. This seemed rather curious to Logan however he assumed one of the other sides had hid them or thrown them out. Either way, their disappearance was probably for the best. He chose not to dwell on it and instead laid down on his bed.

So, while his eyes slowly slipped close, he had only one thought on his mind. He finally felt at home. Finally felt like he was where he belonged, and that he once again, had purpose.

The End.

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