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The Swamp
The Swamp

A song / poem from GDL’s band!! I just adore this, the words, everything!!! “I find dismayed, the tortured land…. Echoing my former home…”… “To sleep, to dream, to forget…” This just screams Solas!! Please listen! You won’t be disappointed!!

“Sunk in the turgid muck
I keel and squat in foot long thrusts
Toward the only place I feel no shame
Or bidden by the buzzing stare
That cuts across the surface of the stagnant swamp

Here three days no sun or rain
Breaks the mists that cling to my face
No will to speed up or despair to drown
Just constant ghosts in seas of brown
My pace is tugged with desperate will
And a scream pukes from my lungs

I wrench apart the vine and root
That keeps me from the comfort sounds
Of falling rain and leaves and the warmth of steely sun

I find, dismayed, the tortured land
Of burning bone and sea of flesh
Echoing my former home
Obliteration of stubborn hope forgotten
Nothing saved of savaged love
Of life depraved

I close my eyes, fall away
Fall back into the swamp
To sleep, to dream and forget
To float back to the start where I woke
In the turgid muck again

To start my trudge again

Keep me from peeling
stop me revealing
Keep me relieving
only deceiving

Keep me from peeling
only revealing
Filthy relieving
don’t be deceiving

Lie still…”

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And then there is rain, and there is nothing more beautiful than that.
The sky is lit, there are flashes of purple and white colors, lightning in the corner. The cold air that brushes its rain drops through my face, the calmness in the music of its water droplets.
I sit by the window, blankly staring at nothing but the roads, the rain pours down so heavily onto them, reflected by the yellow lights of the passing cars. The trees are humming the song of its friend, the thundershowers. The sudden outbursts of the clouds, the wild peaking of the thunders, the melancholic coffee of the reader, the art of the painter and the scribblings of the writer. Deep breaths of the universe, blessing us with its gift. I bow my head down to mother earth and pray for peace.
If this is not love, then what is. If this is not attractive, then what is.
—  Bini //rain

anonymous asked:

And what if I've lost my hope in love? Why should I live for now?

Love isn’t the only thing on this planet. Of course it’s important but it isn’t everything you need to live.
There are tons of things that make life worth living. There is rain, sunrises, sunsets, animals, lots of animals and of course tv shows and movies.
There are a lot of moments waiting for you to experience them.

I recently saw Green Day live. We were outside, it was around midnight. It was a bit cold and it was raining a little bit. Billie started singing “Wake me up when september ends” without music.
It was such a magical moment. In that moment nothing has existed except for me and Billie singing and the rain that fell down on my face. I can remember those pink/purple lights. I was at peace. In that moment it felt like nothing will ever happen again and everything is going to be okay.
I can’t really put it into words. I won’t ever forget this moment.

Believe me, there a tons of moments. You might just have to look a little closer but you will find some. Life is worth living even if it doesn’t seem that way but that’s just our disorders covering that beauty of our lives.
I promise you, there a moments, there are things that give you enough reasons to stay alive, even if it’s just remembering awesome moments.

Hang in there, my dear. You can do it, okay? Love isn’t the only thing on this planet. Keep fighting, one day you will overcome this and you are going to be so proud of yourself. I believe in you.

Lots of love towards you 💞

One foot in the grave

From the age of two Lance never stopped moving.
He would crawl through his house making it impossible to keep track of him.
However it was nothing compared to what he was like when he learned how to walk.
Soon as he could stand on his own two feet he was gone.
He would run through the garden chasing birds.
He would run to his classes in school.
He would run to the store.
He would run across the road.
Without looking both ways.
He would run straight into the path of a truck.
While he was lying in the hospital bed with his legs shattered all the doctors would tell him was how lucky he was to be alive.
For a while Lance thought that his luck would also save his legs.
But it wasn’t to be.
The doctors did all they could, using pins to try and fuse the bones back together.
However after only two days infection had set in and they had no choice but to amputate the first leg.
The second came a week later after it became clear that the bone just wasn’t fusing back together.
For months Lance was trapped in a chair, healing and waiting.
He never cried though. If he cried then his mama would cry.
Lance wouldn’t have his mama crying because of him.
When he finally got prosthetics it wasn’t what he had been hoping for.
It was a long painful process full of disappointment and failure before he could walk again.
And an even longer time before he could run again.
However Lance was determined and never gave up.
By time he moved to a new high school no one could tell he was missing both legs.

Lance was walking home from class grumbling to himself. He was pretty annoyed that his best friend Hunk had decided that he would prefer to hang out with Pidge then him.
Well not decided more like had to do he wouldn’t fail the project they were working on.
But Lance felt like being petty.
It had been raining that day, the humidity made his stumps painful which made him irritated.
To make things worse he had no choice but to walk home in the rain since his car had gone and died on him that morning.
Lance was so busy wallowing in self pity that he didn’t even notice he was about to walk into someone.
He managed to walk straight into a figure huddled inside their jacket causing the two of them to fall to the ground with a thud.
“What the hell man!” Lance yelled before stopping when he realised who he had just walked into.
Keith glared at him the rain plastering his dark hair to his face “not my fault! You walked into me!”
“Yeah well your still a jerk! You park in the handicapped space yesterday at the mall!” Lance yelled pointing at him accusingly.
“Why the hell do you care where I park! It was like 4am and it wasn’t like anyone needed it!” Keith snapped getting to his feet and trying to brush some of the water away.
“You didn’t kno-” Lance had tried to stand but when he was halfway up a cracking sound echoed around the empty campus and he went flying forwards right into Keith who caught him out of pure instinct.
Keith’s anger quickly turned to concern and nausea at the sight of the unnatural angle the lower half of Lance’s leg was now bent.
“Oh my god! Shit I’ll call an ambulance!” Keith stuttered as he carefully lowered Lance to the floor and looked for his phone only to find it cracked and unresponsive.
“D-don’t worry I’ll erm I’ll… why are you laughing?”
Lance was laughing hard as he watched Keith’s panicked actions.
“Relax dude I’m fine. See” he grabbed his foot and pulled making Keith have to fight the urge to throw up as it came away in his hand.
“See just plastic.”
Keith’s eyes widened at the sight of the prosthetic. He had no idea that Lance, the over confident narcissistic pretty boy was a amputee.
Suddenly him getting upset about Keith taking the handicapped spot makes much more sense.
“Shit… I’m sorry.”
Lance shrugged, “nah you were right it wasn’t your fault. But erm if your still riding the guilt train I could use a ride? I mean if you don’t mind.” He looked away blushing and Keith couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah sure.”
He didn’t wait for permission, instead he simply scooped Lance up princess style and walked him to his car, a small beat up red thing that could almost pass for home made with all the repairs done to it.
“H-hey I don’t need carrying!” Lance’s blush deepened as he wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck for stability only. Or at least that’s what he told himself.
“It’s quicker then you just hopping along.” Keith shrugged as he deposited Lance in the passenger seat and took his place behind the wheel.
“Still dude. It’s humiliating. Bad enough you know about my legs.”
Keith rose and eyebrow as he pulled out of the parking lot. “I only knew about one of them.”
“Fuck…” Lance hissed under his breath.
Keith couldn’t help but chuckle quietly at that.
“Man I really am an idiot, can you keep this between us… it’s just I’d prefer everyone not to know.”
Lance sounded so small and vulnerable in that moment that Keith glanced over to check that it really was the same obnoxious guy he knew from school.
“Look I promise I won’t tell anyone… but maybe you should.”
“What would you know about this?” Lance huffed crossing his arms.
“More then you would expect, my brother Shiro lost his arm and he was suffering in silence for a long time. I just don’t want you to do the same.”
Keith glanced over at Lance to see him looking very embarrassed.
Keith’s eyes widened “b-by that I mean anyone in your situation not j-just you specifically!” He rambled on quickly.
Lance laughed that strong joy filled laugh of his That always seems to light up the room. “It’s cool man. I knew what you meant.”
They pulled up outside Lance’s home and Keith offered his shoulder for support this time rarther then carrying him in.
After ringing the bell and waiting on the door step Lance looked up at Keith. “Hey Keith.”
“Yeah Lance?”
Lance kissed him on the cheek just as the door opened and Lance launched himself on his older brother closing the door behind him.
Leaving a very confused, very wet but also very very VERY happy Keith standing outside.

Season 3 Tsukishima Kei Moon Phrases Project

The starting of Tsukishima Kei life like the moon phase 

new moon - Tsukkishima Kei’s born

waning gibbous - Child!Kei and his brother,Akiteru

third quarter - kid!Kei meet Yamaguchi

waning crescent

 - Kei and Yamaguchi are friend

-Kei had been proud when his brother get to enter Karasuno and play volleyball

new moon - The truth unravel as Kei’s discover about his brother’s lie.

waxing crescent - Kei’s in high school joined tha Karasuno’s volleyball club and meet some new people 

first quarter 

- Practice match with Nekoma and Fukurodani and learned some useful thing

”Volleyball is just a club,”-Kei

“But once that moment arrives for you,that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball,”-Bokuto

waxing gibbous 

- Before the Spring High-Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs,Akiteru gave Kei’s a sport glasses

-Yamaguchi improved into a better Pinch Server 

Full moon - Kei block Ushijima spike 

“I’ve been waiting for this,”-Kei

“But once that moment arrives for you,that’s the moment you’ll be hooked on volleyball,”

The full moon rises

I feel your absence like a noose around my neck. I look at you and I ache. Something inside me twists. It wants to get out. All of me is reaching towards you.
I feel your hands like ghosts. My skin remembers what it was like to be warm. Like the sun was burning, burning, burning inside me. We slept under the same moon. We laughed under the same sky. Somewhere, all of that is raining back down on me.
I lift my face and greet it.
I lift my face and remember even though I know you forgot.
I lift my face anyway.
I kiss the rain and wish it were you.