or r31


Made a visit to the incredible Nissan Heritage Collection last weekend in Zama, Kanagawa; 300 Nissans under one roof.

The selection of cars is just phenomenal. Everything from road classics to Le man’s prototypes, Super GT racers to rally legends. If you visit, your time to look around freely is limited to about 40 minutes, which just isn’t enough time to look at everything. I spent most of my time there in the race car area. I will definitely need to make another visit to have a proper look at the classic and road car collection.

And as many of you probably noticed….Gran Turismo. I have to say, I’ve never seen so many cars from Gran Turismo in one place. The 90s Playstation nostalgia really started to set in.

Despite the short time I did manage to get some good shots of a few choice cars, and I’ll be uploading them soon. In the meantime here’s a few quick shots including a picture of me with a very big Nissan induced grin on my face!


One of the 300 Impul R31R Skylines sold new through select Nissan dealers. They only made these in the series one R31 and you could option them to one of three stages. I have posted up pics of my R31R brochure on here but on looking I need to take some better pics. The wheels are Impul R701 but on these cars they came with a dedicated R31R labelled centre cap. Rear spoiler is same as an R31 GTS/R.