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I love the Bomber Girl!!! It looks like she's going to cause mayhem!

Thank you! I’m glad you like her!
Her name is Onizaki Honoka. She’s a pyromaniac who thinks she’s like a magical girl themed idol or something.
She is a blast to draw.

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How do you think the cast acted/will act when (if) they turn Danielle into the villain? I mean, Emilia legitimately LOVES Dany. Do you think it'll piss her off?

If that is her trajectory, I think the cast would have known about it for a while now. Emilia would’ve been given notes on how to start acting, what to incorporate and how she should play certain scenes. And I don’t think Emilia will love D any less if she is a villain because it’s a fictional character that she’s spent years and years of her life playing. In the most superficial sense (since I don’t think Emilia is a pyromaniac queen hell-bent on conquering lands that don’t belong to her), D is apart of her, as Sansa is apart of Sophie and Jon is apart of Kit. 

They’re actors. These are huge roles that have shaped their careers. I think unless they’ve had negative personal experiences on and off set because of Game of Thrones, they’re not really going to be angry about what their fictional character does or doesn’t do. I mean yes, if they started writing D completely out of character and ruin her story in the end, I can imagine Emilia would be annoyed and upset about it, like Nikolaj has been with how they’ve written Jaime. But at the end of the day, it’s a job and it’s a job that’s opened her doors she otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. Hard to be mad about that. 

And actors love playing villains. I know everyone wants to be cast as the hero who saves the day, but I think that’s mostly due to the exposure it gets. Most actors tend to love villainous roles because it’s something meaty to sink their teeth into. I think Emilia would love it if D goes a little Mad Queen in the last season. It’d be so exciting for her to play and it’s really not that far off the mark to what she’s doing now with the role. 

As for the others, I don’t see how or why they’d be upset over D being a villain. Ramsay was the worst villain, in my opinion, and everyone loved Iwan. The person that kept things light and helped pull Alfie out of his Reek funk after hard scenes was Iwan. Honestly, if anything, I think they’d be jealous. I know Sophie’s always wanted to play a villain. It’s why she teased at Dark!Sansa for so long, not because she actually thought it would happen, but I think she just wanted to play a darker character. 

Hope that answers your question! <3

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I really don't see how anyone can justify Dany burning people alive? If you think killing for sport is bad, why would you support a monarch who is so pyromaniac? It's not like something she has done once and realized it was wrong and then stopped. Dany believes in her house words: Fire and Blood. On paper they may sound cool, but the reality of such words is barbaric and terrifying. She's too unstable to rule as a decent queen and she only brings death.

Nailed it.

  • Voldemort: What have I to fear?
  • Harry: Dumbledore’s Army. It’s what we call ourselves. Sorta like a team. Protectors of Hogwarts type thing.
  • Voldemort: Yes. I’ve met them
  • Harry: Yeah, takes us a while to get any traction I’ll give you that one. But let’s do a head count here. Me, the Boy-Who-Lived. The brightest witch of our age, living legend who kinda lives up to the legend. A woman with breathtaking bat-bogey hexing issues. A couple of pyromaniacs and YOU, big fella, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.
  • Voldemort: I have an army!
  • Harry: We have McGonagall.