or pyromaniac

Rating Silver Saints

 Better than you, Fabulous, Exhibionist, his dick is out in middle of a battle. 15/10

Never fights alone, likes melons, Flipping tables expert, lost his eye with a pencil. 11/10

Gossipy bitch, reads your diary, really likes naruto, don’t understand women’s 13/10

pyromaniac, burns the dinner, loves marshmallows, gets confused easily. 12/10

Screams all time, love birds, dumb as fuck, hates cliffs, makes silly jokes. 11/10

talks a lot, borks at you, is into BDSM, needs discipline. 13/10

Is a Dj at parties, noisy, can’t be quiet, have a lot of nigthmares, he broke a lot of  vinyls. 12/10

cosplays a lot, anime trash, throw random shit at his crush, spent whole day in his room. 13/10

trendy, loves fashion, acts like a dick but wants a friend, never shows at parties, smokes in his room with the door closed. 13/10

makes everyone hard, killer stare, killer legs, very handsome, always carry his shit at trips. 18/10

Eats a lot, Toll, likes wrestling, always wants to hug you. 11/10

smol, plays soccer, screams “puto” all time,  eats tacos, is bad at soccer. 11/10

Lazy, can’t done a shit, grummpy, the one who reads all conversations but never reply, stalker. 12/10

dyed his hair, loves jewelry, makes you to put your shit together, friendly but hates people.  16/10

loves to poke you, talk shit, hates kids, has a bromance, no homo. 14/10

like flowers, is in the friendzone, wants a relationship, hates kids too, spam you in the chat till you get lag.  13/10

Sends you to friendzone, is in the friendzone, complicated, laughs a lot, regrets her choices, jealous, act like she doesn’t cares but cares a lot. 19/10

Conspirationist, tries to see ufos at night, talks with her fists, cares a lot, sexy all the time, voyeurist. 20/10

has girlfriend, ignore his friends, busy all the time, never calls back, boring music choices, makes people cry. 15/10


good boy but wants to be cool, smoked weed once, had a bad trip with that weed, loves spandex and power rangers, probably has weird fetisches. 16/10

Context: The group is at a dinner party at a spooky castle. The group has made various excuses/bluffs to avoid drinking the wine served by the creepy host’s zombie cook, Plotz.

Cleric: I apologize, but imbibing alcohol is prohibited by my faith.

Ranger: I don’t drink. I prefer to have my wits about me.

Bard: I’m…a recovering alcoholic?

Cut to later, when the party is fighting a vampire inside the castle. The bard, our resident pyromaniac, runs to the kitchen to grab some alcohol to craft some homemade molotov cocktails.

Bard: Plotz! I need a few bottles of wine.

Plotz: No.

Bard: No?

Plotz: You sneaky. Me remember, you say you “re-co-ver-ing al-co-ho-lic.” Me not enable your bad habit.

Bard: Well…today…today is my cheat day.

Plotz: Cheat…day?

Bard: Yeah. Y'know, when you’d like to do something your body doesn’t like but you like it too much, so you pick a day where you do what you like even if you don’t like it.

Plotz: You…no like…like…no like…yyooou…like?

DM: Plotz begins to clutch his head and drool slightly.

Bard: (Rolls a 5 to bluff) …yyyeees.

Plotz: …okay. But me only give you one bottle. After that, me “cut-ting you off” for evening.