or pulled from obscurity


i.) Love her even if he believed she was gone and spend time hurting because she deserves it. Being so unwilling to live on an Earth, deprived of his love, he didn’t give her the chance to prove that even in her absence, she has a place in his heart.  

ii.) Plaster missing persons signs around, showing just the crook of her neck, or the curve of her ear, or the one rough patch of her palm that knew enough about roses and thorns to love him– disperse a puzzle across the city so that he’ll know he won’t be alone in thinking about her.

iii.) Search for his favorite parts of their love. He could have dug deeper, pulled obscurities out from the dirt, bring back to life that which would have otherwise died with her. Say, hey this is where Juliet and I first bared ourselves to the moon, at least there is a heavenly body out there who won’t forget us.

iv.) Give it time to heal. If he had just waited, maybe he would have realized that she left behind more love than scar, more hope than injury, more life than he could have known to exist after losing her.

v.) Stay for what remained. Reap blessings from eternity as gentle memories of her dotted the air. Find reason to make amends with the Capulets. Never stop living under the light of her name because she had enough purity to outrun death, even if her body did not. He could have loved her as more than a ghost. And maybe she would have come back to him.

“When we go, we’ll go together.” | Lachesis & Finn - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

Somehow, this is the first Fire Emblem couple we’ve cosplayed! FE4 is a fantastically melodramatic and heavily 90’s game that has a special place in my heart. We were part of a group for MAGfest, and these two were my favorite couple despite all this game’s… interesting character dynamic choices. I’m so happy we were able to pull together costumes from this obscure, never localized game.

My only real regret? The decision to not do the full 90’s anime floof hair. Maybe next time!

i met a schizophrenic person in 2014? 2015? i met him on Facebook. i only mention his schizophrenia because i can’t explain what happened to me. we would talk on Skype. in a matter of days, we were falling asleep on Skype, waking up, saying goodbye and being notified our conversation was 14 hours long. he asked me to trust him and i did. we would masturbate together but i started to sense that he was right next to me. the orgasms were incredible. i started feeling this fire in the pit of my stomach where a major chakra is located ( i know, i know). it felt like pure love like pure light. i contained a brightness akin to the sun. it was overwhelming, i didn’t feel it always. we would lay down together and i could physically feel him caressing my skin; his individual fingertips. i felt him touch my forehead. he lived 1,000 miles away. he often pulled an obscure thought directly from my head and said it out loud. i honestly thought he was god for a while. so of course god ended up hurting me. i don’t know exactly what happened but i wasn’t prepared to feel such a great loss.
a fantasy evaporates, our love condenses elsewhere.
i stopped feeling loss eventually because i could still feel that fire in my stomach, that pure light.
i can feel it even now
and i’m so thankful.