or pudgy as i like to call her

Part Two - Chapter One: Curls and Cotton.

August 20th, 1948; Boston Common, Boston USA.

“You gonna have baby?”

The question made me jump. I turned to see a little girl standing next to me, I swear she hadn’t been there a moment before.

“Ah,” I stammered, gripping the edge of the bench I was sitting on. “Yes, I am.”

She smiled at me, “My mama too.”

Nodding, I stared at her. My voice seemed to be having troubles working properly and the baby chose this moment to do an intricate gymnastics routine within me. The little girl didn’t seem to notice. She was looking past me, to a nearby fountain where a few birds were exploring the water.

Her skin was fair, almost translucent. The blue of her eyes so deep they were almost black. She had a smattering of freckles across her cheekbones that only increased her overwhelming aura of childlike innocence. Sticking out in every direction, her brilliant auburn curls danced in the late summer breeze. It looked as though she had had a ribbon tying them back from her face at one point, but the pale blue satin hung loose above her ear.

“My birthday tomorrow.” she informed me nonchalantly.

A shiver ran down my spine. Tomorrow would have been Julia’s third birthday.

“Is it?” I asked, trying to sound as normal as possible. An invisible band of sorrow tightened around my chest and I was finding it very hard to breathe.

“Mama maked me a cake! I share with Daddy. He like cake,” she supplied as she twirled around beside me, her flower-sprigged skirt puffing out around her.

I shifted on the park bench, hoping the movement would urge the baby to settle into a new position. It didn’t work and I placed a hand where a pointed foot was trying to impale me. The movement quieted slightly, but didn’t stop altogether.

“That sounds wonderful. Will you have candles to blow out?”

“Yes!” The little girl beamed up at me, holding up three pudgy fingers. “Mama say I big girl now!”

“You are indeed.” Tears filled my eyes without warning, threatening to pour free at any moment.

A voice called from somewhere behind me, “Julia!”

“Wait!” I cried as the little girl waved to me and turned to go.

She froze in place and tilted her head in question.

“Happy birthday, Julia.” I whispered.

Skipping towards me, she stood on tiptoe and gave me a kiss on the cheek. The touch tickled, almost like the brush of a butterfly’s wing. Another giggle escaped her rosebud lips as she left in a swirl of curls and cotton.

One hand covered my mouth, suppressing a sob, the other placed a hand on my now still womb.

You know her, don’t you, little one? That was your sister. Isn’t she beautiful?

Table For Two (One Shot)

Summary: She’d had a long week and she deserved a pint of beer, a pizza for herself, and the cute little table that was reserved just for her. Instead she gets a rude boy and so much food that she might need to share. Lucky her.

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'Virgin' weight gain

I find the most erotic part of weight gain to be the early stages. When someone’s belly first becomes larger and starts getting a bit pudgy. When the breasts and thighs go up a couple of sizes. That perfect twilight area where you are calling yourself curvy but you’re getting more overweight and closer to being fat.
I saw the cutest girl in town today who appeared to be in this virgin stage of weight gain. She was probably 16 or 17 and she was wearing a fitted cropped t-shirt and a pair of jeans that looks a couple of sizes too small. She seemed like your standard pretty girl who had recently gained about 20kgs. Her belly was round and smooth and poked out about as far as her breasts and as she was walking around she had to keep hitching up her too tight jeans that couldn’t properly fit over her enlarged thighs and butt. When she hitched at the her hip fat kind of pushed up into cute little rolls on her back. She appeared confident in her body, she wasn’t trying to hide her extra pounds and it was super cute. She wore revealing clothes and was talking with her friends laughing and eating and not one bit ashamed of her body. I imagine she would have gotten a few raised eyebrows for being so confident with her belly displayed like that and it was seriously so attractive.
Cute chubby nymph girls are so adorable.

like every day of my life i see someone on fb share an article praising the ‘dad bod’ trend(?) and like it’s cool that people are appreciating cute chubby boys but also depressing that any large amount of men will never be celebrating chubby women the same way unless they have super small waists and flat tummies and toned arms and are only fat in the breasts hips butt and thighs

and especially nobody is going to be praising the ‘mom bod’ aka women who have put on weight from giving birth and instead all i’m going to see is ‘she had her baby 4 weeks ago and shes already back to being fit!!!!’ in my face every time i look at magazines in the grocery checkout line or make the mistake of reading celebrity news

so like let me know when women who are pudgy and saggy start getting called sexy anywhere near as much as beer-bellied frat dudes lol?