or proud because she's not dead

I would have loved ACOWAR to have been book 4 (SPOILERS)

The reason why I loved ACOMAF so much was because of Feysand’s foreplay. The squeal-worthy banter, the toe curling smirks between Rhys and Feyre and the ANGST. OMG THE FEYSAND ANGST.

So basically, I would have loved a ‘Book 3’ where it explains in detail Feyre’s POV at the Spring Court? Like for the first half of Book 3

  • How Feyre handles being away from her mate
  • how she handles Tamlin’s advances
  • Feyre Nesta’ing Ianthe like a boss
  • learning more about the people at the Spring Court
  • and Feyre actually helping them
  • more Hybern scenes
  • pretty much Feyre Aelining Hybern meetings and getting important information about the upcoming war
  • Lucien helping Feyre against Hybern
  • Feyre could have even understood the makings of the wall more at the Spring Court
  • and then Feyre realises Hybern can’t bring the wall down because there’s something missing with it
  • and while that’s happening, SMUT FEYSAND SCENES
  • all the Feysand notes we’d be dying to read
  • and Rhys sending Feyre complaints about Nessian banter
  • Feyre coming along with Tamlin during a meeting with the High Lords and Rhysand’s there and shit’s about to go down
  • Tamlin can obviously tell there’s heat between Feyre and Rhys
  • To Tamlin it’s like UtM again when he couldn’t do anything
  • Cassian and Az are there too
  • and they literally just want to MURDER Tamlin
  • but Feyre tries to calm the situation by talking to them in their minds
  • Az probably attacks Tamlin anyways
  • and Feyre calms him down and the High Lords are just like what the actual fuck just happened
  • then there’s a super sweet Feysand moment where Feyre soothes Rhys
  • after Tamlin lays a casual hand on Feyre’s thigh
  • Feyre curls up in Rhys’s mind and Feyre says to Rhys, “I’m coming home soon.”
  • but Rhys is literally burning a hole staring at Tamlin’s hand on Feyre
  • Maybe a wall scene between Feysand when Tamlin’s not looking?
  • WHILST the story is unfolding
  • until Feyre realises that Tamlin ISN’T helping Hybern win the war at all
  • Feyre could mend her broken relationship with Tarquin
  • so then the second half of book 3 could possibly be Feyre helping the Spring Court escape over to the Summer Court
  • Tamlin would somehow help Feyre
  • but Tamlin would stay at the Spring Court to continue to fool Hybern
  • Feyre and Lucien stays at the Summer Court with the people of the Spring Court
  • then maybe the attack at the Summer Court happens 
  • and Rhys and the Court of Dreams and the Illyrian army come and help
  • there’s even Illyrian women helping god damn it
  • so Feyre is fighting a whole bunch of soldiers, and she gets cornered
  • but Feyre displays her strong ass mother fucking powers
  • just as all the soldiers drop dead, Feyre spots Rhys standing behind them in the clearing
  • Rhys is standing all sexy and powerful and he’s got a smirk on his face and he’s so proud of Feyre
  • and Rhys’s first words “Feyre darling, I’ve found you.”
  • and together they help defeat the army
  • Tarquin and Rhys’ relationship is mending because of this
  • Feyre goes home with Rhys to Velaris 
  • Lucien goes with them after he kills the twins
  • but then we hear news after the attack at the Summer Court that Tamlin’s dead after Hybern found out Tamlin wasn’t working with him

And then Book 4 could be just after Part 2 of ACOWAR where Feyre gets back into Velaris and Lucien is with her? Then ACOWAR will have loads more of our fave characters in focus as well as Feysand. Idk, I just feel like I need MORE FEYSAND and ACWAR it too short and I need more!!!!! I’m honestly just sad it’s over (and I had so much fun writing this, but this is just a fun idea guys)

S12 Finale - DEATHS

•Rowena: Holy shit, that really upset me. Everyone is so upset that we didn’t see her die, but the way Lucifer killed her? Bashing her face in and then burning her? I don’t want to see that. And after everything she did to Lucifer I’m surprised he didn’t torture her more.

•Crowley: oh my fucking lord. His one-liners were amazing, and I am so proud of him, despite the fact that this death probably affected me the most, because I don’t think he’s coming back. The way Mark was saying goodbye in posts on twitter to the crew, etc. makes me think it’s permanent. CROWLEY SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO SAVE THE WINCHESTERS, CAS, AND THE WORLD. While I wish he wasn’t dead with everything in me, he died the way I would’ve wanted him to go: a hero.

•Castiel: not gonna lie, I grabbed my mother’s hand and screamed like a baby. But while it hurts like a bitch, we know he’s coming back. Cas has died too many times and come back too many times and is too popular for this to be permanent. And the biggest point: THEY MADE A HUGE POINT ABOUT THE NEPHILIM “CHOOSING” CAS. Jack chose him as a gaurdian, killed Dagon who was trying to kill Cas. Jack will bring Cas back, no doubt about it. Because I’ve heard Misha is signed on for S13 so I’m not worried.

ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY’RE QUITTING THE SHOW BECAUSE THESE CHARACTERS DIED: What show have you been watching? Death is rarely permanent.

Let me just say. I took this screenshot and was overwhelmed. My heart was fluttering and I feel genuinely happy. The way he looks at her, MY GOSH. He really cares about her and so does she. So to all of the haters on Amy, unfollow me now because I don’t need your negativity. As long as Mark and Amy are happy together, then I am happy for them as well. She doesn’t deserve to be hated for a dream that’s been dead and neither does Signe for that matter. Hate all you want on me but this is what I wish someday. For someone to look at me the way Mark looks at Amy and just saying, man she’s the greatest and I’m proud of her every single day. Amyplier is relationship goals.

If It’s You (M)

A one-shot based on a request from @sunshinehobi7. Hope you like it Rachel!

Hoseok and You

Genre: Fratboy Hoseok, fluff, smut and a little angst thrown in for good measure heh heh

Word count: 7, 205 words


Crossing the threshold of the house felt like stepping into a different world. The music was so loud it felt like the whole place was thumping in time with the beats. It was not usually your scene but when your roommate, Amy, asked if you wanted to go to the party with her she didn’t have much persuading to do. You had just finished your finals, you deserved a break and socialise after being cooped up with books for so long and maybe kick back a beer or two.

So here you were. You smiled and greeted the other students you knew as you delved further into the house, letting Amy lead you to the spacious living room. It didn’t feel very big now that it was packed with a large amount of people chatting and dancing with no organisation whatsoever as it typically was at this sort of gathering.

An hour or so later found you still in the same room, not having moved much from your original spot where you leaned against the wall, talking to some of your friends about plans for the break. Your legs were aching from standing too long and you’d give anything to be able to sit down on the couch you were sure was in the middle of the room somewhere, but so many people had been crowding it that you hadn’t even been able to see it most of the time.

Then a group of people finally shuffled off to gift you with a view of the couch. However, it wasn’t the furniture that caught your attention, but the people sitting on it. One particular person, to be exact. The people flanking him on either side did not matter to you; you were instantly drawn to the man sprawled on the couch, his body lean and relaxed. His hair was not quite blonde, perhaps it was the lighting in the room playing tricks on you but it looked peach; a colour you’d brand silly on anyone else, but on him it seemed fitting and suited to his tanned skin.

He tilted his head right at that moment and caught your eye. That was when you decided that just as his hair colour suited his tan, his slightly darkened skin matched the sunny smile that he flashed you even more. The curve of your lips hitched upwards reflexively as you returned his intense gaze with your own that was filled with wonder. Never had you felt so drawn to someone before, and it was not just his looks either, because you’d met guys who were drop dead gorgeous yet didn’t feel the pull that you were experiencing now.

You were unsure if he thought that you were as magnetic as you found him to be, but you knew that his gaze was piercing you longer than necessary, spanning almost a minute before he leaned on his side to say something to the girl sitting next to him, never taking his eyes off of you. The girl’s expression took on a look of surprise, then she nodded and walked out of the room. His grin turned into one of proud triumph as he patted the vacant seat, motioning for you to come over and take it.

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the imitation game (PSA)

this is alan turing. he saved over 14 million lives and stopped WWII 2 years before it would have stopped without him. he designed one of the earliest computers and had a brilliant mind.

alan was an insane human being and a gift to this world because without him, people like you and me might not be here, and we definitely wouldn’t be reading this because we have tumblr, or even computers. this man not only had an incredible mind, but he had a beautiful heart too. he had a friend named christopher, and another one several years later named joan. he didn’t have a lot of people in his life, but the ones that he did have, he loved and helped and supported.

the reason that I’m on an alan turing rant because this movie hurts me so much to watch. (but i honestly love this movie) alan turing was a victim of bullying, harassment, blackmail, and homophobia. he was bullied in school and throughout his whole life. a soviet spy blackmailed him into staying quiet by threatening to expose his sexuality. after the war, he was exposed as a homosexual and was sentenced to 2 years in prison, or hormone therapy. he chose the hormone therapy.

a short while later, the man who saved millions of lives and billions of future lives, took his own. alan turing committed suicide on june 7th, 1954. that is why i’m writing this. alan was alone. he was bullied, he was tired of fighting, but worst of all, he had no one. he had been treated like nothing his whole life even though he did beyond amazing things. people didn’t like him because he was different. this led him to suicide, so in other words, he killed himself because he was hated for being different.

this is alan when he was surrounded by people who knew him for his differences and accepted that those differences made him amazing.

this is alan when they were investigating him for indecency.

this is alan on the hormones. he is weak, broken, afraid, and in this picture looking at his last friend and the first person to accept him for being gay. he was dead a short time ofter she left him. she was his last smile and last flash of life behind his eyes.

so, please don’t bully people. no one deserves that. no one deserves to feel like they are wrong because they’re different.

don’t judge people without knowing their whole story. they will surprise you.

don’t be ashamed of yourself for any reason, be proud to be how you are, because you are beautiful however you are.

stand up for people, help people, and never make anyone feel alone. help people who sit by themselves or don’t get talked to.

stay alive, because its worth it. you are important and you can do a lot. you are not alone, because if you’re reading this, then you have me. message me if you need to, ill try to help you. if you can’t stay alive for yourself, stay alive for me.

and as cliche as this is, please just love yourself. i know it can be hard sometimes, but you deserve a second chance, and there is hope.

ok my slightly random love yourself PSA is over, and I’m sobbing, but yeah sorry i felt the need to do that.

“I Will Always Protect You” -- Kara and Alex Post 2x20

@two-x-chromosomes wrote: “Did anyone else see the look on Alex’s face when Rhea was insulting Kara on the phone? I feel like she would definitely have comforted Kara after that. Danvers sisters ftw“ and @statuepuppie wrote “Any Kara/Alex interaction, Eve something subtle. Alex seems to be on ‘desk duty'” and @natp wrote “Kara freaking out over the fact lena was abducted especially so soon after heer sister was taken. Maybe emotional reprecussions of this lena being manipulated again” and @hunseckerde wrote “Kara not forgetting about Lena at the end :) What happened to 'i will always protect you’?“

She hears her heartbeat.

She hears her heartbeat, steady, steady, and it’s the only thing that keeps Kara still breathing. 

That keeps Kara from killing Rhea, damn her kind exterior, damn her capacity for forgiveness, damn her righteousness.

If Lena had been dead instead of unconscious, Kara would damn all that to hell.

She’d show Rhea what Supergirl being righteous really is.

But Lena is breathing.

Breathing. Alive.

Just like Alex is alive. She’s alive.

Both of these women, these women that she’s living for. Both of these women are alive.

And if Lena were conscious, Kara knows what she’d want her to do: stop Rhea.

So she flies off to that damn device, and she tries, she tries, to stop it, to do Lena proud, to do her sister proud, to be stronger than the woman who said she thirsted for humans’ worship because without it, her survival was worth nothing.

Her survival was not worth nothing.

Her survival was…

Alex says there’s no shame in survival.

Alex is sometimes wrong.

Kara tries to stop that damn device – the device that had Lena babbling so adorably about physics that Kara had to pretend she had no grasp on, that damn device that Lena wanted to use to save the world, that Lena was played, played, played by Rhea for, and damn it all, Kara would happily throttle her for using that woman, that fragile, powerful woman, who just wanted to do good, who just wanted to be good, who just wanted to be loved – Kara tries, and she fails.

She fails, and as she slams back into the dirt, she listens for Lena’s heartbeat.

She can still hear it, slow but steady and strong, and it’s her one comfort.

Her one comfort as the Daxamite ships start pouring through the portal, as Kara can do nothing but stare, just as helpless, just as worthless, as Rhea had said she was.

Because maybe her survival was nothing after all.

But Lena’s heart is still beating. 

And at the DEO, Alex is still figuring out how to stop all this. How to fix what Kara couldn’t.

Just like she couldn’t, last week, fix what Rick had done. 

Just like she couldn’t stop Alex’s nightmares, prevent Alex from going to work even if it meant she was restricted from field duty, couldn’t force Alex to let herself properly heal.

The ships don’t attack right away, and anyway, they need a plan.

They need a plan, and Kara needs to get back to Lena.

But suddenly, she can’t hear her heartbeat. Suddenly, it’s gone, gone, gone.

But so is Rhea’s heartbeat.

Kara speeds back to the lab, and they’re not dead. They’re just… gone. There’s a metallic tang of teleport energy in the air, and Kara knows immediately what Rhea has done.

She’s taken Lena.

Kara balls her fists and narrows her eyes and shoots heat at everything in sight, and Kara just screams.

She doesn’t know how long she screams – because she promised she’d always protect her, she’d promised, she’d promised, but she couldn’t, she didn’t, just like she couldn’t, she didn’t, protect Alex – and she doesn’t know how long she heat visions every piece of equipment in sight.

She doesn’t know how long it takes Winn to realize what’s happening, what Kara must be going through, and send Alex to her location in the DEO’s fastest chopper.

She doesn’t know how long it takes to scream her throat raw, doesn’t know how long it takes until Alex is suddenly there, there, wrapping her arms around her and loving her, loving her, holding her, cradling her, holding back her clenched fists, grabbing her body to hers, giving her the pressure she needs around her torso to calm her, soothe her, make her feel, somehow, a little bit, safe.

“I got you, Kara. I got you,” Alex keeps repeating, and Kara screams again without warning.

Because Alex shouldn’t be comforting her.

Because she failed Alex, just like she failed Lena, and now Lena’s in captivity, like Alex was, and Alex nearly died, and it was Kara’s fault, and Rao, what if Lena… no.



She doesn’t know when she starts sobbing, but she knows Alex’s arms are strong.

She doesn’t know when she starts grabbing at the back of Alex’s shirt, but she knows Alex doesn’t care about the bruises she accidentally is leaving with the strength of her grasp.

She doesn’t know when she starts gasping for air and apologizing over, and over, and over, partially to Alex, partially to Lena, partially to the whole damn world, the whole damn universe, because Rao, Rhea was right, wasn’t she?

Right that Kara Danvers – Kara Zor-El, or had she really forgotten that part of her being? – had no meaning? Had had no right to survive?

That she was nothing but self-righteous, that her survival meant nothing, nothing. 

Less than nothing.

That her survival – when everyone else died, everyone else she had known, everyone else she had loved – was a waste.

Everyone else had died, and the Daxamites?

They had thousands of people, hundreds of ships.

They had, at least a little bit, each other.

Kara had no one. No one. 

No one except the woman whose arms are wrapped around her wracking body.

No one except the man the world had spent the day – and every day, too many damn days – dismissing.

No one except the man who flinched when someone yelled at him because he, too, had been kicked too many times.

No one except the man who, too, was the last of his people.

No one except the woman who cared for her, loved her, and then left to dive into her own life, and that was fine, it was good, most of the time, because she deserves to take care of herself, of her son, but Rao, how Kara misses her.

No one except the woman who was trapped on one of those spaceships, and it was Kara’s fault, her fault, her own damn fault.

It’s a good list, she supposes.

Of people. People she has. Family she’s grown.

It’s a good list, but she’s failed them all.

“We’ll get her back, Kara,” Alex whispers, and she’s not sure how Alex knows.

“We’ll get her back, and I promise you, you are nothing that that… woman… said to you. You are kind and you have the heart of a hero, Kara. Because you are a hero. Your survival brings honor to all the people you lost, no matter what humans think of you, no matter what Rhea thinks of you. You are everything, Kara, do you hear me? Everything. And we are going to get her back. I promise you.”

Kara sniffles and Kara smiles slightly when Alex wipes her nose with the back of her own hand without hesitating.

“You could use your sleeve, you know,” Kara splutters, and Alex pffts and shrugs, kissing Kara’s forehead.

“You know alien snot is apparently a lot less gross than human snot?”

“That’s not true of all of us, have you seen Brian sneeze?”

“Ugh, that poor man, we really need to leave him alone, don’t we?”

They share a soft, quiet laugh, Kara still a shaking ball in her big sister’s arms.

“We’re going to bring her back, Kara. And none of this is your fault. None of what Rhea has done is your fault. And none of what Rick did was your fault, either. You understand me?”

Kara shudders at his name, and she clutches at Alex tighter. Alex is careful not to flinch, not to reveal how sore her body still is from… from what he did to her.

“You promise?” Kara asks, because she needs to hear it from one person whose faith she needs more than that cape, more than anything in the entire universe.

“I promise,” Alex kisses her hair, and Kara lets herself believe it.

When I was in elementary school, there was an elderly teacher’s aide who was very strict but that I liked a lot because she talked to me about books.

When we were in third grade, and reading a book that touched on the Holocaust (I think it was Number the Stars), our teacher asked her to come and speak with us.

She came in, this strict but kind old woman, and she told us about being a little girl in Nazi Germany being raised by a single father, a professional bookbinder. She and her father, they sheltered Jews on their way out of the country. She told us about watching her father get beaten in front of her, and still the Nazis couldn’t find the Jews in their house. She told us this, and she cried. She told us she didn’t know if any of those people made it all the way out alive. Before the end of the war, her father was dead. And she was very proud of him.

I went home that day and told my parents about it. My dad told me about my grandfather, and his time in WWII. He was hard of hearing, bordering on deaf in later years, which made it very hard to get into the military, let alone advance. But he ended up an expert surveyor, planning out strikes with math because they didn’t have computers yet. He was often in an enemy zone before everyone else.

So my dad went into the closet and pulled out a sword. A German ceremonial sword. The advance squad had run into a town and my grandpa led the fight that ended in their surrender, taking advantage of the element of surprise. And that was the sword they surrendered to him. He, a man who could barely hear them, heard the Nazi surrender.

And as a kid, I held the sword and it was very heavy. These days, it still is. My brother calls me and tells me he has registered on an underground network as a safe house, for muslims, for gay kids. He asks me for resources.

I have seen a lot of posts lately about the bomb threats against temples and the desecration of Jewish buildings. And I want all my Jewish followers to know that if they want to know if the non-Jews in here would hide them, I am one. I’m not Jewish but standing against nazis is in my blood. It should be in everyone’s.

Please know that you are not alone. These neo-nazis have so many targets based on race, nationality, sexuality. But I won’t forget that their anti-semitism is at the root of so much.

Like I Love You - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N: hello, dearieees! :D I am back with my first Stiles Stilinski imagine! :D and first Teen Wolf imagine xD hope you like it! :D

Anonymous said:  Hi! Can you please do a Teen Wolf imagine in season 1 where reader is Scott’s best friend from childhood and they are like brother and sister and Stiles is in love with her, she helps Scott with all his werewolf problems along with Stiles and when they get traped in the school for the night (when the Alpha attacks them) Stiles conffesses his feelings and the reader says she loves him too😊 Thank you so much!!💗💗💗

so, here it iiis! I re-watched the episode and tried to make it as accurate as possible, so is really long but bear with me people :D

Warnings: I would say that Jackson’s a bit of an asshole, but that’s sort of a given… so yea! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Teen Wolf :)

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Like I Love You

“I’m going to kill both of you!” Derek said angrily as Stiles, Scott and (Y/N) walked out of the school.

“There are three of us” Stiles pointed out.

“He likes me better” (Y/N) informed him.

“No, he desn’t!”

“Yes, I do. I know she’s not stupid enough to go along with this idea” he said rolling his eyes and she smirked at Stiles, who was glaring at her. “What the hell was that? What are you trying to do, attract the entire state to the school?”

Scott had let out a loud howl to possibly attract the Alpha. Which was, in fact, stupid because they didn’t have any idea what to do whether it showed up or not.

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was gonna be that loud” Scott said sounding kind of proud, while Stiles smirked at him.

“Yeah, it was loud. And it was awesome!” he added.

“Shut up” Derek said dead serious.

“Come on, don’t be such a sour-wolf” Stiles tried to joke with him.

(Y/N) looked around and got closer to him when she felt like somebody was watching them. And then, Scott noticed something. “What’d you do with him?” he said looking at the back seat of Derek’s car where Deaton was. Only now, it was empty.

“What?” Derek said confused looking back. “I didn’t do anything-“

As soon as he said that, (Y/N) let out a piercing scream when she saw something behind Derek and almost immediately, he felt something on his back before blood started coming out of his mouth. They all heard a loud growl (louder than Scott’s) and there it was. The Alpha. Stiles wasted no time in grabbing (Y/N)’s hand and started pulling her towards the school with Scott running quickly behind them. The Alpha let out another growl before it tossed Derek on the floor and (Y/N) was sure he was dead.

“Oh my God!”

“(Y/N), come on!” Scott hurried her.

This had been her life this past year. (Y/N) was used to running away from trouble since she had grown up with Scott and Stiles. They were her best friends and trouble didn’t really stay away from them. But ever since that night when Stiles made them go out to find a body in the woods and Scott was bitten by a werewolf, she wasn’t just running out of trouble. She was running for her life. The three of them finally made it inside the school and Stiles and Scott tried to pull the doors shut.

“Lock it! Lock it!” Scott yelled at Stiles while (Y/N) tried to help by pulling the doors too.

“Do I look like I have a key?” Stiles asked upset.

“Grab something!”


“Anything!” Scott and (Y/N) yelled at the same time.

Stiles looked (Y/N) and saw her shaking. She was his and Scott’s best friend in the entire world and everyone could tell you that she was the bravest out of the three of them. So he knew this was bad. He then looked through the window of the door to see he had dropped the car tongs.

“No!” Scott quickly said.


“No! Stiles you CANNOT GO OUTSIDE!” (Y/N) said hysterically. “Have you lost your mind! You saw what he did to Derek! He’s dead!”

“Stay with Scott” he said quickly giving her a kiss on the head and walking out of the school.

“STILES!” (Y/N) was about to go after him but Scott pulled her back.

“He’ll be fine” he assured her as the two of them stared at him through the window.

Stiles carefully made his way to the tool when (Y/N) suddenly saw it. It was coming from behind Stiles’ Jeep. This horrible beast was the scariest thing she had ever seen. It had completely black fur and deep red eyes.

“STILES!” she yelled hysterically pounding the window of the door.

“COME BACK!” Scott yelled as they saw the Alpha making its way towards him. Stiles turned around to look at it before it took a leap and started running towards him. He froze for a second before he quickly got up and ran towards his friend just in time to put the tongs to hold the door. As soon as he did, (Y/N) threw herself at him, crying.

“Oh my God, Stiles!” she whispered holding him as if her life depended on it.

“I’m ok” Stiles said stroking her back before she pulled away and hit the back of his head. “Ouch! What the hell?”

“How stupid can you be, Stiles? Honestly!”

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A friend of mine had an experience that convinced her to get a knife. 

She was gifted several. Some of them are pretty basic knives,  some of them are very decorative. They all have a blade of about six inches. She’s proud of them. 

Some dude on the internet told her that she needs a particular knife if she’s looking for protection, ‘not this gaudy shit.’ 

Listen. Dude. 

If a girl wants a pretty knife, let her have the pretty knife. 

Just because they’re pretty doesn’t mean they won’t kill you dead if properly motivated. 

You know. 

Like women. 

Gansey College Headcanon

·Literally nobody believes Gansey is for real when he talks about his friends from back home.
·his roommate was curious about the Polaroid pictures he had hung up on his wall but after Gansey tries to explain the roughly 300 physics that share one bathroom his roommate pats Gansey’s shoulder and heads to the cafeteria.
·the angry gay farmer occasionally writes letters, covered in Opal’s own ‘writing’
               ·eventually opal starts writing in latin flawlessly and Gansey is pretty proud of Ronan so he always has one pinned above his desk.
              ·his floormates are hella confused about a kid writing in a hella dead language.
·adam mails articles about new research on ley lines just in case Gansey doesn’t know (he definitely read them already at least five times before but he’s pretty touched.)
                  ·this turns into long winded skype conversations about the delicate balance of questing and adventures, and adam pointing out that he’s in college now, he can’t go hunting for dead Welsh kings anymore
                ·his roommate overhears that bit and is like wtf.
                 ·also he really doesn’t get the eternal fascination with ley lines. Gansey brought every single map known to man of ley lines with him to school.
·henry mails the weirdest care packages.
                 ·like, nutella and ramen and weird as shit playlists that are really just opera and international pop music and strange remixes of murder squash song and the most horrifying stuffed animals.
                             · sometimes the stuffed animals look like roadkill and nobody knows why gansey keeps them.
·for the fall reading week he comes back with a new photo, him and his friends.
·angry farmer street racing boy has a new tattoo apparently. “Remembered” across his forearm.
·there is also a girl
·nobody really believes this girl truly exists
·apparently she studies environmental science and on her weekends ‘communes with the trees’
·her name is also blue, and jane is a nickname.
·she isn’t a physic? Gansey makes it sound normal but nothing about his friends sounds normal.
·they talk a lot on the phone at night.
·apparently, according the gansey, she’s a bright star that he accidentally referred to as a prostitute once upon a time.
               ·his roommate fully believes gansey is actually 100% insane.
·blue comes for a visit.
·because her roommate is actually insane and she’s tired and she just wants to burn Gansey’s ridiculous shoes in peace.
·so she shows up at 2 in the morning having walked for a good hour from the bus station to campus and both boys are wide awake and gansey looks a second away from an actual heart attack.
                    ·"you’ve died twice now you literally want to lecture me, dick?”
·at that point his roommate vanishes because the entire floor needs to understand that the tiny mythical creature is a l i v e.
·she is everything gansey described.
·she wears the retro platform boots with some strange swing dress and has the ends of her hair dip dyed bright blue and her bag is held together by safety pins and duck tape.
·nobody dares to question gansey now because she looks ready to fight.
·the entire week he simply parades around looking pretty damn proud
·but at the very end on her last day escaping crazy roommate adam and henry and ronan show up
·and his roommate questions life and wonders if he’ll survive the school year alive and well and not insane because his roommate is apparently an actual crazy person who quests and looks for dead people and has weird friends that range from angry to preppiest little fuck imaginable, with henry like not even a blimp on that particular weirdness scale because he’s a whole new creature himself.

also blue survives the entire week on yogurt alone and everyone is baffled. 

·there’s this weird robo bee that comes with that NOBODY EXPLAINS TO ANYONE and the entire residence basically vanishes to some safe place (ie. the entire building vacates to the library and never leaves until henry is far far away.)

honestly, i still don’t get why rick killed bianca. If she would have lived, we could have had one of the most interesting characters in these books, i mean can you imagine?

  • bianca travelling the world with the hunters enjoying her life to the fullest
  • bianca winning every huntress’s trust and becoming good friends with all of them because of her undying loyalty
  •  bianca and thalia being the badass big three daughters together who become almost inseparable
  • nico realising his feelings and going to bianca to talk to her about them
  • bianca helping her brother every step of the way to make him understand what he’s feeling is absolutely normal
  • bianca making sure nico’s happy at camp half blood every time she vistis
  • bianca kicking percy’s ass at everything
  • bianca making sure percy never hurts her brother
  • bianca destroying it at the battle of manhattan with nico and the hunters 
  • bianca meeting thalia’s little brother jason and immediately becoming good friends with him
  • also meeting piper and forming a strong bond with her based on strong mutual admiration
  • bianca meeting hazel and being super proud of her and her bravery
  • bianca looking at nico taking care of hazel and realising how much nico’s grown
  • bianca making sure both her younger siblings are happy while still travelling with the hunters
  • bianca seeing nico after tartarus and completely breaking inside because her baby brother looks like he’s dead inside
  • bianca punching percy and making sure he fucking apologises and thanks nico for all the shit that he’s done
  • bianca asking piper and hazel to look after nico while he’s with the seven
  •  thalia comforting bianca because she can understand what bianca feels like
  • bianca kicking gaea’s sorry ass in the battle
  • bianca di angelo leading a happy life full of adventure with amazing girlfriends and siblings she couldn’t love more and smiling everyday

Lauren Cohan in Harper’s Bazaar (March 2017) 

Cohan considers the women—and the men—of The Walking Dead to be feminist characters, largely because “the physical and emotional qualifications to survive an apocalypse are naturally equalizing,” she says. “Knowing poisonous berries from nonpoisonous berries, being able to jump start a car, keeping your cool under pressure, having the Spidey-sense to stab a zombie in the brain just in time. Our characters are defined by their merits, not their gender. It makes me proud when mothers tell us that their daughters look up to the women on our show.”

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Could you do hc for prefall soldier 76 having a secret relationship with reader because he's her superior.

  • It’d be his idea
  • He just doesn’t want people to think you’re with him to get a different treatment than the others.
  • he trusts you though
  • he knows you love him and not his position
  • you’d actually hide it pretty well.
  • Maybe Ana would notice a few things
  • but she’d ignore it
  • it’s not her business
  • He’d often come to your room to just watch a movie or something
  • Sometimes he’d call you to his office/room to ‘have a serious talk’, but you’d just make out.
  • He also hates hiding you. Other recruits might flirt with you and he does not like that
  • He wants to show you off, he’s proud of having you as his significant other
  • After the fall, he’d break up with you because he’s supposed to be dead and he wants to keep you safe.
TOG6 Headcanon

I truly have no idea what is in store for us in the final Throne of Glass novel. Honestly I’m slightly terrified because we’ve never seen SJM finish a novel before so I’m afraid of what awaits us with her plot twists. There is one thing that I really want her to do though.

Okay so we know that Aelin is immortal which means she won’t die for at least another few centuries. However this means that she won’t see all those people that she loves who died. So I want SJM to pull a ‘Harry Potter’ as in I want Aelin to die but then come back to life. And then when she dies I want her to see all those people that she loved.

First of all she would see her parents who would say comforting things like the fact that even though she has done terrible things, they are still immensely proud of the woman she has become. Then Nehemia shows up and she apologised to Aelin for lying to her but then Aelin says that she doesn’t care because Nehemia did help her become he queen that she was terrified of being again. And last, but most certainly not least, Sam Cartland shows up. That’s when all hell breaks loose in Aelin’s emotions. She runs to him and he holds her while she weeps on his shoulder. She tells him that she’s sorry that he died, sorry that he was dead because he loved her, sorry that she fell in love with someone else after him… That is when Sam tells her to stop talking. He was happy to see her with Rowan, with a male who respected her and loved her as she deserves to be loved. Then he disappears and Aelin wakes up, ready to defeat Erawan or whoever else stands in her way.

Anybody have any thoughts on this, be free to say something. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts.

i love that rick admitted to wanting to run the next world with michonne. like rick grimes?? he said he wanted to do that??? if she did?? like im so proud of him for learning to communicate and express his feelings and be with the one he loves. because happy rick grimes is my favourite and i need him like this all the time

wrote my way out

summary: Y/N wrote her way out and now she’s standing by a man who she never thought she would be standing by.

a/n: it’s almost 5am, wrote my way out made me cry so i wrote this. lol thx lin for the writers block playlist, really helped tbh.


“How old were you when you wrote your first musical?” The interviewer asked. Y/N paused as she thought about the question. “When I was about five,” She laughed at the memory. “It was horrible and I didn’t really know how musicals and plays worked, but I had gone to many broadway musicals so I had this thought that if you can write a song and make it emotionally funny, you’re doing something that could change the world.” She explained with a grin on her cheeks and a glint of sparkle in her eyes.

“And your parents? Were they supportive?” They asked, she took a breath and looked at them. Confusion was playing in her eyes for a split moment as she scratched the back of her neck. “Yeah,” She said with a tone that told you she wasn’t sure. How could she be sure, though? She was twelve when they died. She wrote her way from the life she had, and God bless she did. If she was there she would probably be dead.

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There’s no way for Azula to know Aang was still alive after she shot him with the lightning blast, until she suspected Zuko’s behaviour when he was feeding the turtle-duckes in the Fire Nation and figure it out here.

“So, I didn’t capture the Avatar,”

“Who cares?“ Azula asks. “The Avatar is dead.”

Zuko looks away.

He still doesn’t know how to cover himself. (In the lying sort of way. He seems to have mastered the clothing sort of way, unfortunately.) Azula, being as sharp as she is (sharp enough to sink an empire class battleship), picks up on his caginess immediately. “Unless you think he somehow miraculously survived…” she coaxes. Zuko knows about the spirit oasis water.

And he also knows how slippery Aang is, plus he seems to have some sort of strange psychic connection to Aang, perhaps the very thing that allowed them to fight in tandem so well in The Blue Spirit, so this is why he has a nagging feeling that Aang isn’t dead.

“No, there’s no way he could have survived,” Zuko says assuredly to Azula. But Azula sees straight through his lies. They stare each other down for few minutes.

“Well, then I’m sure you have nothing to worry about,” Azula responds. He holds his own against her in that, but he’s already shown his hand, unfortunately for him. This is a warning for him, but he doesn’t pick up on it.

Azula leaves.

This proves that the person who was suspected the Avatar might still alive is Zuko, not Azula. And his suspicions extended to her.

What would be the point of this scene if Azula was already know the truth? If she was know the truth already, then this scene is vain- hole plot. There’s no point of them talking about the possibility of Aang’s survival. The writers would’ve cancel this whole conversation, and skip til to “bedroom scene” where Azula suspicing the Avatar may still alive.

This is the key. And more of what even mentioned in the canon book “Earth Kingdom: Chronicles: The Tale of Azula”

(This Tale told by Azula’s perspective. The book written by Michael Teitelbaum, one of the writers who create her character)

She actually planned to GIVE Zuko credit for taking down the Avatar BEFORE she suspected that the Avatar was alive. Proof of this is when the siblings were introduced by Li and Lo; Azula was given credit for taking down Ba Sing Se, but NOT for taking down the Avatar. At that point, she believed the Avatar dead and yet did not claim credit; she had not yet asked Zuko about the Avatar possibly being alive. This was her way of showing her thanks to Zuko for coming back to her.

Ozai: “I am proud of you, Prince Zuko. I am proud because you and your sister conquered Ba Sing Se. I am proud because when your loyalty was tested by your treacherous uncle, you did the right thing and captured the traitor. And I am proudest of all of your most legendary accomplishment: you slayed the Avatar.”

We know that Azula isn’t nice enough to give Zuko the glory out of the goodness of her heart, but we don’t know what she’s up to, just like he doesn’t know. We of course find out that she was protecting herself, so she wouldn’t be shamed if it ever came out that the Avatar wasn’t really dead. But she could have told Ozai that Zuko killed the Avatar without mentioning his “power” and “ferocity”. Those words of compliments. Azula did do a lot of smiling during that battle. She also emphasizes a separation between Zuko and Iroh, with Iroh as the traitor, and Zuko as the loyalist who proved himself. That much had to have been for Zuko’s benefit.

Iroh is considered too far gone to be redeemed in Ozai’s eyes, and Azula views him the same way.

But Zuko is a failure, and he gets two options: being dragged home where he’ll no longer embarrass Ozai, as said by Azula in Book 2, Episode 1, OR he could restore his own honor by joining forces with Azula, which would get him his “honor” back, again a summary of the things Azula tells him in Book 2, Episode 20. Long story short, he either gets to get locked in a basement to no longer embarrass dad, or to prove for once and for all that he’s not a failure.

The fact remains that Azula gave Zuko a chance to do the latter. And she didn’t do it because she thought she nedeed a scapegoat, how could she have known Aang might have survived until that conversation with her brother by the turtle-duck pond? Until then she’s absolutely convinced Aang is dead. She snaps at Zuko, until she finally asks if he thinks he might have miraculously survived. Zuko hesitates, then says no. Azula can tell something’s not right, and she says that in that case he has nothing to worry about. In that case. In that case. [x]

▪At the bedroom scene:

“You have another motive for doing this,” Zuko accuses. “I just haven’t figured out what it is.”“What ulterior motive could I have? What could I possibly gain by letting you get all of the glory for defeating the Avatar?““…Unless, somehow, the Avatar was still alive,” she finally says. See: she told him the truth. It’s not as if he had her cornered – she chose to tell him the truth, probably to help him out a little. Now, she might have thrown him under the bus a little here, but he sort of had it coming: she asked him if it was possible that the Avatar was still alive, and he denied it. We’ll never know what might have happened if he had told the truth at Ba Sing Se or the pond. And he could have told the truth when he was with his father, but he didn’t. And maybe Azula did him a favor, because it’s possible that Ozai would not have accepted Zuko back if he did not think that Zuko had been the one to take care of the Avatar problem. We can’t know that either.

“All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and foolishness,” she points out with menace, taking her hand off of his shoulder and walking back to her bed.

“But you said yourself that was impossible,” Azula points out thereby justifying herself.

He’s still angry at her duplicity, but he certainly realizes that he got himself into this position, and he’s trying to figure out how he can fix things.

In the Beach, Azula even offered to help Zuko with his internal turmoil. She showed compassion and a willingness to help him with his mental struggle, even going so far as to decrease her value in the eyes of her father so that Zuko could have what he dreamed of.

Azula is not as bad as you think (or as some hope). Her helping her brother at Ba Sing Se was completely selfless.

When Zuko defects from the Fire Nation she felt angry. His leaving also throws her priorities into doubt, when he begins to succeed without meeting, or even trying to meet, the standards set by their father. But she wasn’t truly unnerved until she’s followed by the of betrayal of Mai and Ty lee.

Azula may act cold and cruel with Zuko sometimes, she also do care about him sometimes too. Her feelings toward him are complex and variable.

As long as some people not using fan-made stuff as arguments in serious discussions such as have a tendency to defy all logic and to try to flatten her character and her complexities by “fortuneteller!Azula” headcanon who would know that Aang would survive the lighting blast. then I have no reason to assure this point at the end of “Book 2: Earth”. You should know better than to twist things around just to belittle her good side..

So follow logic and the canon storyline.