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Send “✎” and I will write 10 headcanons about our muses interacting (open)

  1.  Jesse’s favorite nickname for Hanzo is “Sugar Square”. This comes from Hanzo getting a rise out of being referred to as ‘sweet’ (sugar), as well as being called out for being conservative and ‘anti-fun’ (square). It’s worth noting that this was the first nickname of Jesse’s that ever made Hanzo laugh; he could not understand why McCree would refer to him as a horse treat.
  2. On the subject of horses, the first thing Jesse and Hanzo ever bonded over was their shared love for the gentle giants. Hanzo had been trained in the art of Yabusame  since he was a young boy, whereas Jesse is…well…a cowboy. McCree has been allowed by Overwatch’s budget and the puppy dog eye treatment  to have a private horse stable, and has only granted Hanzo the pleasure to visit as he pleases.
  3. Similar to their in-game argument re: whiskey v. sake, Hanzo and Jesse also differ on their opinions on nicotine intake. Whereas Hanzo exclusively smokes cigarettes, Jesse thinks cigars are the way to go. The only difference is, while Jesse will smoke a cigarette when offered, Hanzo finds cigars to be absolutely disgusting and wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole.
  4. (McHanzo related) Prior to finding each other, neither Hanzo nor Jesse had ever been involved in a serious relationship. For Jesse, life was best lived in the most fast-paced, life threatening way possible, which left little room for long-term romantic pursuits. On the other side of the coin, a young Hanzo was severely emotionally stunted by the murder of his brother Genji, and as a result found himself incapable to developing attachments to others, romantic or otherwise.Trhough their own relationship, Jesse has come to learn to appreciate life for more than just mere excitement, and Hanzo has started to heal - albeit extremely slowly -  from his trauma.
  5. Jesse has a small scar on his throat after an incident in which he tried to sneak up on a sleeping Hanzo (either for the sake of a prank or a sexy surprise, whichever you prefer). A trained assassin since birth, Hanzo often says that he ‘sleeps with both eyes open’, meaning he is an extremely light sleeper who is always ready to leap to the attack. During Jesse’s attempt, Hanzo awoke and pinned the unsuspecting cowboy to the bed, dagger at his throat. While Hanzo released him pretty much immediately after realizing who Jesse was, he did manage to nick the skin with the edge of his blade - not enough to cause a medical emergency, but just enough to scar. To this day, Hanzo refuses to apologize for the maiming, as he insists that he has made the consequences of stirring him for sleep perfectly clear to everybody on multiple occasions.
  6. Due to Hanzo being ESL, he often has an incredibly difficult time understanding English colloquialisms. The most notable example of this is Hanzo constantly referring to Jesse as a “Cow Man” rather than a cowboy because, quote, “Why would I refer to you as a boy if you are a grown man?”.
  7. The two men have a bet have an interesting bet among each other: At a certain date, they will enter a mock combat scenario in the training area using each other’s weapons. Whoever wins gets a previously agreed upon, undisclosed prize. The reason neither has chosen to set up a date and time for his match is because they are both secretly horrific with each other’s weapons - Hanzo can’t manage the Peacekeeper’s recoil and Jesse still can’t figure out how to knock an arrow, let alone aim and shoot one. They have both secretly trained on both weapons in private numerous times, and just fail to get the hang of either.
  8. Hanzo is secretly jealous of the time Jesse got to spend with Genji during the Blackwatch years. He is convinced that the two formed a brotherly bond beyond what the actual blood brothers ever did, and that Genji will always view Jesse as a “real” brother. Considering the circumstances of their departure from one another, Hanzo feels entirely justified in this line of thinking and cannot be convinced otherwise.
  9. One of the biggest cultural barriers between Hanzo and Jesse is food. Hanzo is having a heinous time teaching McCree how to use chopsticks, primarily because Jesse refuses to eat sushi. Meanwhile,  Jesse is downright offended by the sight of Hanzo eating hamburgers, pizza and hotdogs with a fork and knife.
  10. Jesse is significantly more emotionally intelligent that Hanzo, a trait which comes from being immersed with the Deadlock Gang, where negotiations are made quick and without a sense of honor. This caused a huge rift in their friendship/relationship at first, as Hanzo bordered as emotionally incompetent. However, Hanzo learns his lessons best when they come to him the hard way, so after some near fist-fight encounters, Hanzo slowly began to learn how to feel again via Jesse. 
Just Keep Your Eyes On Me

“Senator Syndulla intends to visit Gorse, to learn of the conditions for workers there.”
“Capable protection, she will need.”

Or: Hera Syndulla is an idealistic Senator, Caleb Dume is a young Jedi knight. They’re kinda meant to be.

Or: Ages later, the Bodyguard!Kanera fic in the Happy AU

“Senator Syndulla intends to visit Gorse, to learn of the conditions for workers there.” Mace Windu tells the Council. He wears his robes with an inherent dignity that Caleb envies him for so very much, and his calm authority makes it seem as though this is a matter of great importance.

Caleb has never felt so out of place before. He’s only recently been knighted, and he really should not be here, in the company of so many esteemed Masters who seem to be making all the important decisions. He’s not even sure why he is here.

In the morning, his mas… former master (and doesn’t that take some getting used to, to not call her his master anymore?) came to his rooms and told him to prepare for the meeting. She didn’t tell him what it would be about, just to trust her. And Caleb does, without a single question. Depa Billaba is the person he trusts most in the whole wide galaxy. That doesn’t mean he’s not confused and nervous, however.

For the past two hours, the council has discussed multiple issues, some of which are connected to the Senate, others to the growing numbers of pirates, and some things Caleb just plain didn’t understand. He has a place next to Master Billaba, and it calms him a bit, to know she’s there, even though it’s stupid.

“Capable protection, she will need.” Yoda’s voice, croaky yet strong, cuts through Caleb’s thoughts. What were they talking about again? Something about a Senator… Senator Syndulla, right, who wants to go to some planet.

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