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Have you met Sidon, the Zora prince yet? If so, isn't he dreamy? For a fish guy that is. xD Also he cracks me up. Most of the Zora crack me up in this game.

I LOVE SIDON I need to draw him ahh,

I was in the middle of hunting along a river side before I got to the zora people and once I interacted with one it was just a shit storm and I got accosted by 5 different zora at that point chillin in the water and they were all like ARE YOU A HYLIAN??? You SHOULD GO SEE THE PRINCE- like yes yes I know the Fish Prince of Bel-Air needs help ok I got it the fist four damn times actin like JabuJabu’s Witness BUT IM BUSY

I’m a ho for side quests and THEY JUST KEPT interrupting me SO IM LIKE FINE ILL GO SEE THE FISH STICK JESUS- then when I got to him I was like holy damn your Fineness I’m so sorry I didn’t know forgive me???

you’re so cute and happy Hyrule needs you ok; please stay precious and pure;;

  • Natasha: *builds a telegraph out of fucking scrap metal to escape in a manner in which she wouldn't fucking die*
  • Fandom: wow it's so ooc of Natasha to not be able to escape smh
  • Bruce and Natasha: *have an entire segment dedicated to why they're appropriate for each other in terms of romance*
  • Fandom: idk it felt kinda rushed
  • Natasha: *falls in love with a male character*
  • Fandom: wow! How unfeminist! She's not a strong female character with no emotions so therefore she must not depend on any character in any way!
  • Me: please shut the fuck up immediately

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Can I request an "I almost lost you" kiss with Nevena and Cullen? Pretty please and thank you very much

Sure thing… Let’s have a shot at a post-Trespasser moment, shall we?

“Cullen?” He moaned, groggy and complaining at being awoken. Through his half-asleep state he felt something close around his shoulder. “Cullen?” He was shaken again, a little more vigorously. His body complained at the intrusion on his rest. Even as he opened his eyes, blinking slowly, his eyelids burned at being opened.

“Hm?” He dragged his hand down his face, trying to focus his vision. Cassandra came into focus, her eyes dark, her face drawn and pale. Worry marring her defined features. Realisation dawned on him, the past few days flying to the forefront of his mind. He jerked up out of his seat so fast Cassandra was forced to take a step back. “Nevena?!”

“She’s fine. She is still resting.” Cassandra explained, her voice softer than Cullen had ever heard it. She peered past him and down at the chair he was sleeping in. The blanket he covered himself with was on the floor, and the tray of food that a servant brought to him several hours ago was untouched. “When was the last time you slept in a bed?” asked Cassandra, fixing him with a look that was hauntingly similar to one Mia sometimes gave.

“I shouldn’t be sleeping at all.” said Cullen, stepping around the Seeker and towards the only bed in the room. Nevena was still there, much the same as she was when he sat down hours ago and continued to watch her sleep. That was all he was able to do. Watch her sleep and let the healing poultices and salves do their work. He was helpless. It was a feeling he was unfamiliar with and he hated it. There was nothing he could do to help her. No enemies he could slay or send people to hunt down. 

Perching on the edge of the bed, he brushed a few loose locks of hair away from his wife’s face. Her skin was cool and damp to the touch, cold sweat on her brow. She was deathly pale, the usual bloom of pink in her cheeks no where to be found. Her left arm was bandaged from her shoulder down to where was once her elbow joint. Now her arm ended there and he could see a dark red stain on the bandages around where the amputation was done.

He never heard screaming like it. The chaos of that moment when she part fell and part stumbled back through the Eluvian with Cassandra, Dorian, and Sera was a sight Cullen would never forget. The wound on her arm bleeding furiously, and the anchor - smaller than before - blazing with a ferocious light which seemed to shine through Nevena’s skin all the way up her arm. The relief of seeing her return alive was swiftly replaced by icy fear. He remembered running to her, but not being fast enough to catch her before she fell.

The rest was a blur. Carrying her to the infirmary, having her bite down on some kind of leather as physicians and healers judged the damage to her arm. How quickly it was discovered that her arm could not be saved, and the swift decision to remove it. What remained of the anchor was pulsing through her body as Cullen held her still. The piercing green light almost spilling from her mouth and blazing from her eyes at one point as she screamed. 

Nevena passed out eventually, either through pain, blood loss, or shock. Since then it had been a waiting game to see if she would fully recover. The prognosis was good. She woke once or twice, only briefly but was coherent in those moments. She was too lucid at the time to realise what happened… Cullen wasn’t sure how she would take it.

“You can’t do anything for her if you’re too tired to stand.” Cassandra chided. She stood just behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “The bed is for the two of you. Try to rest a while.”

Cullen sighed in return. He appreciated Cassandra’s attempts to get him to rest, but how could he? How could he, in good conscience, sleep while his wife of less than a week teetered on the edge of life and death. She was still prone to infection. There was no telling if the anchor hadn’t caused internal damage. And what if there were assassins? Either Qunari or agents of Fen’Harel? What if someone came after her while she was weak and unable to defend herself, and he lost her for good because he was sleeping?

“No.” He said eventually, “I’ll sleep when I know she’s out of danger.”

“Cullen…” Cassandra’s voice was weary. She did not have the energy to fight him, just as he did not have the energy to defend his choice. “Do you need me to bring you anything?”

“A basin of clean water, please.”

“Of course.”

Cassandra left him, returning a few minutes later with a clean brass basin of warm water and fresh cloth. She left him alone for good after that, and Cullen set about carefully cleaning Nevena’s face and neck of sweat and grime. He worked diligently for a while, tracing the same path over her skin with the cloth to keep his hands and mind focused. Her eyelids flickered and a few times it seemed as though she might awaken, but she slept on soundly until well after the water was cold and Cullen ran out of exposed skin to clean.

Healers came, changed Nevena’s bandages and reapplied a sickly sweet smelling balm and poultice. They didn’t speak to Cullen, and he did not speak to them beyond thanking them as they left. The small room descended into silence again. Cullen caught himself reaching for Nevena’s left hand as he sat with her. He realised his mistake and crossed to the other side of the bed to hold her right instead. 

This would take some getting used to.

Sometime in the late evening, Nevena stirred for the first time in more than twenty-four hours. Eyelids flickering as she woke, and a few quiet groans to denote her waking up. Cullen was alert in an instant, all tiredness fleeing from him at the sound of her voice.

“Nevena?” he grasped her hand and spoke as loud as he dared to let her know he was there. “Nev? Sweetheart?” Pushing his fingers back through her hair, he cupped her jaw. “Nev?”

“Cullen?” Her eyes opened, gradually bringing the room around her into focus. He watched as she searched blindly for him, until her gaze settled on him. “Cullen,” a small smile appeared on her lips. Relief swept through Cullen, threatening to choke him.

“Oh, Maker, I was so afraid!” He gasped, kissing her knuckles, “I thought I was going to lose you,” he kissed her knuckles again and inched closer to her to press a kiss to her forehead. 

“Solas.” Nevena murmured, her fingers closing tighter around Cullen’s hand. “Solas– he intends t–”

“I know.” Cullen said, “we know. Cassandra filled us in on Fen’Harel’s plan.”

“Cassandra?” Nevena repeated. “Cassandra, where is–” Her words faltered when she tried to move closer and could find no purchase. What colour had returned to her face fled and Cullen was sure he felt her whole body turn cold. 


“Cullen, I can’t feel my left arm.” Nevena said, eyes wide and fearful, looking beyond him at nothing. “Why can’t I feel my left arm? Why can’t I feel the anchor?” Her voice rose, growing more frantic with each question. “Cullen, what happened? Why can’t I feel my arm?”

“Shh,” Cullen smothered her into his chest and she curled up against him. She started to sob. She knew, he didn’t have to tell her anything. He wondered if maybe that was why she took so long to awaken. Maybe her mind was trying to protect her from the truth for as long as possible. 

“It’s all right… You’re all right.” He cradled her gently, rocking back and forth while running his fingers through her hair. Each cry made her body quake with its intensity. What remained of her left arm dangled at her side and it was like she was trying to get away from her own limb. “It doesn’t matter.” He kissed the top of her head. “What matters is you’re alive…” Tears stung in his own eyes the pain in his wife’s sobs making him physically ache inside. “Let’s just thank the Maker you’re alive.”

Hope this is okay. Not so much a big damn kiss, as I didn’t think it really suited the scene. I hope this is alright! I will get to some of the other prompts during the week. <3

Comments/reblogs/tags etc. all loved, appreciated and encouraged! <3 
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I’m about to head off to start my work day (god damn timezones urghh), so see you all when I watch it only delay in about 12 hours. Have fun! I hope the long-awaited Fitzsimmons reunion is worth all the holding out (it bloody better be, we’ve waited the whole damn time for this, pun fully intended). May the odds be ever in our favour haha 

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Just click on the images for higher quality. I’m still mad but its fine. 

This is probably the hardest I’ve worked on one of these things. Hm, maybe the gif one. Eh. Though I never thought I’d get emotional editing pictures. Hope everyone enjoyed this little series. More to come but just not all the time. Please message me and tell me what you thought of the whole thing. It means the world that people like the stupid things I make.  

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My reactions to 7x19 (spoilers ahead)

Can we PLEASE talk about how far we’ve come??? Guys, this was a TOTALLY BONNIE CENTRIC EPISODE!!! Omgsh I can’t even! We legit got all the things we’ve been deprived of all these years and that we could only find in the land of fanfiction!!! What is air?

An older sexy danger guy with an accent being totally protective of BonBon and treating her like the queen she is

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Damon actually waited all that time behind that door with those damn flowers

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Damon tagging along in his camaro cos wifey won’t ride with him

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Damon staring at Bonenzo like

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and making everything about Bonnie

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Damon and Enzo fighting over Bonnie

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Bonnie and Clyde

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Awesome music and romantic gestures for Bonnie freaking Bennett ALL EPISODE LONG

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Everyone basically going to the ends of the earth to protect Bonnie 

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And finally guys, all that Bamon angst and romantic foreshadowing

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I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am begging you Tumblr


Last Steven Bomb there were a lot of rampant untagged spoilers. I get that you’re all excited, but please remember that your enthusiasm can tarnish another person’s experience of something that you enjoyed so much. Let’s all work together on this. 

#steven universe spoiler #su spoiler or even #stevenbomb spoiler are really obvious tags that people will likely be using.

at this point i’m just damn afraid at how some shipper will react tomorrow on social media. please, please, please, please don’t send melissa or norman crap. don’t send gimple threaths. don’t. everyone has a right to be upset and believe me, i am far from okay at this point. but i’m scared and don’t want melissa to be hurt. this is the only post i will tag, because i want it to show up in the tags. i love her so much and my heart hurts already.

Hey guys! Welcome to ASL Bros Week 2016!

//So you want to take part, huh? Well, there’s a few things you should know and keep in mind.//

[The Dates]
September 17 - 25, 2016

–The Dates were chosen based upon consideration of other events taking place over summer such as OPReverseBang and OPScifiandFantasy, as well as various other Weeks.

[What’s Accepted]
All forms of fanworks are accepted.
–Art (traditional or digital or both), fanfiction, manga colorings, gifs, graphics / manipulations, cosplay, fanvids (AMVs), poems, fanmix / playlist, (if you so choose) fansongs, and more! Hell, if you want to bake things and do em up for ASL Bros Week, please do! We’d love to see that!

…If what you want to make is not listed above and you’re unsure, feel free to shoot us an ASK!

There’s an opportunity for you to help the mods out!
Until June 31, 2016, we’ll be taking questions directed to the boys, to put into a collaborative project we are making!Ask them anything.
…(Examples: Luffy, what’s your favorite food? / Sabo What the hell happened to Baltigo? / Ace, why the duck didn’t you keep running?)
…What is it gonna be? No spoilers! ;D

[Days / Prompts]

       Day 1: Memories and Moments

       Day 2: Bonds / Nakama

       Day 3: Those Damn Brats!

       Day 4: Past / Present

       Day 5: Day of AceSL

       Day 6: Day of ASaboL

       Day 7: Day of ASLuffy

       Day 8: How Do You AU?

       Day 9: Freer Than Anyone Else (free day)

Make sure to tag it as either #ASLBrosWeek2016, ASLBrothersWeek2016.
…Please do not tag it as #ASLWeek2016 (this can be confused with American Sign Language and we want to avoid mixups).
…We will also be lurking in the #ASL Brothers & #ASL One Piece tags, but we won’t know if it’s for the Week if it’s not specified in the post or tagged.

…If someone makes something involving a ship you don’t like. Don’t say anything! Just move along.
…If you don’t like the design of something that someone made. Don’t say anything! Just move along.
…If you are thinking about saying anything negative about anyone / anything that’s a part of this Week, DON’T SAY ANYTHING. JUST MOVE ALONG.


If you have any questions, check the FAQ. If You don’t find what you’re looking for there, pick up the Den Den Mushi.

Regarding NDRV3 Spoilers

Since @taichinchin and @komaesa have both brought it up, I suppose I will address this as well.

As many of you may remember from when I went to the advance screening of DR3, I take people’s considerations about spoilers pretty damn seriously.

Since copy-pasting every spoilery anon ask under a cut was a huge undertaking that wore me out after only two weeks, I doubt I’d be able to keep up that particular method, especially while doing ongoing translation of the game footage itself, so here’s my plan:

First, all spoilery content I post on my blog will be tagged as #V3 spoilers and for the most part will be under a read more. Please add that tag to your blacklist and avoid my blog if you are on mobile. Read mores will work from your mobile dash, but not if you visit a blog directly, so if you absolutely need to access my blog from mobile, please open it in your browser, not the app, and request the desktop site. A pain, perhaps, but it will keep the read mores in place for you.

What I consider spoilery content to be is anything I learn after the game is released. I am not counting pre-release material since that’s designed to not spoil.

Second, there will be no spoilers in Nate’s or my YouTube thumbnails. Nate knows from first hand experience how lame it is to get spoiled by a YouTube thumbnail, so we will likely make (or commission) custom thumbnails to use for our V3 videos, so you can still browse our channel for other content.

Third, as I play I will be posting short livebloggy-style reaction posts, since on stream I will know what’s coming–these will be tagged #Jess plays V3 in addition to #V3 spoilers. I try to keep my liveblogging pretty vague (see my early DR3 liveblogs or many of my liveblog posts from reading the side novels).

Fourth, general questions with spoilery answers will be answered publicly but the answer part will be under a read more. If the answer is a general thing as well, no read more necessary. I’ll still likely tag for spoilers just in case, though.

Fifth, if you have a specific question about something that happens in the game, please do not send it to me on anon. Like I said, I can’t do the whole “copy paste the anon ask under the readmore too” thing because I will be way, way too busy. As such, if there’s something you’re dying to know or want clarification on from one of our streams or something, please ask it off anon so I can repond to you privately. If it’s a really common question I may consolidate the answer into a single info post that’s under a read more.

Sixth, scans of spoilery material that will come out after the game has been out in Japan but not worldwide will be inserted into text posts under a read more, but if necessary, I will include a link to the same image at a higher res (how much higher remains to be seen, but higher res than an image inserted into a text post). This includes things from Famitsu, Otomedia, merch, so on and so forth.

Seventh, I will tag for spoilers on my Twitter, but any pictures I post will obviously not go under a read more. Since I think most of the people who follow me on Twitter will be playing the game along with me in Japanese I doubt this will be an issue, but just to address it.

And finally, if you are a regular of our streams and going to be avoiding V3 spoilers, Nate and I will miss you. Not to speak on his behalf, but I’m pretty sure he’s with me on this.

As a final note, in the interest of getting the translated parts of the game up asap, I will probably be even worse about answering asks than usual. I apologize for that, but hopefully if you have a burning question about something it will be answered by the game itself when I get the translations up.

I think that’s about it. If you have any other specific concerns, please let me know and I’ll edit stuff into this post.