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hi everyone!! im opening up commissions for the summer!!!!! if you like my art and want to support me, id love it more than anything if you could commission me!

im doing character illustrations mostly!


- bust / icon sorta thing: $5

- waist up: $7

- full body: $10

- extra characters: +$5

fancier lines and shading:

- bust: $10

- waist up: $15

- full body: $20

- bg: +$10

- extra character: +$10 - $15 depending on which option you chose

i will draw:

- honestly? just about anything. ur ocs, ur ocs with existing characters, you, fanart, etc etc. just ask! im willing to give certain things that arent exactly listed here a shot as well, just ask me about it when contacting me

i will NOT draw:

- pedophilia/incest

- abusive stuff

- just generally legitimately gross, unpleasant things that you cant even be flexible about

contact me at marscorney@gmail.com!!! or, donate to my ko.fi for a small doodle! thank you so much!!!!!!


“This one has kept a lock of hair from everyone he’s ever killed.” - The Heart

High Chaos Week is, finally, here! Cannot believe this will be the third year we have had High Chaos and Low Chaos Week (information will arrive as we end this week)! Down below you will find information on the event and helpful links on how to post your contributions!

About: The purpose of this event is to create and share fanfics, fanmixes, artwork, meta, etc. that focuses around the High Chaos theme. This is also a great way to share the works from fellow fans and meet fellow fans!

How You Can Participate: You can participate by creating: FANMIXES, FANFICTION, ARTWORK, META-ANALYSIS, GIFS, EDITS, AND OTHER CREATIVE MEDIUMS. If you want to create something for the High Chaos Week and you are not sure it qualifies/fits in the category, ask me!

How To Submit: Please post all of your work on your own blog and tag it as “high chaos week 2017″ during High Chaos Week! Remember to have it in one of your first five tags or else it won’t show up when you check out the High Chaos Week 2017 tag! Fun fact, it looks like Ao3 already has a High Chaos Week 2017 tag! Thanks, Ao3! So type it in if you’re using Ao3!  Please try to submit your work during High Chaos Week.

Please follow the Event Blog & #High Chaos Week 2017 tag.


June 26 | Sup guys I just moved into a new apartment and everything is chaotic and my parents have stopped giving me money except for gas and groceries which I already depleted to refill necessities (they didn’t give me much lmao). I’m a college student, and seeing as how my source of income is now unreliable I need some more cash to buy very important necessities to accommodate my disabilities that I need right now and I mean right now. I was planning on getting money by selling furniture that I couldn’t take with me but one of my old neighbor’s house flooded the same day and I ended up giving them what I was going to sell. 

The total I need is $134 (including shipping) and as you can see, I simply don’t have the funds right now. I really hate asking for free handouts so if anyone donates $6 or more I’ll do a sketch request! (SFW only) $10 or more can ask for icons, and so on. I’ll keep this updated so everyone knows when I reach my goal. 

If you want a sketch request or icon please attach your URL to contact you with as a message when you send money. Then you can send an ask or IM saying what you want! 

here is my cash.me 

IM me for paypal

Red Waters

Oops, I ended up ruining a good moment at the lake with a lovely head injury to our favorite mess, the Blue Paladin, I don’t regret anything and at the same time, I regret everything

Lance jumped to the next rock, a grin brighter than the sun plastered on his face.  Pidge screeched and shot Lance off the rock and into the water.  Hunk popped up beside Lance and raised his water gun up to his shoulder, aiming at Pidge.  “Keith, back up!”

“Wait, wait, I don’t have a water gun, don’t attack me!”  Lance hollered with both his hands raised in the air, surrendering to the others.  Pidge and Hunk smirked before turning on their friend, shooting streams of water at his face.  They laughed infectiously while they played in the water.

Shiro, Allura, and Coran sat on the beachside, watching the Paladins as they played in the water.  Coran and Allura had found a planet like Earth that has breathable air, lush greenery, and flowing water.  Once the Alteans brought it up, there was a unanimous vote to take a break and visit the planet.

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This is so sad but apparently still star-crossed is going to be cancelled. I loved that TV show how could they do this? It was genuinely one of the only period dramas that felt so good and not full of mediocre white people.

OK don’t panic yet we can still do something about this!  this article I found says they won’t move to saturdays until july 8th. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/abc-still-star-crossed-saturdays-1202476434/

here’s what we have to do:

-start tweeting about watching the show

-start hashtagging the show on facebook and tumblr

-start streaming the episodes from the ABC website

-start encouraging everyone you know to watch!

Word of mouth can still help this situation! But everyone needs to start dedicating time to watching and giffing and hell even making memes.  First step? Reblog this now and start planning with your friends!

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Sunday Progress Update:

Welllllll…this week has not been my best.  Not even close.  It’s been much more mental exhaustion that has kept me from working out every day like I always intend to.  Between work being hectic and requiring me to be “on” even more than usual and my mother being in the worst mood ever, I’ve just done far too much sitting around watching OITNB (least favorite season so far) and reading (Before We Were Yours was awesome, and I really enjoyed Allie and Bea!).  My mother is currently on her “I have no life so I wish I could just kill myself” kick…which then leads to her “But I would never do that because God is just testing me” kick…both of which put me through the emotional wringer.  She qualifies for respite care services; however, due to a fun late-in-life-onset bout of racism, she is “too scared” to leave a stranger alone in her home because I told her that NO she is NOT allowed to request a “white caregiver only please.”  WTF?!?!?!  I seriously blame her membership in the cowboy church–I loathe that she’s become a member of that backwards cult…but that’s taking us off topic.

Long story short, it’s been a taxing week.  I’m not in the mood to beat myself up for falling short.  I should FINALLY be able to work my summer hours for the first week ever next week, and I’ll compensate for this week’s poor showing.  Annnnd, because I sometimes make brilliant decisions, I took Monday off!

Thanks for the support on yesterday’s post!  The husband is extremely patient with me, and he pretty much left me to my own devices all day and I felt so much better!  Then, we went on a early evening date, enjoyed some no-kid-in-the-house sex, and then headed over to our friends’ house for poker night!  The husband won $130!  And, that will now finance tonight’s dinner at our favorite pub! 



Picked up my insulin prescriptions today. Thank fuck for Medicaid:

Your insurance saved you $384.79 - a month’s worth of long-acting insulin

Your insurance saved you $319.99 - a month’s worth of short-acting insulin

That’s over $700 per month for a life-saving, absolutely mandatory medication, to treat a disease that is considered random - as in, you don’t “cause” your type 1 diabetes. You didn’t eat too much sugar, your parents didn’t bone the wrong person, you’re just unlucky.

There is no other treatment for this disease than insulin, and off insurance, which our government is currently trying to destroy, it would cost seven hundred dollars to survive it for a month. And that’s just insulin - that doesn’t take into account syringes or test strips, or insulin pump supplies like infusion kits, or the “optional” things you’re really supposed to have like alcohol wipes and sharps containers.

I also picked up a Glucagon kit, which is an emergency sugar injection kit for when your blood sugar is so low you literally cannot function. Without insurance, it would have been $442.99.

This is absolutely horrifying, and so many people don’t understand what it would take for a diabetic to stay alive. Our current capitalistic health system is untenable, and if it gets any worse, so many people are going to die.