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These Are The Most Unbelievable Facebook Stories You\\'ll Ever See! #7 Is Shocking!
People love to use Facebook and most users keep posting pictures with themselves on it, or making funny facebook posts. Once these photos get on the internet there is no telling who will see them and what will happen afterward. Here are 10 stories when something shocking happened because of Facebook! source This Missouri family...

I don’t even know? His hands are just so big!

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“Shh,” Dean said as he pressed a finger to his lips, trying to figure out if the creaking sound above you was a normal house noise or something sinister. 

Your eyes went wide when he pulled out his hunting knife, handling it deftly as he tilted his head to concentrate. He motioned for you to get back as whatever it was drew closer, the pattern of the sound almost like footsteps now that it was closer and easier to hear.

Pressing yourself into the corner as you watched him get into position behind the door, ready to ambush; ready to kill. He glanced back at you as the footsteps stopped outside the door, his eyes pleading with you to be silent as he gripped the handle of the knife so tight his knuckles went white.

Dean moved so fast you could hardly make out what had happened, only what the results were. The man that had taken you in the alley was flat on the floor, face-down, and with Dean’s knee digging into his back. Dean glanced up at you and ordered, “Look away.”

You covered your eyes and turned away as you heard a sickening crunch and a gurgling sound. Before you even considered peaking to see if he was done with whatever he was doing to the.. vampire, there, at least you thought it, you felt his calloused, but gentle hands covering yours. He wrapped his arm around you and lead you out of the room without uncovering your eyes.

“It’s okay, Y/N. He can’t hurt you, you’re safe now. I’ve got you,” he soothed as he guided you to his car.

Despite all that had taken place since that thing had taken you, Dean’s words struck something inside you. Dean, he saved you from certain death. You trusted him from the first moment you saw him, and now you never wanted to be without him.

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I finally got a computer that will play games…. So I want to fulfill my dream to record/stream as Inquisitor Solas and make him experience everything the Inquisitor does, and make him date people.

I played the first little bit with Inquisitor Solas to test out mods, and I’ve got to say, every single conversation so far was just full of pregnant double meaning. Like I just want to stream it so I can just pause every couple of minutes and say ‘holy crap, every interaction so far has been meaningful.’

it’s real funny that there’s two solases, but as I kept playing it, it felt like I was genuinely cracking open some deep hidden layer of the game.

I also am thinking of live streaming it because I need help characterizing what responses he would say. Some of them are really tough!!

or maybe I should just do a silent play through and edit it down. idk