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VLD MMORPG au idea that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for ages ; u ; I had lot’s of fun designing them and I’m so happy to finally post them! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

It’s set in modern au, but the designs are for their avatars in the game; They’re regular college students, but while they’re playing something gets corrupted and they find themselves stuck in the game and have to find a way to get out and back into reality

I made a small comic intro thing?…Idk :”D <3 click here to see it!


On this fine day, Gavin has gifted us with some old school nostalgia 

“Think I was talking recently on Off Topic about how I recorded us doing all the original lets play intros that used to play at the beginning of our videos. I found them in the old vault from 2013. They weren’t all winners.

So I’m in the Poké Pelago checking on my berries when I see a yungoos hanging around my plants. I’m like “pfft wtf you doing gardening yeah right” so I click her and:

Q-Q I’m like “holy shit, adorable, you’re perfect I’m sorry for every doubting you”, then I notice a 2nd yungoos milling about, so I decide to give him a click too:

and this guy’s just loitering around taking shits on my plants :|

Thoughts on the Mercy nerf from a Diamond Mercy main.

Here are some observations I’ve made from trying Mercy out with the rez cast time. The cast time of rez has several hidden effects to the Mercy gameplay - all of which make life for a Mercy player difficult.

1) Those two seconds spent casting rez are two seconds where I can’t heal my teammates. I now have to consider whether my teammates will survive for two seconds while I’m not healing them. If a teammate dies, but a lot of the team are at critical heath, I cannot afford to stop healing them to rez. This may result in a missed window of opportunity to rez that teammate. It makes no sense for me to rez a teammate only for another one to die immediately after - not worth it.

2) You can fumble a rez now. The current rez requires line of sight - this was not a big problem until rez also got a cast time. If I activate rez but then look away from my teammate (like if I’m getting ready to guardian angel away), the rez will finish casting and begin cooldown but my teammate won’t actually be revived. This means I have to stay looking in one direction for 2 seconds and take that extra time to turn around to get out of there afterwards. Aka - even more reason I’m extremely vulnerable while rezzing.

3) Heroes sometimes die - specifically the tanks. You know who’s supposed to be in the thick of the fight on the front lines? Tanks. You know who provides protection to a Mercy so she can successfully rez? Tanks. Basically if a tank dies, it is highly unlikely that I will be able to rez them without getting killed myself because a) they probably died in the front lines with no cover, and b) the dead tank is the one that’s supposed to give me cover to rez.

4) Say goodbye to King of the Hill maps! If there is a team fight happening on the capture point and one of my teammates dies, there is little to no chance of rezzing that teammate successfully unless I activate Valkyrie. There’s almost no cover on any of the capture points in koth, which makes that casting time excruciatingly long. 

5) Making Mercy stupidly vulnerable during rez is forcing me to revert back to the Old Ways of hiding. Mercy was originally reworked because people complained that Mercy players weren’t participating in team fights enough. With the introduction of the casting time for rez, I find myself playing it way more conservatively. I’ll hide if necessary. This is having the opposite effect of how Blizzard wanted Mercy players to play.

Overall opinion: For the first time in my 300+ hours on Mercy, Blizzard has successfully made me hate playing her. I have tried to be understanding and adaptable to all these changes she’s been seeing for the last few weeks. But this nerf has pushed me over the edge. It just doesn’t feel great to play her anymore - I loved playing Mercy because I love speed and fluidity with my movement and I love healing in general. But this nerf breaks Mercy’s rhythm completely. The fact that the stars have to align in order for me to do my job is ridiculous. Resurrection is Mercy’s defining ability - and they have made me feel the most vulnerable when I’m using that ability. This feels like a giant middle finger from Blizzard to Mercy players (or really just support players) - they didn’t take quality of life of the Mercy players into account at all. It’s not fun to play her. But that doesn’t matter because shitty dps players can at least hit me now that I move slower than the bots in the practice range.


Loki is too invested in Thor’s love life for some reason (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rich Pigeon is working for Eclipsa

In the beginning of Monster Bash, Star says that Rich Pidgeon paid for the party and that he found this place, and thanks him for it. Isn’t it odd that the place he found was Eclipsa’s monster temple in which she raised her daughter in?

Later on in the episode he creeps up on Marco asking him to do the “sword hand dance”, but that was something Eclipsa thought of Marco’s karate and something she had witnessed alone, how has word got out about her interpretation of Marco’s karate if she’s imprisoned in Mewni castle? 

Lastly, what was Eclipsa doing a few episodes ago? Feeding the birds! Rich Pigeon is a bird. He could easily keep in touch with her whilst being undetected. Plus we know the Pidgeons are…scary, we had a whole episode on them and how they’re conquerors.