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So i went into a competitive match. After I said hey, they said “WOOOAHHH A GIIIRRLLL???”

Shrugged that off. The guy autolocked pharah. So i politely asked if i could have her. But then i was met with “UUGGHHHH NOOO I HAVE LIKE 50 HOURS ON PHARAH”

Bitchass… my entire career has about 200 ish hours on her….

One of our players left so i just said “ you werent pleasant to play with”.

Gotta love summer competitive because all these kids who are supposed to have a bed time are up playing.

Hey, guys! I wanted to announce that I’m joining the PIxel Horror Jam that starts in July. It’ll be about four months long, running until the end of October, but because of ~reasons~ I’m not certain I’ll be able to commit to all that time. Details on that below.

But the game itself! It’s called Achroma, if the art up there didn’t give that away. It’s… a difficult thing to describe, but the idea is that you play a robot person living in a society governed by an autocratic AI. Also, um, the robots have technicolor blood - except for you. Yours is grey. Listen it’s a little bit of a weird game.

But, good news: you get to play as this cute robo person:

(I got real lazy with the hands and feet…)

Also here’s some more random concept art (I’ve been satisfying my urge to get started by messing around with random pics.)

I’ve got the game outlined and about 50% of the script done. My plan is that it’ll be fairly short, maybe an hour or two at most and visual novel-y in genre. I’m not trying for anything real ambitious here, just a small little thing.

So - what about DE, and what about the time thing? Well, my next semester of college includes a few very demanding classes. During that time, I doubt I’ll be able to focus much on else besides. So DE will have to go on hiatus until after next semester - I might work on it in the meanwhile, but I don’t want to make promises. As for this: I didn’t want to start DE and then drop it again, but I also didn’t want to do nothing. So I’ve decided to try and make this little oneshot game. If the due date comes and it’s not complete, I imagine I’ll just post what I have, maybe return to it when I have more time to devote.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around. I’m excited to see where this goes.

can we talk about how i thought this punk had learned his lesson by cleaning up his nasty mess but then the bomb shell hit and he pulled out some paint

and before i can order his mom to whoop his lil ass, i pan over to elsa bjergsen who’s fishing at 10:35pm like where are both of your parents

look at her smug ass (i cant think of any fish puns so if you think of one let minnow)

you call urself a yaoi fangirl/fujoshi? you’re dead to me
you fetishize mlm or wlw? you’re dead to me
you fetishize trans people? you’re dead to me
you call ur gay ships sinful, dirty etc? you’re dead to me
you fetishize/romanticize abuse/pedophilia/incest? you’re dead to me
you’re an adult that enjoys nsfw works of minors? you’re dead to me

you’re all nasty assholes, thank you for your time, please have a bad day

noah fence but I hate how some people think ur obligated to love ur family just bc their family like??? my mom is verbally/mentally abusive towards me and doesn’t accept me for being gay and u really think I could love someone who doesn’t accept me for who I am and genuinely gets mad at me for being who I am? no fucking thanks

ok i just gotta get it in writing rn that my childhood friends and i invented the best trampoline game of all time. its called take that ponyta and its amazing. you get one of those plastic inflatable balls about the size of a soccer ball, that bounces real well. maybe 2 or 3 if ur feelin wild. everybody has 3 lives, if you touch the ball you lose a life. unless you are in the air, then you can touch it with your hands and your hands only. so you gotta jump up and slap it at eachother before you hit the ground again. i s2g this is one of the best most intense games you can play and everyone should try it

gw2 pride march 06/25/2017
  • bushes and barrels are suspicous
  • we’re not suspicious, we’re fabulous
  • where’s the babadook
  • appropriate usage of the super adventure box cloud gliders
  • “what insult do the legions refer to the flame legion” “30 karat kats”
  • we lost all the fireworks
  • “defend the yak” “successful wvw we’re all t1 now”
  • adobe flash sucks
  • what if bees
  • jormag is gay
  • bees
  • “x is gay culture”
  • Bees. My God.
  • cold gays
  • Bees are just a cheap tactic to make cold gays colder
  • protect this gay dolyak
  • split up at frostgorge
  • how to make a cookie with the letters lgbt
  • crackin open a cold one in frostgorge
  • angry asian cactus (canach)
  • the march is pretty fast at swimming
  • half of the march going after the leyline anomaly after it ran past us on break
  • said half comes back after dealing with the anomaly before we march again
  • canada being mentioned every now and then
  • trivia
  • rpers represent
  • pan puns
  • fashion options for guys to wear dresses along with female charr and asura to look pretty
  • mourning over sieran/forgal/tybalt
  • discussing ideal class upgrades
  • everyone has a gun now
  • reinhardt is a norn that took a wrong turn in the mists
  • discussing potential new playable races
  • milkshakes vs cracking open a cold one
  • “what brings girls to the yard” “sacrifices” ”demons”
  • “let’s date lyssa”