or play pokemon with me


pretty sure that’s a fire hazard, Jesse.

happy valentine’s day!! <3 <3

  • someone: do you still play pokemon go??
  • me: go?? the only place i'm going to is SINNOH 💎 diamond 🔮 pearl 📀 platinum 😍😩 grinding daily on bidoofs 🐿 poketch on fleek ⌚️🤜 while exploring the distortion world 🌌🌑💥 with my main hoe cynthia 👩🏼😍❤️😩👅😈 jesus arceus christ 👏🙏⛪️🐏

Me: I just play pokemon casually :) No need to get into IVs, EVs, and all that nonsense lol :)

Me: *Discovers my pokemon’s nature hinders its best stat*

Summer is here!!! (for some people)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been active few weeks again, finals are over last week and I needed to recharge and drawing random stuff after drawing not so long. I don’t really had that much energy to begin with.

Here is crappy pic of the three assistants in swimsuits that I randomly thought of, I’m changing Gogo’s for sure. Also there might be spamming