or pimp leo

Scorpio & Leo
  • Leo, crying while looking at old photos: Scorpio, walks into her room with snacks: Hey Leo- whoa, what's wrong?
  • Leo, not bothering to wipe her tears: Today is the day my old cat Mikey passed away when he went outside and got hit by a car...
  • Scorpio, nods his head as he walks over to her: I'm sorry for your loss, but it would be better to think that he went to a better place, yeah?
  • Leo, glances up at him: Like a kitty strip club where he meets a stripper named Diamonds and helps her get out of the pimp game? Then propose to her and have kittens?
  • Scorpio: Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night
Pirates of Love Reaction -- Bloody Sparkles

Since its Voltage Nostalgia Week, and PIL is first. I thought it be appropriate

Those goddam mother flipping hamster roller coaster, son of a motherless ogre donkey moon martians SPARKLES!

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