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Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days

I got some rough news on Thursday about my health situation, and then the next day drove 500km to the nearest city for a doctors appointment for a different matter.  I took my kids with me and made a super fun weekend out of it.  It was what I needed to get my mind off of things.

Only issue is I appear to have picked up a stomach bug or something.  I’m at work because I work too early to call in sick…but I’ve never been so nauseous without throwing up before.

Today’s plan: Try to not be sick? 

Steve Randle Imagine #1

Requested by anonymous and @jinxed-trash

Imagine taking care of Steve when he’s sick

A/N: This is kind of short and also pretty bad because I wrote it in the middle of math class

Your phone rag loudly in your ears. You looked at the dimly lit screen to see who was calling; it was Steve. You accepted the call and put the phone up to your ear.

“Hey, what’s up?” You asked.

“I’m sick.” He replied tiredly.

“What’s wrong?” You questioned

“I’m sick.” He repeated.

“No shit. But what’s wrong?” You asked again.

“Doesn’t matter. Can you ask Soda to tell our boss that I won’t be at work today? He’s not picking up his phone.” He requested. He sounded awful.

“Of course, but first you need to tell me what’s wrong.” You urged.

“Really, it doesn’t matter.” He tried to convince you.

“I’m coming over.” You decided.

“No please don’t.” He pleaded. “You have work today too. You can’t miss it.”

“Yes I can, you sound terrible, someone has to take care of you because you obviously can’t do it yourself.”

“Wow thanks.” He said. “But really, don’t come over.”

“Too late, I’ll be there in ten minutes.” And with that, you hung up the phone.

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It all matters. That someone turns out the lamp, picks up the windblown wrapper, says hello to the invalid, pays at the unattended lot, listens to the repeated tale, folds the abandoned laundry, plays the game fairly, tells the story honestly, acknowledges help, gives credit, says good night, resists temptation, wipes the counter, waits at the yellow, makes the bed, tips the maid, remembers the illness, congratulates the victor, accepts the consequences, takes a stand, steps up, offers a hand, goes first, goes last, chooses the small portion, teaches the child, tends to the dying, comforts the grieving, removes the splinter, wipes the tear, directs the lost, touches the lonely, is the whole thing. What is most beautiful is least acknowledged. What is worth dying for is barely noticed.
—  Laura McBride, We Are Called to Rise

Love is constant forgiveness. And it sure has been a hard week for a lot of folks. My heart has been hurting because of the choices of my country’s new leadership. In all that I haven’t much felt like picking up my camera. Sometimes you gotta rest and figure out what your voice is gonna sound like. And this morning my encouragement to you is to call your representatives, let them know what you think. You matter and it helps.

In the mean time I’m gonna keep celebrating these silly little moments that make me smile. I’m gonna go explore all corners I’ve never seen. And I’m gonna keep aiming to better live out that love is constant forgiveness.

I’m seeing so many girls getting crushed over ugly little boys and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.
PSA that everybody needs to hear:

He will not matter in 3 years.

He honestly doesn’t even matter right now. But I know it feels like he does.

He isn’t worth changing yourself for.

He isn’t worth doing something that you don’t want to do.

His happiness is NOT more important than yours. His decisions DO NOT weigh more than yours. His opinions ARE NOT worth more than yours.

Don’t wait for that call. Don’t wait for that text back. Don’t agonize over him being online or offline.

Wipe your tears. Pick up your crown. Wing your damn eyeliner and listen to some damn Rihanna and STOP LETTING A CRUSTY BOY MAKE YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE ANYTHING LESS THAN A FUCKING GODDESS. I PROMISE YOU, 100%, HE IS N O T W O R T H I T.

i’m loving all the casual touching in dan and phil’s recent videos.

let me explain. in this case, it hardly matters whether they’re friends or something more. for a long time, they avoided touching each other in videos, liveshows, etc., and if they ever did, they made it a point to show how unusual/weird/JUST BROS AMIRITE it is.

that’s gone now. there are little pokes and prods and borderline tickling and dan picking up phil and grabbing each other’s wrists and i love it. 

to me it means that they’re starting to trust us again and they feel like they can open up just a little bit more. they’ve been friends for 7 years, of course they’re comfortable with touching, but they kept all of that from us for ages.

dan is right, this is the post-baking video universe, and i’m so happy that this is what it involves.

Maybe you just have to live for the small things, like being called pretty or someone picking up the pen you dropped or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Maybe that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.
—  Tianna Kavanagh
Nostalgia has a silver tongue, it reminds me about the way our laughs used to mix like they were always meant to be one sound.
We talk about you, about the better things like our late night conversations and how it didn’t matter how often we went without speaking because when we got back to talking, it was like we only left each other for five minutes.
Nostalgia tells me to text you,
tells me to check up on you and see how you’re doing,
tells me that I should be bold and call you so I can hear that voice I adored,
tells me that you might actually pick up this time like you used to,
tells me that if you don’t pick up I can still get the voicemail (maybe you finally set it up?),
tells me to search through my phone for any pictures I might still have,
tells me to reread our past conversations,
tells me to look you up on social media,
tells me to remember,
tells me to remember,
tells me to remember,
tells me that what we had was good and I almost believe it.
But then I think about that fact that if things were as good as it said they were, I wouldn’t be writing this poem.
If things were as good as it said they were, you would’ve responded to the last text I sent.
If things were as good as it said they were, you and I would still be talking.
Nostalgia notices the building doubt in me and it leaves, but its words reside in the back of my mind just like the memories I have of you, and I glance at my phone, your number already at the front.
I grab it, find your contact and type out a text.
‘I miss you. I hope you’re doing well.’
I don’t hit send.
—  “Nostalgia is a liar.”  // Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (323/366)
(B)romance in the NHL

Summary: A viral article about Kent and Tater’s bromance sparks some confessions.
Word Count: 3,700
Rating: G

The music skips with an incoming text that Alexei ignores as he mixes his smoothie and hums along. Once he adds the last chunk of banana he slips the lid on the blender and turns it on. A few moments later he turns it off and the silence is jarring. Alexei walks over towards where his phone is laying on the counter, hoping his battery hasn’t died yet again. His phone has been on the last leg of life for a couple weeks now, but he’s too attached to it to change it in for a new one, no matter how much the rookies tease him. 

Alexei picks up the phone. It isn’t dead. It buzzes incessantly in his hand as 20 messages turned to thirty with three missed calls and several voicemails. Alexei swipes in his password and scrolls down the list of names until he reaches the first message. It’s from Kent. The first is a link with three messages in quick succession after.  

Kent (8:57 am): I didn’t even notice them take this 
 Kent (8:57 am): It makes us look kind of gay… don’t you think?
Kent (8:58 am): Okay yeah other ppl think it’s hella gay too wtf 

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An adorable koala in a backpack — it’s what you didn’t know you needed during the final stretch of the exhausting U.S. presidential race.

Police found this bundle of joy in the town of Wishart in Queensland, Australia, during a traffic stop last night.

Authorities said in a statement that the officers asked the 50-year-old driver if she had anything to declare. She then mentioned that she had a baby koala in her bag.

“Not quite believing their ears the officers cautiously un-zipped the bag and found this gorgeous boy,” the police said.

They added that the woman, who was subsequently arrested “on outstanding matters,” said she found the little guy the night before and was taking care of him herself.

Australian Police Find Baby Koala In A Backpack

Photos: Queensland Police Service

If Shakespearean characters were preschool students:
  • Lady Macbeth is smart. Too smart. Suspiciously smart. 
  • Beatrice has to sit out a lot. Also smart, but really just enjoys calling the boys stinky and gross. 
  • Hamlet cries every morning after he is dropped off because he misses his daddy. 
  • Rosalind and Viola ALWAYS dress up in the boy costumes WHO NEEDS GENDER ROLES ANYWAY
  • No one wants to go on a playdate with Kate. EVERYONE wants to go on a playdate with Bianca. The fact that they are sisters complicates the matter.
  • Romeo and Juliet’s parents NEVER talk at pick up time. Things are complicated when their kids “get married” on the playground. 
  • Othello is on every school brochure because clearly the school is super diverse look.
List of Amami&Kaede baits

1. ‘Kaede’ means maple tree and Amami’s birthday’s birth flower is maple tree.
2. Kaede was conscious of Amami having girlfriend in FTE.
3. Amami comments that he feels at ease when he’s next to Kaede.
4. Kaede flushed when Amami held her hand.
5. When Amami called her for a tea, Kaede commented that he must be 'hunting’(picking her up). Amami commented that he wouldn’t use such an old-fashioned pickup line though. But he commented that he wanted to talk with her.
6. A crepe with Amami and Kaede on was sold in Namjatown cafe.
7. Amami commented that he’s worried about her because she’s trying to help everyone. He said it might be a good idea for her to take things easy.
8. Kaede said she wants to be friends with Amami no matter what kind of person he was before.
9. Amami said he and Kaede are the 'Normal’ comrades amongst SHSLs.
10. Amami and Kaede have been in 'cinema’ together for the longest time. (DR3 ref)

I’d love to hear more from everyone else!!

Update: 25. 02. 2017

11. There'sa route where Kaede cheers for Amami during the Sports Festival in omake mode.

12. In omake mode, Kaede left a piece of Christmas cake for Amami even though Kaede was unsure about when he’ll return to school. They ate it together.

13. Amami later mentioned this in the conversation with Asahina(“Thankfully, a classmate of mine left me some.”) when she asked him if he was able to eat some Christmas cake.

14. Many of the prior-to-release promotional materials have Amami and Kaede next to each other.

leo x phichit headcanons
  • they don’t get to meet as much as they like to, so when they manage to spend some time together they’re costantly touching
  • from holding hands to “accidentally” brushing against each other if they’re in public,a lot of cuddling and hugging in private
  • phichit loves leo’s voice, he finds it really soothing and warm, sometimes he’ll just lay his head on his lap and ask him to sing something
  • once leo fell asleep on phichit’s shoulder and woke up with pigtails
  • phichit couldn’t look at him without snorting for the entire evening
  • they’re always sending each other cute things and being really sweet, then phichit brings up a meme 
  • “doge or bode” “we’re not having this conversation”
  • all animals love leo and phichit’s hamsters are no exception 
  • “i can’t believe mr chubby cheeks let you pick him up at the first try” "if you called me that i wouldn’t let you pick me up either” “wow ok”
  • they make sure that the other always wakes up to find a good morning message no matter which time zone they’re in so they scold each other for going to sleep late
  • “are you still awake” “yes” “then go to sleep you nerd it’s like 3am”
  • whenever leo misses his boyfriend he goes trough his instagram because phichit’s smile always makes him feel better 
  • when phichit feels down or stressed he llistens to a playlist of leo’s favourite songs and imagines leo’s voice instead of the singer’s

feel free to add your own!

29. Gags

The Panty Game

Word Count: 1,273
A/N: Two drabbles down, two to go. Thanks for the challenge :) Hope you enjoy.
Written by: @goody2shoessmut
Warnings: kissing ,groping,nudity ,swearing ,unprotected sex, being drugged, hospital, makeshift gags

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Bucky had been on a mission, he’d come back in one piece you were assured, but you were called to pick him up on the medical floor. When you arrived you were greeted by a worried and agitated Dr. Cho, who ushered you into a nearby room and proceeded to explain that while there was nothing actually wrong with Bucky, or any of the team for that matter, they had all been exposed to some kind of agent that seemed to be acting on all of them similarly to alcohol, in that they all seemed to be experiencing lowered inhibitions. Since no one knew what the agent was, there was no way to know how to counteract it and no one seemed to have any idea how long the effects might last. At this point the team had been affected 3 hours, which suddenly explained the odd texts that you had received from Bucky.

Dr. Cho assured you that no one, not even Bruce, had shown any signs of aggression under the agent and that being said, she wanted to be contacted if any other changed in Bucky’s behaviour became apparent. Once you were satisfied that there was nothing more you needed to know or do, you were shown to Bucky.

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Originally posted by carasmason

When Zach and Gray had left for Jurassic World, you had told them to be careful, but you hadn’t expected anything to actually go wrong. When reports of the escape started to flow in, you could barely breathe. Your chest was tight, and to make matters worse, Zach wasn’t even picking up his phone, which only served to make you even more nervous. Without thinking about it, you hurried to your best friend’s house, which was conveniently located next door.

After knocking a few times on the door, you were greeted by Zach and Gray’s mom, who quickly ushered you inside. You all sat in silence, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping for someone to call and tell you that the boys were okay. After a few hours (that felt like years), the phone finally rang. You all jumped when the sharp pitch broke through the silence, and you felt your heart start to beat even harder in your chest.

Eventually, Karen announced that both of the boys were okay, along with their Aunt Claire. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of you, and you were finally able to breathe again. She gathered you up in a tearful hug, before immediately beginning to look up flights to the island. She promised that she would call as soon as they were back, so that you could see the boys.

A few days later, and you had barely taken your eyes off of the driveway next door, impatiently awaiting the arrival of your best friend. Their Christmas presents sat wrapped by the door, along with your coat, because so help you, the second you saw the Mitchell’s car pull into that driveway, you would be out the door.

Eventually, your mother pried you away from the window long enough to have lunch, but she didn’t push a conversation on you. She had been understanding of your quiet behavior, because she knew that once you saw the boys again, you would be back to your usual self. You had lost your appetite, and after pushing your food around the plate for a while, you heard a car pull into the driveway next door. Without a word, you grabbed the presents and practically ran to meet them.

You couldn’t help but run across your lawn and straight to where everyone was headed into the house. “Zach!” you called, as you saw the familiar brown head of hair shuffle towards the door. He barely had time to turn around before you attacked him with a bone crushing hug. “I was so worried about you.” you whispered into his shoulder, not wanting to ever let him go again.

“Hey,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper, while pulling back far enough to look you in the eyes. “I’m fine. Gray is fine. We’re at home where we belong, and everything is gonna be okay.”

Zach could be a bit girl crazy at times, and he could be mean when he wanted to, but he always knew what to say when you were upset.

“Are you guys going to come inside, or are you just going to stand outside all night?” Gray called from the doorway.

“Hey, little man!” you called, jogging up to the front door and ruffling Gray’s hair. “I’m so glad that you’re okay!” you told him as he led the way to the living room. You all settled into your usual spots on the couch, you in the middle and Zach and Gray on either side of you. “So, I know it’s after Christmas at this point, but I had these before you guys left,” you rambled, handing each of them their box. “And I figured that you guys would still want them.”

Without hesitating, Gray began to rip the wrapping paper off of the box, pulling the lid off to find a dinosaur book that he didn’t already own, and a few new slides for his view-finder that he was obsessed with.

“Y/N, these are awesome!” he exclaimed, throwing his arms around your neck.

“I’m glad that you like them,” you said with a laugh. “I was worried after the park that the dinosaurs may not have been the best choice-”

“No! I love them. I’m going to go look at these right now!” he said, holding up his new slides before running up the stairs to play with his present.

“Well, aren’t you going to open yours?” you laughed, gesturing to the present that Zach was still holding in his lap.

“Oh. Yeah, but let me go get yours.” He said, smiling before running up the stairs and quickly returning with two boxes. “Okay,” he said, plopping down on the couch. “So this big one is from Gray and everyone else. And this one,” he said, handing over the smaller box, “is from me.”

“You didn’t have to-”

“You do this every year.” Zach interrupted. “And every year I tell you that I am always going to get my best friend a gift. So I’m going to stop you right there, and you are going to open these presents.” He said with a smile, pushing the boxes closer to you.

Without another word, you slowly set about opening a new dinosaur book from Gray, and a few bits and pieces from their parents. Zach was growing impatient while waiting for you to open his. He always fidgeted, but when he was frustrated, he bounced his leg up and down like crazy. “I’m getting to it, calm down.” You laughed, giving him a soft shove.

To be honest, you already knew for the most part what he had gotten you. When you were younger, his parents had suggested he get you a charm bracelet for your birthday, and every holiday since, he had gotten you a new charm. You hardly ever took it off, and it was one of your favorite gifts that you had ever received. While they were gone, you had clung to that bracelet like your life depended on it.

Nestled in the box, you found a tiny dinosaur charm for your bracelet. “Are you kidding me?” you looked up at him, trying to hold back a laugh. “You think that I want to remember the time that you were almost killed by dinosaurs?”

“Hear me out,” he laughed. “I came back didn’t I?”

“Well, yeah” you muttered, not willing to meet his eyes, choosing instead to focus on your wrist, where he was fumbling, attempting to put the new charm on your bracelet.

“Hey, listen to me.” Zach said, after finally managing to hook the charm onto your bracelet. “I came back in one piece.” And then he ducked his head so that he was looking you in the eyes. “And I always will.” He whispered, and gently kissed you.

Your brain could hardly process what was happening. Your best friend was kissing you, and the butterflies in your stomach proved a point that you had been trying to deny for a very long time. You really liked your best friend. And judging by the way he was kissing you, he felt the same.

“I um-” you stuttered, leaning your forehead on his. “That was-“

“Does this mean I’m not going to get to go to the movies with you guys anymore?” Gray asked from behind you.

“Maybe not all of the time.” Zach laughed as Gray joined you on the couch.

“Stop it.” You said, shooting a glare at Zach over Gray’s head. “Of course you can.” You closed your eyes, perfectly content. You had your best friends back, and one of them may be something more. And you were perfectly okay with that.


Requirements of being an artist:
- Create things.

That’s it. Just make stuff. It doesn’t matter what – poetry, paintings, sketches, quilts, school plays, music. It doesn’t matter how good – fantastic, average, so-called mediocre. It doesn’t matter how often – daily, weekly, monthly, or on hiatus. An artist is an artist whether they write on the daily or they haven’t picked up a paintbrush or an instrument in months. Keep being an artist – this world needs artists.

*kookie shopping with his mom*
kookie: *is sad because someone at school was mean to him today*
mom: How is it baby?
kookie: This kid called me stupid names and pushed me on the ground before. My hands still hurts.
mom: *hugs him*
mom: Awe, are you okey? Should I call the teacher?
kookie: No it doesn’t matter anymore.
mom: you know what, you can buy anything you like, but just this time. ok?
kookie: *smiles really bright*
mom: you can go pick something up while I continue here, don’t take to long.
kookie: okey!

*A few minutes later*
kookie: I’m done mom!

mom: *is confused af*
I meant like a toy or candy…….


>Cuddling is a must with McCree and yourself.

>Hanzo is sometimes reluctant to join and will just let the two of you steal the couch for some well-needed cuddle time, while he goes off to meditate.

>Though when he does join in, he’s sandwiched in between the two of you. Got to make up for all the times he wasn’t there!

most affectionate:

>McCree. Hands down.

>No matter who he’s with, he will always make sure his body is somehow close to yours. Whether that’s an arm around your waist, an affectionate pat on the butt, hugs, kisses, anything.

> He just wants to be close to his loved ones.

>Will call the two of you by your pet names in public.

>If he sees something that either of you would like, he’d pick it up and bring it home for you as a gift. Though be careful, because if you return the favour and bring him a gift, no matter how small it may be, he will tear up and give you one of the warmest, and most loving hugs imaginable.

what’s downtime like:

>Lots of movies, cuddles, and frisky times.
>Pillow forts would be made by McCree and yourself.  

>The two of you would drag Hanzo into the fort for a movie marathon, and you’d alternate who gets to choose the movies that night.

>Though at some point the movie is forgotten, and the three of you end up just talking with one another, exchanging light touches and loving words.

>All of you are always so busy and in constant danger, that you need to remind one another that you’re all still madly in love.

what would the boys do if the reader was injured:

>Oh boy.

> If someone even so much as hurt a pretty hair on your lovely head, the boys would team up and hunt down this person and just obliterate them.

>They want to send the enemies a message that they soon won’t forget. No one messes with their babe and gets away with it!

>The two of them would then stay by your side the entire time, making sure you have everything you need for a speedy recovery.

>Though out of the two, Hanzo would be the most worried. He had lost his brother once and he’s not about to loose someone else that he loves dearly. He would remain at your side while you slept, but if your pain was too great and it kept you up during the night, he would be the one to stay up with you and provide you with comfort.

best cook:

>Depends on what you’re looking for?

> If you want something that looks like it came from a 5-star restaurant, Hanzo is your man. It took him a while to learn how to cook, and it may not always taste the best, but he sure knows how to make food look presentable.

>Though if you’re wanting some comfort food, then McCree would be your go to. He makes some killer grilled cheese and steaks is another of this man’s specialities.

>Desserts would be your thing and they both appreciate your baking to no end, even if you’re not the best and baker.

>McCree thinks your desserts taste of love and will tell you it’s the best he’s ever had because it honestly is. Hanzo will think the gesture is sweet and makes his heart skip a beat if you give him a container full of sweets just before he goes off on a mission

Who is most protective:

>You all love one another with all your being, and each one of you thinks you’re the most protective one

>But really, it’s you.

>You are the most protective over your boys. You will fight tooth and nail for them over anything. You want to provide them both with as much love as you can give and would not trade it up for anything and both the boys know it.

>They thank their lucky stars every day that you said yes to joining them.

~Mod Tea