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More MCSM headcanons

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Petra and Lukas hate computers after the events with PAMA

Jack alternated between a crimson red or black with a gold lining eyepatch 

Lluna has different scarves for every season

Petra had broken her right arm five times in two years

Axel can pick up the entire group and still be able to hold two more people

Olivia is a night owl (just straight up)

If someone can’t find her in three days chances are she’s passed out in a room working on some redstone/machines

Axel and Lukas are the only ones that can cook well

Petra: I survive off of Cereal and microwavable meals

Jesse and Lukas can attract animals everywhere they go (in a forest BAM there’s a pig eating a carrot from Jesse’s pocket! At the beach BAM there’s a dolphin nudging Lukas’ legs! In the nether? BAM there’s a freakin sheep trying to eat the netherack!)

Jack, Nurm, and Radar actually get along and go mining together often when Radar isn’t doing anything

Stella isn’t much of a jerk now and has gotten rid of the idea that her and Jesse are in a rivalry

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Yuuri: *messes up a jump*

Viktor: It’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

Yuuri: It’s never happened to you.

Yurio, walking by: That’s because he’s not the best.