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After taking on the life of Margaret Sanger in Woman Rebel, cartoonist Peter Bagge turns his attention to another trailblazing troublemaker, Zora Neale Hurston.  Our critic Etelka Lehoczky says Bagge “has plenty of fun with the most colorful milestones of Hurston’s life, from her psychic visions to her folklore trips to her up-close study of voodoo culture,” though he tends to skip over the more difficult parts of Hurston’s adventurous life.

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anonymous asked:

Do you watch Jane the Virgin? If so, what do you think of the latest episode? The whole Petra and Raf thing. Do you think the writers are gonna do a full circle thing and have Jane end up with Raf? Or do you think it's going the raf and Petra route?

I genuinely didn’t see the Raf/Petra thing coming until this episode. I realized it was going to happen when they had their first talk about the “dragon picture”, so I wasn’t surprised when they actually ended up sleeping together, but before that? Definitely was blindsided. 

I think eventually their plan is to reunite Raf and Jane but they need to give the Raf/Jane relationship breathing room and respect the Michael’s death plot line. I mean she JUST realized she’s ready to “think” about dating, my guess would be she’s going to go through some other relationships before she finds her way back to Raf. But eventually, they will see that they are each other’s best friends, etc etc. Maybe even some sort of scene with Michael talking to her, giving her his blessing, etc. 

But that’s a long time away. So why not put Petra and Raf back together? They are such polar opposites and it makes for good television. Plus, fans would lose their minds if she went right back to Raf after the show lost Michael- this will keep people calm, haha. But we all know that there’s no way they’re gonna last forever, ya know?

uvasms  asked:

so like back when i played sims with my friend i'd make like a group of sims based on characters from things i loved, so like :/ the last time i played i made like the minecraft group from story mode, (petra, lukas, jesse) etc or i did like a poc version of scooby doo it was fun while it lasted :(

dude go back to doing that!!! i personally fricken love making sims 4 versions of my fave tv show characters or even of sims 2 townies that i loved  :-) the sims is supposed to be fun you should do some hehe @tofusaucee is making moomin characters and @cat-nerd-sims is doing riverdale :’-) if you want some inspo 

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What are Levi's, Erwin's, Petra's and Hanji's favourite animes?

Levi probably watches some sort of sports anime while Hanji And Erwin are very much into the gory animes (such as aot ;)) and Petra likes the cute lovey dovey animes (super lovers etc)