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I love how people are saying “WE voted for him.” as their argument to get others(those who are upset) to accept him as our president.

Excuse me, i did not vote for that overbaked racist Cheeto. Don’t speak for me. I did not fucking vote for him. For America’s sake I hope he is a good president. But I will forever think he is a POS Cheeto. 

Rainy Days

Dark puffy clouds

A warm cup of tea

The distant sound of the evening news playing behind me

I stare out the window

And see small drops of rain

One by one

They fall onto the ground

Turning into a reflective puddle

That will eventually evaporate

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Wow~ 2p france is so relatable. I think 2p france is pretty cool himself and totally gets the deal with mortality. With France being the exact opposite of his 2p, he really helps me remember an attitude I should always have. A positive ray of sunshine that brightens up the day, with his 2p being like the dark cold night, seeing them together like this, seeing you two together like this is like watching a beautiful sunset. You France, both 1p and 2p, are amazing~ ((Sorry, I just want to say so))

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M!A - 6/10


when people leave tags on ur writing so thoughtful and detailed and appreciative they made u love ur own writing when it’s the one thing ur extremely insecure about :💖💖💖💖💛💛💛💛😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️