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((A rolplay starter ^^ You dont have to reply if you don't like!)) The girl felt cool air rush right through her body as she creaked open the Mukami mansion doors. Perhaps this was the wrong house? No... this was the address she was given. Did she really get to live in a gorgeous place like this while she went to school? Anii sighed and began to walk forwards, suitcase rolling behind her. "This place kinda gives me the creeps..."

Kou sensed an intruder within the mansion; from the smell, he deduced it was a young girl: was she probably the same one Ruki-kun had told them about the evening before?
The blond vampire teleported to the hall, hiding and observing the newcomer; hearing her, he kept from chuckling at her comment.

Mmh, this going to be interesting~, he thought, ready to accomplish his evil plan: he silently appeared behind her and blew her ear with his cold breath.

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"Hayseed? What are you doing with my notes?" (guess who! 😁 Sorry for being so silent mate!)

Hayseed let out a little squeak. He wasn’t expecting Junkenstein to walk in on him. Sure, Hayseed wasn’t the sneakiest boy, but he could certainly pull off something like this a lot better than anyone else in the mansion. Perhaps he was wrong. Now he was twitchy, letting out a whine as he took the notes he’d been scoping over and putting them behind his back in a struggle to hide them.

The notes weren’t much, either. Not in his mind, anyway. Hayseed had found some notes on using certain potions– certain chemicals, things like that. He couldn’t even remember what those chemicals were called due to his current anxiousness. He just remembered that he didn’t see them as very important. Junkenstein was nosey, and Hayseed was nosy too. 

Tightening his grip on the papers behind his back, Hayseed muttered, “N— Nothing, Papa. Honest.”

Liar. Don’t say ‘honest’, you dumb bastard.

That voice made Hayseed whine, but he still refused to speak the truth to the doctor.

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