or people i sometimes talk to

What depression is really like:

•caring about your grades but not enough to do anything about them

•thinking about suicide more than graduating

•considering suicide whenever any problem arises


•no motivation

•no energy

•walking is so hard

•sometimes even talking is too much work because you’re so god damn tired

•laying in bed for hours because you’re too tired to move

•feeling nothing but sometimes everything

•knowing you’re not alone but still feeling alone

•that constant mindset of, “Who cares? I wont be around much longer anyways.”

•wishing to be left alone, while also wishing for people to stay

•never believing you’re good enough

•always putting yourself down

•never planning to far ahead in time

•fake smiles, fake laughs

•long showers because that’s you’re little moment of escape

the way people on this website talk about me sometimes like i’m some kind of untouchable entity makes me feel so… good. it’s so flattering that people can recognize me and think that highly of me and stuff, it really really is… but also, y'all, i’m just an average joe. i’m just a chill fella. i just want to be nice to people and make everyone laugh. i love you all so much.

Chihokogate is overwhelmingly romantic; fight me

I’ve seen people describe the “Overcome Chihoko” story in a number of ways–Victor being Extra, crackfic, something written purely for laughs, and so forth. And yes, I think all of those things are true, to a certain extent, but I’m not sure we appreciate exactly how lovely of an instance of crackfic this is.

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I’d like to work at Starbucks. I love the idea of having a job for a good long time, a schedule, a regular routine. I’d love to interact with people, too, and not be constantly worried that they might recognize me. Don’t get me wrong, I adore acting, and I’ve always wanted to do this, but there is a lot of loneliness attached to it. Sometimes, you just want to go unnoticed, and I have this desire to be able to talk to people just for the sake of talking, and not because they know who I am, you know?

As someone with a lot of gemini, I can’t just answer yes or no questions. I have to add on additional information like, “yes because…” and then I go on to describe it to you like a story. sometimes this annoys people, I don’t know how many times people have commented passive aggressively that I’m talking too much. I just want to tell you what I know and make it magical. I think this is true for the gemini/sagittarius axis like both of them can go on and on about something they really like, the messenger and storyteller, and they both seem aimless and directionless in their chatter. I like this about me though, I make people laugh and go “really???” like I’ve peaked their interest, its so cool. there are some people who appreciate it, it’s a nice feeling when someone compliments the way I speak after a conversation. Or if they like what I say so much that we just keep talking and talking like I have gemini venus conjunct gemini mercury I fall in love momentarily my heart flutters when people extend the conversation it’s a cerebral orgasm aghsjkkjsh

It also grinds my gears to hear people talking about Kojima like he’s some supreme being. He’s just a dude who made something really special to many people. Stop it, he’s human, he makes mistakes, and despite being a fantastic scene director he kinda sucks at lorewriting and plot management (imo)

That sort of placing him on a pedestal is exactly the mentality that led him to having a, and this is an uncomfirmed rumor but I heard it from a very reliable source, complete mental breakdown from stress sometime during the production on mgs2 which made him have to take weeks off to be away from work. Then the death threats he received didn’t help either.

Idk man, I’m just done with the mgs subreddit because it’s filled with those kinds of people.

You know it's a good day and a good life

When despite the shit our fandom faces, we have two of our favourite cosplayers making the queen herself cry…and reminding us love is so much louder. We persevere in the face of adversity.

I don’t give a shit what happens to ONCE anymore, because I’m just glad I’ve seen some amazing art; carefully orchestrated gifs that told me a story and made me believe in love. A strong love. A supportive love. Family…. And life. Manips of heavenly auras cascaded across my dash on a regular. I have read beautiful, fluff driven, Soul Crushing and kinky fanfiction, that to this day I cannot live without. Talked with some educated as fuck people. Debated and exchange metas.
You guys gave me hope.
I swear to fuck you did.
I cry when I think of it sometimes and I hope our fandom never loses its light even after the shitfest is over. I will never forget that this is the one and only fandom that I can genuinely say contains people with hearts of gold.
To those of you who paved the way for the younger ones like me….
Thank you so much.
Just, thank you for reminding us to keep faith and if no one else does it. We still have the tools and resources to do it for ourselves.
And I hope everyone here gets what they want in life. Genuinely, I hope you guys get those successful jobs. Those easing jobs. The love of your life. Your Emma or your Regina. I hope life works out.

And fuck me, we got our Emma (Emma) and Regina (Tilda) proposal.
I can die a happy, happy person.

anonymous asked:

Hey Julia! What's you're feeling on the queer/q slur argument? I've used queer pretty often through most of my life, but I get it. Like Its def on a different level, but I get uncomfortable when people use dyke randomly, even tho I use it myself sometimes, because it's been used against me cruelly. But I get frustrated when someone's talking about queer issues and then it's derailed by LGBTQ+ infighting...

People should stop using it as an umbrella term once they find out that huge numbers of LGBT people dislike it, full stop. In fact I didn’t care about the word at all (honestly kind of still don’t enough to work myself into a frenzy over it) until I encountered a lot of lesbians saying “Hey can you not use this word to refer to all of us since not all of use like it and you could just type LGBTQ instead and it literally still has the Q there” and people responded with “Well only lesbians dislike it and disliking it means you are a privilege asshole.” Which, even if it was only lesbians who disliked it, that should be enough considering lesbians are LITERALLY LGBTQ.

So now I hate it but to be fair I have always associated it with a whole set of cultures, politics, etc that I find mostly homophobic and misogynist anyway (femmephobia replacing misogyny, lesbians being problematic for having sexualities, gay men also being problematic and regressive and suddenly super powerful, butches being pressured into not considering ourselves women because we aren’t feminine, everyone’s sexuality should be fluid/ like mine, terrible cafab nb people who are treated like women every day are oppressing women, similar nonsense) so I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything of real personal value to me. People who like it for themselves are obviously allowed to use it, but using it for other people is mean when you know lots of people don’t like it. But I’m so used to it that it’s not something I’m gonna waste energy getting super angry about.

tumblr is a poorly coded site but i’m still really glad that unlike other social media, there is no ‘this person is online’ indicator, and you can turn off the ability for other people to see your likes/who you follow

cause (a) sometimes i wanna lurk without having to talk to anyone or for anyone to know i’m online and (b) y’all don’t need to creep on my likes, if i wanted to share it, i would have reblogged it

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I just realized that in the Jedi - Behind the Scenes verse, the epic public relations shit storm that is Ahsoka's Trial. Or it would never happen because sometime when Barriss is out in the world, she gets talking to people and the grassroots groups and even though most Jedi aren't listening to her, they are and they're helping get the message out

(I’ve gotten more than one ask about this angle of this AU; bear with me if you’re one of the people who sent me something about it – I am starting to lose track of what I’ve answered. Sometimes I start replying/think I replied when I didn’t, and my drafts are seriously a damn mess right now.) 

I think Ahsoka leaving never happens, either because there is no way the Public at Large will accept the GFFA’s Sweetheart getting the boot or being accused of treachery, or because the docu-crew happens to have exculpatory footage and so Ahsoka never gets charged with anything in the first place. 

Or as you say, maybe Barriss finds another outlet for her activism and qualms with the war that don’t involve framing her friend for murder and blowing shit up. This would probably be best, since having any Jedi going on a crime spree in the midst of the them becoming the GFFA’s Favorite TV Family would be seriously bad for public relations, and I refuse to accept Palpatine gaining any ground in this AU. ;) 

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Scotty hit a mil and mini tweeted congrats bb or something and people keep on tweeting "ship it sm 1!1!" and it makes me so disappointed in this fandom. Haven't we talked abt pushing ships on them? If I was them I'd be so creeper out tbh

UGH I just checked and I see what you mean :////

Yeah we’ve talked about this, we talk about this constantly, but some people just refuse to listen and it’s super annoying and disappointing :////// 

Like I know some of the guys aren’t too annoyed about shipping and some of them joke about it sometimes, but that doesn’t make it okay to tweet them about it or comment about ships on their videos. I 100% guarantee they don’t want to see it and any mention of a ship to them is just annoying if not creepy as you’ve said :/ I wish people would grow some common sense and leave them alone. Ship if you wanna ship, but don’t be an asshat about it and keep it to tumblr and fanfic websites only pls and thank

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I know that most people liked that talk between Red and Liz in the car - I liked a few aspects of it too - but I just hate that Liz is using Agnes to negotiate with him. Conditioning his visit like that... I understand that maybe this is her only resource (and she's not obligated to let Red see Agnes) but I still hate it. Sometimes I think I should call myself a lizzington fan no more because it seems like everything Liz does annoys me to no end... 😞

I hated that car scene from start to finish. I’m done being happy Red and Liz are breathing the same air. Sorry but I just can’t anymore. Does this mean I’m no longer a Lizzington shipper? No but it definitely means I’m shipping the AU version at this point. This is not the Liz I once liked and cared about. This narcissistic uncaring version is a stranger. She’s definitely under no obligation to let Red see Agnes. Fine. He was also under no obligation to go on the run with her, get her out of jail, secure her pardon, save her and her baby’s life by having the mobile unit on standby or rescuing her and Agnes after the kidnapping. The truth is I hate k2 because it pairs Liz with her abuser and I will always say she deserves better than that. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ship Red with a woman that treats him with such contempt. He’s not perfect but he does not deserve this. There must be a bit of peace somewhere out there and I honestly hope he finds it.

sometimes i check my followers’ blog or people who reblogged my posts, and i noticed that some had no problem deleting my caption.

i understand you can delete caption by accident, it happens but if i ask you to delete my post / to stop doing that and you ignore me, you’ll be blocked.

if you want my art on your blog, the caption stays with my art. if you don’t like my caption just don’t bother reblogging at all.

thank you

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Sometimes, Rhett doesn’t realize how it looks. 

He gets questions, gets comments and looks and murmurs that make his blood boil. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care. Let them talk. 

Link is his best friend. Link is one of the most important people in his life. He can say that with confidence and surety. That’s been true since they were kids. Not a single thing has changed for thirty years. 

He’s always looked at Link like this. 

And the picture he’s staring at right now, where his eyes have gone soft and he’s putting all of his attention into whatever Link is saying. He’ll stand by his argument that this is how he’s always looked at Link. 

Link walks up behind him, cocks his head to the side, and asks, “Why’re you looking at pictures of yourself?” 

“Somebody said I look like I’m in love with you right here,” Rhett tells him. He turns the phone so Link can get a better look. 

“You look like you always look,” is all Link tells him, with a small smile and a shrug. “Are you worried?” 

“Nah.” And he’s not. Not really, anyway. 

Link pats him on the shoulder, says, “I wouldn’t say that you look like you’re in love with me in that picture.” 

There’s a beat, a pause, that stretches out so long that Rhett thinks he’s done, that the sentence is ending there. 

But then he says, “That’s a look of pure adoration, my friend.” 

Rhett thumps him with the back of his hand, snorts out a laugh, and says, “You wish, man.” 

“Like I said, you look how you always look,” Link says again. It doesn’t come out as a joke, and Link’s voice goes a little soft around the edges, like the look in Rhett’s eyes. 

And maybe Link’s right. 

anonymous asked:

heya, so i'm nonbinary and i've noticed that while i sometimes feel uncomfortable with my chosen name and pronouns, i'll keep using them anyway and going to places where people use them. i don't feel the relief or euphoria that other people talk about, but i just. keep. using. them. is that normal, especially very early on in social transitioning? thanks x

Changing your name and pronouns is a strange feeling! With or without the euphoria or relief, it’s just plain odd. You’re so used to hearing your old name and pronouns, so it can be hard to get used to the change.

I feel like “normal” is a very… broad term. Everyone’s experience is different! There’s no “proper” way for things to go. However, I think plenty of people have probably felt the same as you here. Some people feel euphoria during social transition, others don’t. Your life, your experience, you know? 

So, basically, don’t worry about it, anon! It sounds like you’re all good.

ugh i have like fifteen fics open in tabs that i intended to read and at *least* kudos if not review properly, and I have to unload my car and it’s pouring rain, and it’s dark and cold and raining, and there’s no justice in this world, wahh, I have so much laundry to do etcetera. 

All I want to do is write about Baby Poe.

Baby snuffled and made one of those great little kinda-grunting noises that babies made, and Sento paused to kiss him on the head. His head smelled perfect, of course, like baby, and Sento told him so. He didn’t have much of a singing voice; people always went on and on about singing to babies, but Sento had found that just talking worked fine. Sometimes he hummed, but it was always kinda tuneless. 

[…] Sento had been just going along on faith that Shara knew what she was about, and he was going to keep doing that. Meanwhile, there was a baby here to raise, and that was something he knew how to do.

He was a beautiful baby, was the thing. Sento’s memories of this time with Shara were a little fuzzy by now, but he remembered her being funnier-looking than this, right off the bat. But this baby was pretty cute already, and it wasn’t just his grandpa-glasses making him see it that way– everyone said so. Sento told the child this, again, as he’d told him many times already.

“There’s an art to growing up cute, though,” Sento went on, rounding the corner of the hallway. He knew all the hallways around here now, knew nobody was ever around so it was fine for him to do his slow, shuffling walks while telling the baby all kinds of things. “You’re going to have to learn that art. I was pretty cute as a kid, but your mother, now– she started out funny-looking but she was real damn cute by about four months. When she started smiling at people, that was it, she was real cute from then on, and that’s lasted her whole life, you know? She’s pretty, and you’re gonna be pretty too, and you’re gonna have to figure out what to do about that. But don’t worry, baby child, I’m gonna be here to give you advice, and my advice seems to have worked for your pretty mama, so it’ll work for you too.”

kryla-i-svitlo  asked:

// Hi! I'm curious and I hope it's okay to ask this. You mentioned the failure of the place that accessed you for autism, and you've talked some about the ADOS. You're the only other person, besides myself, who self diagnosed as autistic only to have the evaluation not pick it up. Would you be willing to talk a bit about why you think that hwppened? I'm just curious because I feel like it happened to me too . Thanks!

Absolutely. This is important.

The ADOS and ADOS-2 (which was administered to me) is based on behavioral deficits. However, a lot of autistic people learn to adapt to and mask those “deficits”, sometimes fairly early on in life. Most autistic adults learn to mask in some way. At least for periods of time equivalent to a test.

This is really common in girls and gender variant autistics.

I, for one, made socializing a special interest in high school, to figure out how to resolve what I thought were stupid conflicts between friends, and to learn acting, as well as to try to develop a quick wit so that people would think I was funny, too. This really took me through my 30s to accomplish it near parity with allistic people, and by then the demands of a corporate job made it necessary to up my game considerably. Although that caused me burnout from pushing myself too hard, I still get a rush from socializing well with people, and I love doing well on tests. So, when I took the ADOS, I aced it and accidentally made my psychologist think I’m allistic.

The thing is, there are three other tests, two of which actually measure what’s going on in your brain, and how much that masking is taking out if you.

If you are not evaluated with all four tests, it’s essentially an instance of bigotry. It should be considered malpractice.

The ADOS-2 is particularly bad, because it relies more on the interpretations of diagnostician observing you. And most diagnosticians are allistic psychologists who are primarily focused on children and tend to have agendas more in line with “Parents of Autism”.

Stories with Flowey: episode #2 "But nobody came"

*Well howdy, my friends.

*Nice day today huh?

*Well, at least for me it is.

*I don’t care about how you’re doing.

*I haven’t been in this blog too much lately and i apologize.

*I have very few asks to work with and sometimes i lack of motivation.

*But to thank all of you for keep following.

*I decided to make something special for you.

*Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary people…

*I got a new episode of “Stories with Flowey” for you.

*And i got my crayons ready so i’m acepting art requests again.

*Now…this time we are gonna talk about something a little personal.

*It’s about when i first woke up.

*Here we go.

*At first i was confused, like waking up after a bad dream.

*My memories were fuzzy.

*I started to breathe hard, i could still see those humans attacking me.

*I wanted to scream, but i was too terrified.

*I tried to run, to shove them away, but i couldn’t move.

*And when i looked down…my body had dissapeared.

*I was too scared to try to understand what happened.

*I kept moving around for a while until i started to calm down.

*Unaware of what was happening, as a primary instinct, i started screaming and crying.



*Somebody help!

*And i kept crying…

*And crying…

*And crying…


*And so the hours kept passing.

*I lost my voice from all the shouting.

*But i never stopped sobbing.

*I started to wonder…

*What happened?

*What if i died and that was my special hell?

*What if that was my punishment for not killing those humans?

*Being alone in the darkness, unable to move, crying, for all eternity.

*The longer it passed, the more i felt like i deserved it.

*I stopped trying to escape or cry for help, and just kept sobbing quietly.

*It was a long night.

*Eventually, the place seemed a lot brighter and i heard a familiar voice.

*It was Asgore.

*I thought i’d feel relieved i was alive, i thought i’d feel safe but…

*I didn’t feel anything…

*The place where my soul should be became a hole.

*A hole that caused all the love people gave me to fall down.

*No one could make me feel whole again, no matter who it was and how much they tried.

*And no one ever did.

*THAT was my special hell.

*The end.

*What’s wrong?

*Did you want a happy ending?

*Happy endings aren’t real, you fool.

*Life is just an endless tale of pain and suffering.

*But fear not, my friend.

*I’ll be sure to end this tale forever.