or original at all

Here's the thing. About original shit.

People don’t care.

But here’s also the thing.

People care significantly LESS about original things that are not ART.

You can say that your original art doesn’t get much notice and sure, that is true, but imagine writing original shit and knowing there’s not a chance in hell anyone but a very select few of super dedicated friends who will bother reading it.

At least if you draw your OCs or your landscapes or whatever the right way, you may get people reblogging or liking it because it looks gorgeous or cool.

Writers don’t get that 🙄

Now imagine you wrote over 350k words about a fictional universe you wrote the rules and limits of and developed entire series within it and dedicated your time and heart into it and knowing none but a select few will even try to read it because god.

“I don’t read regular books anymore lol, they’re too boring, I just read fanfiction!”

Good for you.


When u accidentally sorta-marry a fairy and the inlaws are crazy

lol but seriously im still working on this huge project and oh boy…still dreaming of it becoming a show one day :’)


All Equal 66 by Peter Rea
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an idea: y’all know how josh keaton sang for young hercules in the disney adaptation of hercules, yeah? so like, the man has that Sweet Disney Voice and so i started thinking about shiro finding and having to take care of a baby alien or something (as one does), and what if shiro is like. a huge disney fan? and so he sings disney songs to the baby alien to get them to calm down and stop crying. 

what i’m getting at here is: please imagine shiro softly singing “you’ll be in my heart” from tarzan to a little alien baby that he has cradled in his arms

my friend got me into my hero academia and i might have made an oc for it kekekekeK

i dont have a good name for him rn but his hero name is patient zero and his quirk is that he can create viruses and with skin contact can pass it on to others >< the severity is determined by how sick he is, and its usually a fast acting illness ^ 3^ 

Editing takes me forever, but at the very least I’ve worked out a system that helps me out a lot so I figured I’d share it with you guys! :D

By changing colors, it helps me see what hasn’t been changed since the first draft (and often if I’m on my third edit, it means I was really happy with it & nailed it the first time around), and it gives me a good picture on what I did on each read-through.

Though I did forget to mention that after I publish something, I strip all the revision colors out save for purple. :D

The background of my writing page is also green because it’s easier on the eyes (and it works). 


All The Devil’s Men

IX. Childish Things

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6.8k || warnings for references to substance abuse and assault

Aaron Reyes was many things, but he was not a fool.

It was not a decision he made lightly, to announce to the world that he mean to find James, and bring him to justice. Sooner or later, James would hear about it, and by the time Aaron found him, he would likely be ready for it. He wasn’t going to go anywhere without a fight.

Aaron supposed James had more than a few reasons to take things personally. He was, unfortunately, sentimental like that.

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People are saying that Sana needs an “original” storyline and that Yousana is too much like Evak but they don’t seem to fully understand how important this relationship between two muslims is going to be. How many muslim fictional couples do you know? How many shows do you know that deal with the issue of halal relationships (which I’m sure they’re gonna deal with since Yousana is endgame)? None. I can’t think of any. That’s why this is important. So how about non-muslims just stay silent about this season and stop giving their opinion on what is original about muslims and what isn’t? Can we all just appreciate they fact that the life of a teenage muslim girl is finally being portrayed in a series? And that she is the main character? Like, a whole season dedicated to a muslim girl. Do you realize how rare that is?

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I saw some ridiculous remarks and I wanna roar I'd like to hear your thoughts.Someone says Kaname did jobs murdering purebloods and protecting humans for Zero so Zero should appreciate him. Whaaaaaat?! Is it even more bullshit?!

Kaname murdered purebloods for two insane reasons. First and foremost he HATED himself. He literally LOATHED himself. He wanted to eradicate all beings like himself. He originally wanted Zero to be his weapon and destroy not only purebloods but ALL vampires. Kaname while having Zero do this wanted to end his long journey by using his life to turn Yuuki permanently human. Thus doing away with the two remaining Kurans and putting an end to all vampires. Zero wouldn’t be his weapon because Zero has integrity and morals and would only kill when necessary. Therefore Kaname decided to go around killing purebloods on his own and when the race was gone intended to use his life to turn Yuuki human. But because he did what the hooded woman was so against she lost control and he had no other choice but to change his plan and agree to take her place.

At no time did Kaname kill purebloods to help Zero or to help humans. He allowed Sara to willfully go around turning humans into vampires and giving bad blood tablets to innocent vampires which in turn caused them to attack humans. He also CAUSED the remaining purebloods to go on a rampage to try to stop him from killing their family members, at which time they began turning humans into vampires to try to help them fight the hunters to get to Kaname. Thus basically for all intents and purposes caused the same situation that lead to the war 10,000 years earlier that caused the hooded woman to sacrifice herself in the first place. Kaname’s arrogance is what caused the hooded woman to lose control and her essence came out of the forge. I believe she did this to stop Kaname and force him to end his long unhappy journey.

The second reason pales in comparison to the first. But it was for Yuuki. And how and why and what his reasoning for that is?! Well your guess is as good as mine. Because again the very creature that Yuuki was born as was the very thing he was trying so desperately to eradicate. If you think about it. The very thing some yumes use as an argument against Zero, is actually the truth about Kaname. When Yuuki was first turned back into a pureblood, Zero rejected her. He needed time to fully accept who she was and the very fact that he loved her despite her being the creature he was raised to hate. What did Zero turn around and do? He not only accepted her as she is but he stopped her from being turned against her will by Isaya. On the contrary Kaname didn’t give her a choice but decided that he didn’t want her to be a pureblood vampire and made the decision for her to turn her human. That IS NOT acceptance and love. That says to me I don’t like who you are. I prefer you to be human because I loathe my own kind. So I will choose for you.

But at no time will anyone ever convince me that Kaname did what he did for the sake of humans. I call BS on anyone who tries to tell me that he did! Not even Hino herself can convince me of that. If she wanted me to believe that she should have written his character much differently. 

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