or orange is the new black

i know we’re all up in arms about the fyre festival, but as we speak, a hacker going by the name of The Dark Lord has secured season 5 of Orange is the New Black and is now blackmailing Netflix for “a modest ransom” and quite frankly i have never heard anything more hilarious in my life, like honestly, what is this day????

Pls read

Everyone who is tired of gay characters being included in tv shows or f**s as you call them just go fuck yourselves. Piss off! You heteros get so much hetero rep per show!

We get 1 gay couple in 20 shows that too not necessarily good representation(most of them die) and it gives us happiness to see us being represented, it makes us feel validated and makes us feel amazing about being who we are but it seems to bother you.

What is your fucking probelm? You enjoy your hetero couples let us ship our lgbt couples in peace! Please!

Give me more.

Give me more A Handmaid’s Tale.
Give me more Orange is the New Black.
Give me more Call the Midwife.
Give me more Harlots.
Give me more Orphan Black.
Give me more Hidden Figures.
Give me more Bletchley Circle.
Give me more Jessica Jones.
Give me more Bomb Girls.
Give me more Grace & Frankie


{Keep adding to the list!!!}

It’s actually quite sad that the message oitnb was trying to get across by killing Poussey in such a brutal way and the treatment of her body after her death was just seen as the show killing off a favourite character for the fun of it. The bury your gays trope normally is a big no-no, however in this context it was justified, as it highlights important flaws in the prison system that leads to serious maltreatment of inmates. It was necessary for one of the favourites to be killed off, because they knew it would cause waves and get people talking about it. Things need to change and this was such a good way of starting conversations, especially on a show this popular. In addition to this, it addresses other issues including rape, homosexuality/homophobia/ transphobia, mental health, racism, sexism and many more. I applaud this show and I will forever stand by it.

I’m gonna stay mad about Poussey’s death until the world stops killing Black people, especially Black women, especially Black lesbians, and until White Sapphique Tumblr™ comes for OITNB for being racist, homophobic garbage that tells actual, real-life Black lesbians that their stories are bound to end in death and without justice

tell me why Lexa matters so much and Poussey apparently doesn’t. tell me why nobody even talks about Poussey anymore, ever.