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To anyone with long distance loved ones...

As someone who has had several long distance friends and a long distance relationship, there are some things that I think everyone should know.

1.) There is a site (rabb.it) than enables you to video-chat, watch Netflix, YouTube, etc. and browse other websites in a screen-sharing fashion with other people. It is available to people with laptops, but I believe that they are working on expanding.

2.) Spotify is a great way to share music with each other. As long as you both have the Spotify app and you make your playlists available to the public, you can save each other’s playlists to your own “your music” section and listen to them. If sending a CD of music compiled strictly for them is not an option for you, making them a playlist of songs that remind you of them is sweet way to let a friend, relative, or partner know that you’re thinking about them and care about them.

3.) [US residents only] The USPS has a Flat Rate Board Game Box that is the same price as a Large Flat Rate Box. It is said to fit two average-sized game boards (think Monopoly) and it would most likely be great for sending paintings, drawings, folding clothing items, etc. Being a “Flat Rate Box” means that the weight of the box doesn’t matter. As long as all items fit and meet requirements, you will only be paying $16.85 for domestic priority shipping.

4.) If you and your long distance friend, relative, partner, etc. plan on talking for a long period of time or staying on overnight, certain apps keep a connection longer than others (in my experience). Oovoo (audio) is most effective from what I’ve found. Next is Skype video or audio tied with FaceTime (on Apple devices). Lastly is Oovoo video. 

That’s all I can think of for now, but I hope this will help some people. :)