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Alain Delon, 1961

“I am not a star. I am an actor. I have been fighting for years to make people know that I am not just a pretty boy with a beautiful face. It’s a hard fight, but I will win it. I want the public to realize that above all I am an actor, a very professional one….”

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M/m couples aren't a thing because het male gamers (biowares target) don't like it. They can get off to the lesbians, self insert themselves in the straight stuff, but what use would they have for m/m? The focus groups of 12 year old boys think gay men are icky! No m/m stuff for us!

I’m sure I’m gonna get some screechers in my inbox for this, but.

Actually I think it’s more just a shitty trend that the same people who salivate and cluck endlessly over any f/f content in anything are really just sometimes lesbian fetishists, and they also kind of lowkey hate m/m content and representation.

Not all of them of course, but you can look around tumblr and see a lot of people who talk about how progressive they are how much they looove lesbians but physically recoil at the very idea of a gay dude (and I mean girls, not horny guys.)

All you have to do is go find some m/m positivity post and see the notes flooded with people screeching how f/f is better despite having the ability to make their own fucking posts.

It’s why there have been multiple prominent f/f couples in games, kid’s shows, and the like but almost no m/m stuff (and no, the two cops in Gravity Falls aren’t ‘prominent’’).

I’m willing to bet a lot of money nobody at EA went into Andromeda’s studio and said ‘no no, cut the gay alien, he’s straight now, not bi, no no, censor the kisses and sex, do it’ and that all that shit was internal.

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sometimes I have this urge to sing wiggle wiggle by jason dreulo to phil then remember how he is a respectable adult who I should not be wanting to do pervy grandpa flirting with and I reel in my lechorous tendencies ( Dan tweets 2025 edition)

more like dan tweets 2018 edition :( they are old men

me, editing my own writing: ok dude, i know you fixate on the size and roughness of your fictional faves’ hands, we’ve gotten your confession 385 fucking times, we get it, you love men’s old meaty ass hands

tbh I’ve probably seen hundreds of people naked by now and I can assure you all that as far as 45 year old men go Billie has a very nice body and a cute little butt

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Hey, I'm struggling finding pants (mostly khakis, chinos, not jeans) that serve my ~butch professional~ aesthetic but don't bunch up in the zipper and restrict my hips like a lot of Men's pants do. Where do you usually buy your pants, if you don't mind me asking?

80% of my pants are regular cut or straight cut Old Navy men’s section pants that I then get tailored, and I do get all my jeans tailored. Costs $12 per pair and makes me far less dysphoric about my hips, and makes them custom fit to me!

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What is the most likely way that Trump will leave office? Impeachment, illness, assassination or resignation?

He is not going to be assassinated and people need to stop saying that. This is America. We do not hope that a sitting president meets with violence however much we may dislike the man or his politics. We are still Americans.

Trump may get ill given his age and condition. Seventy-year-old men drop dead without warning every day. If he is impeached it will not be because of Russia or Ethics violations. It will be perjury for lying about those things because if there is anything that Mr. Trump has shown us it is his loose relationship with the truth.

If I were a special prosecutor I would get him on the stand and just let him talk and talk and talk. He is bound to incriminate himself somehow. You see, Mr. Trump is not an intelligent man. Moreover, he is a mediocre intellect who thinks he is an intelligent man. This is every prosecutor’s dream witness. 

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A thought: Washington lives longer than he does IRL. Lafayette makes it back to the US earlier than he actually does. Two old men still in love, even after all this time, even after all the life they've lived apart.

Adorable, and I don’t even like sentimental old people. Actually, something I remember reading is later in life, Washington had like arthritis or some other joint problem that would occasionally require him to wear a sling for his arm and he was super cranky about it. 

So like, imagine Washington trying to hide the fact he needs an old man sling from Lafayette, and Lafayette finding out and being very, “Silly general,” and getting him to take a little better care of himself.