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I really enjoyed this episode mostly because it showed off how enforcing and maintaining boundaries is an important part of every relationship. I’ve played the roles of both Kiki and Jenny without boundaries and it always sucked. Either I felt neglected and resentful or manipulative.

I identified with every single action and feeling Kiki did or had this episode, though. The toxic cycle of wanting to please a family member/loved ones at the expense of my own well-being can appear as a loving gesture or selflessness, but it’s obviously toxic and damaging. Kiki was having nightmares for two weeks straight. Overextending yourself isn’t a loving action–it’s a recipe for resentment, and it always sucks. But I’d fool myself into thinking I was caring when I’d see how happy I made them and how they appreciated me. Kiki got a kiss on the cheek and was told that she was Jenny’s “favorite twin.” It’s fees good to think that we’re helping people, but sometimes it’s at the expense of our own happiness.

I loved the representation of Kiki and Jenny’s relationship via the dream with Pizza Jenny trying to envelop Kiki. Kiki felt trapped in a cycle that she didn’t really want to be a part of, but felt like she was being pulled into it because Jenny was her sister. Kiki immediately rushed to Pizza Jenny to make sure she was OK when she thought something was wrong with her. It’s what twins/sisters/family/loved ones do for one another. They care. But Kiki’s unwillingness to set boundaries caused her to have nightmares and lose sleep.

The funny thing about Kiki finally saying “no” was that nothing bad happened. I’m sure she thought that Jenny would love her less or at least not tell Kiki that she was her favorite twin because she wasn’t fulfilling the role of “the nice” twin. That Jenny’s world would crumble to pieces if she didn’t get what she wanted. But it didn’t. Kiki enforced a boundary, and Jenny understood and gave Kiki the space to have her own me time. Their relationship is actually a healthy one because I’ve had people question why I wouldn’t carry out the role that I’d previously been performing or try to guilt trip me into resuming it.

It’s really important that Kiki learned that she can say no. I feel like she also learned one of my favorite pieces of info–that “No” is a complete sentence. It’s not a conversation, but it’s all that should be necessary if you’re asked a question. An explanation isn’t mandatory, and a “No” should be respected. I suck at stopping at “No” because I want people to understand why I’m unable or don’t want to do something because then maybe they’ll understand. But they don’t HAVE to. The world won’t end because somebody didn’t get what they wanted. I feel like the episode gets that message across. That and the benefits of boundaries. Kiki got to have her me time and be free. She looked happy and well-rested. Easily one of my favorite episode of the series.

BTS Reactions To You Suddenly Kissing Them On The Cheek


It had become a tradition between you and Jin. Every time he had any time off, you’d always spend at least one day at home only watching movies and cuddling. It was one of those days, when you sat on your couch waiting for Jin to return from popping the popcorn. For some reason, you just couldn’t seem to sit still, which made it seem as if Jin was taking a lifetime. Needing to move around, you began making your way to the kitchen to join him. Only to find Jin seated on a dining room chair, munching on the cookies you had planned to give him later.  The sight was both unbelievably cute and amusing. Your lips twitched, barely containing your laughter. He didn’t notice as you inched closer, his full attention on the cookies in his hands. When you finally got near enough, you leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before immediately flushing a bright pink. It was unlike you, you rarely were the first one to initiate skin ship.  Jin turned towards you, eyes wide. You couldn’t tell whether it was from guilt of being caught or from your actions but you barely had a chance to wonder before he smiled and puckered his lips at you. “I think you missed Jagiya.”

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You sat quietly on Yoongi’s bed as you just silently admired him at work. He sat across from you on his desk, furiously writing lyrics on a notebook. To you, he was the most attractive when he was like this. Fully enraptured by his passion for music and lyric writing. You had just reached for your drawing pad and pencil, ready to draw him, when he abruptly swiveled his chair around to face you. You tilted your head to the side in question. “I just finished. Do you want to read it?” As if he had to ask. You eagerly nodded your head, and he passed you his notebook. You couldn’t help the smile that took over your face, as you read each and every word. By the time you finished reading, you were an emotional mess inside, and you had fallen in love with him even more if that was possible. He had written a song about you. You looked up to find him silently watching you, trying to gage your every reaction. You bit your lip before you moved off the bed and into his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. His lips had begun to curve upwards when you kissed on the cheek as a thank you before burying your face in his neck, suddenly feeling shy. You felt his adam’s apple bobble as a laugh escaped him, “I’m glad you liked it.” 

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You’re not quite sure how you had done it, but you had. Hoseok seemed to be  a lot weaker to your aegyo than you had first anticipated. You couldn’t help your self from smiling in triumph as you and Hoseok now walked hand in hand to the entrance of the amusement park. Hoseok’s grip seemed to tighten the closer you got. You couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt. “Hoseok are you okay? We don’t-” before you could finish he had pulled you into a tight hug, “no it’s okay Jagiya. I can do this. I will do this. For you.” This only made your guilt worsen but you knew that once Hoseok had set his mind to something, it’d be hard to convince him otherwise. After a few minutes of stalling on his part, you had finally managed to drag him into the line-up for the smallest roller coaster in the park. The fact that it was smaller compared to the others, did little to ease Hoseok’s nerves. Their was horror etched all over his face and you felt bad but you couldn’t help but want to laugh. Wanting to make him feel better, you gently tugged on his arm so he’d leaned down, and gave him a kiss on each cheek before looking down, embarrassed at the public display of affection. Hoseok stared at you in awe,”what was that for?” “It was my attempt at comforting you,” you replied. Hoseok let out a delighted laugh as he ruffled your head affectionately, “it worked!” 

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One of the member’s teasing Joonie had eventually led to the whole group teasing him. You had to hold back your laughter, at some of their comments. “Y/N, why would you even date this dance monster?” You couldn’t help it as a giggle escaped you. Namjoon looked at you as if you had betrayed him, “as if you’re one to talk Jin! You’re no better!” He retaliated, only bringing more joyful laughter to the table. Eventually, your laughter died down as you began to notice how flustered Joonie had started to become. The teasing had gone on long enough, you figured. When one of the members made another comment, questioning why you had ever agreed to date him, you simply smiled before turning one of Namjoon’s cheek to you and giving it a kiss, “he may be a dork who can’t dance to save his life, and who at times can be a safety hazard to him and everyone around him, but I’m proud to call him mine.” The other members groaned in disgust at your words but Namjoon was loss at words. All he could do was laugh, beyond happy to be able to call you his girlfriend.

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Jimin had been waking up extremely early for the past week. He had been overworking himself, trying to perfect the choreography for one of BTS’s new songs. You had told him countless of times that he was overexerting himself and that he needed to rest. He only ever responded with a quick kiss to your lips before rushing out the door with an, “I love you.” You had been with Jimin long enough to know that these kind of things were important for him, but it still hurt you to see him coming home late at night, completely drained of energy. As their first performance date began to draw near, Jimin’s anxiousness grew as well. You knew how just how much he wanted to look good for his members and all of the Armys attending. On the date of the performance, he was so excited and nervous that he nearly forgot to put on his shoes on his rush out the house. You quickly caught his arm and drew him close to you, kissing him on the cheek and wishing him luck, handing him his shoes as you pulled a part. The suddenness of your kiss made Jimin bursted into a fit of giggles. He couldn’t believe how careless he had been. Shoes now on, Jimin gave you a tender kiss on the lips and began to make his way out, nearly tripping over himself in his rush.

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It was just for fun. You had always enjoyed teasing Taehyung and he had always let you get away with your antics, finding it impossible to tease you in return. So you figured today would be no different.  You had continually teased Taehyung about the crush he had on one of the characters from one of the animes he had been watching. His cheeks were flushed, slightly embarrassed at having had his secret exposed.  He looked so unbelievable adorable, that you couldn’t help yourself as you grabbed his cheeks and placed a kiss on each one.  That’s when he struck. Taehyung took advantage of the fact that you had let your guard down. He quickly grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head, his body now towering over yours. He had finally had enough of your teasing. He gave you a devilish smirk before his hands moved to tickle you. Only a few seconds passed, and you could already barely breathe from how much you were laughing. Taehyung spared you no pity, as he continue to mercilessly tickle you where he knew you were the most sensitive. “Tae-Taehyun stop!” “Not until you, apologize for being mean , Jagi.” 

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You sat beside Taehyung, as you both watched Jungkook get ready for his solo shots. “He’s so handsome,” you couldn’t help but let slip, as you marvelled at your boyfriend’s beauty. Taehyung nodded, in complete agreement. After multiple shots and poses, the photographer slightly frowned, not looking pleased. “I though Jungkook did great,” you commented to Taehyung. “He did. This photographer is just usually really picky,” he explained. You nodded in understanding as you watched Jungkook ask the the photographer what was wrong with the shots so he could try to fix it. “You’re smile is too unnatural. It seems too forced.” Jungkook took the feedback and got ready to re-do the shots but the photographers words only seemed to have caused Jungkook’s smile to become a lot more awkward. After three shots the photographer paused again, unsatisfied. You felt Taehyung nudge you, and you looked at him in question. “Go kiss him on the cheek, it’ll make him smile. It’ll be a natural smile too,” he suggested mischievously. Although you felt a bit shy about it, you wanted Jungkook to have successful shots so you moved towards him. Before the photographer could point out the flaws in his smile, you ran up to Kookie kissing him on the cheek quickly, before hiding yourself from the view of the camera. It worked. Jungkook’s face immediately lit up as he turned his head towards you and gave you the brightest smile you had ever seen. “That’s it! Finally! Take the shot! Someone take the the shot!” You heard the photographer yell.

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This came out a lot longer than I thought it would…I’m so sorry lol but I hope you guys like it!<333

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Hey sorry to bother u but could u possibly do a Hufflepuff falling in love post? thanks 💕

Ravenclaws | Gryffindors

  • They put a lot of effort into their relationship
  • They always listen to what their person has to say
  • They bake them their favorite dessert on their birthday
  • They kiss them in the spots where they’re the most ticklish
  • They recommend the perfect book for them
  • They know everything about their person because they’re loyal and loving and think the world of them
  • Their dates include lots of handle holding and touching
  • “Are you afraid you’ll lose me in this huge crowd if you let go of me?”
  • (They’re never in a crowd because the Hufflepuff likes privacy and intimacy as much as they like dating sarcastic people)
  • “No I just feel more comfortable when I’m close to you, but I’ll stop if you want”
  • And it’s true
  • The Hufflepuff likes to be as close as they can to their person because to them, their person is like the sun
  • They radiate warmth and happiness and the Hufflepuff can’t get enough
  • But they’ll always stop touching them if their person doesn’t like constant contact
  • Because making their person happy is what they want most

What made you cringe?

The well written fics? The gif sets with powerful quotes? The gif sets of them kissing like canon couples do? The receipts being pulled out on elshits ass? The amazing headcanons? The Eliza appreciation posts that your fandom never does? The fact that we actually care about people?

Or is it your own self awareness that none of you can give two fucks about what is actually being represented on that show because if you cared then that would mean that it would make the show look bad and god forbid that happens because it’s get in the way of yet another heterosexual relationship that you so desperately want to happen even if it makes the actors uncomfortable and has been stated plenty of times to be nothing but a partnership. Maybe it’s that or maybe it’s the lack of intelligence in your fandom and how the moment one person is called out for saying something problematic it’s suddenly a “they are such bullies!!!” “I hate the antis!!”

Maybe it’s that you guys can’t stand the fact that you can’t accomplish a simple task like being nice to someone or not saying a racist comment or simply accepting the fact that you are whiny pricks who get exactly what you want out of all tv shows you have watched ever and the moment a pairing that isn’t what you want to see is introduced, you riot and it becomes world was 3.

Or maybe you’re just assholes

Things I like to do to bug my rats

-Kiss them a million times against their will

-Take one victim with me when I go to poop so they can explore the bathroom

-Poke them through the bars when they’re sleeping

-Gently ”ding dong” their tails when they hang outside the cage

-Force them to take naps with me

-Gently make them dance until they get annoyed

-Eat food they can’t have infront of them

-Call them across the room so they rush to the side of the cage

Free Will

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a614N9

by stilinski_wolf

When Derek is hit by an obedience spell from a witch, it seems that Stiles is the only one who can actually tell Derek what to do and have him do it.

At first it’s a little fun, but then Stiles starts to realize how not good it is to make someone do something against their will and how uncomfortable it all is, and refuses from then on out, which Derek is grateful for.

And when the witch tells them that ‘true love’s kiss’ will break the spell, they both think it’s ridiculous. But it’s worth trying, anyway, right?

Words: 3836, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2a614N9

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Is kissing your you always intimate and romantic or can it be a pure friendship thing? Would you consider dating someone who isn't into kissing or is it to important to you? Or like a long distance relationship where you can't really just go snogging?

((OOC: It doesn’t always have to be intimate and romantic. Sometimes its just a platonic comfort thing. I would totally give it a shot with someone not into it, although I do like doing it a lot. Long distance is fine, it just means that i have to count my kisses and savor every one of them.))

5. French Kiss.

Iris is pretty sure it’s an accident when it happens.

They’ve only kissed a few times and it’s always been gentle lip locks, but they’ve never gone as far as that.

She surprises him, no big deal, it’s not his fault. His mouth is half open when it happens and it surprises them both. What’s meant to be a quick kiss before he bounces off to work turns smooth and heated when his tongue touches her teeth.

He’s caught even more off guard when she shoves his back against the door, pinning him to it. It’s a good cover up, making her look like she’s done it all on purpose, and the soft squeak that emits from his throat causes her to giggle when she pulls back.

“W-… wow.”

Iris smiles up at him and smooths her hands down his chest, “Not bad?”

“A f-first.”

“But not bad?”

“At all,” he shakes his head, “No, no, not at all.”

Iris licks her lips and leans in to kiss him a little more chaste, “Good.”

the only guaranteed way to make your life easier in school is by making friends with the staff. i don’t mean kissing up to them, i mean talking to them, i mean cracking jokes, i mean treating them like people. teachers have connections, principals have connections, everyone knows someone or can help you with something, even if that can’t be the assigned curriculum. 

i made my way through most of high school unmedicated for all of my issues because i didn’t know what was wrong with me but i knew i would panic over little things and freak out and not be able to do things. i made friends with all of my teachers first semester, it made the second one filled with so much less anxiety and self-hatred because i could ask for changed deadlines when i absolutely needed it, i could come into class whenever something happened and just talk.

all of my teachers remember me by name because i would come to class 5 minutes early, or just tell them a story, some of my teachers have retired 3+ years ago and still fondly remember me and volunteer to give recommendations for me. the first teacher i ever came out to as non-straight is now my next-door neighbor and he came to my graduation with some of my past teachers to scream my real name when i couldn’t have them say it over the mic because my mom was there. 

and if you can, get a job working at the office as an office aide, running passes or being a counselor’s TA. i know every single counselor. i was on a first name basis with everyone up there. principal, every cop that came by, all the attendance people, before my dog was certified i was able to take her on the campus because a teacher i knew wanted to take pictures of her and nobody cared. she ran around the office for like an entire hour. almost all of them know someone at the college i’m going to now so i’m never going to be alone and i have people who will protect me and who genuinely care about my welfare. 

like, not even in a ‘make friends with these people so you can take advantage of them’ kind of way. teachers aren’t going to fall for anything like that, seriously. make friends, everyone wins, it’s one less source of stress in your life at LEAST, and i can guarantee you it brightens up their day to have someone come to them and talk and like, i’ve gotten so much free food from staff members. holy shit. i didn’t bring lunch once all senior year because i was ass-deep in bagels. 

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I gotta ask.. Why do you think Marvel is queer baiting? Also do you know what an industry is? They need money to survive so sorry if things get cut out so they can make money to keep their INDUSTRY going.

thank you for this completely condescending ask :-) and yes, i’m well aware of what an industry is and that every good thing that comes out of marvel is in spite of the company itself - but let me tell you how dumb you sound right now. “i’m sorry we have to cut out a whole group of people because marvel need moneys” “i’m sorry gay people don’t exist in the mcu because a multi-billion dollar company needs even more cash” so anyways marvel’s queerbaiting is quite extensive. the main source being the grey area around the bucky/steve relationship. before civil war dropped, the russos baited the hell out of them saying steve kiss’s ~somebody~ but weren’t gender specific and being like ~anything could happen~ and ~we’re open to anything~ with no intention of actually ever allowing them to get together and then pairing them with an opposite sex love interest. a similar thing happened with peggy/angie i believe? and while this will be affecting straight women fetishizing homosexuality too, this DOES hurt real queer fans who are being told through this rhetoric that their experiences are not real or valid. kevin feige recently said there would be a LGBTQ superhero in the MCU in TEN YEARS because apparently a franchise that is already eight years old, has made billions of dollars and has had 13 movies out so far needs about TEN YEARS to put one LGBTQ superhero in the MCU, most likely in a secondary role. shut the fuck up with this, honestly.