or of them kissing


Bonus: The Misadventure of PB’s Poor Little Hat 

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Give me a kiss, Señorita.

Signs on a first date
  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Aries:</b> tries too hard to impress them<p/><b>Taurus:</b> smiles the whole time<p/><b>Gemini:</b> makes jokes constantly<p/><b>Cancer:</b> shyly stares at them<p/><b>Leo:</b> leans in for the kiss at the end of the date<p/><b>Virgo:</b> asks lots of questions<p/><b>Libra:</b> flirts heavily and lets their date know they like them<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> plays footsie under the table<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> tells crazy and funny life stories<p/><b> Capricorn:</b> drags out the date until the place closes<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> playfully teases them<p/><b>Pisces:</b> makes intense eye contact<p/></p><p/></p>
I crave the look you give me when you want me to kiss you..
I crave the kisses you give me when you are so happy to see me or when you miss me so much.. Even the kisses you give me just because..
I crave you placing your hands on my body and letting them wander around..
I crave you coming up behind me kissing my shoulder and telling me how much you love me..
But the one thing I crave the most is having you in front of me and telling you how gorgeous you are.. Looking at your body and telling you how gorgeous it is.. You see, your body is my biggest craving.. Your body is my personal canvas I crave to paint my kisses all over it to create nothing but loving things all over you.. Baby I’m craving for you..

You’re my biggest craving.. (Via. shesholdsmyheartinherhands )


My 8 year old brother and I were watching “We Need To Talk” the other day and when Pearl and Rose were fusing into Rainbow Quartz he just said “ew”. I then turned to him and asked why he sounded so disgusted, afraid that he was close minded. 

My brother: “Pearl is so thirsty it hurts. I mean Rose is hot but come on.” 

I don’t mind this kid too much anymore.

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I just... Steve and Tony having each other's backs, and then checking each other over after battles for injuries, and it's just this really private, intimate thing, and the Avengers learn to just leave them be after battles because they need the time to be together: that they're both alive and okay and in love, and not going ANYWHERE.


Like imagine them gently touching each other, pressing kisses all over each other’s faces, stroking each other’s hair… Like they get so sickeningly lovey dovey it’s HORRIBLE (but not really). 

And sometimes when it’s really bad they’ll just hold each other, not saying anything, just being together, because they’re both alive and they still can, and that’s the most important thing in the entire world.

The Signs Interrupting Gemini and Pisces Date

(Gemini and Pisces are on their very first date. They’ve liked each other for a while, but they didn’t do anything about it until now. They are currently at a waterfront restaurant enjoying dinner outside. They are getting ready to kiss. Their ten other friends pick tonight of all nights to not be busy.)
Aries: Made a bet with Sagittarius about who would try to kiss the other first; picked Gemini; when it looks like Pisces is going in for the kiss, Aries throws a pitcher of water to distract them which ends up hitting a waiter and getting Aries kicked out
Taurus: Sees Pisces wasting food; takes evasive action and swoops in to rescue it; when looked at says “Oh sorry. You weren’t gonna eat that, were you?”
Cancer: Busy admiring the love and romance in the air; trying not to cry; accidentally gets too close trying to watch the kiss and is spotted; tries to back away inconspicuously but is all too conspicuous
Leo: Sits down at the table next to them with Libra and immediately starts sucking face with them
Virgo: Notices a stain on Gemini’s shirt, runs in, and starts dabbing it with seltzer water before it has the chance to set
Libra: Waves at them before intensely making out with Leo
Scorpio: Walks up to them and asks to join when they leave the restaurant and go home
Sagittarius: Is winning the bet until Aries cheats and messes it up by scaring Pisces; whispers some encouraging words in Pisces’s ear to help them get back on track
Capricorn: Trying to convince everyone else to give the couple some privacy
Aquarius: Accidentally bumps into a tray of food, which then sends a pie flying and eventually hitting Gemini in the face, thus ending the date
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So, here he is. Joker and his “I want to make a mess of you” line. Also, if this is indicating something, I couldn’t get him saying this unless I keep on err…petting around his body area. Meanwhile, playing around lips made them kiss and the rest is just some love confession. Tried a few times and still got a same result so….not gonna say with 100% certainty if it’s just work like that or pure coincidence.

Fandom responses to UST
  • Author:*posts new OTP fic*
  • Fandom:YAY! *clappy hands* Okay, when do they kiss?
  • Author:*posts chapters*
  • Fandom:Awesome! When do they kiss?
  • Author:*posts another 10 chapters of UST*
  • Fandom:FFS make them KISS!
  • Author:*UST intensifies*
  • Fandom:So fucking help me, I will HUNT YOU DOWN!
  • Author:...
  • Author:*posts kissing chapter*
  • Fandom:YAY!!!! *clappy hands*
  • Fandom:...
  • Fandom:...
  • Fandom:Okay, when do they fuck?

Imagine your OTP playing a competitive video game together, but after each match, the loser has to chug a certain amount of soda. Unluckily for Character B, the game is Character A’s all-time favorite, one they have spent a lot of time playing and are quite good at as a result. The competition becomes so one-sided that Character B becomes too bloated and burpy to play, so they abandon the game altogether as Character A pokes and kisses their belly, teasing them for being so bad at the game and pointing out how their shirt is riding up. All though this Character B is very flustered, letting out burps every time Character A pokes them and blushing profusely as they try to pull their shirt down over their bloated belly.

APH Nordics Relationship Headcanons

APH Denmark: 

  • Likes to run up behind his S/O and give them random kisses while they aren’t looking. While they are busy looking around for him he runs off again like the childish nation he is :) He will also surprise them by playfully dipping them during a kiss.
  • His favourite thing to do with his S/O is bake. He finds it easy to be playful with them, and has fun making a mess of everything. He also enjoys licking the batter off of his significant other after they have a play-fight ;)

APH Finland:

  • Leaves little presents for his S/O whenever he can. Not really big things, but sometimes he will leave some flowers on their kitchen table, or some cookies that he made the day before. He especially likes it to be a surprise for them when they come home after a long day. Sometimes he also gets Hanatamago to bring them little notes to brighten up their day.
  • He’s a huge fan of eskimo kisses. He has a habit of giving his S/O eskimo kisses when he leaves for work, right before he gives them an actual kiss on the lips.

APH Sweden:

  • Sweden is quite tall, so he would most likely be able to rest his chin on the top of his S/O’s head. And that is exactly what he would do. If not, he would creep up behind them while they were cooking or something and casually rest his chin on their shoulder while his arms were around their waist.
  • When just cuddling in bed with his S/O, he likes to lightly touch his forehead to theirs, and just admire their eyes up close. They will casually chat about each others days, and giggle at little jokes that they make while staying in this position. These little moments are what he cherishes most in the relationship.

APH Iceland:

  • PDA isn’t really Iceland’s thing (he finds it embarrassing as hell), but in the comfort of his own home he clings to his S/O like you wouldn’t believe. He always has arms around their waist while they are trying to do things, and often finds himself burying his face in their hair to hide his blush.
  • Even though he gets a little lazy sometimes, he will push it aside to do little chores for his S/O when they are stressed. He never has to be told to do the dishes or sweep the floor, he just kind of does it. Though he never asks for any verbal recognition, he will always make sure he gets some recognition in the bedroom ;)

APH Norway:

  • Norway’s favourite thing ever is little neck kisses. Sometimes he will quietly come up behind his S/O, grab their wrists so they can’t swat him when startled, and gently tickle their neck with his kisses. He loves hearing their giggles when he does this.
  • When he is reading on the couch, he loves to lay his head on his S/O’s lap while they play with his hair. He finds it to be the most soothing thing in the world and it could put him to sleep almost instantly. But if they accidentally get tangled in his curl, the situation could turn around awfully fast if you know what I mean…

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How to give a hickey? Simple: you start off by kissing them, then deepen the kiss; use tongue, bite at the bottom of his/her lip, then slowly move to kiss their jawline—maybe nip at that if you feel comfortable, pepper kisses down their neck until you find a pulse point (it's a point that's particularly sensitive on a persons neck, you'll know when you find it), suck on the skin for at least 20 seconds and when you're done lightly drag your teeth/tongue across the mark and voilà! You're done

this sounds hot alright thank you, I’ll save this for future reference.