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I love the tags you put in the last post you reblogged and I totally agree with you ;_;

oh my god listen to me LISTEN the whole avengers thing only WORKS because the avengers are the epitome of the ‘ lost & found family ’ trope. there’s a reason why they chose, not had to, not forced to, but chose, to live together at avengers mansion (WHICH HELLO giant flashing metaphor of the original owner’s childhood family mansion – a home that was never actually a home to him but a carefully cultivated environment of fear and disappointment – becoming the symbol of the avengers and the actual physical space where this group of people came to be each other’s family).

and oh my god steve rogers. spends pretty much every single universe he’s in drowning after the ice. he’s alive, but he’s drowning in so much grief and pain and loss. and you know what, the avengers notice. they all do. they all, in their own way, make an effort, to reach out to him. and the important thing in these universes is that he always reaches back. and despite being so out of time and out of place steve always tries. i mean, it’s even out of reflex, because it’s impossible to be that alone and not wANT to make friends out of the people he’s already trusting with his life out on the battlefield. it’s so human of him to want that connection.

because that’s who steve is. his loyalty and faith is sO absolute and lifelong, why wouldn’t he seek out people to surround himself with and to love. he’s a soldier, he absolutely understands the value of treating the people you fight beside like friends, like family. and in those moments of life and death, that’s what they become. the kind of devotion he has for people who’ve earned his trust is endless, you just have to look at how tightly he holds onto the people from his old life. give him 2 or 10 years as an avenger and the very idea of the avengers is the thing steve clings to throughout all the disasters, all of the tragedies. 

he has so much enormous pride in the avengers, as a symbol, and as a collective of the best, bravest people he’s ever met. of course they’re his family, of course he loves all of these misfits and crazy people as family. how could he not? he’s their leader and their general and their inspiration when they need it but then who inspires captain america? his team, his family.

and i mean. honestly have you seen steve when the team is about to be disbanded or broken up or ended or someone has to leave the team hAVE YOU SEEN the level of soap operatic drama

[insert the entire nomad period here bc apparently getting a new identity and a deep v neck latex suit is steve’s version of a superhero midlife crisis]

and then look at him ligHT UP LIKE SUNSHINE whenever the idea of assembling the team / building a new team comes up 

then there’s tony in his corner, so eager to get to know him and become his friend, both as tony stark and as iron man. like oh my god the examples alone i could list of tony doing endearing selfless things just because he wants steve to feel like he has a place in this new era. who so obviously cares so much about steve and not just cap, who above all, just wants to be his friend.

i’m not saying this just because i’m a shipper blog but steve’s conception of the avengers and what he sees as his ‘home’ is so inextricably linked to tony. 


(steve’s first day at avengers mansion after the ice)


Steve/Bucky Week, Day 6


Rentboy!AU for roboclaws. Warning for mentions of alcoholism, drug abuse, and obviously, prostitution. Also, Tony Stark is a mess, and he does something pretty shitty, so if the thought of reading that bothers you, please avoid this. I apologize deeply to anyone who sees this on mobile. Hope you like it, bb. (And if you do, can I call it a late happy-dissertation present?) <3

“Welcome, losers, to the one night of the year when you can relive your college glory days, and leave your drab social worker lives behind,” Tony says, opening the door. 

Stark mansion is done up like a college party from a movie, giant kegs and couples kissing on the stairs, except it’s all expensive. The red cups appear to be made of actual glass. Steve, very generously, lets Sam go in first. 

“And how is the creepy grad student that partied with undergrads holding up?” Sam asks. Two cups, filled almost to the brim with some kind of mystery punch are pressed into Steve and Sam’s hands. 

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