or not..it's the thought that counts

What I’ve learned in 2016

1. No matter how good you are, there are people who will bring you down.

2. Not everyone is happy for your success.

3. Sometimes, strangers are more appreciative when you randomly help them compare to those who you know for a long time.

4. Friendship is not about quantity but quality.

5. Humility counts, character matters. Be grateful for what you have.

6. Never forget those people who helped you to become who you are now.

7. Everything has its own perfect timing.

8. When one opportunity is stolen from you, just stay optimistic. Greater things are coming.

9. Never forget to spend time with your love ones specially with your family. Time is unpredictable.

10. Stay kind even if others are not. There is always SOMEONE up there who sees your good deeds.



(l8ter that day)

Dramatic Flopping Part 2

Headcanon: “lance will drape himself dramatically across people’s laps. at first everyone pushed him off but now it’s just kinda. a Thing.”

One of @ironinkpen​‘s Lance headcanons~~

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Part 1

“You were meant to be watching him!” Draco shouted as he started to look behind the couch with a huff.

“Calm down, love. He really couldn’t have gotten that far.” Harry ran his fingers through his hair chuckling lightly. Draco turned to him, his grey eyes narrowed.

“Calm down?” he said slowly, taking a step closer to Harry, “Potter, you went and lost my cousin! He is three years old!”

Draco never called Harry by his surname anymore, not unless he was really angry, or they were otherwise occupied in the bedroom. And seen as they were now standing in the lounge, looking for an escaped three year old, Harry guessed it was the former.

Harry took a step towards his boyfriend. He rested both hands on his shoulders: Draco was still fuming, hands fisted at his side. He tried to shove Harry’s hands away, but Harry held tightly.

“Draco, he really couldn’t have gone far. It’s not like the apartment is that big.” And really, it wasn’t like Harry had taken his eyes of off Teddy that long either. They were both sitting in the lounge flicking through a channel on TV. Harry got up to make some tea, and next thing he knew Draco was screaming bloody murder because Teddy had seemingly disappeared.

Honestly, Harry wasn’t that concerned. He had watched Teddy plenty of times before, and the boy had a knack for discovering new things. But, Harry supposed, this was rather new to Draco. Sure, he had seen Teddy before - Harry had wanted Teddy to know his cousin, to at least know a part of his family. And when Draco and Harry had decided to move in together, well, why wouldn’t they take Teddy off his Grandma’s hands for a weekend or two?

Just, Draco wasn’t used to that. An hour here or there, or a day trip to the park was fine. Harry had seen the worry etch its way across Draco’s shoulders when they first agreed to have Teddy stay over. He knew his boyfriend felt anything but prepared for this.

“Harry… he just a baby… he could,” Draco’s eyes turned to worry, a thousand thoughts crossed his face. “He could get hurt.” ‘I am not good enough for this’, ‘I’ll never forgive myself if he is hurt’ hung between them unsaid. Harry sighed, stretching forward to kiss Draco on his forehead.

“Okay, love, let’s have a proper look then.” They split up, Harry taking the kitchen and Draco scurrying off to the rooms. Harry had barely stepped foot out of the lounge when he heard a deep laugh coming from down the hall, followed by a small giggle.

He made his way quietly to the room they had made just for Teddy, to find Draco laying on the floor holding Teddy, with his green dragon wings on, above his head.

Harry leaned against the door frame, taking in the moment. The worry had slipped from Draco as he held Teddy above him. Teddy laughed, arms outstretched as if he really could fly. 

Harry’s heart swelled, knowing that this right here is why it had all been worth it after all.

“Hawy, look I am a dragon too!”

“I see so buddy. Best dragon I have ever seen.”

“Watch it, Harry, or you’ll be on the couch tonight.” But Draco wasn’t even looking at Harry, his attention fully on the blonde-haired Teddy above him.


Stilinski-Hale Social Media AU - [1/?]

I tried so freaking hard to make this dream a reality but there’s only so much you can do on an iPad, apparently. Sigh. Sorry for this shit. Just look at the pretty pictures. And thank you @hoechlindylan for the help. Sigh.


EB: merry christmas to you too!!

TG: dont forget hanukkah 

EB: and a happy hanukkah!


And then Rigby proceeded to vomit all over Mordecai’s bed, and his bathroom, and on him as well. So Mordecai couldn’t make it to his morning class because he had to do a quick laundry run. That’s the last time Mordecai threw an impromptu dorm party as well.

Ask and you shall receive. Also college AU incorporation because why not? Ahaha, thank you for the message!! Q q Q