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My loot from my Tokyo trip this past weekend!

The Marui shop had a lot of things sold out, including the ribbons I wanted. (Which they restocked THE DAY AFTER I WENT) So I at least managed to grab Akashi’s shirt. To be honest I didn’t know what the print said apart from Emperor Eye because the text was so small on the website, so I died when it said “Always Right” XD NBA collab had a lot of merch sold out too so managed to get the keychain and pen. Got Midorima and Kagami for my cafe coasters and tried a couple badges and at least managed to get Akashi and Midorima, my top 2 GoM. I also tried the Special Room-Kuroko and Kagami chapter at J-World (The attraction where you get to interact with 3D Kuroko and Kagami) and since I bought a presale ticket I got a Seirin club entry form clearfile!

I’m all here for a Pre-Curse Adam oneshot where he lightly flirts with one of the girls he’s you know ‘hired’ to be at one of his parties and she subtly calls him out on his bullshit in some way like “you don’t even have friends to enjoy life with” and prince adam is left a bit starstruck/angry that someone said something to him like that but he’s also completely intrigued and follows them around for the rest of the night okay bye

for hours.

I just want a summer with Patrick where he and I just hang out in a small town, just two kids trying to pay off student loans. We’d read together and maybe watch a few movies. And we’d sit by the riverside and just talk for hours. It would just be the two of us, dreaming of unreal lives and hoping for non-existent soulmates. We would engage in friendly bickering, but he would always be the one who I came to with my problems. I just want a summer with Tyler where I can meet his friends and get to know him. We’d make silly videos to upload on YouTube and get slushies from the local cafe. And when he was all alone in his basement, recording his feelings, I’d lie down on the floor beside him and listen for hours. I’d show him my writings. Both of us would search for our purpose in the world. We’d get frustrated and scream and cry but together, we would be okay. At least for a while. I just want a summer with Brendon where we spend 30 crazy, fun-filled and dangerous days in Las Vegas. We’d party hard for hours and run out of places to do things which were just plain wrong. We’d explore everything - minds and bodies alike. Together, and not together at the same time. He’d play shows at a bar where I’d be a waitress, and we’d always sneak out to the back and do… stuff. And at the end, we would be connected in a way like nobody else. // what even is this. i wrote this at 2 am last night, so this is really childish and stupid but i still decided to post this cause why not.

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“Remember my name this time too, Yuuri." “Give me a reason not to forget it then.” “Don’t worry, love. By the time you’re done with all this I’ll have given you more than one. Now strip for me, Yuuri." “What a view.” “Better than ringside seats.” “You really are a sight to see, Yuuri.” Even "thank you" QUEEN OF GREAT LINES IMFMCXNXN YOU CAN MAKE ANY LINE ICONIC, A SIMPLE 'THANK YOU' MADE ME GASP OKAY??? Ily bye

Sgshsjsjsbsbshsusi 😭😭😭 thank you for screaming at me. Ily 2 BYE see you on twitter.

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The "Tumblr posts on TUMBLR" anon has made a serious point that I have seen get brought to your attention multiple times, and you always shrug it off like it is no big deal that you are stealing other people's work just to get a handful of notes instead of reblogging from the source. A lot of people are tired of seeing this, but you only care about how many thousands of followers you have. It's gotten to the point where I don't think ANYTHING you post is an original idea, so I'm unfollowing now.

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NEW VIDEO: I successfully catfished my high school religion teacher…

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