or not working

  • MC: Bro I can fit my whole world in the palm of my hands.
  • Craig: Bro that's imposs-
  • MC: *cups Craig's face with his hands*
  • Craig: *teary eyed* Bro.

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anonymous asked:

Hii. I'm new to tumblr and kinda new to your stuff, but I love the look of it. The art style and the content is great! I was wondering where I could find the God 'n' Gabe books? Can I get them/read them online? Idk where you're from (I'm guessing America since it seems you go to cons, I could be wrong), and I'm from England, do would it be harder maybe? Idk. Plz answer, I'd love to check out your work better.


i have an entire tag for all of the God’n’Gabe content i have available. you can also check out The Swaingels!

i am from the states, but when i do have books up in the shop, i will ship internationally. currently the only book whose contents are only available online is the third God’n’Gabe. i’ll probably be gradually releasing that as the summer carries on

ANYWAY here’s a full page of tags that i use that you can utilize to go through things a bit easier.

Anonymous said:

I’ve been COMPLETELY out of the fandom and the show since last year, but I still love seeing you and your art on my dash. I’m so happy for you, that you’ve been able to have so many relationships with the guys, and that people are buying and appreciating your art, etc… ~I’m happy, hope you’re happy too…~ You deserve it.

aw geez, thank you so much. it means a lot to me knowing that there’re quite a few who’ve fallen out but still find some joy in what i make. this is ultra sweet of you to say

Anonymous said:

How does making this your job work? You must be making a decent amount of money if you can make a living off it. You don’t get in trouble for selling comics and figures and stuff using the SPN world? Like I kind of understand commissions. Artists being paid for labor in producing something that happens to be part of a licenced work, but you’re specifically selling stuff based on their work. Has anyone part of the SPN crew ever said anything about it? Or are they backing you?

ah nah anon, i’m really not making too hot of a living off of it. i saved up for about 10 years so that when i felt i was ready to pursue a risky decision, such as Art Career, i’d have some fallback. what i saved has kept me going. i promise, i don’t come home and am like

also, i am heavily heavily, if at all related to the world, parodying the SPN world. there’s a whole copyright section for that! i don’t even use the words supernatural, dean, castiel, sam, etc–in my work. no anti-possession symbols, nada. i have permission from r2m and the band to use likenesses. (no band names tho! i did clear that up.) and like i said, if you’re in the biz, you know i’m not raking in the dollar bills from it.

SPN crew is backing me in the sweetest way, and i’ve had great experiences talking to those who stop by during the west coast cons. (1 crew member came by, quietly looked over everything, and then came back with a whole group of people who work on the show. literally brought them back to compliment it and show the others. i was BAMBOOZLED)

so yeah! it’s all good, my dude. i get having anxieties about that, as i’ve seen artists shut down just online for getting too big. you just have to not be scared to present the content you’re creating, discuss terms, and understand what is and isn’t cool with the network and those involved.