or not to vote

Voting matters. Don’t let any cynical, self-defeating, or pessimistic person tell you otherwise. Vote.

This is re: last night’s failed disaster of a Republican push for a “skinny repeal” of Obamacare, named as such because it would have stripped “only” 16 million of their healthcare. Hassan was one of the deciding votes against the repeal.

ARMY! there’s roughly a month left to vote for the soribada awards, and we need to vote as much as we can. so, here’s a tutorial on how to make multiple accounts.

first - you need to download soribada (소리바다) from the south korean app store. you can search on google how to change your app store. you’ll also need to confirm the new apple account before you can download anything. DO THIS FIRST!

now, to the tutorial.

  1. there will be a pop up when you open the app, click anywhere on it.
  2. once you get to screen 2, click on the tab that says “투표”
  3. once you get to screen 3 you’ll see the two circles, click either one, it doesn’t matter.
  4. screen 4 will be a pop up, click confirm.
  5. you’ll be taken to a login screen, click “join as a member”.
  6. you have to set up an account, but you can use fake and random information, it’ll still count.
  7. scroll down a bit and accept the terms, service contract and privacy policy, then click “join as a soribada member”. [you’re not done yet! you’ll be taken back to screen 2, click the tab that says “투표” again. then you’ll be taken back to screen 3, click either circles and you’ll be taken to screen 8. bts are nominated in both so make sure to vote in both!]
  8. click the grey bar under 방탄소년단 that says “투표하기” (do this on both!!!)
  9. screen 9 will be a pop up to request a ticket, you can just x out. after that, you’re finished. repeat these steps to make multiple accounts and mass vote.
  • if you have any questions or i wasn’t very clear, feel free to send me an ask or message!


Okay so, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while to get more people interested in my AUs! For two weeks I will be hosting an AU takeover event here where people can ASK QUESTIONS abt the AU and the characters will answer them. This takes away all the stress of running an ask blog and keeping it going for a long time.


Up for voting are:

1. SnK Guardians AU:

Canon setting ft. Shapeshifting Animal Companions, Magic. Hurt/comfort, Fluff + Friendship-Centered.

2. SnK Home AU:

‘Our World/Modern’ setting ft. Tower block living, College/Uni Parties and Neighborly Shenanigans. Humor, Various Relationships, Slice-Of-Life-Centered.

3. Naruto Guardians AU:

Canon/Next Gen setting ft. Shapeshifting Animal Companions, Magic. Fluff, Various Relationships, Slice-Of-Life-Centered.

Please reblog to spread the word and vote for which you’d like to see here! Thank you!