or not sonadow

So I went to Walmart and.....

I was pushing the cart and suddenly this little girl stood in the middle of the aisle with her hands stretched out and her face saying, “You shall not pass.” So I literally stand there for 5 seconds while her parents are just stood there watching and I go around her to the next aisle and when I looked back she had that face of defeat and all I could think of is imagine your otp.

In World History...

I don’t know the difference between making compliments and flirting… I’m in history drawing a flower and this girl beside me that I knew for a year says,“That’s beautiful.” I reply,“Not as beautiful as you.” So I stay there in complete shock that I said that and she had that face of what. She then says from the akward silence. “ You too.” AND WE WERE NOT ALONE AND I BET PEOPLE HEARD GVIGVIGCUGCDTJCIGGVI. Imagine your otp….

Bitch!! Don’t you know that everytime a gay otp couple kiss a lemon is born on a citrus tree??!! What are you going to do if you can’t have any more lemon anything??!!!

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