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I really hate the generic ¾-facing-left, eyes-to-the-right profiles but it’s so convenient, I can’t help myself.

day 7: free day

lance plays with some strangely colored kittens, inspired by that emma watson interview (X)

Thanks @lancenetwork for the great week! Check out the rest of my Lance Week art here and my other doodles here!

Been playing Don’t Starve Together with friends lately and its is SO MUCH FUN??? I main this dude, cause he a cool spider dude ^u^


All of my “un-whitewashed Damian Wayne” compilation (So far!)

Honestly these were really fun to make, but at the same time it made me realize how easy it would have been for the creators to do it themselves? Aside from the eyebrows & eyelashes, I didn’t change anything really. All I did was change the skin & eyes color to a darker shade, that’s all. A completely easy task that anyone (including a non-artist like me) could have done. Yet the animators couldn’t bother with it for some strange reason (I don’t why? You’re already coloring his skin & eyes anyways, literally all you need to do is to change the colors to a darker shade to use and that’s it) 

As My Chemical Romance Songs


Thanks For The Venom


Welcome To The Black Parade


Planetary (Go!)


Na Na Na

I colored a shit gremlin. Also idk why the highlights on his legs aren’t appearing like they do in the actual picture, I think it’s cause tumblr’s quality is shit. Edit: wait now they are. Tumblr what the fuck

Swiggity swoogy comin’ for that booty

Voltron AU: Wings 03

(Many thanks to @ladydouji and @eastofthemoon. We had fun talking about these.)

Humans are born with wings, downy, fluffy little things, but their wings usually aren’t strong enough for them to start learning to fly until they’re around seven or eight.

That doesn’t stop little ones from trying to fly, and parents often put “wing hats” on their wings to make sure they don’t get themselves in trouble or hurt their wings trying to fly too soon. They’re just soft cloth or knitted covers that fit over their wings ad make them too unwieldy to even try to fly.

Sometimes in really cold places, even adult will wear wing hats, although it’s more common to tuck wings under bulky coats that are designed to accommodate them.

Needless to say, Hunk has pictures of Lance as a toddler wearing brightly colored and stripped wing hats, courtesy of Lance’s mom, and he threatens to show them to people when Lance is really being a pain.

Wing adornments are also fairly common, as is dying feathers, although molt patterns are generally pretty random and can lead to some strange looking wings as the color molts out in spots.

There are a few spots on the wing that can be pierced without doing any harm, and Hunk, Shiro, and Pidge all had their wings pierced before they joined the Garrison.

Hunk and Pidge both had a piercing in each wing. Pidge liked sparkly studs and occasionally clusters of dangling chains with little gemstones on the end. Hunk liked polish stone studs, and he would happily tell anyone who mentioned liking them (or mentioned them at all), all about the geology of the stones.

Shiro was kind of a punk. He had three piercings in one wing and two in the other, and he liked metal studs and occasionally chains strung between the piercings.

Lance never pierced his wings because he was worried about it slowing him down, but he had a helix piercing, and his favorite stud was a tiny stone turtle that came from Hunk, although he had a silver one shaped like a rain drop that he really liked too. Lance would also sometimes wear light, chain meshes over his wings. He liked the sparkle and swore the weight was good strength training for his wings, although it weighted almost nothing.

All of their piercings are long closed up. Garrison dress code doesn’t allow piercings because they’re a safety issue when they’re doing combat training or physical conditioning. There is no paladin dress code, but the prospect of having a piercing ripped out during a fight has so far swayed all of them from redoing the piercings.

Keith never had any piercings. He just never cared. He liked being able to fly fast so he didn’t see any reason to do something that might slow him down.

anonymous asked:

do you ever paint people of color?

Strangely, this question strikes a nerve for some reason, maybe it’s just because its really late at night or maybe I’m just having a bad day. So I apologize in advance if this comes off as a little rude, I don’t mean to be.

When it comes to my work, I draw from my head, completely from imagination mostly. I draw these subjects, these people that I imagine in my head and bring them to life along with the ideas, meanings and feelings that are associated with them. In this moment the last thing I am thinking about is the colour of their skin. 

The thing I want people to see and recognize at the very moment they see my work, and until that very last moment before they turn away, is emotion. I want my work to capture something as fleeting and indescribable in words like pain, love or loss. I want my work to resonate, to talk and to connect with people, and I try to achieve that by using various different art elements and techniques and merging them all together to create this overall idea and feeling (fingers crossed, I hope I am somewhat successful in achieving that). My work isn’t necessarily about who the subject matter is, their identity or the character, it’s about that emotion of the work as a whole, that introspective dialogue between work and viewer. Heck, sometimes even drawing animals can capture an expression I want to show better than with drawing people!

If anything, I draw upon my own roots of South-East Asian influences for the girls that I draw, with features that are often mixed, fantasy/surrealist anyway because it’s derived from my roots of Manga/Anime art as a kid.
If anything, I do paint people of colour, my own people, everyday really.

I would absolutely love to draw all types of people! I’m still learning how to do so in study sketches, from different parts of the world, of different skin colours – different people, full stop!

anonymous asked:

can i ask for some cute vetra and fem!ryder general headcanons like i understand if its too soon but honestly !!! they are so good

I saw ‘Vetra and fem!ryder” and felt immediately blessed. It is never too soon for my 7 ft tall wife, ever. 

Or anyone else in that game really. A lot of people I would marry in that game.

In any case, to celebrate my first Mass Effect request ever, Imma change up the style of headcanon writing. Tell me what you think!

-The shameless Mod Pinks

Cute headcanons w/ Vetra and Fem!Ryder

  • On the days they have off, nothing can get them out of bed short of the apocalypse.Nothing. Curled up in each other’s arms, Vetra curled protectively around Ryder until the latter wakes up and starts watching her cute girlfriend sleeping, cooing in her sleep. They enjoy all their time together and have the best lazy day.
  • After Vetra told her that Sid had ‘wasted’ a favor getting cats back for someone, Ryder introduced her to wonder of cat pictures. Which then led to puppy pictures. Then baby goats. And baby pyraks. Sid was surprised when Vetra told her she was no longer angry about the cat thing.
  • Cooking may not be Vetra’s forte, but telling stories of past jobs? Everyone is convinced that she must have lived 40 lifetimes in order to have all these stories, and Ryder could absolutely get lost in them all, adoring every word. Many a quiet night have been spent holding on or the other while Vetra shared her stories, Ryder hanging onto every phrase. Liam once passed by Ryder’s door and heard their giggles. He maintains that he got diabetes from the incident.
  • Clothing as humans know it is entirely different for Turians, Vetra knows this. So she is very confused when her Ryder gifts her a sweater. That she claims she just randomly found. Vetra has the good graces to pretend to not notice the cuts from needles on her hands, or the fact she had seen Ryder go through a lot of trouble just to get some wool contraband from some smugglers. She adores it, even if the color is strange, for it is delightfully warm. A few weeks later she ‘randomly finds’ a scarf with uneven sides for Ryder. What a coincidence.
Achluophobia: Saturday

Title: Achluophobia: Saturday, Part 2 of 4
Author: @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13 - Strong R
Timeline: Mid-season 7
Notes: Again, thank you to @bohoartist for all of her beta and support while writing this.  She was crucial to me finishing this, and was a constant source of support. Also, ½ of the multimedia is because of her.  And thank you to my baeta @kateyes224 for all the love and making my writing is the best it can be. 

Friday, Part 1 


The atmosphere within the house is relaxed the next morning, with much of the activity confined to the kitchen as Claire mindlessly hums a tune while preparing breakfast for everyone.  Jack sips coffee at the table with Mulder and Scully, while the smell of bacon frying on the stove sends their stomachs into a growling frenzy.

“Can I help with anything?” Scully asks.  

Claire waves her hand and shakes her head.  “No, thank you.  Breakfast is the least I can offer you.  Sit and drink that coffee.”  

“How’d you two sleep?”  Jack asks, his voice cloaked in nonchalance, but his eyes flick back and forth between the two agents desperately asking the loaded question he’s too afraid to speak out loud, did you experience anything?    

At the mere mention of sleep, Scully struggles to stifle a yawn and her recollection of last night with the back of her hand.  

Jack chuckles.  “That well, huh?  I know that mattress is a little lumpy.”

“No,” Scully answers quickly.  “No, it was fine, thank you.”

He rests his elbows on the table, leaning towards her.  Slivers of reluctant hope glimmer around the edges of his voice when he finally verbalizes, “Something else then?”

Mulder nudges a fresh cup of coffee in Scully’s direction, who takes it with a small smile of appreciation.  “Just new surroundings,” he offers.  

Concealed beneath the table, Scully brushes her knee against Mulder’s, a silent thank you for stepping in and ending a conversation she wasn’t in the frame of mind to have.  “Not working today, Jack?”  she asks, changing the subject.

“Took the weekend off,” he says turning to flash a smile in the direction of his wife.  She turns as if on cue, and winks at her husband.  “I’m planning to spend it with my family, and you fine people.”

Mulder downs the remaining coffee from his mug as Claire shuffles to the cupboard and begins pulling down plates.

“Breakfast is almost ready,” Claire says as she crosses to place the dishes on the table.  “Just waiting on the biscuits.”

“Would you mind if I went and introduced myself to Joey before we eat?” Mulder asks.

“Of course not,” Claire responds.  “Go on up, he’s in his room playing.  It’s the last door on the right.”

Mulder flashes Scully a smile before exiting the kitchen.

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