or not idc~~

possibly one of my least favorite things about being a lesbian is that im going to know and be with and love so few people. im going to be so isolated. im not gonna have casual hookups, im not gonna get many chances to explore my sexuality and romanticism, im not gonna really Date, im not gonna have a network of friends and l*vers and etcetera like most people would. there are so few lesbians in the world that im not going to be able to have a social or romantic or sexual life that isnt just grabbing onto whoever and whatever i can get.


What does it mean to become somebody else’s story?

“A commitment to truth, a fearlessness.”

do you ever think that ryan ‘literal golden retriever’ hawley is one of those people who is just very good at controlling his anger because lemme tell you that scene with ross in the pub was super convincing for a man who literally never looks like he’s raised his voice in his life