or not even a date

The real question we need answered next episode is

when did Maggie meet Eliza? We all know Alex wouldn’t shut up about her crush, but when did Eliza get the confirmation that they’re dating? Because this a WAY too familiar greeting for them to have never met before

kravitz is so utterly smitten at the end of the date. “taako, i’ve had a lovely evening, ..do you think i’ll be hearing from you anytime soon?” (by the way he said he had a lovely evening three times so like. he DEFINITELY DID)

and then taako says YEAH!! really enthusiastically, and then the stuff about dying in a more bummed out way.

and then kravitz says, so gently, “well, even so, we have ways of dealing with that.” aka “i will bring you back to life if need be, i will go against my whole job to keep you alive and safe” because he’s GAY and already IN SO DEEP

and then taako says, “well that’s pretty much the best excuse i ever had, so i think you’ll definitely be seeing me again!! for sure!!” he’s just! so pleased at the idea of going out with kravitz again! they had a great time! they’re really comfortable and compatible with each other!

and then kravitz CHUCKLES (because he is SMITTEN) and says, “if that’s the case, then hopefully not TOO soon.” (because again, he wants taako to be safe. but he still wants to see him again, DEFINITELY.) “…goodbye, taako.”


I dated other people that nobody even knows I ever hung out with, because I didn’t want there to be any tweets or selfies or pictures of us holding hands because I wanted it to be just mine and that person’s.

Camila Cabello

(Back at it again with the gender neutral pronouns)

Pretzel Week: My Best Friend’s Little Sister trope + Aliens among us

“What’s up with you today, man? You’re acting weird. Even for you.”

“Dave…” Killian sighed, reaching to scratch awkwardly behind his ear.  “We’ve been meaning to tell you for a while, but - well, you see - Emma and I are together.” 

“You’re WHAT?” David spluttered. He shook his head, blinking rapidly trying to process the news. Killian and Emma? Oh… Oh no. What if he knows?What if he doesn’t? 

“Killian, no. You can’t- You guys have always been friends, and that’s fine - great even - but dating my sister is just-” 

“Easy now, mate. Whatever Emma and I become is up to her as much as me. I know this is perhaps coming as a bit of a shock. I get that. But you haven’t any right to dictate-” 

“Wait, wait.” David raised a placating hand. “It isn’t like that. I mean, yes, it is a shock, but that’s not…” David settled his hands on his hips and looked away. He nodded to himself once, seeming to reach some kind of decision, and turned back to look Killian square in the eye. 

“You know Emma is my foster sister, right?” 

Killian furrowed his brow. “Aye. What of it?”

David took a deep breath, clearly working himself up to something. “She’s, um, not exactly from around here.” 

Killian smiled sadly, letting his gaze fall to the ground. He chewed his lip a moment seeming to come to a decision of his own, then widened his arms into a low V, his spread fingers emitting a soft white glow. 

“I know, Dave,” he answered, slowly rising until he levitated a few feet above the ground. “You see, I’m not exactly from around here either.”

Yeah, I went a bit rogue, but it still fits with the spirit of the week right? 


So apparently real life distracted me (curse you reality) *shakes fist angrily in the air* but I had wanted to celebrate with everyone because….I’ve been an admin on this blog for an entire year now! (Pause for shocked gasps) I KNOW RIGHT?! But I just wanted to once again express my thanks to all of you who have contanstly sent in asks and questions and comments because you all have just made this so exciting for me to be a part of.

And I would also like to thank all the other admins who so graciously allowed me to have this admin position because they are all simply wonderful little darlings and I adore each and every one of them. EQUALLY. You guys gave me the opportunity, and I can only hope that I’m doing my role justice! ❤️

Anyway, I just wanted to extend a (tardy) thank you since this is a big deal to me lol. Lots of endless love to all you lovelies!

Admin Valo

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Covetous (Part One)

Prompt: @ruth-hamilton-delrio requested “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.” I wanna see your take on that, for Lin x reader” and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic. 

Author’s Note: I have not yet written an angst or slow burn fic, so this is quite different from my usual fluffy fics. It’s been fun to write so far and I’m looking forward to writing the rest of it. I know I said yesterday that I wouldn’t be posting for a bit, but this prompt was too good to ignore so… here we are. 

Words: 2,766 

Warnings: Angst, mentions of surgery/hospital 

Also, for this, it’s modern and Lin has Hamilton and Moana done, but he’s obviously not married and doesn’t have his son for sakes of the fic. 

Enjoy!! (don’t hesitate to tell me how you like it through asks, messages, comments, or reblogs!) 

“I’m just saying… why would Rassilon say that Time Lords would stand as monuments such as the Weeping Angels if it wasn’t true? And it’s the perfect bit for the immortality thing – they’re immortal as statues.” You continued your ages old debate with your best friend as you pushed open the door to your favorite spot – the hole-in-the-wall tea shop you had frequented since your freshman year of college. Greeted with the sugar and spice notes of the over one-hundred different kinds of tea brewed here and a “hello” from your favorite worker, you nodded before Lin countered your opinion.

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Eric & the model/actress Na Hyemi confirmed their relation

Eric & the model/actress Na Hyemi confirmed their relation, but denied having marriage’s plan now.
Dispatch “caught” them last december.

Sorry for this short note, but since I’m personally against allkpop/soompi lack of news of Shinhwa, except when one member is dating & even more against Dispatch’s methods, I will not upload their news or pics of them. I hope you will understand ^_^

The only thing I have to say is BE HAPPY LEADERNIM ♥

Eric et la modèle/actrice Na Hyemi ont confirmé leur relation, mais dénient tous plans de mariage pour le moment.

Dispatch les a surpris en rendez-vous en décembre dernier.

Pardon pour cette courte note, mais puisque je suis totalement contre les méthodes de Allkpop/soompi et encore plus Dispatch, je ne vais pas partager les articles et photos qu'ils ont fait. J'espère avoir votre compréhension.

La seule chose que j'ai à dire c'est, SOIT HEUREUX LEADERNIM ♥

I see a lot of posts about how it’s okay to get married and never want kids. And it is. That’s totally fine. But I never see any posts about the opposite, about people who want to have kids but never get married or even date. I am one of those people. Seriously, I would LOVE to be a parent. I would not love to be a spouse. 

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My world has a shit ton of lore, in the prologue I describe how the world formed. One of my beta readers said it was grueling and boring. Another one said it was exciting and captivated their curiosity because the world had so much detail, thoughts?

Hello there, nonny :)  Congratulations on having a big, deep world that you love!  There’s definitely nothing wrong with having extensive lore – after all, popular universes such as those in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars have information dating back (fictional) centuries.  Even before these franchises developed video games, prequels, toys, and comics, they had a lot of history packed into them – probably more than ever made it into the final drafts!  So what makes the difference between these brilliant universes and the info-dumping disasters that are a lot of amateur fantasy stories?

1. Choose your details.

There is beauty in deep, convoluted and realistic history for your fictional universe – it helps you to write deep characters, deep politics, complex cultures, and it gives you plenty of fodder for foreshadowing and mirroring.  But.  But it’s not all necessary for the readers to know.  No matter how much vital information you have (and it will probably all feel vital), with careful consideration and a pinch of brutality, you’ll be able to pare away the non-vital details.  Only include and share the information that

  • involves the main characters or their culture
  • has bearing on the conflict or message of the story, or
  • answers a question your readers are probably asking already

2. Choose your moments.

There are times and places to share this information you’ve so carefully selected, and it’s never in the heat of battle or while your characters are running from a giant monster.  Find little moments between big events to teach your readers about your world – never at a moment that would distract the reader from the Actual Conflict Occurring Right Now (the ACORN).  I just made that up and it’s stupid but I’m proud of it… :]

So wait until the information is necessary, and until it would realistically be discussed or revealed in the scene at hand.  Don’t make your readers roll their eyes because, “Seriously, now is the time they all stop to discuss the four goddesses who created the world?  And how is this the first time the protagonist heard about these four major deities?”

Yes.  We think about these things.  Which leads me to my last point…

3. Choose the messenger.

One of the best ways to bore your readers with more and more infodumping?  Just have the same person reveal world information. every. time.  Seriously, never in my real life have I learned everything I ever knew about real history from one teacher or one wise adult.  Information comes from hundreds of sources, and everyone hears different things – and has different opinions about this varying information.  Some people hear lies and believe them, so your protagonist may get misinformed a time or two.  Some people just don’t know what caused a certain war or what happened to that mystical hero of lore after the battle of Giggledyboop.  And no way in hell does one wise person take the time to sit down with your protagonist and go over… everything that happened in the past few centuries.  It just doesn’t happen.

So reveal things at different times, from different people, from different perspectives.  Not everyone is raised to think the same things, or believe in the same gods, or take the same political stances.  Don’t bore us by using one of your characters as an infodumping machine.

So anyway, all in all: info is good, dumping is bad.  Develop all the lore you want; just be mindful in how you share it (and how much of it you share).  That’s all I’ve got.

If you have any further questions, be sure to hit me up.  Otherwise, good luck, and happy writing! :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Six Facts

List 6 random facts about yourself and then pass it onto 10 mutuals!

I was tagged by @shorterexcerpts

1. I was expelled from pre-school.

2. I was in all the AP super brainiac classes in high school for Science, CAD (drafting/architecture), Art, and English, but was always in danger of failing math because after honors Algebra I lost interest and no matter what no one could get me to put any effort into it. Which was infuriating my school counselors because they were like, “you are doing the even harder fucking math in CAD and Chemistry/Physics and you are doing great, why can’t you do this in your math class!?!?” “I dunno” anyway, I am still like that, if I lose complete interest, good luck getting me to try even 1%. 

3. I went on a date with a movie star. 

4. I have been in six fights. Each fight started with me getting punched in the face first. Thus having to defend myself. I have never lost a fight. 

5. I didn’t have pizza until I was 15. 

6. As I get older the more and more I hate confrontation, which is weird because I was all about it when I was younger. 

kafran  asked:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your story. it is so beautifully written and I get SOOOOOO MANY FEELINGS THAT SOMETIMES I JUST LAY IN BED AND THINK ABOUT YUURI AND VICTOR AND AHHH. like no joke I re-read all the newest chapters like 10 times. I actually have a question about something in chapter 12. Yuuri is trying to make small talk with Michele, but Michele seems to be kinda wary towards him. why is that?

Because Michele is creepily obsessed with his own sister and the first thing Yuuri does is mention her so he’s like ‘ dO YOU WANT TO DATE MY SISTER BACK OFF’ even though that’s not really going to be a problem with Yuuri’s booty call sitting right next to them both

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I feel like we dont know enough about stephen and sammie? Can we get some Cute info about them?

fact: they both named stars after each other for a gift, and they didnt even plan it. they go on dates to science museums and planetariums… and sometimes even greenhouses if theyre feeling adventurous that day. sammie has gotten comfortable with stephen to the point where theyre alright with going out at night !! that doesnt sound too significant but if you were as close to them as stephen is, you would understand. sammie doesnt really care for space as much as their boyfriend does but that doesnt stop them from looking in things so that stephen can talk without feeling like a burden

What kind of boyfriend would Jisung be?

- This precious baby chick, is he really even old enough to date?
- The poor baby has had a crush on you for the longest time, like the only thing he does when he goes to class is secretly stare at you when he thinks no one is watching
- It’s so painfully obvious how into you he is to everyone in the universe, except for you
- He’s always asking his hyungs about dating advise, like we’re talking evey day, sometimes multiple times a day
- Jisung has been trying to confess to you for well over three months, but he always ends up chickening out
- When he finally does gather the courage to ask you out and you say yes, he’s going to be so happy that he’ll give you a giant hug
- And then the instant he realizes what he’s done, he’ll quickly let you go mumbling an apology before he scurries off down the hallway like a frightened animal
- He’d show up to the location your first date like two whole hours early because he wanted to make extra sure he wouldn’t be late
- You guys end up going to the movies, and have one of those magically moments when your hands touch while searching for popcorn
- Jisung will be so shocked he’ll immediately withdraw his hand causing popcorn to spill everywhere
- It’s pretty hilarious, except for the fact that all the other moviegoers now hate you two and keep glaring in your direction
- After your date, he’ll walk you home like a proper gentleman
- This little baby is the sweetest boyfriend ever
- He’ll walk you to class, help you carry your books, lend you his jacket, let you borrow chewing gum
- His little heart cannot handle skinship, but if he’s ever feeling particularly brave he might reach out and hold your hand, but this only happens on rare occasions
- He’s way too shy to invite you to any of his performances, so one day Haechan invited you secretly, and upon seeing you in the audience Jisung’s face went bright red, he forgot his dance moves, and he even managed to walk straight into Jaemin causing a huge mess on stage
- He hasn’t quite mustered up the courage to compliment you in person, so he only does it over text or by leaving notes in your locker
- Jisung always invites you over to hangout with him and the guys, at first they’d tease you a lot, but now you’re like a member of the group
- He’s like the most talented dancer ever, and if you’re interested he is more than willing to become your own personal choreographer
- The majority of your dates consist of arcades and fairgrounds, and they’re always super fun and lively
- He can pretty win you any prize you want, but on the few occasions he can’t, Jisung will make up for it by treating you to a junk food feast
- He’s the kind of boyfriend that is secretly obsessed with photo booths and has scrapbooked like every picture of you two ever
- Due to his busy schedule he always forgets birthdays and anniversaries, so he’ll rush over to the nearest convenience store at like 2:00 am the next day, because it’s the only place open, and pretty much buy the whole place out
- He’ll then start ringing your doorbell like a manic trying to apologize, which your parents do not appreciate, but you can’t stop love
- Jisung will be an amazing boyfriend he just needs time to grow up first