or not because u kno u want it too

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omg u ice skate???? thats so so so cool! I've been wanting to start ice skating and if it isn't too much could i ask for advice?

yes!! I hope u don’t mind me posting this for anyone who wants to start! it’s very therapeutic I have found for myself. working your body will positively affect your mental health if you are able bodied! I really love figure skating and it’s honestly an art in itself! don’t be afraid to fall down or get out on the ice and fall, because just kno that the more you practice and go for it the easier it will become.

⛸don’t be afraid of the ice you’re going to fall 300 times at first anyway lmao!!
⛸try your hardest not to hold on to the railing by your second visit
⛸bring water! don’t get dehydrated, it may be cold but you’re going to be sweating from the work out/body heat from whatever you are wearing
⛸try wearing tight flexible pants like leggings or skating pants
⛸if you’re serious buy your own skates, get measured precisely and purchase your own. remember to get them sharpened once a month!
⛸wear a t shirt under your jacket/coat so you are able to de-layer. it will be cold as balls at first but it will slowly heat up with your body
⛸I know this sounds cheesy but watch as many videos and tutorials as you can, read some books and get signed up at your local ice rink for figure skating lessons! (mine used to cost about 80$ a month… yikes I kno but it was very worth it, I loved every week when I would go)
⛸remember to stretch
⛸wear thick socks
⛸be careful!!! u have blades on your feet
⛸ DONT walk on the concrete with your skates on, it will RUIN the blade, only walk on soft surfaces that they provide in the rink

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ross i dont know why im telling you but im pretty sure i have schizophrenia but im scared to go to therapy because its mine and i dont want it to be taken away i feel like i know thetruth im so scared ross

its alright sweetheart sokay its still yrs i promise the therapists jus wnna help u as wrong as they make it sound. yr head will tell u different but doctors wnt to help u b better. i kno how scary it is its so frightening but u dnt haf to giv into thm u dnt haf to listen u can defy thm n get th help u need. pleas go see sumone if yr concerned bcus i am too n i wnt u to be safe

crippling depression/anxiety r tight like i love when i can’t do anything and ppl act like it’s because i don’t want to. like damn. how’d u kno i just skipped ridiculous amounts of school starting in fifth grade so i could stare at the wall in my bedroom FOR FUN?? can’t believe u found out i dropped out of high school bc i was bored!!! i only embarrass myself by incessantly bothering people i love to speak to me because i like looking fucking stupid!!! things don’t work out for me because I don’t want to be happy or successful and I can’t believe u figured me out!!!!