or not because u kno u want it too

best friend!johnny

• the type of best friend
• who u kind of want to stab 71% of the time
• and johnny insists that’s how u kno it’s real
• “it makes the friendship real bc you want to kill me but you won’t because you’d miss me this is tru love y/n”
• always trying to pull pranks on you
• like the classics puts your hand in warm water when you fall asleep
• swapping your shampoo for hair removal cream
• you noticed right away
• but you were a little too close to maybe going bald
• you guys have something of a prank war going on

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answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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anonymous asked:

Hi, you seem like such a nice person so I thought I'd ask you how you realized you were aro/ace? obviously no pressure to answer or anything, but im 22 and I recently realized that im ace, and there's not a lot of aces that I know, so I thought I could ask you, a fellow ace, what was it like. Anyways if you dont want to answer, totally acceptable, I guess I just had to tell someone even if through anon. Thank you and have a great day!

!!! Hi hi!! sorry for the late reply but hmmm…how to go about this…

It’s gonna get really long, so under a read more ^^;

if u want links on other ppl’s experience—> ace // aroace

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anonymous asked:

Hey I'm super shy to send a pm or even be out of Anonymous, but would it be cool is I got some of your characters and tried out some different cloths options?? Because I like to draw and make cloths ((for dolls)) but I think it would be pretty cool

(•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ Aah don’t beee shyyy ! look at meh ! i won’t eat youuu! but u ..u could ! ouhly shiet //runs runs runs//

Of couurse! have fun! i like to draw clothes too so i kno’ ur feel !O3O 

(๑ Ỡ u Ỡ๑)ノ♡ Plz have fun and when it’s done,feel free to show meh (if u want !)

nix-nox  asked:

i have U 2 blame,,, i came up w a Concept after a friend said smth and i was gonna be Gross and Too Scientifically Accurate To A Disturbing Level about it because thats My Thing but!!! Now its Cute!!!!! i just!!! cannot!!!! i literally meshed namjoon with a spider, i am afraid! of spiders! and now hes cute and i gave him the lavender hair so he can be a Lilac Boy,,, im gonna finish some Cute Art of it tomorrow n since u were in some way insp(of the cute) do u want me 2 let u kno? :> im cryin


nancy-boy-ruki  asked:

astrology mom could you please give me the tea on capri sun, libra moon, and sag rising?? :> (i kno i've asked u before b u t i didn't know my rising sign then ;))

well so okay ur basically Aoi because he has that sun and moon too, this combo has the potential to be charming and popular af and very successful because they have the drive to succeed without being a dick about it because they genuinely want what’s best for everyone. U may come off as a very independent person but deep down u just want love. As a sag rising u’ll be and fun and goofy with a touch (or a lot) of Extra…….wait are u sure ur not Aoi

i just want to get real for a second and thank all my friends on here who make real life manageable. sometimes i get too involved in daphne and in roleplay and in my life online but i’ve never really seen that as a terrible thing because the real world out there can be so terrible… not so say things on roleplay can’t be pretty shitty either, but… well, my friends on here make it easy to endure and worth it, always. so thank you guys, you mean the world to me 

I’m Not as Chill as I Seem

Summary: The next message Lardo sends him is Dex’s address. Derek quickly copies it into Google Maps and slings his duffel bag over his shoulder and races down to the garage, picking out the least ostentatious car they have (which is, ugh, a Lexus) and speeding off on the nearly seven and a half hour drive, before he can convince himself that this is a terrible idea.

A/N: This work is gifted to @cakemakethme, because without her, I would still be stuck somewhere towards the beginning of this fic. She let me walk through the plot I had in mind, and helped me fill in a lot of the details that I was struggling to come up with. 333>

Just an interesting note, this surpasses the longest thing I’ve written for a single posting (multichapter update or otherwise) by nearly 1000 words (the next closest being What Happens in Vegas…). :)

The title is an adapation from the lyrics of Morningside by Sara Bareilles.

Read it on AO3!

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anonymous asked:

I like this girl I go to school with but she's been kinda doing her own thing and I don't see her often anymore and I hear she's been having mental problems. I'm depressed too and I was wondering if I should reach out or just drift apart too and look for someone new?

if you guys didn’t have any sort of falling out or anythin u just drifted send a text like “hey u kno im here for u if u want to ever talk”  but bbonding over a shared mental illness as the only common groudn isnt gonna be a healthy relationship be it romantic or friendly, so if you guys jsut dont have anythin in common aside from the mental illness let it drift. and even if u do reach out dont push because that’s just forcing the idea of a friendship and it’s inevitably gonna end. soemtimes peopel just grow apart nd u gotta accept it, reach out if  yall were close and let her know ur there for her but you dont have to sit around and wait for someone who isnt waiting for you bc it isn’t good to exist in that sort of limbo. get out there and dnt stay hung up on people because they aren’t hung up on u

anonymous asked:

how did u uhhh kno u were trans? have u always known? (asking for a friend) [if this is too personal don't answer]

WELL my story is kind of weird because i actually didn’t know until recently! i honestly was taken by surprise but my progression of figuring out that i was went like:

1. i realized, at the very least, i’m genderfluid in some way shape or form but didn’t want to acknowledge this, eventually one night i started to realize this feeling was much bigger than i thought, and started seriously considering identifying as nb (this was ~ like fall of this year, but earlier when i was younger i had a brief moment where i also thought i was genderfluid, which i repressed and probably led to this revelation years+years later)

2. i progressed to nb with a strong lean toward masculinity, i started liking being called “boy” and wearing a binder and started wearing dresses n makeup (not necessarily a girly thing but still, my desire to present “fem” dwindled) less often and came out to most of my friends/family (~ winter/early spring of this year)

3. i realized im a trans guy (~spring of this year) who uses he/him (or they/them, either’s fine) pronouns and wants to go on T, wants to pass as masc, etc. 

now after i realized i started looking back thru my memories and realized there were definitely moments that could be considered “foreshadowing” of sorts (relating to masc protags more, enjoying being guy parts in plays, etc) but all things considered, i identified as a girl when i was younger. i wore dresses, i liked makeup, i loved all that shit. but things changed majorly this year, and if you feel like things are changing, then that’s prob a good indicator!

for me what helped was experimenting w my clothing and identifying as more masc to see if i liked it, seeing how it felt to be called by a certain set of pronouns, talking with friends who r trans, etc! and id take a look at resources on the internet as well (i know reddit’s r/ftm has like, a huge masterpost of resources including stories of how trans people knew they were trans) if you’re questioning and just know that no matter what, your gender identity is yours and yours alone! and nothing is stupid about exploring that/taking some time to think about if you’re trans or not, even if you think you might not be. ilysm stay safe !! keep me updated !!

ok hear me out but i want a season of avatar where the avatar gets too attached to his power and wealth and cuts off his connection to the spirit world for his material possessions in exchange for becoming a greedy, corrupted dictator and no one can defeat him because hes u kno the master of all four elements. the hero is a small-village nonbender that ends up caught up in things and initially the authorities dislike him and no one believes in him and because he cant bend but u see thats the thing. the only way you could defeat the master of all 4 elements is not using the elements at all and ok send this 2 to writers

anonymous asked:

Well, by romps I meant Mako/Sou sneaking around and having sex behind everyone's back xD Obviously, it's the only conclusion us shippers can reach~ Non-interaction is okay with me, considering the direction the anime went. The anime had a lot of execution issues and Sousuke's conceptualization was tenuous from the start. Kyoani isn't perfect...

LMAO OK BRUH let’s talk about Sousuke and Makoto sneaking around to fuck because I’ve had this gr8 idea for a hella toxic and purely physical and needy relationship that they both want to keep secret

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i hit 500 followers recently n since that is a good deal to me because i don’t even kno 500 people in real life, I’m gonna do a GIVEAWAAAYYY

what am I giving away??? my art of course!!(i have nothing of monetary value but u kno what christmas isn’t about that right) )))

i’ll draw anything ranging from a comic to pixels to a little gif!! 

the only things i won’t do are:

  • super nsfw (only because i cant I’m really bad at it ;__; ))
  • robots (i mean like the transformer type of robot)
  • detailed intestines (unless u want it looking like spaghetti)

so yeha I’m pretty much open to anything but ill warn you to not expect too much!! you might not get a mona lisa but ill put lots of love in the picture :^)))

now for the 2 rules:

  • like or reblog this as many times you want! 
  • don’t need to be following me (but I’m jus sayin’ it’d be nice if u did))

and thats pretty much it! the giveaway will end right on december 25! 

happy holidays my homies!!!!!!! you guys are great!!!!!



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                 ✨  SEND ME “PAOPU FRUIT” IF YOU WANT MY SKYPE. (jus so u kno, it’s always ok to voice call me too. don’t b afraid my friends!!)