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The $8 million spent on Pirates of the Caribbean accounted for more than half of the cost to build New Orleans Square, the section of the park that houses the ride. The final bill for New Orleans Square was $15 million—the same cost as the real Louisiana Purchase. And speaking of the Louisiana Purchase, it has another tie to Anaheim’s own little piece of NOLA. The attraction façade was partly inspired by the city’s Cabildo building (pictured) where the Louisiana Purchase was signed in 1803.

So… I’ve been seeing this post going around

Pretty much if you think it’s “funny” or agree with it… you’re trash. Only bullies attack someone based on how they look.

Also y'all clearly never saw the movie bc I’m pretty sure the people who thought the hunchback was “ugly” were the villains in the story.

This isn’t just about Charlie (because when you call a character ugly who isn’t made up to look a certain way… you’re calling the actor ugly.) this is about anyone.

Plain and simple, it’s not funny to call people ugly or attack their looks, it’s gross and shows more of how ugly YOU are on the inside.


6 Spiritual Badass Secrets You Need To Know

1. Non-duality - it’s not all black and white. The concept of non-duality allows us to consider everything and everyone as part of the whole universal oneness - an essential component of being for removing judgement of others & becoming a spiritual badass.

2. Gratitude - giving thanks. Part of what gives us a positive outlook on life is being thankful for what we already have, giving thanks for the people we love, the fact that we have life and the lessons we’ve learned along the way invites more of what we love into our lives.

3. Personal development - working on ourselves. Spiritual badasses know that there is always more to learn & more ways to expand consciousness. Looking for the lessons hidden within each and every experience helps us by allowing us to constantly improve, rather than question why events keep repeating themselves.

4. Law of Attraction - manifesting with thoughts & actions. A spiritual badass is also a master of manifestation, they know they need to align their thoughts and actions with what they desire to attract it into their lives. 

5. Health - nourishment of the body and mind. Taking care of the body and mind with the foods we eat is a secret all spiritual badasses know and act upon every single day because they know that what we eat & who we spend time with directly impacts how we think and feel.

6. Meditation - consciousness & chill. Meditation is relaxation for the mind and it allows us some much needed chill time, spiritual badasses know that both the mind and body need rest for us to feel our best.

We grow through what we go through.

Peace & positive vibes.

Not being attracted to an entire race of people is an absurd concept and makes you a piece of shit by default, but feeling the need to tell people means you feel it would be bad if people thought you were attracted to that race. It’s super unlikely that anyone would notice if you just didn’t date that race, but you still feel the need to make it known? There’s a reason for that.

One day Kirishima will probably manage to get a genuine laugh out of either Bakugo or Todoroki and in that moment he will reach his peak “too gay to function” state because any entity inside him which even remotely resembles the form of heterosexuality will respond to this event like “Fuck This Shit, I’m Out”, And leave him unable to do anything.


Just live your life. At some point all of us have had feelings of being trapped be it in a relationship or our jobs etc . It is at such moments when we feel trapped that we must choose to choose, that we must commit ourselves to looking for news ways to change our life.

Recognise the power of choosing to choose. Sit down to reflect , to analyse, to think about the possibilities that are open to you. Ask yourself questions. Choosing to choose is not easy. It requires effort but also courage. You have decide to choose your life or just live on autopilot.


“Six Flags Power Plant: Rejected Ride Concepts” 1980s

Ironically, one of Six Flags’ number one demands for Gary Goddard’s team as they designed Six Flags Power Plant indoor theme park was for “no rides.” That’s right, Six Flags, iconic for their coaster parks, wanted something with no rides whatsoever.

According to Goddard, this was both a huge stress on the team during the development process, (for good reason) and eventually played a huge part in the project’s downfall. Today we look at some of the attractions that the team DID develop, but were shot down.

First up is Phanto Airways, which Goddard describes as “a Victorian People Mover.” The attraction would have given people an aerial tour of the facility, coasting through the smokestacks and high above the main floor.

Next up is “Voyage to the Moon”, an ornate simulator attraction that would take guests into the stars.

In this third image, we can see Phanto Airways, but also a set of Victorian Balloons, which would provide guests with ascending and descending views of the main hall. Also visible are slides that the team envisioned for multi-floor transport.

The final images show off the Home of the Future, which actually became part of The Laboratory of Wonders show that occupied a large show space on the upper levels.

Many thanks to Theme Park University for the info and images!

Art ©️The Goddard Group