Critfail Gaydar

Context: Our rogue (male) is engaged in a conversation with a male NPC (played by DM) who has been flirting heavily with the oblivious rogue. 

Rogue: Well, I had better get to bed. 

NPC: Do you want me to join you? 

Rogue (OOC): Can I tell how gay this is?

DM: Roll a perception check. 

Rogue (OOC): *rolls a 1* Dammit!

DM: As far as you can tell, this is the most heterosexual interaction you have ever had. 

an upset harry sits on the couch, a picture of louis & danielle’s outing open on his screen. “i just want to do that, lou,” he tells louis, pointing a weak finger at the screen. “i just want to go out with you, instead of seeing you go out with people you don’t even want to be with. like, who cares if anyone sees us, you know?” harry adds quietly, running a hand through his hair. “just… let them see.” louis hovers a little helplessly, his heart sinking at the forlorn look on harry’s face, before pulling him up. “so let’s go,” louis says, squeezing his hand fiercely as harry looks up at him. “let’s just go to the bakery. you & me.”


Wake up.

Solas releasing the Inquisitor from the Fade conversation. The first gif is his expression when speaking to a friendly Inquisitor. The second is him speaking to an Inquisitor that he just tongued made out with for approximately 30 seconds.

I played the cut scene and chose friendly options mostly because I didn’t remember what they were, since that was around 150 hours of gameplay ago. Noticed the expression difference and couldn’t resist. The dialogue is the same clip, but while the first one is mostly snarky like “hehehe it was a dream! aren’t I a crafty shit?” the second is like “I can’t believe you kissed me. If I didn’t already know it was you I’d be pretty sure it was just a dream. God you’re amazing.”

Solas Gifset Masterpost

For Episode VIII, can we open with a training montage for both Rey and Kylo as they hone their Force skills? Both of them filled with righteous determination as they dodge obstacles and practice forms while breathing heavy and dripping with sweat? I really want this. Bonus points if the montage makes it look like they’re fighting each other when they’re really worlds apart.