or no

I don’t even know what I want anymore. Some days, I don’t want anything at all. Some days, I want it all at once.
—  Late night thougts

tbh the more i think about it the more i don’t really support #asianinvasion even…

like look are we just going to copy off #blackout like that and post selfies? it’s not just an issue of appropriation and diminishing the force of #blackout by making it generic. it’s an issue of how our activism then just takes ideas from others rather than being unique and crafted specifically around our own issues. then it lacks force. like what comes close to the original?

if we’re going to have a mass day of posting photos surely we can add something to it that is somehow speaking to issues diverse asian communities face? it’s not like we don’t face western beauty standards but like our issues aren’t exactly the same as what black people face- when it comes to East Asian women for example, we are seen as “exotic” and there’s the whole reductionist “subservient asian woman” or “Dragon lady” stereotypes. 

because if we’re talking about POC solidarity then we should be building on each other’s ideas, not just a one way channel where people just copy wholesale what black activists come up with without adding to it.

also: I feel uncomfortable with this whole thing as an East Asian because our community has a particularly huge problem with antiblackness due to how culturally we have prized fair skin long before even modern constructs of whiteness. our appropriation is therefore part of this longer history.